BFL Warriors

  • Hey BFL Warriors!  It has been a long time.  I just decided I needed a challenge so I am coming here so everyone can keep me accountable.  I am still working with my trainer.  He does my meal plans.  I still do his workouts sometimes but I have also added  Cross Fit to my routine.  I love it.  Anyways I am in a wedding on Jan. 5th so I need to lose some body fat.  The lowest I have ever gotten was 18% back in March.  I gained a little and the last time I checked in with my trainer I was 25% (that was on Oct. 15th) I feel like since summer has been over I haven't had any really goals to stick to.  I would love to be at 18% again and I WILL!  

    This week I have been back on track with food.  Workouts have been okay- but I need to push harder.  Today was a great workout.  I am going to take my before pictures tomorrow and then I will post my before and after pictures Nov. 30th.  

    Phase 1 Goals:

    1. post daily

    2. move my body some way for 30mins each day (1 day of rest each week)

    3. stick to meal plan as much as possible and with as few cheats as possible.

    Phase 2 Goals will be with Challenge #2 Dec. 1 - Dec. 31st

    I have to have smaller windows of challenges otherwise I give up too soon!

    OK OFF I GO!

    Hello to everyone!  

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Quick check-in.  I have a test today that I have to study for.  It seems like I am having either a lab practical or lecture exam every week....I'm not ready for this one; it snuck up on me, and I have been so busy.  I usually have a few hours for homework on Monday & Wednesday, but not this week, I've been too busy!  

    The party planning for my husband's birthday is coming along well.  It is a surprise, and so far, we are pulling it off!!

    Delaney has half day today and conferences, and off tomorrow.  Britt has a half day tomorrow, but I am going to keep her home, so we can get stuff done.  Half days are a waste of time in high school!!

    Workouts and eating have been good.  I don't know if it is the Xtend or the addition of 1,000 mg of glutamine before bed, but my muscles are not hurting as much as they used to.  I expected not to be able to walk today, and it is bearable.

    I can't go back to previous page, and don't have much time for personals...but.....

    Island:  So amazed at your progress!!  It blows me away to look at your befores & now!!  Keep it up.  You are an inspiration to many!!

    KK:  Welcome back!!!!  So good to see you, and yes we have your back.  You might want to get back on MFP; many of us are on there daily as well.  Good luck in your currrent challenge; I know you'll do fantastic!!!

    Gotta go study.

    Make it a great day, friends!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey everyone! Great day for me.  I did my leg workout and then taught Zumba tonight.

    BDMom- I like fitnesspal but since I follow my trainers mealplan each day I just mark off each meal I eat when I eat them.  If I log the meals in to the website the macros aren't the exact same and then it makes me crazy.  I have found the more simple I am, the better I do!  My accountablity in that is when I check in with my trainer.  My bf measurements show if I have been on plan or not.  I have found that when I am on plan I sleep better and feel soooooo much better!

    Ok off to bed.  Hope everyone has had a great day!

  • Hello everyone... good to catch up here. The week is going real good except for the unexpected extraction of a back tooth on Tuesday. I was going in for a treatment for an infection, turned out root was cracked beyond repair. I just sat in the chair and cried like an idiot! I feel so embarrased at the dentist but the tears never fail when there is a procedure involved. Since that day I've been feeling queezy the last 3 days and I don't know why. At first my husband thought it was the medication. By yesterday I was thinking it's the protein powder that suddenly doesn't sit well with me anymore, but stangly the feeling still there today, hours after I used the protein powder. Upset stomach takes my apetite away too. C2 is going real well though. The only thing I am having trouble with is my new eating schedule. Since I now work out at home 3x a week and at the gym in afternoons, I get to sleep in longer in the mornings and then my meals start out way later and because I am not used to the schedule yet, I feel all my meals are pushed back so much that I have to set a timer for every 2 hours to be able to get 6 meals in per day. But hopefully by the end of the week I have the new eating schedule down. Body is sore from lifting and doing hard core abs. Glad to report my knees are doing soooooo good!!!!!!!!!! Did I put enough exclamation marks? I plan to take good care of them and wear a knee support often when working out.

    Dude... real nice pix! Indeed unrecognizable next to "Before" picture. And that 100's workout sounds like a killer!

    Parson, that Drill in a minute reminded me of the Insanity Fit test. Do as many reps as you can in one minute. It kills!

