BFL Warriors

  • Hi Warriors!

    Island: Love the pictures and quotes! I have often said I need a toilet extender after my LBWO so I loved that one!!! It made my morning b/c I am pretty sore from my LBWO yesterday :) Glad you are doing are an inspiration, as always!

    Frick: Good to hear from you. Happy belated b-day!

    Jessica: Glad you checked in! Your knowledge is always welcome here :)

    BDMom: Sounds like you have a busy day again! What we would do without running our kids everywhere??!! I hope you get your back pain figured out. I don't like unexplained pain! Well, I don't like any pain for that matter!

    Soraya: Glad you are able to get on the foam roller! Sounds like you are killing it this challenge! I still get sore after every LBWO, even with all the running I do! Guess it's just part of getting older :(

    I had a great outdoor run this morning....5 miles in 24 degree weather. Love it, love it! As I posted on MFP, I am so thankful for my Under Armor compression tights, mittens and stocking cap. Running in cold weather is one of my all time favorite activities!!!

    Nutrition has been pretty good. I strive to be 100% clean....always a work in progress :)

    Hope all of you Warriors are doing well!!!! Have a great day!

  • Hey Warriors,

    Today was suppose to be my rest day but since I will be driving Chris to the gym to be with his trainer I may as well go in and do some cardio. Might even try and hit it early tomorrow like 4 am early. Getting my groove on again.  My goal for this challenge is to pay more attenion to what I'm eating and drop10 #. I tend to set unrealistic goals this should be in reach.

    I have been getting tired of deciding meals for everyone and have them turn up their noses at what I make. So now we each get a turn to decide a meal durring the week. So far Julie loves that she gets to pick and we all have to eat it. Chris isn't too crazy about it he will eat whatever you put in front of him like it or not. It's hard to get him to pick. His turn is tomorrow night. Last week he picked frozen pizza since it was friday night and he didn't give it much thought so Linda sugested it to help him out..This will be the way we roll from now on.

    Linda is a little nervous about tomorrow. Thanks to one of our co-workers going in and telling her that it really hurts according to her daughter. Some people just don't know when to leave things alone. And to boot I didn't tell her. I have a good idea who did and he will know about it. Office stuff drives me crazy.


    Keep trying to keep up to those youngins. I know you will be carefull recovery takes Happy Belated Birthday too. I also use that trick with this site.


    Love the bottom pictures exactly how I feel still today. You are larger now than ever it's just a different kind of large. Going to KB on Sat. I'm missing it.


    There is frost on the windsheild every morning now. Not sure if it gets like that where you Great wheather for running if you can see that early may have to use a miners light. I think your on track to have a personal best come Turkey day. Always rooting  for ya!


    Have you tried active insoles for your heel. Seriously thinking about it for mine. Have a great wo with your trainer. I was chatting with one of the guys at the gym last week. He just finished a boot camp session and wasn't looking forward to meeting his trainer. I told him to tell her to go easy on him and he said whenever he tells her that she beats him up pretty bad so he has figured that out.


    Welcome, is this just a drive by or are you going to join us. I know the girls would love to have you in their corner always looking for more recruits.


    You are doing great. Drink more water. lol

    Cuervo, Parson and everyone else I know you are all on track keep up the great job.

    Have a great day warriors.


  • My home computer is having issues, so checking in from phone.  Still pluggin away.  Workouts are good & food has been good.  Almost halfway done with Gethin routine.  I have a busy day & weekend, but will try to check in.  I hope you are all doing well & kickin tail!!!!

    Hope your daughter is doing better, Parson!!!

