BFL Warriors

  • Happy Haloween Warriors,

    Glad to see you are all doing so well with your individual challenges. Mine was suppose to start on Monday but got pushed back a week. Due to having issues with the storm. ( Migraine since Sunday). Today would have been my rest day. Trying to eat clean so far so I don't see it as being a problem. I will stay away from sugar except in fruit form. Fruit rollups here we come. Just kidding! Funeral for my neighbour was sunday we said our final good byes. Mike has been over a few times since. Just for a change of scenery. He has decided to take the flowers and give the out one by one to different patients at the cancer ward of the hospital to help brighten their day just a little bit. Part of the healing process. We are there for his family. As he is now a pancreatic cancer surviver. His son told me they were getting ready for mike to die and this came out of no where. I think everyone is still in shock including our family. We've been neighbors for about 20 yrs. Linda and Mike share the same birthday 6 yrs. apart. May try a dry run of day one if I have time. It includes 10 exercieses. Tazz there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Enjoy your family and have a safe Halloween all.


  • UGH!!!!!   Just lost a huge post, and too exhausted to re-type it.   Hate it when that happens.  Workout is done, food is good, I'm up 2 pounds from my horrible eating over the weekend!!!  Britt is home sick; hoping we don't all get it. We are heading to my dad's house to trick or treat tonite.  I did personals, but lost them.  Hope to get on here sometime tomorrow.  I have classes on Thursday, so not as much time.

    Have a fun evening with your families!!  What are your kids dressing up as?  What about you; do you dress up?

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Have never celebrated Halloween. I didn't grow up here. And now that I have lived here for 8 years I don't get into it either. The kids have always gone to Church youth group  activities though every year since we moved here..., bonfires, lots of Candy and such. They are 17 and 15 now, the one is working tonight.

    Knees doing great, workouts doing great. Eating doing great too, just need to go get me new Protein Powder to keep my levels up there. Have a great rest of the week everyone. God bless.


  • Hey Warriors,

    Hope evrybody had a fun time dressing up and going out with your little ones. This was the first time in a long time that we didn't have anyone at the door guess all the kiddies have grown up. I kept away from the one treat Linda gave me a reasces peanut butter bar. Tossed it in the cupboard and told her I would have it on the weekend. Not going to happen. Felt like the roadrunner last night it seemed that Claude's Taxi was back in service as it was this am driving Julie to school for another surgery. She will be the anesettitist sorry for the horrible spelling. will most likely go and get her tonight. Gotta get her driving so I don't have to. My wo consisted of bringing our scout apple day coinage to the bank as it was to heavy for Linda to carry. $ 2,500. A little low this yr. Not a bad haul for one days work. We lost one of our store fronts to Air Cadets this yr. Already booked for next yr. Ha! Eating has been good so far and plan on keeping it that way from now on.except if we have a date night. trying to post everyday too.


    I usually copy just in case. Before I post so that doesn't happen.

    Is everyone ok out there. Did Sandy affect your area?

    Have a great day all.


    PS. Sorry for being such a wet blanket yesterday.

  • Good Morning Warrirors!!!

    I hope you all had a fun Halloween.  Ours was good; the kids are a bit tired today.  Luckily, they don't have school tomorrow.  I scheduled a long overdue, much needed massage for tomorrow morning.  I will go to the gym, then to get my massage, and then by the foot dr's office, so they can show me how to wrap my foot again.  I can't seem to get the arch pad right and it ends up hurting more than helping.  I am going to do an 8-mile hike with my dad on Saturday.  Last time, we just did a 6-mile one and my foot was really hurting for awhile after.  Delaney has a birthday party to go to tomorrow and then a sleepover.  Britt has been sick this week with a pretty bad cold.  She went to school today.  I may take her to doctor later to be swabbed for strep; I highly doubt she has that, but her throat is still hurting, but she has all the other cold symtoms as well, and no fever.

    I did have about 4 small candies last night, but we walked quite a lot (yes, that is me trying to justify..ha).  Food is planned and clean for the day.  I will be heading out for class soon, and then to the gymf or a quick workout.

    Claude:  I lost the post mid-way through typing.  I hit a button that made it disappear somehow.  Good job putting that candy away.  Chocolate is no good for migraine sufferers anyway!  When will Julie be driving, so you can have a break?  So sorry to hear about your neighbor.  It is nice of you to be able to be a realease for the husband.  I'm sure having company close by is helpful.

    runnermom:  Did you pull off that costume?  I'm sure you had to drive all over town looking for that one (ha).  Hope the boys had fun.  I bet you are getting excited for your race.  I am not going to do the turkey trot.  My sister had her appendix out a few weeks ago, so she and her husband aren't going to do it, and my husband said he could take it or leave it, so I guess I will give my foot a break.  I may shoot for the jingle bell run in December.