    Runner... we will hear an update on that test of Dad's pulyp. Much success on race coming up. You will do awesome.

    Claude...working out in the afternoon is hard for me too, after you do everything else, there isn't much motivation left. But I am trying this for a week or 2 lifting in the afternoons. If I fully decide I hate it at that time, I will go back to first thing in the morning which in winter will be uncool! But maybe better then lack of motivation.

    WP...success with the Hard Body Plan in January. Did I read "Men's Health"? Afraid to hit back button and lose all of this. But my husband loves the magazine and always talks about what he read.

    BD... of course you will kick rear anyway on that test dispite little time to study. You know you are awesome like that.

    Kuertz... good idea to do what works best for you as far as the shorter lenght of challenge is concerned. You know yourself.

    Blessings to all. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.


  • Morning Warriors!

    Friday WO is done!  I felt real good with it today like I was in the groove with each lift.

    We didn't do the PT test last night at tae kwan do....Instructor was sick.  I'm kind of glad, I wasn't feeling it.  I think we may end up doing it tonight during our testing.  I guess we will see.

    BDMom - How did your test go?

    KK - Glad you are back!!!

    Soraya - I have been sleeping very tight (very good) this week!  It really does make a difference.

    We've got friends coming to town this weekend.  So it should be busy and fun!  Anything will beat last weekend...doing funeral for nearly a complete stranger.  So it's all good!

    Have a great day Warriors!  Today is Breast Cancer Awareness day in our little town.  I'm wearing pink today!  LOL!

  • Happy Friday Warriors!!!!!

    Parson: You are a true man wearing pink today...ha ha! Good for you! We all wore pink to work a couple of weeks ago in honor of a co-worker who is battling breast cancer. She had no idea we were doing this and it brought her to tears!

    Soraya: Glad you are liking Insanity. I love it! I need to break out those DVDs again....once all this marathon training is out of the way!

    BDMom: Hope all is going well with the party planning! You must be good to pull off a surprise! I bet your girls are having fun too! We went to Party City yesterday to get Mickey's Halloween costume and that place was packed!!!!

    KK: So good to hear from you! I'm glad you are still working out with your trainer and making good progress. It is always my goal to be at 18% BF or below. I seem to hover around 19% on most weeks....I have definitely never been below 18% but would LOVE to see those numbers go lower!!!! Sometimes I think I just like to eat too much to ever lower my BF% below 18%!!!!! Can't wait to see your pics. I love how you set smaller time increments. I think I do that mentally b/c I haven't finished a challenge strong all the way through since my C1!!! 12 weeks is a loooong time!

    I had a great workout at the gym yesterday...back and biceps plus a 3 mile run. I worked out at home today and did a little bit of Gethin's triceps workout, but mainly created my own tricep and chest workout, with some cardio intervals (jump rope, step ups, squat jumps, etc). It was a great workout. My workouts have been going very well, but I have been falling short on the nutrition plan about once per week. Sometimes I feel like my body needs a cheat meal, even though I tend to go overboard when I do take a cheat meal. I haven't seen a negative impact on my progress, but I feel like my progress would be definitely better if I didn't take these little splurges every once in a while!

    With that being said, my mother in law got into town last night to spend the weekend and she LOVES to go out to eat. So of course we went out to eat last night. I could've easily ordered a healthy choice at the restaurant we chose, but I didn't. There were some things on the menu that my mom used to cook and I haven't had in a while, and I caved and chose one of those! Well, I sure did enjoy my shrimp and grits (okay, those of you who are not Southerners or not from Louisiana probably won't understand how good it is!!) and hope it will push me through my 12 mile run tomorrow morning...ha ha!!!! It will be a tough weekend trying to eat clean, but I will do the best I can.

    Tomorrow will be running 12 miles plus more football games, and Sunday we will be busy with church, getting the kids pictures taken, and getting MIL to airport.  No rest for me!

    Have a great weekend Warriors!!!!

  • Happy Friday!

    I am taking a rest day.  My legs are soooooooo sore.  Eating is on track for today which always makes me happy.

    Runnermom- sounds like you have a busy weekend!  Grits are good!

    Parson- have fun with your friends this weekend!

    Soraya- Tooth pain is such an awful feeling.  Protein powder sometimes hurts my stomach.  Currently, I am not using any and I have no stomach problems.  However, sometimes it does give me a nauseous feeling.

