BFL Warriors

  • Hi Warriors!!!! Happy Hump Day! I can't wait until Thanksgiving break....3 days off work and a trip to the beach to visit my sisters...woo hoo!!!

    Claude: I wish my gym had a KB class....or even had kettlebells for that matter!!!! I enjoy my KB workouts, but I think a class would really challenge me. I LOVE deadlifts! I always do them in front of a mirror and make sure I am going down from my chest and my eyes are focused on the mirror, and that my spine and lower back stays in alignment. It's all about the form!

    BD: Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!!! Good luck on your test this week...I know you will do great as always!!

    Soraya: I love the crunchy frog!!! I have very short legs so no problems there! I wish I had long legs!!! Sounds like you are doing great with abripper X. I admire your dedication!

    Frick: Have fun in Austin....keep it weird! I used to live in Houston and loved to visit Austin. I ran the Austin marathon in 2009 and loved every hilly minute of it!!!! It was my most favorite marathon is such a beautiful city. Not sure about your question on the Polar....I only run with my Garmin 405 forerunner.

    Parson: I'm glad Joanna is doing better. I will keep her in my prayers. Glad your workouts are going well!

    Tazz: Praying for you. How have things been?

    Today was cardio day for me, and my last day to run before my half marathon on Saturday. I ran almost 5.5 miles in 45 minutes....great run! I will rest my legs on Thursday and Friday, but still plan to do some upper body work plus core. Nutrition has been super clean since Sunday :) :) :) and I am feelin' GREAT!

    Island, Cuervo, and all you other the best you can be today!

  • Hey Soraya, Re: AbRipper

    Froggies (@Claude, arms outstretched and legs 2" off ground, bring knees towards chest, arms in around knees, then extend both back out.  25 reps) are not a prob for me but I have rolled over a few times.  My nemesis is the v-up/roll-ups (sit ups, then lift legs up, when hips are off ground, extend arms towards toes.  Instead, I do a modified crunch - on back, feet 2" off floor, arms outstretched over head with 8# ball.  Bring knees to chest, arms towards ceiling.

    I have the dvd memorized right down to the comments: "if you need breaks, take breaks...I know it burns...don't hit my hand..the man's makin' contact elbow/thight..."  When I'm on the road, I say them out loud.  Cracks, me up.

    I am still sore from 2 days ago (working core tomorrow.  Hope the abs comply.

    I have upper body work out at lunch and Soccer practice with the kiddies this evening.

    Git-r-dun, Warriors.  Daylight's wasting.

  • Ok. Here I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Chicago to receive my round 2 of chemo.  To early to tell yet just how the chemo is doing. I will tell you it's not a party, but a necessary evil. I remain extremely optimistic that this cancer is a temporary thing and I will be rid of it soon enough.

    I am glad they figured out why I was continually losing weight.  The tumor in my pancreas basically shut down my digestive system and in order for my body to get nutrition I have to take enzymes to digest my food for me. Now that I am finally gaining a little weight watch out I will be starting P90X again soon. I will try to keep you updated as things progress in this battle. Cancer doesn't know it yet but IT IS GOING DOWN.

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Claude... I thought you wrote that you were going to the gym with CHRIST!! I thought, "good for you, man! no better company", then I re-read Chris! I am sure a great companion too. haha! Work those deadlifts... I do them better with dumbbells, but when weights needed to go up, hands hurt so I switched to barbells and started doing them wrong (not bending the knees) and that is how I hurt my back at the end of C1. I am staying away for now. But love how they work the Hams.

    Runner... thanks for the admiration, it encourages me. On the short legs, when I was a teenager I wanted short legs sooo bad!!! You couldn't catch me dead in skirts because I was embarrassed of my long skinny legs. Oh, those teenager stages!

    Awesome on the super clean eating there.

    Frick, we struggle with he opposites. I do Vups/roll ups all the way. But I lose my balance on the Crunchy Frog, can't even keep legs in the air! I started laughing out loud reading your memorized lines!!! hahah. "I know it buuurns" "We may even do some extra" "Bonus" "woa, woa woa". hahah. I wish we could all work out together some day. Hey, we could make our own DVD and sell them and split the money!!!!!