    Soraya:  Glad your knees are feeling better.  I know I posted on MFP, but I truly love the GNC amplified wheybolic extreme. Go to GNC and read reviews.  It is mild and easy on the stomach.  It mixes clean and tastes delicious.  runnermom uses it too.  It is a bit pricey, but they always have sales, when you can stock up.

    Better go get my turkey/bison burger in the oven so I can eat before I leave for school.  There was once a time I would have thought a burger, sweet potato & asparagus at 8:30 in the morning was disgusting, but I love it now!

    Make it a great day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors,

    looking forward to Mon. Day 1. where is everyone getting ready for the election?

    Have a great weekend.


  • Hi Warriors!

    Just a quick check in for me before starting dinner and taking Mickey to football practice.

    Claude: I just got back from early voting! Luckily the lines weren't too long!!! Good luck on Monday. What are your plans...another 12 week challenge?

    BDMom: I ended up just wearing my regular clothes to the Halloween party for the kids, then Mike took them trick or treating. I stayed home and handed out candy and got lunches and everything else ready for the next day!!! I am planning to run a Turkey Trot with my sister and her family on Thanksgiving at the beach...we did it last year and it was a lot of fun!

    Workouts and nutrition are going well. A long run is scheduled for tomorrow morning....less than 3 weeks til race day!

    Have a great weekend Warriors!

  • Good Monday Morning Warriors,

    Here's the scoop, I was going to do my wo at work but things got changed on me. Will be driving Linda over to her moms so she can take her to an appt. After work I will take Chris to the gym and get my wo in. This is going to hurt bad I think. hehe! Thurs. I will take Linda for her surgery she is getting Laser Eye ( Lasic proceedure). So should be able to get wo in once she is back home. Will take Thurs. & Fri. off work to take care of her since the kids are in school. Busy week ahead but have decided  to get'r done. My Mon. wo is the tuffest 10 exercises x 5= 50 reps of each. If this doesn't do it I'm not eating right. For this challenge I will get below 200# or die trying, I will lose inches especially off the waist and start building muscle. I will not allow myself to miss wo's. Unless totally out of my control meaning I just can't drag my self to the gym since it's open 24/7. I only will be doing 5 wo's per week. KB is Sat. unless it's a long weekend. Will take measurements and weigh in tonight.

    I'm so gratefull to have all the warriors in my corner  you guy's/gals don't know what it means to me. Thank-you all. Kick me when I need it or even when I don't it helps. The results will be a product of my dedication to my program. This is my 12 week plan Julien Greaux's Workout on take a peak. It's for fat loss.

    Have a great day warriors.


  • Hellllooo Warriors!!!

    My carpool mom is out of town most of the week, so I am flying solo getting her son and my girls to/from school and to activities, so not much time.  I went to spinning this morning and decided I won't be spinning on Mondays anymore.  I get to the gym by 8:15, and have to get my pass by 8:30 for a 9:00 class.  I feel like there is too much wasted time, and I really don't enjoy her class anyway.  She likes you to follow her format, and her format is, I will use that day for weights and cardio and then just do spinning on Saturdays for now.  I then had a dr. appt with my gyno...annual stuff.  I am home to feed the dogs and make lunch for myself and then back out the door to get the kiddos.  My eating over the weekend was not great.  I am committing to be as close to 100% from now until Thanksgiving, at which time, I'll eat a little bit of whatever I want, and then get back in the saddle until Dec. 22nd, when we will be finishing this program.

    Parson:  I am praying for you and your family!!!  We miss you when you are not here.

    Claude:  I think you are finally ready to rock it.  We are here to push you and hold you accountable.  Remember, don't let your environment control you, you need to control your environment.  Yes, diet is 80%, so you have to get that cleaned up as well.  I will be praying for an uneventful surgery for Linda and that she gets the outcome she is hoping for.  Way to plan for a succesful week!!!

    runnermom:  I am sure you are getting psyched for your half, and the turkey trot sounds fun.  I am so bummed we are not doing it.  I think it is a good move not to, but I really have the itch.  I have my mail in ballot sitting here that I just filled out last night, so I guess I'll be taking it to drop off at polling place tomorrow.

    It looks like our temps may actually be dropping at the end of the week!!!  Yay!!!!

    K...gotta go eat.

    Make is a great week, everyone!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • OK it's election day.  Hope everyone elected to eat clean and hit their 10's during cardio.

    Hey, just checking in after a couple of weeks on the road.  Per norm, worked out well, but drank too much.  I am officially sick of grilled chicken salads.  

    Celebrated my BD on Friday with lots of eating and toasts.  On Saturday, I was coaching the kid's soccer team and played an adults vs kids scrimmage.  I ended up pulling or tearing a calf muscle.  Don't think it's a tendon, but man did it hurt.  Like having a cramp for 30 minutes.  Still can't walk w/o a limp, so to recap:  turned 49 on Friday, bought a cane on Saturday....