    I am off work on Monday.  YAY!  I need a break.

    Have a good weekend!

  • Hi Warriors!

    Everyone must have had a busy weekend...I'm moving this Warrior thread back up to the top of the list!

    KK: I hope you are having a nice day off work. I sent you an email this weekend :)

    BD: How was the surprise party???

    I had a very busy weekend. Mike and I went to the movies on Friday night for date night. We saw "Here Comes the Boom". I would recommend the movie to all of you! It is a very clean movie, funny, and has a great message about changing your lifestyle for the better and persevering for the good of others. I was tired on Saturday morning so decided to take a rest day. Well, a rest day from exercise that is! I tackled the grocery store on Saturday morning, then went to Cody's football game, then took my mother-in-law to Wal-Mart, and then had Mickey's football game that evening. I decided to get up Sunday morning before church and do my long run. My plan was to run 12 miles, but I felt soooo good and the weather was nice and cool, I ran 13.1 miles and made it an official training run for my half marathon in 3 weeks! I finished in 1:58, which is pretty good for a training run. I always aim to finish a half marathon in under 2 hours. I am ready for the race on Nov. 17!!!! After that, it was church, kids' yearly pictures taken, then bringing my MIL to the airport (where she got stuck overnight in Memphis b/c of all the flight delays d/t the storm...uh oh!). Needless to say, it was a busy weekend for us!

    This morning I went to the gym and ran a 5k on the TM, then did 30 minutes of leg work. I followed part of the Gethin leg routine this week, but cut it short due to time and being a little worn out from running 13.1 yesterday :) It was a good workout though and I felt good. It is amazing how I can push through when my nutrition is on track! I have to admit Thurday and Friday were not good nutritionally for me (I told you my MIL likes to eat out!), but Saturday and Sunday were super clean and I'm starting the week off great!

    Have a great day Warriors!!! Hope all of you are well!!!

  • Good week to everyone...I started my week off with P90X (This Challenge 2 I switched Cardios to Mon, Wed and Fri and Weights to Tues, Thurs and Sat... change and variety motivates me). I was pleased that I was able to do more reps today then last week, but certain excersizes just kill so much but I know I will get better.

    I don't know why suddenly my stomach is so upset everytime I drink that darn protein shake! I never had a problem before and have been on it for almost 2 months now. Since last week Tuesday which coincides with the day I had my tooth extracted, my stomach is queasy and the thought of food makes me feel more upset yet. I even changed flavors and went to vanilla and same darn feeling this AM. It is good to hear KK that you have same reactions, that means it could be a common problem for some people. Will try a few things yet to see results.

    Runner...great to hear you had a good time with MIL. Let me tell you, If I am going out to a restaurant, I HATE HAVING TO THINK ABOUT HEALTHY!!! I can do that at home!! But even so I can't picture the grits and shrimp. Isn't grits a breakfast item? May have to travel down there and try it out. On the running, I have ran some in my life, but never for a half marathon. I don't know if I would have the endurance. I do know though that I have gotten myself to the point where it feels so addictive and I want to keep going. I loved that feeling and it was during each run. But I haven't felt that rush in a long time now and have to work up to it again. I think I would try to do so on TM, while watching a show, at least your mind is not on the pain it takes to get going at that level. You think I can get back into it while keeping the same workouts in place? Like afternoons on the side? I'd love too. My daughter, the 15 year old is such a natural at running. She started cross country for the first time last year and was put on Varsity, number 2 for her school and went all the way to State. This year she is number one for her school and the only girl from her school to make it to State this Saturday. She is talking about possibly trying for a half marathon and if so, I would love to do it with her but I know I am out of shape for that right now. Help?

    Again, have a great week everyone, hopefully none of you are on the East Coast.


  • Just a quickie today....surprise party went well.  My husband's parents came in from Florida, as well as two of his brothers from Iowa, and we had local family and friends as well.  It was nice.  We still have company, and my eating has been HORRIBLE!!!!  Everyone leaves tomorrow, so I plan to really hit the rest of this week hard, and go strong until Thanksgiving.  I am going to try to avoid all candy on Halloween night.  If I have one, I'll want more!!!  That stupid addictive sugar!!!

    Gotta go pick up my MIL soon, so we can hang out.  My husband, his dad, brothers and my dad and brother-in-law are all on their way to tailgate before the Cardinals game tonite.

