BFL Warriors

  • SorayaRosaria,

    Welcome to the Warriors. Looking forward to hearing more about your next challenge we all are in this together. Enjoy your active rest.


    My heel is still bothering me but getting tired of waiting for it to get better. Will be starting another program soon as soon as I can free up a week to get started. Linda's knee is no better and she has now inherited Julie's cold. She will phone her doctor but she told me she is not looking forward to the needle in the knee. It hurt so bad the last time. So I told her as always suck it up Daisy no pain no gain. LOL She was not impressed to say the least. Hopefully she will cal this week some time. I'm not a heartless *** just want her to get better and get back to training. If this stuff works then a little pain for maximum gain I think. Just do it.. I hope the girl is Delaney is feeling better today.


    I hope your dad is getting better. I hope Mickey had a fun BD. I know your killing your wo's. Great job.


    Thanks for reminding us all to post. Hope everything is going well for you and yours. Who was more nervous about the sleepover  you or your daughter.


    If you can't wo your shoulder keep those hoola girls in line. lol Get well soon.


    Hope the daughter is healing ok. You are really going at it with that wo. Keep it going with the KG Team you guys seem to be feeding off each other good job.


    You just keep knocking those wo's out great job on finishing another one.


    Keep in touch we miss you here.

    Have a great day Warriors.


  • Hey only 10,787 to go to catchup to the coffee crew. lol

  • Good Morning Warriors!!!

    Soraya:  YES, this thread is for a certain type of can only join our group if you are a Warrior!!!  We eat clean and workout dirty!!!  AND, we support and motivate one another, and always have eachother's backs.  So, if you feel you can handle that, welcome aboard!!!  Glad to have you.

    Claude:  I totally hear you about getting tired of waiting for your heel to get better.  I am the same way.  I figure if it's going to be a consistent pain, then I am just going to have to deal with it.  I ran a little bit yesterday, and am paying for it today.  Sucks for sure!!!  I can't believe that something like this can persist for this long; it's been over 3 months for me.  Sorry to hear about Linda.  I would definately endure a quick pain for some longer lasting relief!!  But, yes...coming from our husbands, it sometimes sounds like a smart*ss comment.  Try to find some time for yourself!!  I saw a comic recently, and it was a patient with his doctor.  The doctor says, "So, what's easier to fit into your busy lifestyle...working out one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?"  I cut it out and hung it in my kitchen.

    AND, the coffee crew has a year or more on us; they started that thread long before we started the Warriror thread.  I used to post there, until I got too busy to post on both.  They all are a great group of individuals.  Highly motivated and encouraging!!

    OK, Delaney felt well enough to go to school.  So, I got my first cardio knocked out, and will hit the gym after my classes.  My goal is to do chest/tris, and 20 minutes of cardio, but if I run out of time, I'll do cardio at home sometime later this evening.  I don't have much time after school, so am thinking I may be doing cardio at home.  We will see!!  My eating is back on track, and I plan to keep it that way!!

    I can't believe it is mid October already.  Our weather is nice in the mornings, but has still been in the 90's during the day; I am so ready for this heat to break.  I am supposed to go hiking with my dad on Sunday; I sure hope my foot feels better.  I wonder if I'll ever be able to really run again :(

    Make it a fabulous day, my friends.  Get those workouts in and keep that food clean!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!

    Quick check in for me. My work has gotten so busy....I just can't fit it all in! Also, our home computer is not working, and it is so tedious to post from my phone!

    I did a little too much indulging over the weekend (2 birthday cakes, ice cream, and a Japanese restaurant...need I say more??!) and paid for it yesterday! I swear my body was swollen all over! I felt HORRIBLE! I am going to remember how I felt next time I even think about eating like that again! I feel SO good when I eat clean!!!! I am back on track and feeling GOOD!!!

    Yesterday I did KG chest and tris, plus ran for 30 minutes. Today I did stairmill and then did KG legs. That was a killer workout! I still love these KG workouts...they really push me!

    Good to hear from all you Warriors....BDMom, Claude, Island, Cuervo, Parson, Soraya (welcome!!!), WP, Frick, MU, and anyone else I might have missed! I think about you all the time!! I will try to be better about posting more frequently.

    Have a great day!

  • Morning Warriors!

    Sorry I've been MIA for a few days.  Was out of town for work...I did my workout this morning, and all went well, BUT I'm not feeling 100% today.

    Hope you guys have a great day!  Give it all you have!

  • Hi Warriors!

    Happy Hump Day! I am so ready for this week to be done...I need a break!