    I have taken a couple of days to convalesce.  Going for my UBWO today and can surely do AbRipper and back muscles tomorrow.  Will have to wait and see if I can participate in practice on Wed night for more torture.

    For the record, Adults 5/Kids 5.  I scored one goal, my son scored, I'm getting too old for this.

    BTW, a tip for this quirky website.  I always copy everything that I write just before I hit the reply button.  If you spend too long it times you out, so instead of remembering what you said, just log back in and hit the paste button.

    Have a great day warriors.

  • Hi!  I decided to crash your group just to say hello. 

    - Mighty Max

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Welcome to the party.  This is a good site to keep you focused and accountable for your efforts.



  • Hello Claude, Runner, BD, Frick, Jessica... missing the rest who are busy these days. Quickly checking in. I read somewhere that as you grow older recovery takes longer. OMG!! Do we have to start thinking about aging at 40??? Well, all of C1 I was sore all the time! When I hurt my back and spent the last 2 weeks of C1 just doing Cardio without HIIT and then 1 week off, it was like 3 weeks of no soreness and it felt like I was finally back to normal again. And now here we go with soreness everyday again!! I do the foam roller often, tonight again. I am using muscle gel also and heating pad. Stretched a while tonight too. Want to go to the whirlpool sometime this week. Not that it bothers me, it is not painful to the point of not being able to sleep or go about. Just can't get a break from it. Anyway... not complaining. Just speaking my mind. Anyone else is sore every single day all over? Or are you sore only when you change program or increase weight? Be blessed, be hugged over the internet. Have a great day and congratulations on your re-elected President.


  • Hey warriors!! Finally have a chance to check in with the warrior ohana. My shoulder is dong good no pain but still have been going fairly easy with the workouts with my chest and shoulders. I am working on being more consistent with MFP. I know I can. I am really liking the meal tracking now that most of my foods are now stored so it's alot easier to log in faster.

    On a different note My hula student is now at a 20lb loss today and it's been 6 weeks I am sooo proud of her!! I just was asked for training help from another close friend. So last saturday was consulting and yesterday was her first training session with her husband. They have a long road ahead but Im willing to see them thru till the end. I ended up working out 3 times yesterday lol.. my usual weight training then 2 kettlebell sessions and worked 10 hours.. I feel great though today :) and feeling really really good about the change that's happening around me.. As I have told you all I am an active "instagram" user so i wanted to post a couple of the pics that I posted on there for some warrior inspiration and also a progress picture..

    Claude: Glad you are taking on a new challenge, Keep the head down and just go to work.. I'll be right beside you trying to get to that sub 200 weight too.. lets do dis!!

    Runner: Kill those runs.. You'll do great on the big turkey race..

    BD: Keep doing what your doing always bz but always doing what you need to get done..

    Frick: Man reading your posts always gets a chuckle outta me.. happy belated birthday BTW and hope that cane is temporary lol.. Thanks for the check in!

    Soraya: Soreness is always gonna be a part of the journey. Today for instance I am in pain from the leg workout i had yesterday hobbling a little but feels soo goood.. In my experience it's never ever been as bad as week one.. I for one like it though :) Glad your sticking it out get it lady!!

    Jessica: Aloha!!!


  • Good Morning Warriors!!

    I will be training with my trainer today in a little while.  I have to take the kids out after school to get some pants for Britt; she has none that still fit her from last year, and we have some cold weather headed our way.  Lane has to get supplies for an elaborate book report they are doing.  So, looks like a good night for leftovers.  I got one of my cardio sessions out of the way, and will try to get the other one in before I pick up the kids.

    Jessica:  You are always welcome here; we can learn a lot from a BFL champion runner-up.  Hope all is well with you!!

    Island:  Love all the fitness inspiration, especially the last one....even though you guys have it easier than we do on that one!!  Sounds like you'll have your own fitness business going in no time. Way to encourage, motivate and help others with your knowledge and know-how.

    Soraya: Sorry you are sore.  I have had a pain in my left upper back when trying to sleep for several weeks now.  It only hurts when I lay down at night though and is so bad, it wakes me up.  I had some other symptoms that concerned my doctor, which had me in the ER a few weeks ago. They did bloodwork, an EKG and chest x-ray, but all were fine.  I am not sure why it is only hurting me at night; you'd think with a pulled muscle, it would hurt all the time.  I will monitor it and mention to my family dr. when I am in for my physical in December.  I will be 45 in February, and I guess my age is catching up to me....ha!! Keep doing what you are doing.  Work hard, but listen to your body and take breaks when you feel they are necessary.  I really need to make more time for the sauna to help with my muscle tightness, and hope to when this semester is over in mid-December.

    Frick:  Happy Belated Birthday.  I hope you are feeliing better.  You think we'd learn that we can't do what those kids do!!!  Sounds painful.  

    Runnermom, Cuervo, Parson,Claude....where are  you?  Hope everyone is doing well!!

    Happy Hump Day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"