    I hope to be more regular on here after today!!!  Miss you all.

    Oh, and BTW, I got a 96 on my test, and was shocked.  I had so little time to study.

    Also, was in the ER on Friday night (horrible timing)...will tell you all about that another time.  I am fine!!

    Have a great day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Soraya: I truly believe that anyone can be a runner if it's something they enjoy, unless an injury prevents them from running. If you want to build up your mileage, then it's a good idea to plan your training runs. I would be glad to help you, but not sure exactly what your baseline much have you been running lately? What is your short-term run a 5k? My half-marathon plan is very structured, but it has worked really well for me as I have trained like this for several years. However, if I was training for a shorter distance, such as a 5k, then my training plan differs. Like I said, I will be more than happy to help you (I love training people!), just need to know your current level of running and your goal. That is great about your daughter! I hope she sticks with it b/c it sounds like she is a really good runner and could go far with cross country! Oh, another thing, I love to listen to music when I run...I make so many playlists on my is so motivating for me. Plus, research has shown that running speed and endurance increase with music :) Okay, last tip....go to a running specialty store and get fitted for a good pair of running shoes before starting any running program. You may have already done this, but it is always one of my first bits of advice to those wanting to start a running program.

    BDMom: I sent you an email. I hope you are okay! Congrats on a super test grade!!!! I would expect no less of you...ha ha!

  • Hey gang checking in from tje tablet which is one step above from the phone so forgive any typos that may occur lol. Im still chuggin along it was quite the bad weekend as far as food but im feeling good today!!!! Kiilled it in the gym and gonna do it agaon tomorrow. ? I have my babies for the week yay!!! Speaking of which i am currently needed. Im thinking about you all warriors i will try to check back tomorrow.. aloha!!!

  • Good Morning Warriors!!

    No more company and I am back on track!!  Week 5 of Gethin this week, and then we'll be almost halfway there!  I cannot believe October is almost over; where did the month go?  OK, I am on the clean eating bandwagon from now until Thanksgiving.  My dad will make chili and tortillas tomorrow night and I'll have a little bit of that...but I am going to try to avoid the candy at all cost!

    Back to dirty workouts and clean eating.

    Off to school, the gym and picking up kids from school.  We have to get homework knocked out so we can carve our pumpkins tonite; we've been too busy!

    Make it a great day Warriors!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi I was off work yesterday so I didn't log on.  I had a great workout yesterday and today was CF.  Tonight I have to teach Zumba.  It is cold and rainy here in KY.  Hope everyone is safe from Sandy!

    Runnermom- I emailed you back.

    BDMom- I hear ya... no candy for me tomorrow.

    Ok I need to finish my playlist for class tonight!  I just wanted to do a quick checkin.

    Hello to all the warriors!

  • Happy Halloween, Warriors!

    KK: Thanks for the email. I would love to have a copy of your trainer's recipe when you get a chance. I love to cook!!! I found a recipe in one of my magazines for Quinoa chili so I think I'm going to whip up a batch of that this weekend :)

    BDMom: I am staying away from candy too! Luckily I ate so bad last week that I'm not even craving candy, so it won't be too hard to stay away from it! Your dad's chili and tortillas sound very yummy though! We have a neighborhood party today at 5 pm with lots of activities for the kids, then we will head out trick or treating around 7 pm. I told my kids I was going to dress up like a runner and wear my running tights and long sleeve dri-fit's really cold here today!!!

    Island: Great to hear from you!!!! Sounds like we are all recovering from a bad weekend of nutrition! Glad we are all back on track!!!! How's your shoulder? Mine is still bothering me, so I'm trying to decide if I should do my shoulder workout this week or not....I am bummed! I love working shoulders!

    Today was cardio day for me and I ran 5 miles of hills outdoors. It was 37 degrees outside but I LOVED every minute of it!!!! It is so exhilerating to me to run outdoors when it is cold. I make sure I dress for the conditions, which meant I got to pull out my running tights, dri fit zip up, fleece head covering, and mittens. I LOVE IT!!!! I am planning to do LBWO tomorrow and am hoping that by Friday my shoulder will be well enough for a great shoulder workout!

    Nutrition is packed and clean and I am feeling GREAT!!!

    Have a great Halloween today Warriors!!!!