    TAZZ, I love the attitude! "Cancer doesn't know it but it's going DOWN!" You could be in the upcoming DVD too!

    Question: I know the guys who are working on gaining, I have noticed they eat 3 times a day and are doing great! But has anyone switched to 3x a day eating when trying to loose? I am so relaxed since I started doing this and water intake has improved so much, and I make sure I eat bigger meals, stay clean and keep the calories to minimum 1200. But there are days I second guess myself wondering if I will continue to loose. I was hoping to find out myself within a month or so and then I can totally relax knowing it won't affect my progress.

    Today was Insanity and I should have started out slower on the warmup. I started out like a storm and 10 minutes before it was done I couldn't continue! I was sick to my stomach. I have to admit... I had my sister watching me on Skype all the way in Holland and I was a bit of a show off too since she wanted to see how I do. Oh, well... That's what I get! Tomorrow is lifting UB. I am amazed how my body doesn't hurt anymore. My body must have adjusted to the routine. Last Challenge I was switching up things every 2 weeks in Cardio and every 4 weeks in weights. This time I will do Cardio the same the whole 12 weeks and Weights I will change routine at week 6. I am sure this will help my body not to be sore every week. And by then I am sure I can follow both AbripperX and Insanity all the way with no breaks!


  • Hey Soraya.  U-Go-Girl...sounds like you are really rocking it.  

    I used to have the same issues with using dumbbells.  I use them exclusively for squats, lunges, etc.  I bought a pair of wrist grips that helped immensly - no more pain.  they are basically a j-shaped hook that is velcro'ed to the wrist and bend out at the palms.  weight is transfered to the arms, not hands.  Great for carple tunnel. I recommend them.

    Have a good week, gang.  I'm gonna be incommunicado until at least Tues.

    Buzz - great quote.  I have a friend in Chicago that went through this as well and is a survivor - YOU CAN DO IT!  Stay strong!



  • Hi Warriors,


    Thanks for checking in. Way to stay positive your sounding like your old self, glad you able to digest that food and gain some weight. You will be in the gym soon. There are many survivor's of this disease and you will be one of them. You have alot of fight in you. Just pace it out and YOU WILL WIN.


    Christ is in everyones corner all the Chris on the other hand is with his trainer so I wo alone. sort of. I had alot of traffic walking by last night watching me. I tried BD's TM wo . After getting set up with 15% incline and 3 mph. Here's the breakdown After 10 min. wanted to quit kept going until I hit 28 min. coaching myself all the way. reduced speed 2 mph- 2 min. back to 3mph for 2 min. then 13 @ 2 mph. This was more challengeing than I thought it was going to be. I gave it my all. I think I lost focus and defeated myself mentally wasn't expecting that. This is hard for me to admit but BD You Da Man. I will keep trying this wo until I get it or blast past it and get bored. hehehe! On the eating as long as you keep it clean and eat enough cals you should be able to lose that way I think. Keep tracking it and let us know how it goes. Remember 20 CUPS OF WATER A DAY TOO!


    Why don't you suggest it and get everyone else to they may bring it in if there is a demand for it. At least you are doing kb on your own. Rest day for you today right. Hope it warms up a bit for race day.


    Thanks for the info totally something different than what I was thinking. You are too funny remembering the routine like that. You sound like my kids when they watch Big Bang. They start saying the lines before the Really anoying too! You certainly beat yourself up good.


    New computer yet? I know you are killing you wo's be strong you can do it.

    Have a great day all ! Kick your wo's in the butt hard. Time to get to work pretty slow around here.


  • Good Friday Morning Warriors,

    It's sure getting quit around here. My turn to post back to back. Had a great AB wo last night after work. Managed 3 circuits in an hr. better than the last time. Still trying to work my way through this new routine with every wo at 5 circuits no breaks in between. I take breaks when I reach failure then continue. My eating is not that bad not snacking at night at least not bad snacks. Usually nuts and dates for my seet fix. Trying to stay away from that too. Linda goes for her one week checkup this morning. Her eyes have been getting tired after work. I think she is getting headaches from it. KB tomorrow then we will see what the weekend brings usually never a dull moment.