    Have a great weekend, all!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Greetings Fellow Warriors,  I hope everyone is having a safe and healthy productive week this week.   Thanks for the photos Islanddude.  Looks like your are doing very well in your efforts and the shoulder is coming along for the ride as well.  BDMOM: Another busy week with the kids and I hope they are getting better after all the illnesses too. Has the home computer come back up yet?/   Parson: I pray for recovery from you injury and a fantastic and blessed Holiday season for you and yours as well.  Claude: Thanks for the updates and my best wishes on your current efforts to break the plateaus ahead of you.   Soraya:  Fantastic attitude. My wife and I were watching Dr Oz with the foam rollers this week on the show and I told her , next time they are on sale at her store to get one for us to use at home for stretching etc.   Runnermom: We are all looking forward at WDW to the marathon which is only about two months away for us in the parks. I am sure the outcome will be stellar again.  I am however, glad that the NYC was cancelled or postponed until things return to more normal conditions again there and soon I pray as do all of us down here. (unlike our voting in the state of FLA, lets not get into that mess again).     Cuervo:  I is great to hear from ya and we are all pulling for you in your challenge. You have the heart of a true warrior and it is encouraging to read your posts.    Well last night I attended the WDW Service Celebration and all the cast members attending had the whole of Disney Hollywood studios to eat drink and be merry and meet all our old friends over the years.  I was very careful about the drink part because I had to drive home afterwards and because I know that too much will mess up the metabolic rate for days (I am not at my best today so pardon my spelling errors and if I miss anyone on the blog).  At least the food offered was yummy and more health conscious than prior years. Lean broiled Asian bbqstyle chicken, sweet potatoes smashed, green beans and pearl onions, lean beef done chimichurian style,  lobster tail on a stick, beef wellington on a stick, fishermans pie for fish lovers, mahi mahi, salad with wild greens and beets with balsmic dressing or sour cream dressing and the list goes on. But overall no fried or fatty items or items with incorrect sauces... Even the dessert were well thought out and sugar free and gluten free desserts will also available. As well as lots of bottled water (which I should have stuck too) and vitamin water as well. It was a great affair and we even had a very special fireworks display at the end of the evening followed by the Osborne Christmas lights to view. A fun time was had by all despite the cooler weather (I dressed accordingly of course and had my vitamins before going).  I took photos today of my current results and hope to put it on my profile after I put them to disc next week.  Best wishes to everyone and anyone I missed and Keep Moving Forward!

  • What happened to Coffee Crew?? They are like 4 pages behind! Frick, you are in both groups I see. Will we catch up you think? How's everyone doing? I have real good news... body hasn't been sore AT ALL the last 3 days or so, at least since I posted last and I think it may be the new muscle cream I used? Foam roller hasn't been hurting much at all!!! The only place still hurting on foam roller are the outer sides of the thighs (forget the scientific name.. lap band or something like that), but nothing like when I first started stretching on it. I have always have lots of stress in the shoulder muscles and upper back. In order to help it, I have started using a GOLF BALL, I lay on it moving it right on the spot where it hurts and lay on it for a while as the spot is screaming in pain. Just by moving your arm up and down, it causes the muscles to jump where they are knotted up. So, I told my chiropractor  what I am doing and he said "you have the right idea, we do that too at the office. Press into the knots and have you raise your arms up and down". So, I have been doing those couple times a day and don't feel as much tension anymore in my upper back and shoulders. It feels soo good but hurts soo bad on those knots!!

    BD, I know of those pains that wake you up in the night. Hope you find out why it is and that you get better soon. Maybe some muscle gel!! I am sure your sister is all recuperated too by now, now that I think of her.

    Runner, kick butt at upcoming event. Shame them all!!

    Claude, success with the new goal of losing 10. You are right, setting unrealistic goals just frustrates anyone!

    Dude...I stole your picture of the toilet and put it on Facebook! It made me laugh so hard.

    WPBill, great to hear from you, I hadn't seen you in a while.

    Workouts have been great too BTW, I have much more endurance and less breaks in between with Insanity and AbRipperX. I actually feel proud of myself.  Skipping any that are labeled Plyo. So far, so good. Increasing reps or weights at the gym. Meals are all in the "authorized" category, also bought some nice puddings by Jello that are fat free or sugar free and they are awesome. Changed my meals now to 3x a day rather then 6. It had been stressing me out this Challenge. That should help me increase water intake also with longer breaks between meals. Have a great weekend, I have home made Tamales in the works for tomorrow, left over Pizza I saved in freezer since Tuesday and breadsticks with Marinara dip and an evil cheesecake dessert. Love you all.


  • Hi Warriors!

    Happy Veteran's Day! I am off work tomorrow, and the kids are off school, so I am enjoying this 3 day weekend!!!

