BFL Warriors

  • Good Morning!!

    I just realized this morning that I didn't post yesterday; I really try to everyday, to keep this thread going.  I hate to see it slow down like it has!!!  I went to the gym early yesterday and then had class.  My kids are out for fall break, and my oldest daughter got her braces off yesterday, after having them on for almost 3 years.  Such an exciting time!!  She looks so beautiful!!  We got our AC units replaced, so all is well with that.  I got my cardio knocked out already, and will be doing chest/triceps with my trainer today.  Then home for terminex to come do a home inspection, the repairman to come check out my treadmill (it's making a funny noise), and the carpet cleaners to come clean our carpets.  I knew this would be my only opportunity to check in.  My workouts have been challenging, and I love that, and my food has been good!!  I am feeling really good & strong.  I have decided to start taking L-glutamine again; I used to take it, and stopped for some reason, but think I'll add it back in.  It isn't only good for muscle recovery but also for digestive health and immune support. time for supplies.  I've got to get all the furniture moved and vacuum before I head out to train.

    Everyone check in!!!!!!

    Have a great hump day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Greetings Warriors,  Didn't post yesterday because it was a Free Day and I usually don't on that day.  I am starting my 12th Week of the alternated program tonight and I have seem some great results from it as well. Plan to go to active rest again next week to plan for the next type of program. (I was looking at the Mens Fitness 12 week program in the book store and it is interesting as well) or I might start with the current program with different exercises again. not sure yet.  Hope everyone is doing great!  Parson, Island dude and the rest be sure to check in with us this week and let us know how ya are.  Thanks for responding BDMOM, we all know you are always a busy person in your activities. Keep Moving Forward gang and improving your yourselves in all ways!  

  • Hey warriors!

    Well I haven't missed my  lovely inclined treadmill walks in the am. :) work has been ok this week and i have been good with my food. I am sooo missing pushing those weights but I will refrain lol.. I want to come back strong again..

    Parson: actually I was thinking I should take a break but of course was stubborn and now I got forced too.. live and learn when the body speaks listen or pay the price.. Hope you are knocking out those wo's man.

    BD, Runner, Bill, I know you all are rockin and I am always happy to read your posts... got to get ready for the hula ladies training session.. *im not working out.. just instructing :)

    Claude: Hope things start falling into place for you man..  Much aloha you guys..

  • Good Morning Warriors!!

    I am leaving for class in about 30 minutes.  Then home to get my other cardio in.  Britt has a friend coming over, and I will take the girls for frozen yogurt, but I won't have any.  Then a few errands, and Britt has voice lessons.  I knew I wouldn't have time to get back on,so wanted to check in quickly.  Tomorrow is super busy, but I will try to check in.  I am going to hit the gym early tomorrow, then Britt has ortho appt., and then the girls and I will spend the day out shopping and spending some time together. Their fall break has not been much fun for them, with AC guys at house all day Monday and all the repairmen here yesterday, and I had school on Tues & Thurs.  I want to get them out of the house and do some fun stuff!!

    I'm getting my workouts in and my food has been good!  I'm loving these new workouts; I wake up with DOMS every day!!

    Make it a fantastic day!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Morning Warriors!

    WO is done!  I tweaked my back earlier in the week.  Nothing major, but it has been sore.  I had to adjust a little bit today on my workout, but still had a really good one.

    SOOOOO - What are we doing with this thread?  I know just about all of us are on MFP.  

  • I'm not ready to abandon this thread; it's been a second home to me for nealy two years.  MFP is great for quick bantering back and forth and accountabilty.  I try to keep things totally fitness related on there.  On here, we tend to share a little more, and are more personal.  I like that.  I do feel that there are days I am too busy, but I will always try to make BFL a priorty.  Plus, we have friends on here that aren't on MFP.  I hope everyone decides to stay around and keep the Warrior thread going.  I'd miss it!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Warrior Cuervo is in da house!!!

    Sorry it has been so long gang. I am still kicking it. Doing the Kris Gethin routine with my wife, BD, and runnermom. I absolutely love the routine and am having a blast. Foods are about 80% so I need to tighten up a bit, but all in all I am feeling great. Work has been busy, daughter had surgery, still working weekends so it has been really busy. I will find more time to post here. This is our home and family here and I totally need everyone's support.