    Have a great race You should be able to break your record. Just think the sooner you finish the more breathing room you'll have for the rest of the day. lol. I know how busy you are now. Don't forget above all enjoy the run you have worked to hard not to.

    Have a great weekend hopefully the weather will be nice for all.


  • Hi all!

    No time for replies.  I should be back on next week with a little more time. Our computer is back up and running, and I bought a new laptop yesterday (early X-mas).  Now, I just have to learn how to use it; it's a Mac.  Workouts have been good and eating has been better; still not 100%, but good!

    A few more weeks of school and then I am out for a month....can't wait!!!  I need some downtime!

    Anyhow, make it a great day, and have a fabulous weekend!!!

    TAZZ: Praying for you daily.  You got this; you are a Warrior!!! HUGS!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Friday, Warriors!

    BD: Glad you got your laptop! I am not used to Mac's either...good luck!

    Claude: Thanks for the well-wishes for my race! I always tell myself that during the run....the faster I run, the quicker I will be finished...ha ha! It was 24 degrees here this morning, so I am expecting a very cold start to the race!!! Better cold than hot though in my opinion.

    Tazz: Thank you so much for the update. I love your attitude! You are in my prayers.

    I am PUMPED for my race tomorrow!!!! I am just sooo excited! I am going this afternoon to the Expo downtown and to pick up my race packet. This morning was an easy workout for me focusing on back and biceps. My shoulder is still giving me trouble....uugghh! I iced it this morning, but need to be icing more consistently.

    Okay Warriors, if you are up early tomorrow morning, think of me running 13.1 miles!!! I will try to check in after the race. Always chasing that PR......

  • Early HOliday Greetings to All Warriors (can you tell I work in retail??):    BDMOM: Nice to hear from you and best of wishes with your Mac, may it bring you many hours of joy and organizational help with your busy life. I hope your foot is doing better too!!    TAZZ:  Great to hear from you, you have the true heart of a warrior and I believe you can beat this problem like you have all other challenges in your life. I am glad too the resources are there to lend a hand as well. You have my prayers and concerns always!    Frick:   Have a great Turkey day and we hope to hear from you soon!  Don't overdo it on this holiday, remember the basic Turkey deal meal isn't that bad, it's how its prepared and what is put on it that makes it more unhealthy to eat. Turkey has some great protein in it and the sweet potatoes are great au natural with out the candy stuff.  Runnermom: Best of wishes on your up coming run and I hope you bring home a medal or do your best times ever there. Maybe be will see you at the WDW marathon one day in the future.  Sorray; thanks for your positive input and it sound like you are doing quite well in your current challenge. You are very brave and determined, I wouldn't try to do a challenge during the holidays again, did that once not again this year though. too many social events at home and at work going on these next two months for me. I plan to start in January with a 12 week Mens fitness Hard BOdy challenge, stop for two weeks (AR) and then start with my C4 Challenge for BFL  in the second round for the year, when they are posted. Hopefully I will drop my BMI by 5% and then when doctor certified, get another 150$ bonus from our health insurer with the MOuse when I submit it before August next year. (Only have to lose 11.5 lbs or so to meet that one and last challenge I lost more than that in bodyfat).    Claude: Thanks for checking in with us. Sound like you are progressing along very well and We are all glad that you have decided to stick with the program or try others as well in the same realm.  Happy Thanksgiving and shopping (my retail side speaking again) to all Warriors this week and watch those calories too!! If I missed anyone will try to mention in my next posting. Keep Moving Forward!!! Now got to go and read some more of that Mens Fitness plan book, just getting to the good part, the three types of programs, beginners, intermediate and advanced!

  • Hey warriors!! It's been a minute but just wanted to check in here.. Still been chugging along with weights and KB's started training a second person and it's been 2 weeks and she is down 6lbs and lost about 7 inches around her body.. Man nothing feels better than seeing someone put in the effort and really making a commitment and then watching the results come in.. she is sooo fired up and so ready to learn anything and everything she can about being a better and healthier person.. My first solider "hula lady" is now down over 20lbs!! People are starting to notice and approach her as to what she is doing so things are going really good. Seeing the joy on their faces makes these late night training sessions all worth it!

