BFL Warriors

  • Good Friday Warriors,

    Seems like everyone is back today. I was just informed that Claude's taxi service will still be employed next week as far as I know Mon. Tues. Wed. so Wakeup is 4 am. and will need to pickup miss Julie  Mon. @ 9 pm. then the rest of the days @ 7 pm. So now I' m trying to figure out when I'll be able to make it to the gym in between some how. I need to get back. Hope to catch a break Linda is feeling a little better so there is a lite at the end of the tunnel.


    Thanks for the update. You are too stuborn not to beat this thing and I wll send some prayers your way to help with those counts. Glad to hear the church didn't cave in on you and you enjoyed your visit.

    I was wondering what was going on with you.


    If you can't drink alot of water at least eat alot of veggies that contain water. Lettuce, celery ... Great job in the planning department.. Way to get things done.


    Be careful with that shoulder. Camping is always fun. Did you forget I usually do and then you due without. How are the HULA girls doing.


    You really need to stay away from that sugar. WOW! I have never known anyone to have a true sugar attack like what you get. Glad you better now. Glad your liking your program now.


    Spinning my wheels has turned into a way of life this month. I feel like I'm getting things done but not the stuff I want to get done. So yea still spinning thats life anbd sometimes you just have to go with it.


    I applaud you for going back to school. You are at such a busy point in your life I really don't know how you do it. It seems like the wo's are your magic pill that keeps you going. Prayers for Audra going out to. Hope all  goes well.

    Have a great weekend Warriors!


  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    Claude: Sounds like you will have a super busy week next week! Gotta still fit in those workouts and eat clean though! You can do are a Warrior!

    Parson: Hope you have fun at your homecoming!!! My son had his homecoming last weekend for his football team and it was fun.  We got to tailgate and all the mom's got presented with a flower from their son....I wanted to cry!

    BDMom: How is your sister? I hope everything went well with her surgery. My dad is undergoing a colonoscopy today, so I am praying for him that everything turns out okay.

    Tazz: Still praying for you :) :)

    I got up and went to Gold's this morning. I did 20 minutes of cardio on the Stairmill (Island, thought about you!!!) then hit my back and biceps. It was a good workout, but I did have to cut it a little short and only got to do one set of asst. pullups which I saved for last.  I need to quit being so social at the gym....ha ha! Since I go at the same exact time everyday, I am getting to know the "regulars" at 5:30 AM and they always want to chat! Oh well....hopefully I hit my back and biceps hard enough! I talked to a girl this morning who is also running the Thunder Road half-marathon in 4 weeks, so we are planning to ride together to the race. I'm always nervous on race morning about parking and finding the race start, so it will be good to have someone to tag along with me!

    Nutrition is on track and super clean and I am feeling AWESOME!!!!! My pants are feeling looser again...woo hoo! I am increasing my carbs just a bit today to prep for 11 miles in the morning! I am planning to start at the park tomorrow (there are bathrooms there....that's always a concern when I start my distance runs!) and run a totally different route than I am used to. Hopefully it will make the time fly by...ha!

    Tomorrow will be another day of football, then on Sunday afternoon I am taking Mickey and a friend to race go-carts as a late birthday celebration. My hubby and I are going to try to have a date night on Saturday night if our babysitter can watch the kids.  It will be another busy weekend!

    Have a great weekend Warriors!

  • It's Friday!!!!

    Parson:  Hope you are able to get to the game tonight; sounds like a lot of fun.  It's great to have that small town atmosphere and support for the local team.  Way to be in the groove and knock out that workout!!

    Claude (aka Mr. Taxi man):  Hang in there.  There will be a day you miss this...right?  Ha.  Glad Linda is feeling better.  I hope she continued to show improvement.  It doesn't sound like there is much time in your schedule for workouts, but get them in where you can, and watch that food.  I have been blessed to be able to be home with my kids.  I am busy because I make myself busy, but so many of you have full-time jobs as well as families, and that makes it really tough.  I applaud all of you for fitting it all in.  But, workouts are what fuel me to get through those busy, crazy days.  It's my medicine!

    runnermom:  Wow, sounds like a busy weekend ahead for you; no rest, but a good kind of busy.  Funny you mention that about the bathrooms.  That is one thing about runs that always makes me nervous.  I am always paranoid I'll need to use the facilities when I am running and there will not be any around.  Another reason I've never done more than a 10K; by the time I finished that run, I really had to go!  Ha.  I know what you mean about socialzing at the gym. There are days that there is time for that, and others there's not.  I know there are days I come across as being rude, but I am rushed to get my workout in and don't have time.  Glad you found someone to ride to the race with; that will be nice.  Glad you are feeling a difference in your clothing!!  You're doing great!!  Enjoy the weekend; I hope you and your husband have an opportunity to get out.

