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  • I guess I earned my red badge of courage to be a true WARRIOR today.

    When a 48 year old tries to skateboard like an 18 year old, this is what happens.

    I deserved the road rash, but a ticked that I also trashed my 5 Finger Shoes.

    Like Danny Glover said, “I’m getting too old for this…”  LOL.

    I did finish the cardio but it made for a difficult LBWO.

    Hawaiian Longboarding is sounding better and better.




  • ...and Mom, yes, 1700 is a little low and not sustainable without that tired feeling.  1825 is my basal caloric number without activity, so if I burn 350 calories extra, my intake should be 2175.  That's where my vices of chocolate and alcohol come in and usually evens out between my "at home" eating and "on the road" eating.  I am also trying to maintain my 6 pack, so staying close to 1825 has been the challenge this year.

  • HI Warriors! Late post in the day for was an extremely busy day!

    I started off with a 30 minute TM run, and then did my Gethin LBWO. It was KILLER! I love this program though and can't wait to see the results. My food has been super clean all week and I feel fabulous! I haven't had any cravings at all. I think I had enough junk last week to satisfy those cravings for a while!

    Tomorrow will be back and biceps, and possibly part of the shoulder routine. It depends on how much time I have in the morning. I'm not sure I will get to do weights on Saturday since I am running 9 miles and both kids have football games, so I'm going to try to squeeze in some extra strength work tomorrow to stay consistent with Gethin.

    BD: I'm sorry your foot is giving you so much trouble again. That stinks. I hope you did well on your test!

    WP: A 10 miler sounds like fun! I don't think I've ever actually done an official 10 mile race, just done them on my training runs. Is your program a 12-week program? Please keep us posted on your results.

    Frick: Ooohhh, that looks like a nasty scrape! I hate falling on concrete....I have done it a few times while running and it is the most painful thing ever! I hope you heal soon!

    Island: I hope you have a great weekend with your son for his birthday! I will be praying for normalcy for you (is that possible with your schedule....ha ha!). Glad the hula group is going well and that is great that your friend is sticking with her routine and making progress! I know you inspire her immensely!

    Have a great evening, Warriors!

  • Morning Warriors!

    WO is done!  I blasted through all of it and feel pretty good today.  The scale is finally moving up, and I think I have the initial water weight etc out of the way.

    We are taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow down in Jacksonville, FL.  So we have a fairly active weekend ahead.

    Frick - Skateboarding...that would be a certain death trap for me!  I've had my Vibrams a little over a year now and they are starting to wear.  Do you know if you can replace the inserts in them?  I'll just go ahead and say it, they can get to stinkin' pretty good...

    WPBill - Glad you are still hitting it hard with your routine!

    BD, Runner, Cuervo and the rest of the Gethinites...ya'll hit it hard!  No complaining about DOMS and being sore!  LOL...Suck it up and get to it!

    Have a great day Warriors!

  • Hey Parson, yes that's my second pair of that style (the KSO) which is now discontinued in blue camo. They can get a little funky after a day at the beach.  What I do when they get ripe is wash them with liquid soap and air dry them in the sun.  That seems to work.

    My skateboarding goal is to be able to keep up with a friend of mine who rollerblades up in Atlanta.  She claims to do 10 miles in an hour.  That seems pretty fast.  Anyone ever try to keep up with a rollerblader before?

  • Fitness Inspiration Pictures/Quotes :  wedding Fitness

    Good Morning Warriors!!!

    I got my first cardio session knocked out, and will hit the gym in a few hours, do shoulder/calves/abs as well as my second cardio.  Tomorrow I will do my second leg workout of the week, and then spinning; I'm pretty sure my legs will be toast!  Food has been clean and weight holding steady.  I will start weighing only once a week now, on Friday or Saturday morning.  I have to go into MFP and plan my day for Sunday; I usually just plug it in as I go, but I want to be more strict this weekend than I have been.

    Frick:  Ouch!!  That looks painful.  That reminds me of when my oldest daughter got a motorized scooter a few years ago.  My youngest wanted to go on it, and I told her that she had to go on it with me, and wear a helmet.  Well, when we were on it, she totally leaned in one direction and we wiped out; I faceplanted into our stucco wall.  I could feel my lip bleeding and I can't handle blood at all, so I was laying on our driveway, and told my daughter to go get me a towel to wipe my face.  I didn't want to look.  I get dizzy and lightheaded at the sight of blood; not sure why, but I do.  Anyhow, be careful!!!