    Tazz: Thank you for checking in with us and I am soo happy that you are starting to get some weight back and I love that attitude of yours! You are a real warrior indeed sir.. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Claude: how did KB go this weekend? im sure u killed it

    Runner: How was the race? break any PR's?

    Parson: Great youtube channel I subscribed! :D Hey with regards to your front squats, Have you always done corss armed or have u tried Olympic style grip on the barbell? I used to do cross armed but really hard to control when the weight goes up. I have now moved to Olympic style and I feel alot more comfortable.. It's kind of rough if you don't have the mobility but I kinda forced the hold on myself tucking my fingers under the bar and then placing my shoulders under my fingers it's worked so far and no real discomfort until I rack the weights and my wrists and elbows feel really stretched but I haven't had any pain after the workout in the last 2 weeks that I switched holding the bar. It did get easier to hold this week to.. Just gotta get the muscles used to it I guess..

    BD, Bill, Cuervo, Soraya, MR. FRICK, anyone I may have missed.. Hope you all have a wonderful turkey day.. the next 2 days will be a blur with work.. but I'll be thinking of all of you!!! aloha

  • Morning Warriors!

    I'm cranking along...workouts and all.  My daughter is also getting better everyday!

    Island - Yes, I have done front squats both ways.  I haven't done them in 3-4 months now.  In all honesty the only reason I didn't stick with Oly style was due to mobility in my wrists.  Translation - being lazy with them LOL.  I knew I couldn't go cross armed forever.  My wrist mobility should be fine now, so when I add them back I will stick with them the right way.  Like you said - it's 2-3 weeks of just working through it.  My back squat is progressing nicely.  I've added over 30# to my 5 rep max in about 2-3 months.  I hope to hit over 400 by summer (maybe sooner).  I hit 345x5 yesterday.  Anything beyond this is all time PR territory.  One day my bench will shoot up like that LOL...

    Alright Warriors - what are you Thanksgiving plans?  We have family coming to our house - not sure how many yet.  I am looking forward to the feast!  I think my daughter is planning on making me an apple pie!  We are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for!  What a wonderful time of year!

    Have a great day Warriors!  No weights today, but I have Taekwando tonight.  Not sure if I told you guys, but I got my orange belt a couple weeks ago.  The new techniques make me hurt so bad...fortunately the pain is only between my head and toes!


    I have lecture this morning, but no lab.  Yay!!  I will have time to get my full workout in, but it isn't really a long one today anyway (bis & tris) & cardio.  I then have to run to the apple store.  I bought a wireless mouse for my laptop but it's not working.  It works fine on my husband's Dell.  I am going to see if I have to set it up a certain way or if I should get a mouse made for the Mac.  I am loving the new laptop....still a bit intimidated since it is so different, but I am learning new stuff everyday!  I have a HUGE report final due for my nutrition class the first week of December, plus another lab practical and final coming up in Biology.  It's going to be a busy few weeks. The girls have a half day of school tomorrow, and then we will be baking.  So, Parson....we will be having Thanksgiving at our house; we usually do every year.  My niece and her husband will be here from Kansas, and my dad will come over, as well as my youngest sister and her family (around 12 people total).  We do the traditional "feast."  I usually make a bourbon pecan pie, but this year the girls want to make a German chocolate cake, so we will make that as well as a pumpkin pie and raspberry jello salad.  My sister and I alwasy do Black Friday shopping, so will be up early Friday to do that.  Our weather has been so warm; I don't feel like Christmas shopping yet..ha.  We are usually in low 70's this time of year, but have been and will continue to be in low to mid 80's!  Guess we will be opening the windows on Thanksgiving, instead of having a fire in the fireplace.  We will also put up our Christmas tree this weekend; we always do that Thanksgiving weekend.  Five more weeks of the Kris Gethin program, then off a week.  Still trying to figure out what I will do next.................

    runnermom:  how are you recovering from the race on Saturday?  How are you feeling?  I know you thought you might be getting sick.  Is your husband home yet, or are you still pulling double duty?  Is football season over for the boys yet?  When does basketball start?  Enjoy your time off this week; you have earned it.  What do you have planned for your next "challenge?"

    WPBill:  You just keep on rollin!! Way to go.  I am sure you will kill that next challenge, just like all the ones before. You can lose that 11.5# by then, no sweat.......well, actually a lot of sweat.  Keep doing what you are doing.

