BFL Warriors

  • Hi Warriors!!!

    BDMom: Yes, it is just all-around busy for me!!! Between work, kids, husband, pets, Christmas, etc etc I have a hard time finding time to get on the computer for BFL. But, I really do think of everyone everyday and I'm thankful that I can always keep in touch through MFP. I will try to be better about posting here :) You sound CRAZY busy!!!! I am praying for you for your finals and your paper. I am thinking about taking an online certification in nutrition....just starting to look into it. I read so much about it anyway that I figure I might as well have something to show for it! I am also contemplating getting my personal training certification....I have group fitness certification, but personal training is a little different. We'll see if I can fit it all in!! I'm glad you are still fitting in all your workouts and eating clean. I can't wait for your final results from Gethin. I know you were SO dedicated to the Gethin program and I am so proud of you!!!!

    WP: Yes, I definitely think all athletes, including runners, should supplement with weight training. My running has improved tremendously since I added weight training a few years ago. Plus, I love a muscular upper body and running doesn't exactly target any muscles of the upper body!!! I totally believe what you read is true....I preach to the runners I know that they also need to include strength training in their training regimen.

    Parson and Claude: Yep, full blown vegan! No meat, no animal products, no dairy....not even whey or casein.  It is totally plant-based and for the most part, unprocessed (but not raw...that's a little too far for me!) This is definitely FOR LIFE for me. It is not too much of a change since I didn't eat a lot of meat and/or dairy. Plus, I absolutely LOVE all veggies and fruits and would rather eat whole grains than meat ANY DAY!!!! There is so much I CAN eat....fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and nut butters, whole grains, almond milk, tofu....all things I love!  I have read 4 books so far....Vegan for Life, Veganist, Eat and Run, and The Kind Diet. I have also been on several websites such as Forks over Knives and Vegan Body Building. After researching plant-based nutrition, I know it is the absolute best for my body. Also I am a HUGE animal lover and after reading the stories about the farming and dairy industry and what really happens there, I know that I can't be a part of that and what happens to animals. Most of the stories brought me to tears, plus made me a little sick to my stomach knowing some of the things that I had been putting into my body. This is a personal choice for me, and actually have only shared it with the Warriors, MFP friends and a few family members. I know that a lot of people think that vegan=weird, but I know it is best for me. I would love for my family to be on board, but don't think that will be happening any time soon! My kids like certain fruits and veggies, but I think it would be too much of a battle to try to force a vegan diet on them. And my husband is a total meat and potatoes man, so that' sout of the question! I am used to cooking separately for myself anyway since I eat clean, so no biggie! So far, I have been vegan for 2 weeks and I feel GREAT!!!! I have maintained my weight (which was a worry b/c I now eat a lot more carbs than before), increased my endurance and energy, have clearer skin, and have absolutely NO cravings for sugar or other processed foods.

    Soraya: Hope you are doing well. So happy to hear that you and your hubby have been working out! I have been working out with my hubby too and it is a lot of fun! We get so little time together, it seems, so it is a good time for us to just be together and talk.

    Workouts and nutrition has been great! I am still running 4 days per week and strength training 4 days per week. I work out 6 days per week (still take Sundays as my rest day) so I combine workouts on some days.

    Have a great evening Warriors! I will check in soon!

  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    I did a little workout this morning on the last day of my week off.  Went light overall and just went for a good stretch etc.  I'm ready to get back at it on Monday. Will still be following the same routine I have been.  I'm still making the progress I want to overall, so no need to change just yet.  I am going to add a little more focus on some accessory work because I need to ...

    Amy - I have seen the movie Forks over Knives.  Personally I didn't agree with his approach at all, BUT I think the movie does a decent job of showing how much garbage eat almost ALL the time.  So many people make no attempt at consuming a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  It's sad, but I know people who go weeks at a time without consuming any fruits or veggies!  I would never proclaim to be an example of a perfect eater, but I don't know how that is possible...TOO many people seem to do it though.  One thing I hate is the fact a lot of people don't keep basic fresh fruits and veggies in the house because of cost.  It's cheaper to have a case of ramen noodles and kool-aid instead of apples and oatmeal or even basic bread.

    BD - It has been too quiet around here.  Hopefully we haven't scared anybody off LOL!

    Anybody have interesting weekend plans.  We don't have anything special planned as of yet.  Hopefully it stays that way!

  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    Parson: No interesting plans here either. Both my boys have basketball games in the morning. I'm going to try to get some Christmas shopping done in the afternoon (hopefully!). Also, I agree that fresh fruits and veggies are more expensive, but in the long run, I feel it saves money since I will have less medical bills due to eating and living a healthy lifestyle :)

    I went to Gold's this morning and had a great workout. I started off with a tabata warm up. then hit back and biceps and threw in some abs and core too. Tomorrow will be a mid to long distance run for me in the morning. Hopefully the weather will be good!