    Island, hope the shoulder is better. You will find alternatives to keep you progressing until it heals. Hope everything else is going well.

    WPBill- you are still amazing me with your dedication. Great job on keeping fitness a priority. I only hope to be as dedicated as you have been.

    Parson- thanks for the reminder that I have slacked on my bfl family. I will do better. Hope things are good in bulking for you. Have you heard anything else from tazz?

    BD and runner- thanks for keeping me in line. We will all learn so much from this new routine. It is a great change from the normal routine we get use to. The fun is about to begin. I have company coming tomorrow so I will try to be good. Otherwise I am ready to lock in and give it my best till the end. I like my progress so far and know I will not be disappointed if I give it my best till the end. I have another routine in mind after this one is done. I need to check it out a little more but it focuses on muscle gains and will be great for winter. We will see how I feel after Gethin.

    Everyone else- you are all in my thoughts. I am on MFP daily so friend me if you are on. My name is the same as here.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Hey Warriors!

    Got a busy day ahead! Taking Wendy to her testing for additional teaching certifications. Got to go and pick up Joanna from her first sleepover...

    You all keep rocking it.

  • Back again!!! Busy day ahead. Gonna get my workout in then have company coming over. Make it a good day everyone.

  • Happy Saturday!!!  I just finished working out & have some errands to run & then home for grocery shopping, laundry & all those household chores.  Everyone have a fabulous weekend!!!  The mornings are cooling off finally; it's looking like some hikes in my future!!  Make it a great day, warriors!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors,

    Sorry for not checking in the past few days.....things have gotten crazy at work with paperwork, but I won't bore you with the details...we will most definitely keep this Warrior thread going!

    Week 2 of Kris Gethin is IN THE BOOKS! I am feeling great....thanks Cuervo and BDMom for enduring these tough workouts too! I agree with Cuervo that nutrition is always the most difficult piece of the puzzle for me, but I am staying clean at least 80% of the time. I know it is all the extra running I am doing too that is making me hungrier....oh well....progress not perfection.

    Speaking of extra running, I ran 10 miles this morning. My half marathon is 5 weeks away and I AM READY! I had a great run today and was very close to race pace....these cooler temps just make me want to run fast! I love it! My body feels so strong from all of the KG workouts and I know it is helping my running as well.

    Parson: Hope Wendy did well on her certification tests. I am so glad to be done with all of those!

    BD: Glad you are getting cooler temps! Sounds like a busy weekend for you!

    Cuervo: I hope your daughter is okay. What kind of surgery did she have?

    Island: How's the shoulder? I did a few extra kettlebell snatches for you yesterday morning!

    WP: Did you have good results with the Men's Fitness challenge? My husband gets that magazine so I am a little bit familiar with the program.

    Okay, just got back from fall festival at my kids' school, and now we are off to Mickey's football game. Tomorrow Mickey turns 10 years old!!!! We are going out tonight to a Japanese steakhouse for his birthday....not sure how well my nutrition will be with that menu! Tomorrow is also my dad's birthday. It is tradition that Mickey and my dad spend their birthdays together (they have for the past 9 years), but my dad called on Wednesday and was very sick so they couldn't make the trip here :( We were all very sad, especially Mickey as he and "Papa" share a special bond (oh, and BTW, my dad was born on HIS dad's birthday too....3 generations on Oct. 14...what are the chances??), but my parents are hopefully going to come in next weekend and we will celebrate again then!

    Have a great weekend Warriors!!!!! Enjoy your time with your family!

  • Hi Warriors!

    Things have been good for me, I need to "tighten up" my eating.  I haven't gained weight, but have been feeling the bloat of too many sweet things.  Workouts still regular.  Good to see that everyone is doing ok.  Island I hope your shoulder is healing fast, I know its killing you to not use it.  Runner, hope your dad is feeling better- wow! 3 generations? My brother and sister share a bday, sept 12, 8 years apart.  BD, your a constant inspiration!  I will try and post more often.  Have a strong week, gang!