    Parson: I hope you are feeling better. Are you getting sick? I hope not.

    Today was my cardio day. I did a 5 mile run outdoors. It was a brisk 42 degrees, so I got out my winter running gear....gloves, long sleeve tech shirt, and fleece head band to cover my ears! I still wear shorts b/c my legs never seem to get cold. It was a good run, though I am having serious DOMS from yesterday's leg workout. Funny thing is, I was having a lot of pain in my left hamstring and glute (always bothers me when I train for a distance event), and my right hip was hurting all last night, but I didn't feel a stitch of pain in either of these areas while I was running. When I stopped running, the pain kicked in again! Uuugghh....hope it's just from yesterday's workout and nothing too permanent. I am going to try to schedule a massage this weekend if I can fit it in. I really need to get better at stretching and foam rolling more often.

    Nutrition is on track and clean. I feel so much better, and my clothes are fitting better again (they felt very tight on Monday!). I'm not going to weigh until this weekend. I grilled chicken and squash last night for the rest of the week. I decided to add 1-2 servings of fruit back in daily b/c I really missed it and think I was getting sweet cravings due to not having any fruit. I would rather eat fruit than other sugary stuff!!!! I am going to limit myself to berries and apples, except on the day of my half-marathon. I always eat half a banana as part of my pre-race nutrition. I'm still eliminating dairy for now, except for the cottage cheese in my protein pancakes. I don't really miss dairy since I didn't eat that much of it.

    Have a great day Warriors!!!!! Tomorrow is KG back and biceps for me!

  • Good Wednesday hump day Morning!!

    I will be training with my trainer in a little while; he will help me get through the KG back & bicep routine!  I always feel stronger when I am with him, because I know he has my back!!  I got my morning cardio in and will work like heck to get my second one in.  I have a biology quiz tomorow as well as a lab practical test on all the parts of the brain, eyes & ears.  I also have two papers due tomorrow, and I am going to my dad's house I gotta get home and study today after training.

    Parson: I sure hope you are not getting sick!!  Hang in there, and take care of yourself.  Glad you are back in town.

    runnermom:  Keep taking that joint formula and try to squeeze an epsom salt bath in there in the evenings.  Also, pull out that foam roller.  Hope you are able to get that massage scheduled; I'm sure that would help a ton!!  Running is hard on your body, especially as you get older....not that you're old, just getting older (ha ha).  Good call on the fruit if you feel it will keep your sweet cravings at bay.  I am totally missing dairy!!!  I loved having one greek yogurt a day, and cottage cheese!!  Today must be your day off from weights.  The weekend is right around the corner; hang in there!!

    Hope all you Warriors are rocking those workouts.  Check in and let us know how you are doing!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey warriors! Happy wednesday to you all!! This past weekend I got to take my kids camping at the beach! there was cell phone service but no data service so my MFP streak stopped lol.. Needless to say the eating for the weekend pretty was pretty much a BUST! I didn't fret over it I enjoyed the friends the FOOD and some adult beverages.. Like you runner by sunday I felt very bloated myself. The shoulder is getting better and feeling better I am back on the weights. Not going crazy just getting back slow and steady. Doing a different split.. 3 days weights 3 days cardio. I have suddenly fallen in love with the stair stepper haha.. I have been using it the last 2 weeks.. and just like how quick I can build an unreal sweat in such a short amount of time.  That and incline walking on the TM its alot easier on the body and the heart gets a good workout as well. Im off to the hula ladies in a little bit gotta get the children fed..

    BD,Runner,Claude,Bill,Cuervo,Parson,Frick,Miss,Soraya (welcome aboard!!) and all you other warriors!! have a great eve and a wonderful tomorrow!! aloha

  • Morning Warriors!

    Happy Thursday!  I am feeling much better this AM.  I went to be after lunch and slept until almost 5, and then went back to bed about 9:30.  I guess it is just what I needed.

    Island - Glad you had a good time camping this weekend!

    BDMom/Runner - What joint formula have you been taking?  I take fish oil which is supposed to help, but I've seen mixed reviews/results on anything else.  I actually don't know that the fish oil helps, but since I don't eat fish, it is my only source for Omega's on most days.  Most of the time my joints feel fine, but every now and then they hurt a little.

    Question of the Day:  Me and Cuervo were chatting last night and the phrase "spinning your wheels" came up.  I'm sure we all pretty much agree on what it means, but might use different words....but what does it mean to you and how do you avoid it?