    My sister got through surgery fine.  They kept her overnight.  Her oxygen levels were low and they wanted to get the infection under control before releasing her.  She will be going home today.  Thanks for asking, and thanks for the prayers.

    I got my morning cardio in and will head to the gym in awhile.  Food is clean.  I have been able to get all my weight workouts in this week (legs today), so will just do spinning tomorrow and then I am hiking with my dad on Sunday.  So, it's all good!!!

    I can't believe we will be starting week 4 next week runner & Cuervo!!

    Have a great Friday and weekend, Warriors!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • OK, I'm chiming in for the week.

    I made it all the way to Thursday with eating clean and working out dirty, but last night I took my daughter to the Halloween night at Busch Gardens.  If I count the miles of walking, I guess they countered the beer that I drank and the ground "Beef" in my taco salad (we were too close to the dog track for me to be sure it was beef), but still it was not a good diet day.  I'm back on the wagon today and this weekend will be filled with hard work and cleaner eating.

    next week, its back in Atlanta for good workouts and crappy diet.  I did find that keeping a jug of whey protein up there is a great way to maintain protein intake and balance it to carbs.  I just get strange looks when I'm shaking the cake batter.

    Island - good job with the rehab.  Keep it real and don't overdo it.

    Hope y'all have a good weekend.



  • Gooooood morning from chilly Michigan where the sun doesn't shine right now. Great to learn more about all of you.

    Parson, what is your username on MFP? I am under the same username and have most of you as friends there. Jamaica (Montego Bay) was one of our Mission spots for a year before we retired 8 years ago from the Mission field. (Wow, did I say Retire?? I am only 40, don't go thinking I am 80 y'all).

    Runner, I am sure you will give an update later on your Dad. BD, good to hear your sister is doing good now. My husband underwent same ordeal but in his childhood. I think it is so cool you go hiking with your Dad. I wish my dad and I were that close. He lives waaaay in Bonaire, Caribbean.

    Greetings Claude... saw your progress pix yesterday. Good job. Keep up the good work.

    Excited to have now found 2 other ladies who have finished their C1 at the same time as me, we just didn't know about each others' schedules or names. So all 3 of us are starting Monday again. How crazy... all of C1 I had no one on the same schedule as me so I think this should be fun.


  • Good Morning Warriors!!!

    I just wanted to bump us up to page one, where we belong!!

    Heading out to go hiking with my dad in just a few minutes; it's a beautiful morning. Gotta get out before it heats up.  My dad will then come over to hang out and watch football.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Monday Warriors!

    WO is in the books.  I actually felt pretty good this morning for a Monday LOL!  The weekend was crazy busy.  I had to do a funeral yesterday for someone I had only met one time.  Not the easiest thing in the world, but it comes with the territory.

    I have a busy week ahead.  How about you guys and gals?

    What is your motivation level right now?  I'm feeling pretty motivated right now.  I would say on a scale of  1-10 I"m an 8 or 9.  So all in all I'm hitting it hard!

    BDMom - Glad you had a good hike yesterday with your dad!

    Have a great day Warriors!

  • Hey Warriors,

    Will try and do some sort of a body wo at home tonight to much on the go. Will be going a little off course this week as Linda made me 2 apple pies. So will have to eat one and freeze the other.  

    Have a great week everybody.


  • Greetings to each and everyone. Started Challenge 2 today and I felt it in my stomach!! That was hard core Cardio today and I got nauseated. I was happy to find a nice group of people who have started their second challenge today as well. May this week be your best. Parson, my motivation level is also at an 8 or 9 right now. It feels good. Blessings.