    Parson:  Enjoy the weekend with your family.  Is the weather nice for a zoo day?  I think we are finally out of the 100's for this year.  Fingers crossed.  I would love to get some hikes in.  If you don't like to hear us whining, then plug your ears (ha ha).  I LOVE it!!  Guess it's only the tip of the iceberg.  So, we'll all be screamin in about 5 more weeks!

    runnermom: I think it is wise to cut out one cardio session; I think it would end up setting you back in the long run.  We will still have half of this challenge/routine once your half is over, and then you can commit 100% to it.  I guess that is when it starts getting really tough anyhow.  Glad you are back in control of your eating.  I am too, I just hope to stay strong over the weekend; that is the hardest time!!

    I am starving, so am going to go eat my buffalo/lean turkey burger, a salad and sweet potato.  Yum!!

    Have a fun Friday and great weekend!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!

    Quick post for me...another busy day and now I am cooking dinner and have to take Mickey to football practice in a bit.

    I got my workout done today. It was back and biceps, plus I added the shoulder workout that is supposed to be on schedule for me tomorrow. I probably won't get to lift tomorrow as I am running 9 miles and then both my boys have football games. Mike just found out he has to work most of the day tomorrow so I will be Supermom again! So, glad I got in my shoulders today....those are my favorites!

    Food is still super clean and I plan to keep it that way all weekend! I am grilling some turkey burgers now so I will have enough to last all weekend. I'm also going to cook a batch of quinoa this weekend to have for next week.

    BD, Frick, and Parson: Have a great weekend! All you other Warriors, check in and let us know how you are doing.

  • Hey warriors, Hope you all are doing well.. My audit went good the warehouse (my domain) scored a 93.7 so I was happy also because the things that we got marked for were things that were out of my control.. so My boss was satisfied so I was as well :) I managed to hurt my shoulder pretty good this past friday :( I didn't even feel it initially but as the day progressed it was getting worse and wose  and the last 2 days have been pretty painful.. I still did some cardio on saturday  even though the shoulder was sore my legs worked fine so I did some stairs and bleacher runs and some 110 yard sprints.. Im completely laying off weights this week (O man this will be a real challenge for me including the kettlebells) and just stick to cardio in the am treadmill or stairs or elliptical.. keep the eating clean too.. I know I have to let my body heal and rest so the cardio will be just steady state stuff no high intensity ..

    Parson: Glad you are making those gains.. Keep it going man,

    Frick: Damn that was some strawberries for sure lol.. I did a superman fall once yes flew off of the board in a superman like flying stance going down hill and landed straight on the pavement needless to say I almost lost a nipple and had a good bit of road rash going down my chest and stomach.. and that was the day I said.. hmm this is not for me lol..

    Runner: Shoulders are my favorites too :( I'll get through this though.. :)

    BD, BILL, Cuervo, Miss, TAZZ!! and all the other warriors.. its a new week lets get it started.. much aloha!!

  • Morning Warriors!

    WO is done for the day!  It was a crazy busy weekend for us, but it was good.  Worst/best part was not having a plan for food, so it was somewhat lax in that department, but nothing catastrophic LOL!

    Island - Do you get the feeling before something like this injury that its about time to take a few days off?  I know I have in the past.  No matter what it is aggravating, but we have to rest up every now and then.

    BD - Yes we had nice weather for the zoo...about 90 and 80-90% humidity LOL!  A nice fall day for us in swamp country haha!  It was like a steam bath for most of the day, but we had a great time!

    Runner - How did the 9 mile run go?

    Have a great day Warriors!  Give it your best!

  • HI Warriors! Happy Monday!

    Parson: Glad you had a good time at the zoo. I love the zoo!!!! My 9 mile run was body was tired but I pushed through it. As I posted on MFP, I'm going to up my calories for the next 5 weeks due to all of this half-marathon training. I am feeling a little low-energy and need to keep my metabolism up to get all of these workouts in.

    Island: Glad your audit went well! I am so sorry about your shoulder. Sounds like you have a good plan for resting. You will be fine as long as you keep up the cardio and clean eating for sure! How was your son's birthday?

    BD: Hope you had a nice weekend! I also hope you have a wonderful fall break with your girls. We don't get a fall break here...wish we did!!!!

    Okay Warriors, Kris Gethin kicked my butt this morning!!!!! I did Chest and Triceps and it was KILLER!!!!!! I couldn't finish the last set of Giant Sets, but I did what I could to failure. Not sure if I will be able to lift my arms tomorrow!!!! I also ran for 30 minutes pre-strength training and sweat a ton!

    Nutrition is packed and clean. I have been trying to eat  more fish lately. I have grilled tilapia the past week and I love it! This weekend was totally cheating for me....and I feel SO GOOD about it!!!!! No cravings at all....woo hoo! I love how lean my body is looking and feeling already.