    For me it means NOT progressing towards my goal while remaining stagnant (if that makes sense).  We all may have different goals:  weight goal, body composition goal, strength goal, health goal etc etc....I have such a hard time making a change sometimes to keep progressing.  I made a slight change in my bench form last week that made benching much more comfortable...but I spent weeks/months resisting that change thinking I could work through my way.  Same thing is especially true with calories whether adding or reducing them.

    Main thing for me is that I am glad I'm still highly motivated at the moment.  Slow and steady...I keep beating myself each workout LOL!

    Have a great day Warriors!  It's cooler out and you might forget your water intake, but DON"T!

  • I have not posted in a while, so lets bring everyone up to speed. During our 9 day visit to the cancer treatment center in Chicago we found out that the tumor was contained and has not spread, which is a good thing. The doctor staged it at stage three due to the fact that it is not operable, a it has grown around two major blood vessels in the pancreas. We also find out that the tumor has compromised the pancreas's ability to help digest food, thus my weight loss over the past 7 months. I am around 155 pounds. I have been put on an enzyme, (creon) which digests my food for me and I have to say it seems to be working. This is something I will most likely have to take for the rest of my life. Now when the cancer leaves my body for good taking an enzyme before my meals is a small price to pay.

    I was scheduled to fly to Chicago this Thursday for round 2 of my treatment, chemo IV and chemo pills which I just received this as past tuesday. (a 2 week supply is $2500) we are thankful for health insurance. As instructed I had blood labs drawn and run. About 3 hours later I received a call from the cancer treatment center. Most of my blood work has fine, however my platelet count was way too low to go through with the scheduled treatment. So I now have to wait and hope the platelets will build back up to the range they want me to be. Mine was at 68 and it needs to be between 150 - 400. I will have my blood drawn again next Tuesday morning. I want this battle to begin so I can beat this.

    I continue to be thankful for the prayers offered up on my behalf.

    On a slightly different note, I attended church this past Sunday, twice and the building didn't fall in on me. I really enjoyed myself and am planning on going back again.

    I will update you again soon. J Peter Mock aka Tazz

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Good morning Warriors... Thank you much for the welcome, still getting to know other regulars as I read more about you. I see Claude has a twin brother here, namely ParsonBrown who is ALSO an avid water drinker!! haha. None of you will want to know that in 5 days so far I MAY have drunk 3 full glasses of water. I don't know why I hate drinking water so much, it makes me feel like I am drowning. But during the challenge which starts up again on Monday, I really force myself to. And I will keep getting better. It's just that during my active rest I wanted to take a break.

    My entry form online was finally submitted this morning after struggling with it for a long time, essay parts lost, couldn't figure out loading up of pics and finally I realized that there is a big difference in functions of this site if you are using and iPad or a regular computer. So, finally I got it all done including updating my Profile on here, which now has pictures uploaded rather then links to open.

    Have been enjoying week off, but mostly the mental rest. Haven't been overly evil with eating although I wish I did more, but started freaking out thinking I may backtrack. Soooo excited for Challenge 2, will be buckeling down to get more defined and loose more ugly fat! Like Island_dude says... I may have to wear black more often to keep having funeral for my fat! haha. But Saturday I will go lift in preparation for the new week, just figuring out weight of new machines so that I don't waste time once I start on Monday.

    To further introduce myself to the rest... I am an Islander, from the Carribean,  (living here for past 8 years) married 19 years now (WHERE DID TIME FLY TO???) to a Michigander (What was I thinking??!!!!  BBrrrrrr)  and we have 2 beautiful teenage daughters of 17 and 15. At the moment I am on a short (hopefully) season of rest after a burn out in my personal business as I recover to get going again. Top of the day to you all, we can do all things through Christ who strenghtens us. (Phil 4:13)


  • Good Morning Warriors!

    I have class this morning, so will be leaving in a little while.  Wish me luck.  I haven't had much time to study.  Being a student when I was young and single was sooooo much easier than it is now.  My school work always take a backseat to everyone else's stuff, and yesterday there was a lot of "stuff" I had to deal with.  K....I'd appreciate it if you all could say a prayer for my sister; her name is Audra.  She is in the hospital, with a ruptured appendix.  She will be going in for surgery sometime today.  I know she is in good hands, but anytime surgery is performed, there are risks!  Thanks!!

    TAZZ:  thanks for the update.  I am so thankful the tumor has not spread, and very glad the enzymes seem to be helping.  I will pray that your blood counts are up when you go in on Tuesday.  Hang in there, my friend!!  You are strong and you can handle this!!!  ((hugs)).