  • Sorry guys....I won't be around much this week.  I have two papers due and a test on Thursday.   I am planning this party for my husband on Saturday and my kids are out of school on Friday.  I have a ton to get done, and not enough hours to do it all.  Workouts are good and so is food.  I  will check in when I can.

    Hope you are all doing well!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey warrior ohana! Yes I have been a stranger the past week both here and on MFP life has been getting in the way but still was able to get my workouts in.. My shoulder has been coming along great last friday I did chest and some light shoulders and was all good the next day and the weekend.. Did my usual cardio up at my old high school and what did I see on the football field.. the sleds still had the pads on them! Now it has been about 17 almost 18 years since i hit one of those but I couldn't resist lol.. I ended up turning that into almost my entire workout.. that some stairs and a few laps around the running track.. My kids were having fun too standing on the sled while I pushed it in a circle lol.. Hit my legs yesterday I was reading a muscle and fitness mag before the gym and came across a workout out called the 100's I used this as a finisher. The way it works is you take a compound movement using a relatively light weight for you. For me it was squats since I started with it. I put 135 on the bar. Then you just go for it fast and controlled till you have to rest. When you rest what ever rep you stopped on you have the difference to get to 100 to rest in seconds for me I had to stop at rep 35 my legs were on fire giving me 65 seconds to rest then continued again till I couldn't stopping again at rep 55 resting for 45 seconds and going again stopped 75 resting for 25 seconds then stopping at 85 just holding the bar on my back and counting till 15 and finishing OMG that was one of the most insane sets I ever did my heart was pounding I was literally pouring in sweat and the last 10 reps had me practically yelling in the gym to get it done lol.. It was one of the hardest things I have done in a long time. I absoluetly loved it! My legs are soooo sore today but so worth it! I liked it so much I decided to end my back workout with 100 conventional deadlifts with 155lb on the bar I completed it in: 5:32 stopping at reps 35, 60, 90, My grip was absolute toast to the point where my forearms felt like they were gonna explode! Tomorrow I have a date with the stair climber lol.. and that treadmill.. anyway that's the latest for me so far..

    here's some back progress pics i wanted to share with you guys too.. its coming along Im liking it so far.. still have a ways to go though.. IM so ready.

    Parson: My motivation is at 9-10 I feel great really sore.. but GREAT!

    Soraya: Yay on getting C2 on! Nausea is a true sign of pushing past your limits way to go!

    BD: I know you gonna do what you have to to get it done! Kick some @$$ and good luck with all that you have to do this week!

    Claude: Getting something in at home is better than getting nothing. Do what you can!

    Tazz: Thankyou for the update. Im happy that those enzymes are helping with food digestion so you can get more of that nutrients into the blood stream.. Stay strong my friend!

    Runner, Miss, Cuervo, and the rest of the warriors.. Have a great week!!! aloha

  • Morning Warriors!

    WO is done!  DL PR today...and it has been a while for one of these...325x5!  

    Island - How's the shoulder doing?  Mine has been a little sore, and I made a few adjustments this week and it is much better.  I found some warmup stuff that I've been trying and it seems to help a lot.  It is stuff you can do anytime too.  I need to find the link and send it to you.  IT was all you tube videos.

    I found out last night that we have a PT test on Thursday in Tae Kwan Do.  That should be fun.  It is basically a set of drills where you do max reps for 1 minute and then rest for 1 minute and go to the next exercise.  Not sure what they all are but I know at least it is technical punches, kicks, and pushups.  I'm thinking about setting a goal for myself on pushups?  I haven't maxed them out in a while.  We do multiple sets of 10-20 reps in each session every week.  Maybe I'll shoot for 200 or something in 1 minute...LOL!

    Have a great day gang!

  • Hi Warriors! Happy Hump Day!!!!

    Island: Great pics!!!!! Awesome progress....I just can't say that enough! I've always wanted to try to push one of those sleds around! Sounds like you are totally KILLING your workouts....and having fun with your kids too. Great job!!!

    Parson: Good luck on your test!! Do you get a different colored belt for passing the test? I'm sure you will do great. Good luck on maxing out on those push ups! I love to push myself on those....I can do about 50-60 with good form, but after that my form suffers. I typically do sets of 25 and try to get in 4 sets per workout to total 100...doing sets helps me keep my form better.

    BDMom: Good luck with those projects this week. I'm sure you'll do great! Are the plans all made for your hubby's party? Is it a surprise?