    Did anyone watch the Saints/Chargers game last night? I LOVE the Saints as I was born and raised in New Orleans....grew up watching them! Drew Brees broke the record last night for number of consecutive TD passes was so exciting! I actually stayed up past 10 pm last night to watch the game...ha ha!!!! We won't talk about my LSU Tigers on Saturday though :(

    Have a great week Warriors! Keep it strong!

  • Good Morning!!

    Another new week for us to embrace!!  I got to the gym early today, and will be working out early all week since my girls are on fall break.  I didn't feel quite as strong as when I workout a bit later in the day, but still pushed as hard as I could throughout my workout.  I did back & bis today, and it was good.  I then did 60 minutes of spinning.  I am now home waiting for the AC people to get here.  One of our AC units went out over the weekend, and since both of them are 12 years old, we just decided to replace them both at the same time.  It is pricey, but cheaper to do both than to wait and do the other one when it goes out, which can be anytime.  Our units are on our roof, so it's  a big production, with cranes, and fun!  Once they leave, I will take the girls to Michaels to get some craft supplies.  Food is planned and clean for the day!  That will be another challenge, staying away from snack foods this week with the kids home.  I had a few handfuls of snack type food yesterday, and don't want to do that again!

    runnermom:  Yes, we did see Drew Brees break that record.  It sounds as if Tom Brady may do the same.  We get fall break since they start the school year earlier now.  Glad you are feeling good about your workouts.  I bet you'll be glad to get this run out of the way and really hone in on the last 6 weeks.  I already know the weekend before Halloween and Halloween night will present challenges for me. We are having a surprise birthday party for my husband that weekend, and we will have it catered by chick-fil-a & I'm having a cake made.  Then, my dad always makes chili for Halloween.  I am just gonna buckle down and hit it hard, and figure that out when I get there.  

    Parson:  Ha.  That sounds like us, but we don't get the humidilty like you do, just the heat. Glad you had a good time. The zoo is the worst place to find decent food!!  Hope Wendy's job is going well.

    Island:  I totally can relate.  Hang in there and take care of yourself, and do what you can do.  Make sure the food is clean and you are doing what exercise you can, and give that shoulder time to mend!!  Glad your inspection went well, and you are back on track!!

    K all, I think the big AC truck just pulled in....gotta run!

    Have a great day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BD, kick the AC guy out and get some Hot Yoga workouts in.  LOL

    I got some street cred from my kids over the road rash, but time to get back out there and show them how old guys rule on the skateboard.  I just picked up another longboard for my son for his birthday tomorrow.  Looking forward to making it a family outing.

    Good weekend of cardio and minimal binging.  Diet is spot on.  With the exception of my vacation, I am right at target intake.

    I got a real ego boost at a pool party this weekend (lots of complements on the abs).  That goes a long way in validating mind-numbing workout sessions.

    Tomorrow is my Atlanta trip, so workouts should be good, eating should be ok, vices are in the cocktail hour.  If I can keep that in moderation, it will be a good week.

    @runner - yes Brees looked thrilled to break the TD record.  I didn't realize you were from NO.  I am going there in December for some decadence.  Lots of begnets and hurricanes...more on that when I get there.

    Cheers, Y'all.

  • Morning Warriors!

    We had NO posts in this thread yesterday!  What's up with that?

    WO is done for the day.  Today was DL day.  I feel like I've had a hard time getting warmed up for the past few weeks on DL for some reason.  I can't explain it, but this has happened before.

    Frick - that is amazing that you skateboard.  I tried one of those boards that wobble back and forth a couple of months ago that kids ride around on now....I achieved the fastest groin injury in history on that thing I think!

    The head instructor tried to kill us last night at TKD just during the warmup.  I could try to explain what all we did, but I'll just say it wasn't pretty LOL!

    Have a great day Warriors!

  • Hey warriors,

    I see you are all working extremely hard and I know you will acheive the results you desire. Keep up the hard work. I'm cheering for each and every one of you. As for me I'm trying to get my ducks in a row right now. I need to get some stuff done around the house before the snow flies. I'm currently looking at different stacks  to bring me to where I want to be. I am real fussy about this stuff. I want something with no added sugar if that's possible and has to be certified GF too. Research when I can. I'm trying to keep up with all the post to stay positive although I'm not in the gym much. Tonight I will take Chris for his session and do some cardio. Also nursing a migrauine today and may leave at noon. Took some drugs hopefully they will kick in soon. I'm itching to get started but it'll have to wait.

    Always thinking of the WARRIORS !

    Have a great day.