  • Hey Warriors,

    I've been busy so sorry for not posting will try and get better at this. The way my day is going doesn't look good for wo. Usually get something done when I go with Chris. Well tonight will be driving Julie to school across town in traffic. So will leave as soon as I get home from work take Chris to the gym then off we go. Will grab some salad stuff from home and go over to moms and have dinner with her. Then back get Julie for the ride home ETA should be about 10 ish. On the up side Linda and I had a spur of the moment date night on sat. It sure was good getting a little time for each other. I take it when I can get it these days. I need to start focusing back on the eating clean thing and decide when to bite the bullet and get back into the gym. Not enough hrs. in the day on the weekends. Need to get things done outside before winter sets in. Which can be any day now.

    Glad to see everyone is attacking their programs Will try and do personals later this week.

    My vote is to keep our family together here.

    Have a great day warriors.

  • Good Monday Warriors!!

    No gym for me today.  Delaney is home sick....well, not really, but she had a stomach ache this morning and didn't feel too great, so I let her stay home.  She seems fine and probably could have gone to school, but...............

    I did a 30 minute HIIT on my TM awhile ago; I just wanted to throw a few minutes of running in there to see how I would do.  I probably only ran 5-6 minutes of the 30, but if I am going to try to run a 5K on Thanksgiving, I want to try to see how my heel does.  It hurt a little when I started, but kinda numbed up after that.  It is hurting a bit now, but not more than normal.  Will see how it does as the day progresses.  I will do my second cardio a little later today.

    My eating was not fabulous over the weekend, but not terrible.  Definately not 100% on plan.  I am committing to super clean eating from now until the weekend before Halloween (for my husband's party) and a little indulgence on Halloween, and then super committed until Thanksgiving.  I was so looking forward to my weight workout today, but will have to try to squeeze it in after class tomorrow.  Not sure how I'll get all the cardio and weights in tomorrow I have classes most of the day & Britt has guitar lessons after school, so it will be tight for the second cardio session, but I'll make it happen!!

    All in all, life is good.  No complaints!!

    Claude:  It sounds like your family keeps you busy!!  Glad you and Linda had a nice evening out.  We are due; our anniversary is November our night out is coming!!  How is your heel?  Any progress?  When does Linda start her gel injections?

    MU:  always love when you check in!!!  Now is the time to tighten up that diet; the holidays are around the corner.  Try to keep it clean now so you can indulge a bit when they roll around.  I'm happy you are making time for your workouts!!!  Try to check in with us whenever you can!!

    runnermom:  Happy belated birthday to Mickey, and your dad!!  Wow, that is something...3 birthdays on the same day.  What are the chances?  My kids call my dad Papa as well.  They called my mom Mimi.  Let me know how that workout goes today.  I watched the video twice and was ready to tackle it, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  I'll do chest/tris tomorrow & then do back/biceps on Wednesday with my trainer.  Not sure how I will do the rest of the week, after missing today.  I would like to get my weight workouts in during the week, so on Saturdays, I can just do spinning.  It's a lot to do both.

    Parson:  How did the sleepover go?  No calls in the middle of the night?  I remember those days; it's scary to sleep somewhere other than the comfort of your own home.  It's a part of growing up though.  Thanks for always keeping us on our toes and keeping this thread active.  You are Mr. Fitness Pal & Mr. Body for Life!!!!

    Cuervo:  Week 3 here we come!!  I'm ready to start seeing changes, but I know I need to keep my diet super clean to do that.  I am anxious to see what every week brings.  I'm loving the intensity and variety and the plan overall.  It will be great timing too, to finish right before Christmas, and then I'll start a new "challenge" after the first of the year. We are throwing around the idea of a family vaca to Hawaii in the spring!!  That would definately be incentive!!

    Island:  How's the shoulder?  Hope you are showing some improvement.  Keep moving forward!!  You are a Warrior!!

    WPBill:  Thanks for checking in.  Glad to hear you are doing well.  I can't believe you have knocked out yet another 12 weeks.  WTG!!

    Alright all, I need to go feed my child!!

    Have a great day!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I was wondering if these threads are for certain group that has journeyed together or anyone who is serious in maintaining this lifestyle? From this last post I am familiar with 6 of you... BDMom, Claude, Runnermom, Cuervo, Island_Dude and WPBill.  Either way, have enjoyed your inputs in my journey on MFP and wanted to say thank you here too. Excited to start Challenge 2 on Monday.