    I had a pretty good 8 mile run yesterday morning. It was tough b/c my body was tired, but I pushed through it. I'm glad race day is coming up on Saturday!!! I love training for half marathons,  but it really wears me out sometimes!!! Plus keeping up with the Gethin routine is doubly challenging! My toenail gave me trouble yesterday and when I got home and took off my shoes, my left sock was full of blood. I knew I felt a little pain, but didn't want to stop mid-run. Nothing big....just one of my toenails rubbed my skin wrong on the neighboring toe, and made a cut. Oh well, I will bandage it this week and hopefully it will be all better by race day. I trimmed my toenails too....I think this is a good excuse to go get a pedicure :)

    BDMom: I hope your computer is working now. We just got a new computer a few weeks ago, then found out it had a bad hard drive, and had to bring it back and get another new one! Ugghhh....too bad we rely on technology so much these days! I posted a question to you on MFP about your increased cardio and how you feel about it....

    Soraya: Sounds like you are having a good C2 so far! Glad you are getting your meals and water figured out. Nutrition is always a work in progress for is definitely my toughest issue. A golf ball is a great tool!!! I used one a lot when I had plantar fascitis issues. Now my foam roller is my BFF most days!

    WP: Glad you had fun at your party. Yes, I am getting ready for race day next week. I'm glad that they canceled NY marathon as well....there are definitely more important things than running! I know someone who is up there now helping and he said the NYers definitely need our prayers. I definitely recommend you get a foam roller....I couldn't live without mine! Can't wait to see your results pics!!

    Claude: My neighborhood is well lit so I don't wear a light when I run. I really should clip a light to me so cars will see me (I have one, just need to get a new battery) but I always wear a bright orange flourescent running vest when I run in the dark. I am VERY aware of my surroundings since I have been running for so long, and I am always on the look out for cars, especially when it's dark.  I hope you are still enjoying your new program. Is it 12 weeks? Are you drinking your water...ha ha!

    Island: Hope you are doing well with your crazy schedule! I thought about you this week b/c there were some outdoor stadium workouts in one of my fitness magazines. I still want to get to a track one of these days and attempt one of your crazy workouts!

    Okay Warriors.....I am making a pact with you today! Besides Thanksgiving day, I want to be 100% clean with my nutrition!  I have been way too lax on weekends and even on some weeknights (evenings are my downfall!!!). I feel SOOOO much better when I stick to clean eating, and I know it is best for my body. Cheat days/meals are just not my friend! I know I can do it, I've done it before and had amazing results. I know how much better my progress is when I am eating clean.

    Cuervo and Parson: I'm sorry my New Orleans Saints beat the Falcons today!!!! WHO DAT??!!! Okay, I will quit my trash talking for now. I grew up watching the Saints with my grandparents and parents and LOVE them!!! I am a true Louisiana girl!!!

    Have a great night Warriors!

  • We have computer virus on home computer, so will be without for a few days.  I am asking Santa for a laptop.  I need one for school & will need when I go back to work.  Delaney had high temperatures all weekend.  She didn't have any other symptoms other than chills & fatigue. Her fever broke last night & she feels fine today, but I kept her home since she hasn't been fever free for 24 hours.  Eating has been a bit lax, will reign it in tight until Thanksgiving, and then for the duration of this challenge.  Sorry no personals. I hate typing on my phone!  Make it a rockin' week, Warriors!!!!  

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!

    BDMom: I'm sure Santa will bring you that new laptop! I hope Delaney is all better!

    Where is everyone else today??

    I got a lot done today. Both boys had friends over to play, so I had lots of time to cook and clean! I cleaned my house from top to bottom, and then got lots of cooking done for the week. I baked clean pumpkin muffins, a turkey meatloaf made with quinoa flakes, and baked sweet potatoes. I am set for the week! I made a turkey, spinach and black bean chili last week and I still have some of that as well. My freezer is stocked! I am going to be prepared and only eat clean til Thanksgiving Day...then like BDMom will be right back on track til Christmas!!!

    I had a good workout this morning. I ran for 30 minutes...a little over 3.5 miles...then worked my shoulders. I had to improvise b/c I cannot do overhead presses with my right arm :( It just hurt too bad when I tried it and I don't want to injure it even more. I was able to do front and side raises, upright rows and bent over flys without any pain. I also did some sets of kettlebell swings with my 30# KB. I am going to try to stick with Gethin this week, but due to my husband's schedule I can't go to the gym and have to work out at home. I don't have all the equipment I need for some of the exercises, but I will do the best I can! I am not going to push as hard this week anyway since I am running my half-marathon on Saturday.

    I hope all you other Warriors are doing well....I miss hearing from all of you!! Have a great week!