    Nutrition is packed and clean!!!

    Have a great weekend Warriors!!!!

  • Howdy Warriors!

    WO was great this AM!  I can't believe how great the week off did me I think.  It was actually the first real week off since July I think?  The weights seem to fly up.

    Saturday I weighed in about a pound below my Thanksgiving weight, so that was pretty good too I think.  I'm keeping my cals fairly steady at around 3700/day right now and it's borderline maintaining to creeping up every week.  Getting close to 220.

    My daughter went back to school today!  Basically 3 weeks or so ahead of schedule!  We are so thankful for how God has healed her!  She is doing so well!

    Have a great day gang!  Don't forget to check in!

  • Hi Warriors,

    Went and cut down a tree for christmass on Sat.  wasn't too bad of an expreience. Had a white knuckle ride out as it was snowing a bit just enough to make the roads slippery and I decided to let Julie drive she really needs more driving time. On the two lane road she got nervous about oncoming traffic and kept driving too close to the gravel shoulder a couple of times she drove on it. Luckily  nothing happened. She also figured turning corners at 40 K was ok. really needed to let her know that it's not. We made it there without Winter is here now we had freezing rain  10 C yesterday and -10 C overnight. I will be salting when I get home also decided not to shovel but my neighbor did a bit for me and where he did it's like a skating rink. Ohwell! Had a good KB wo. WO's are going well except for today forgot my gym bag at home so will take my rest day today and do 2 wo's tomorrow. I not sweating the small stuff had a good wo last night so just go with the flow. Feeling good so that's what really matters. Linda has the flu I think so she's at home today hopefully I won't get it. It's been going around work for a while now.


    Glad your daughter is doing well and is back to her ol  self for the most part. You seem to be taking everything in stride. I think you went way too long without a break too. That's my 2 cents.


    How did the boys do with their games. I think you should be able to make a full course meal with veggies for the same amount of money that you would spend on a hunk of meat and have leftovers too. Veggies seem more exspensive but really depending on the time of yr. just have to adjust and buy in season to get the savings. I love my veggies. When it comes to food I will do without other stuff  first like coke and chips and all that crap. Right now my junk food is almonds and raisins. This has taken the place of icecream.


    Hope exams are going well almost done. Your almost at the finish line with your program. Your doing great.

    Island have you figured out your routine yet for the big day or are you going to wing it. lol. Hope all is well. I have a question for you are there bears on the islands? My daughter thinks there are I don't really no but told her that there isn't so if you can settle this help one way or the other. We were watching Hawaii Five O last night when this came up as they were in the jungle. Should be good for a laugh! I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. But if I'm not I get to rub it in hehehehe! We take shots at each other daily it's the way we comunicate drives linda crazy too.

    Tazz, Cuervo,  Soray, Brick and anyone else I've missed this time hope all is well and keep pushing forward.


  • Morning Warriors!

    Claude - posting just to say I agree with you on the break thing.  I'm learning it's a balancing act for all of us I think.  Personally - I think I've learned I can go 8-12 weeks without  a break.  Around that time I need to deload or just do a light week.  Somewhere around 12-16 weeks I need a week completely off.  The problem is that I'm trying to not schedule them, but feel them out.  That's when my brain and body don't necessarily work together LOL!

    Give it your all today Warriors!

  • Parson,

    I like 12 weeks if I can only get all the wo's in would be great. There seems to be always something to block my good intentions. Usually family stuff. I will keep trying. breaks are important.

    Does anybody have an issue with eating first thing in the morning. Chris seems to have this problem so he doesn't eat much in the morning. Two slices of toast with peanutbutter just isn't enough.


    I will be taking my last final today.  Soooo happy to get this semester over with.  I don't feel prepared at all; I haven't had much time to study.  I have a low A in there now, so hoping to keep an A, but won't cry over a B...ha.  Workouts are rocking and food is good.  I almost skipped my second cardio yesterday, but reminded myself that I only have 10 days left, and want to finish as sttrong as I can.  I am leaning toward doing the Jim Stoppani program (sp?) after the first of the year.  I will look at it more closely and check out other programs over the Christmas break.  I hope to be on here more regularly when life slows down long enough for me to breathe!!  I am just looking forward to not getting up at 4:30 to do cardio for a few weeks.  I will do measurements next Wednesday with my trainer, and then weigh-in, do body fat and pictures next Friday or Saturday.  I think it is so sad that after working so hard that I am already planning destruction by eating poorly the week of Christmas.  There are things I only get to enjoy this time of year (baking & eating cookies with the kids, my dad's cherry angel pie, tamales......) and I fully intend to enjoy them.  I will do my best to practice moderation and I will get some cardio in.  I plan to take a full week off weight lifting after I am done with this program.  My daughter has a choir concert tonite, and my other daughter has to bring cupcakes to school tomorrow that she wants to make.  It's gonna be a late night here!!