    Parson:  That makes perfect sense, your explanation of spinning your wheels.  To me it means wanting to accomplish something, but never really getting there.  Maybe because you don't know how or because you lack motivation.  I've been there many times.  I also think it may be falling into a mundane routine.  That is why I really liked taking on the Gethin routine; it made me step away from how I've done things for so long, even though I change it up frequently.  I used to panic over a lost day at the gym, but now since they are factored into this program, I don't feel so guilty when I have to move days around and take a day or two off.  Anyhow, I am glad you are feeling better; your body was probably run down and begging you to give it some rest!  The joint supp I am taking is Doctor's Best Hyaluronic acid with chondroiton.  Go to and read the reviews; it has five stars and several hundred people reviewing it.  I think it is a pretty solid supp.  I don't take fish oil supps because they tend to go right through me....sensitive GI tract.  I don't eat much fish either, that is why I take 1 tbsp of chia seeds every day!! One Tbsp has more Omega 3's than 4 oz of salmon.  I know it's not exactly the same benefit, but so much easier for me, and has a ton of other benefits!

    Island:  it sounds like you and the kids had a great weekend.  So glad you are easing back into your weights routine.  You'll be back in full swing soon.  I love the stairclimber; it is one of the only cardio machines that makes me break a sweat!!

    I gotta go study for a little while.

    Have a great day!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Tazz, we were writing at the same time and your post went through before I was ready to post. I felt sad reading yours after the fact but you have a great and positive attitude. I know you will be doing well in this battle. Best wishes your way even though I haven't met you yet.

    BD... prayer going up for Audra and for Tazz also.

    Hey Dude... you are off to the Hula ladies...does that mean you are a Luau performer too? We enjoyed Hula shows so much the 3 years we lived there on your side of the Island. I am sure you are very familiar with "The Island Breeze", they performed weekly at King Kamehameha Hotel, not sure if still since the last Tsunami that destroyed part of the property.

    Runner...success with Half Marathon this weekend, that's when it is, right?


  • Hi Warriors!

    Wow....I love all the chatter on this thread again!

    Tazz: Thank you so much for the update. I pray for you everyday. I am so happy that you went to church. God loves you and He has a great plan for you. I am praying that your counts go up so you can start your treatments ASAP.

    Island: Sounds like a fun camping trip! Glad you are enjoying your new workout schedule. I am now enjoying the stairmill too! It took me a little while to get used to it, but I am a pro now! I typically use it for my cardio on Tuesdays to take a break from running.

    BDMom: I hope everything went well for Audra. She is in my prayers. I admire you for going back to school. I don't think I could do it at this point in my life!

    Parson: I take glucosamine chondroitin as well as fish oil daily. I don't seem to be getting as sore from my long runs since taking the glucosamine, but could be coincidental.

    Soraya: My half marathon is November 17, so I still have about 4 more weeks until race day. This weekend I am running 11 miles as part of my training. I am hoping to find a new route b/c I am tired of running around my neighborhood! I am so glad you are on this thread!

    Does anyone know what's up with MFP today? I haven't been able to see anything on it all day. I logged my foods and exercise, but that's it.

    I forgot to reset my alarm last night (On Wednesdays I can sleep later than other days since I only do cardio) so I overslept by about 30 minutes. It was too late to drive to Gold's, so I worked out at home. I ended up having to switch my workout since I need to do back and biceps at the gym to use the lat pull down machine. I did shoulders and abs today. It was a good workout. I had done calves on Tuesday when I did my LBWO. I did some great shoulder work along with kettlebells, and hit my abs as well. I didn't get to do cardio this morning except for a 10 min warm up run. Oh well....I hope I will make it up by running 11 miles on Saturday!

    Have a great evening Warriors!!!!!

  • Morning Warriors!

    Friday WO is done!  It was a great WO in a weird kind of way.  It just felt like everything was in the groove you know.  Good feeling after it was done.

    Tazz - Glad to hear from you friend!  That's good about the enzyme helping with the food.  I would go crazy if I couldn't eat I think!

    BD - I agree with what you said about wheel spinning.  I like that - wanting to accomplish something but never getting there!  It is so important for us to set goals.  I get tempted sometimes to set goals for others.  But I have to remember I lift for ME!  Most important...I'm praying for your sister!  Do you have an update there?

    Runner - No idea what was up with MFP yesterday.  I had the same thing.

    Soray - Awesome on being from the Caribbean!  I have several church friends from Jamaica!

    Have a great day/weekend Warriors!  It's homecoming this weekend in little old Claxton, GA.  Kids get out of school early and there is parade this afternoon.  Big stuff!!!  I won't get to go to the parade, but I hope I get to the game tonight.  Go Tigers!