  • Morning Warriors!

    I hope all of your are doing great this AM!  I think I'm still recovering from a crazy weekend.  I had to go to a youth conference with the kids from my church.  Basically a weekend with little to no sleep and going all day with various activities....We had a great time, but I'm pooped!

    Workouts have been awesome the past couple of weeks in spite of me and all the crazy stuff going on.  Joanna is getting better slowly but surely.  She has not felt well the past couple of mornings which is typical for what she has.  She has been such a trooper in all of this.  She is much stronger than me!

    You guys have a great day!  Remember - you will get out of this what you put into it!

  • Hey Warriors,

    Frick sounding off...

    Hope everyone is doing well.  I have been back home for almost two weeks now, so diet is good/exercise not great.  My calf has almost rehabbed.  Not sure if I am ready to test it on a beach run.  May test it today.  I had a great core workout yesterday.  Getting close to doing AbRipper without stopping (and adding a 8lb medicine ball to the mason twists).  Feeling it today.

    I am off to Austin on Thursday for a guys weekend for the Formula 1 race.  I am bringing my workout gear, so will probably continue my mantra of diet bad/exercise good on the road.  Wish me luck.

    Let's keep crankin' it, team!

  • Still no computer!!  Hopefully tomorrow.  Food & workouts good.  Today my husband & I celebrate our 19th anniversary; where does the time go?  Hope you're all well.  On my way to class.  Have a great day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey warriors,

    A quick fly by for me. Wo out is done already. All is well busy night ahead. catch up later. Parson sounds like when I used to do cub camps. go gogo!


    Happy 19th. Maybe you'll get that lap top.



  • Ok, I made it to the beach today.  calf cooporated but my other ankle is killing me.  I musta looked like Tom Hanks in Castaway, hobbling through the sand...Wilson!  Willllll-sooooonnnnn!  It felt good to finish the two miles and the slooooow ride back home.  I'll ice it down tonight.  This evening, I had a pallet of sod delivered to finish up some landscaping.  No rest for the wicked.  Knocked it out in about 1hr, 45 min.  I think I can check off the cardio for the day with about a 1,000 calorie-plus burn and over 14,000 paces.

    I think I'm compensating for future transgressions in Austin this weekend.

    Question: Has anyone linked their Polar HRM with the 7G Nano/Nike+ app?  Do I need to get a special transmitter (the chest strap thingy) or will my FT7 model work?

    Crank on, gang...

  • Frick, I am sure I can outdo you in AbRipperX!!! hahahah. Just kidding. That was the competitive side of me coming out. Nice idea, add the medicine ball! At least after the 2nd time I go all the way to 50 reps on those with folded hands. YAY!!!! Still can't do the Froggie thingy!! I have long legs so I do in-and-outs instead with hands on the floor.


  • Hey Warriors,

    Will go to the gym with Chris tonight. Rest day has changed to Friday & Sunday. For this challenge I'm doing the Julien Greaux program sort of. Trying at least doing as many circuits as I can in one hour. Have not made it to five yet. That is my goal for now. I'm liking the different exercises and the way it's set up only four wo's a week. I have decided to add KB's on sat. This program actually has an ab routine which is something I have been staying away from until now. I actually look forward to ab day. Deadlifts still a work in progress. Will try no weight just the bar until I get my chest to open more. My shoulders are rounded and that's not a good thing. Other than that all is well had to scrape the car windows this morning. Now we will have to start wear outer wear .


    I'm sure you were a sight on the beach. Way to get it done and then do landscaping afterwards. Like you said wo are in the bank. Get some rest your body must be feeling it.


    What are the froggie things your doing. If they are what I think they are keep doing them and you will get better at them. I have seen people 6'2" doing them. So no excuses. I do the things I hate then it turns to loving them when it comes to exercises.


    Way to catch up on those pesky chores. Now rest up for race day.


    Hope you had a good anniversary or was it just another day. You seem to have found your groovbe with the new wo.


    You are always rock solid with those wo's. Keep up the great job. Hope all is well.

    Island ,

    I know you on course how are the hula girls doing.


    Hope all is well at your end. You keep getting those PR's way to go. Still trying to get the bar placement right for squats it keeps slipping up or I'm pulling it up not sure.

    To anyone I've missed sorry.

    Have a great day and push harder and run faster if you can.