    Island:  What a great reward, for you to see the product of your dedication and training with these women friends of yours.  I am sure they are so grateful to you for the time and energy you have vested in them.  It sounds like they have their heads in the right place and are making healthy choices all the way around.  Will you be able to spend some time with your kids this weekend?

    Parson:  Sooooo happy your daughter is improving.  It truly puts the right perspective in Thanksgiving.  We all have so much to be thankful for, and that is what we need to focus on this week, and always!!!  I don't remember reading about your orange belt...but Congratulations!!!  That is fantastic.  Before you know it, you'll be teaching those classes!!!  Enjoy the time with family on Thursday!!!

    Make it a great day, Warriors!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good morning Warriors,

    My wo yesterday didn't go as planned earlier in my head. By the time I got to the gym I felt really tired for some reason. Did  my usual warmup and broke a sweat. That usually doesn't happen and it took the wind out of my sails. Did 20 min. on the eliptical and was done. Time to hit the sauna. Still feeling crapy today so will try and get my wo done at noon. I plan on trying to do some of yesterdays wo as well as much as I can fit in in 1 hr. I didn't drink my protien shake last night as I felt I didn't deserve it for such a poor performance. I will get passed this and continue.


    KB was tough again as always. Here's what we did you might want to try it.

    Burpee pushup with vertical                                             Two hand swings            Situps

    jump at the end of each one and slap your knees.

    30                                                                                                   20                                  30

    25                                                                                                   25                                  30

    20                                                                                                   30                                  30* this is as far as I got. I got in trouble for

    15                                                                                                   35                                  30 going too deep on my swings. Just a

    10                                                                                                   40                                  30 force of habit.

    5                                                                                                     45                                  30

    Glad to hear you are helping out another Dudet  way to go. Hopefully you will have some time with the kiddo's for your holiday.


    Glad you got your laptop now get that mouse Hopefully this will help alot with school. We bought one for my daughter last yr. and then we bought a notebook for her as the laptop was too heavy to lug around and she wanted something light to take notes with nothing fancy. Beleive it or not she also uses her phone as I think she is a techno freak. lol. I mean that in a loving way daddy's girl. How much technology can a person use. Sounds like you will be off to the races this weekend and for the next few. Enjoy the family moments in between as I know you will.


    I know your moving forward hopefully things will get back to normal for you. Your normal not anyone elses. lol. Enjoy your family time.


    Glad to hear your daughter is getting better as the days go by. Glad you haven't stumbled yet and are still cranking along. Hopefully the girl will feel up to enjoying the festivities you have planned and the rest of your family to.


    Thanks for checking in and as usual you are still killing those wo's. I sure hope you drop that 5% and get rewarded this time around. That's the least  the Mouse can do for you and your efforts. Enjoy the holiday with family.

    To all the rest I have missed Have a great Turkey day and Christmass is just around the next corner keep killing those wo's.


  • Hi Warriors!

    I just realized that I haven't checked in since my race on Saturday. It was a tough race....hilly, chilly and windy! But, I am a Warrior and pushed through. I finished in 1:55. Not my best time, but not my worst! It is always my goal to finish my half marathons in under 2 hours, so I reached that goal :)

    Island: So glad it is going well with your hula girls! I hope they appreciate you :)

    BD: I am feeling better today. I really think all the cold windy air from Saturday hurt my chest and gave me some head congestion. Plus, I didn't rest my body well enough due to all the running around I had to do for the kids over the weekend. I am still a single mommy until Wednesday....Mike will be meeting us at my sister's house in Wilmington for Thanksgiving. It is quicker for him to drive from Va. to Wilmington then to come all the way back down to Charlotte.  I still plan to run the Turkey Trot on Thursday morning. Mickey wants to run it but said he wants to run alone with his I-pod. He is growing up way too fast! Sounds like you will have a crowd at your house. Have a wonderful time with all of your family!

    Parson: So glad that your daughter is doing well. Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

    Claude: I hope you are feeling better. Sometimes we just need to listen to our body and rest when needed. Looks like you have a great workout planned for when you are feeling better!

    All you other Warriors, have a great Thanksgiving!!!! I am thankful for all of you!