    Soraya: How's your first week of C2 going? Glad you found others also starting C2....accountability is the key! Thanks for asking about my dad. His colonoscopy showed a polyp, which was sent off for testing. The dr. thinks it's benign, so we are praying that he's right :)

    My workouts have been going well. I am still hanging in there with BD and Cuervo with the Gethin program. I am sore everyday and loving it! It is tough combining it with half-marathon training, but I am getting it done for the most part (just not doing the 2 cardio sessions per day, but I'm hoping all my running makes up for it!). This morning was cardio day for me and I ran 5.5 miles outdoors incorporating lots of hills. It was a GREAT run!!!! The weather was cool and crisp and I felt really good. This weekend I am up to 12 miles....challenging, but I will do it! My race is in less than 4 weeks....woo hoo!

    I am heading out for a field trip with Cody today. We are going to the pumpkin exciting! I'm sure it will be a lot of walking but I am definitely up for it! It is a beautiful fall day here in NC.

    I hope all you Warriors are doing well. I think about you everyday, even though my posting is sporadic due to work and so many activities for the kids. I am thankful for all of you, and love this Warrior thread!!!

    Have a great day!!!!

  • Good morning Warriors,

    Well I haven't had the time or motivation to get myself to the gym. Motivation level 0-1 right now. By the time I get everything done just too tired to do anything. On the up side I have decided on a program that seems doable. Julien Greaux's 12 WEEK CIRCUIT TRAINING. Need to get supps. Will start Monday, 29th. Mentally I will be there physically this will challenge me every inch of the way. Just what the doctor has ordered. On a sad note my neighbor has died on sunday due to complications from cancer. We have known her for about 20 yrs. She was only 50. Now she is in a happier place.


    If you do 200 in 1 minute I'll eat that towel. You know the one in your gym. At least I think it belonged to you. lol. Great on that PR too.


    Your doing great as always. You might want to get those hula girls doing that 100.

    BD,Runner, Flick,Soray and everyone else I've missed. Keep pushing HARD as I know you will.

    Have a great day!


    Runner we posted pretty close catch ya next time. lol

  • Greetings Fellow warriors,  I know I have been somewhat absent this week, because I am enjoying my AR period right now. I even went to Typhoon Lagoon for some swimming and R&R on Friday last week, splitting up my mild machine and cardio week. I still have at least one more week of this and I am fighting a cold this week so I am doing the minimum this week coming up.    BDMOM: I am very glad your sister is doing better now and we are all glad that things are working out for her nowadays. Still sound like you have a very hectic schedule and I hope you can hang in there and that your foot is recovering now. Just remember that slow and steady wins the race in the longrun.  Parson: Very ambitious on those push ups, perhaps you can give my grandson some pointers on that, He is having a difficult time passing that on his beginning black belt exam but still he is only 8 so upper strength usually comes with persistance and time.   Islandude: THanks for the photos and updates and hope your shoulder is healing well. I am sure you will back on track very some but be careful when dealing with a shoulder injury. Mine took about 2 weeks to heal last time around so I am careful to stick to limits with shoulder work.  Flick: Hope your skateboard rash is gone by now and that you are very careful next time sidewalk surfin.   Soray: Great work and photos on your just compleated challenge and best wishes on your current one.  I don't plan to do one during the holidays but do plan to start in January with the Mens Fitness Hard Body Plan for 12 weeks, a two week break (AR again) and then perhaps to start my C4 Official BFL Challenge as close to that next date as soon as possible (they usually post them by Jan 31st or so) and then after that another check of my BMI to see if I can get the 5% drop for the health bonus from my company by Jul 2013 next year, I already got the bonus for BP this week and my total cholesterol was 103 but have to watch my HDL it came up 23 this week so looks like I need more fish oil capsules again with the CLA . Runnermom: I will let you know how the Mens Fitness program is as soon as I start in January and keep ya posted on the results. I am still trying to get a copy at the esite, the company I was dealing with last week there bailed and I had to start all over again this week on the next best deal on site.      Claude:  Sounds like you are doing great and I wish you the best during your current efforts. Keep us posted and stay in touch.  Anyone I missed Best wishes and Keep Moving Forward and stay in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from ya!