    Claude:  I am so ready to eat first thing in the morning, and it never seems to give me issues.  As long as Chris is eating something, that is the most important.  Two slices of toast with peanut butter is fine!

    Parson:  I am SO happy that Joanna is back at school; this is a fun time of year for kids to be at school with so many festivities.  Glad your deload week did you good; we all need those times off, even though for fanatics like us, we have to really convince ourselves of it!!

    Everyone else......Hugs!!!  Hope you are all doing well.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Warrior OHANA!!!!

    Man o man its been a long while since I have checked in but I have still been going and still chuggin along making progress.. slowed a little but progress is still progress.. My training on the side has been really really going well.. I am seeing progress every time we have workouts. I just wanted to share with my BFL fam my progress so far.. I have also still beeen actively posting on instagram.. so this is one of the pics I posted to try and inspire other people too..

    Second pic is a kettlebell walking lunge and doing turkish getups with a 32k (70)lb kettlebell.. I have come a long way especially with my get up..

    To the ohana that's not on MFP I have been asked by the owner of my gym to participate on his float for the annual christmas parade doing kettlebell work! I still cant believe it Im nervous but excited to show off a little Claude: I worked a little bit with a routine to follow I"ll probably do more tomorrow It's gonna be one hell of a workout lol..

    BD: i know you are gonna do just fine with finals.. and keep it going you are almost done

    Parson, Runner, Cuervo, Frick, Soraya, Bill, TAZZ! anyone I may have missed.. keep on pursuing your dreams! I will be back :) much aloha warrior ohana

  • hmm some of the pictures didn't come out..

  • Way to Go,  You are making some fantastic progress and Thanks for the before and after photos as well!!! Meli Kaliki Maka(sorry about the spelling)  Aloha and Have a great New Year too!!

  • Wow, wow, wow Dude!!  I know that looking at that "before' picture must be painful, but so nice that you have it to see the side by side comparison.  You have come such a long way and inspire so many people.  I am so proud of you!!!  Love the new pics and the amazing definition.  You are definately not that before anymore!!!  My spinning teacher always says that....."if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."  I love it.  He is a great instructor and in amazing shape.  He has done 3 Ironman's and is in his 60s!!

    SCHOOL IS OUT!!!  I ended up getting a B on my Biology final, but still got an A for the overall grade.  I Aced my nutrition class; got full points there, but I expected that, since that is my passion.  Those are the classes that intrique and interest me the most.

    I am entering my final week of Gethin, and it will be a challenging week.  Britt has finals this week, so she has early dismissal 3 days, but Lane gets out normal time, so we will have to go get lunch and then hang out and wait for Lane to get out.  Delaney also has a Christmas chapel, and I am going ice skating with Delaney Friday for her class Christmas party.  Both girls get out at noon on Friday, so we will come home and bake all day!  I will finish this challenge strong, but will have to juggle and mix up some of the workouts, but they weill get done!!

    Hope you are all doing well!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good afternoon Warriors!!

    I hope you are all doing well.  I just got home awhle ago from having annual bloodwork done; I had to fast and was starving by the time I was able to eat, but still kept it clean.  I got my workout in, and am now home.  I just got a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup started.  The weather has finally cooled off here and it now feels like fall.

    I know this week is going to be a busy one for me, and I am sure for you as well. But wanted to stop in and say hi!!!

    I won't even turn on the news; I can't stomach to watch what happened in CT last Friday.  There are no words.  I am sure you have had to deal with this closely wtih members of your congregation, Parson.  What do you say.  I have been crying so much thinking of those sweet babies with their entire lives ahead of them, and those parents dealing with a loss like this, especially at this time of year.  Can't believe the world we live in today!!!

    We all need to enjoy the time we have with our families this time of year, and every other day!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good day Warriors,

    WO is done for now will go and shovel slush at MIL after work and go home and do the same. It's been busy for me as it is for all of us this time of yr.


    Congrats on your marks. I'm with you on that tragedy. I don't even want to imagine what that would be like for those parents. Too many sick people falling through the cracks.

    Island dude,

    Turkish get ups with 32k, impressive. That's way out of my comfort zone. Will be trying a Spartan Kettle Bell class tomorrow will let you know what it's like.

    To everyone else have a great day and hopefully I'll get back here sooner. Will try and cvatch up later.

    Have a great day warriors.