BFL Warriors

  • Island:  I love the picture and the caption.  You are looking so good.  You should be so proud of your efforts!!  Check in when you can!!

    runnermom:  I can't imagine how busy your sister must be wtih 5 kids.  Wow!!  I have not tried quinoa pasta.  I am so content with brown rice pasta that I really don't need to find any alternatives.  It is so good, and is just brown rice.  I will eat that on some days for my carb, for sure.  How did your dinner out go?  Never mind; I just read your other post...ha ha!  It's time to take charge and make it happen.  I like the no free day as well, but I don't like the idea of dwelling on it if you do have one or "mess up."  I still plan to have my decaf latte on Saturday mornings after my spin class; it is the one indulgence I will have during this challenge. The rest will be clean.

    Parson:  You are a master at listening to your body; I'm sure the bump is what you need to start losing again.  It sounds like a good break-up for your workouts; you don't want to get burnt out.  What are you going to get at GNC?

    OK, I am up 3# from my final weight for the challenge I finished a week ago; the liberal eating caught up to me.  Today, I am back on the right path with nutrition and workouts.  I did my day one Kris Gethin leg workout, and let's just say my legs were jelly by the end of my workout; I dread the DOMS tomorrow.  Anyhow, I am fired up and ready to kill this next round.  

    I gotta go eat lunch and head out to pick up kids from school soon.

    Have a great day, Warriors!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BDMom - I'm bulking so not trying to lose any weight right now.  I've been stuck at 210-212 for almost 3 weeks now...thus the raise in calories.  I'm  probably going to shoot for 220 this time to see how it goes.  It took me a year to gain I'm guessing 6 months maybe? to gain 10 LOL....

  • Morning Warriors!

    I'm ready for the day and my TKD class tonight.  It felt weird not working on Tuesday morning.  First time in months I have not had a WO today.  I'm feeling good and rested this AM!

    Looks like all of the Gethanite's had a good day yesterday!  Like a friend of mine and Cuervo said years ago - "We're plowing new ground with our face!"  Keep it up guys...

    Have a great day Warriors!

  • Hi Warriors!

    Parson: Glad you are getting some much needed rest! Have fun at TKD tonight!

    BD: I will still have my coffee everyday as well. It is my one vice! I do use Stevia and sugar free creamer so I don't beat myself up about it too bad! I am LOVING this Gethin program!!!!! I feel AWESOME!!!! Sore, but strong and determined!!

    Speaking of sore, I killed my legs this mornning! I'm sure I will be feeling it later on today and tomorrow. My chest and triceps are crying from yesterday's beating! Last night I did my extra cardio at the track while watching Mickey's footbal practice....a 20 minute easy run. This morning I did 20 min on the stairmill and will do 20 minutes of cardio tonight...maybe bike riding, not sure yet. Tomorrow will be hill intervals outside for my pure cardio day!

    I have to say that I feel fabulous when my nutrition is on track!!!! Even just after one day of being totally clean, my body feels soooo much better! I truly do think that junk food and sugar are as bad for my body as illegal whole mood changes when I eat junk. I am such a better person all around when I stick to clean eating. So, that's what I'm going to do from now on....NO EXCUSES!

    Alright Warriors, LIVE FOR TODAY!!! Have a great day!


    OUCH!!! My lower body is so sore!  I am usually just this sore after training with my trainer.  I love it!!  I had a slight change in plans today, so I will proceed on with day two chest/triceps workout today, and then do back/biceps tomorrow, taking Thursday off from weights.  I already got my first 20 minute cardio in; I walked uphill on my treadmill with my 15# weighted vest.  I should be able to get the other one in after weights; if not, it will be tonight when I get home.  I am down 1.5# this morning, so 1.5# more to go to be where I was before I went food crazy last week.

    runnermom:  I totally agree.  Eating clean makes my entire body feel better.  I feel like I have so much more energy.  I do admit I am having some serious sugar cravings though!!  I am loving the program too; I really needed something to challenge myself.  I guess the worst is yet to come..................

    Parson:  I get it. I  didn't remember you saying that you were bulking.  Eat up and bulk, man!!  Glad you enjoyed your morning off from weights.  I know your body can use the rest. Enjoy TKD tonight.  I love it......plowing new ground with our faces!!!  You know it!!

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    I'm off to school in a bit.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey Warriors,

    The weekend was great. Ifeel good today rested and ready to go exept for my sore heel seems to be getting better sort of still not running. Ok ! with that. The Expo was alot of baked goods and cereal. The highlight for me was Kathy Smart, I got to meet her. Actual she was carrying a box to her booth with her purse on top she had the box on her head and her purse fell and I picked it up and told her that I would carry it as I was following her anyways. While I was walking with her I mentioned that we had some mutual friends and told her who they were. She got all exited and wanted to know how I knew them. Pretty cool. She is so genuine and down to earth. She a Nutritionist, Personal TrainerFitness and a holistic Chef and Author of a cook book which Linda will be getting in PDF form. She also is Celiac. She was on DR. OZ a couple of weeks ago. I'll have to find that one for sure now. I have known about her for about 3 yrs. now apparently she really knows how to get through to teenage girls on the nutrition and fitness end. She really drove home that being celiac or not the importance of eating nutrient dense food. Which I will be doing it all goes hand in hand with eating clean. I'm focused now and look forward to the weeks ahead. Will be tweeking my wo's a bit not sure how yet it will be challenging. I almost forgot kathy's tip for making soup stock. Add lemon juice and it draws the calcium out of the bones. Due to the acidity.


    Great pic and love the quote. Keep it going as always. Looking forward to my KB Class.


    Recovery is everything especially at your pace so eat up buddy. Glad your liking TKD. Keep on plowing too. HAHAHA!


    Glad your still doing something Belly Dancing HMM! Linda's cousins teach it and at one wedding they performed it was so funny to see my father in law and his brothers watching so intently. I enjoyed the show too. You have to be in great shape to do that stuff. I'll leave it for the women. lol.

    Runner, BD. You gals rock I know you will get it done this time around.


    What a pleasant surprise being woken up by Jan wo. Did you join her.

    Gotta run warriors.


  • OK, Frick checking in after another UBWO.  

    Playing catch-up on workouts and am finally remotivated after skydiving on saturday (with subsequent celebration for the next 12 hours)  Sunday I did cardio.  Monday I promised I would double up today, so I owe myself a cardio this afternoon.  Think I'll go longboarding around the neighborhood (sorry Island, in florida we have to push our boards around on wheels...)

    Eating really cleanly this week.  next week I'm in Atlanta and I know how that can go.  Lots of hotel breakfasts and cocktail hours - trouble.

    BTW, my diet is nothing spectacular:

    1) blueberries/fat free cottage cheese/coffee with stevia and skim

    2) protein shake

    3) omelete with turkey and makhani daal (indian lentil dish - ask me for the recipe)

    4) salad/egg/turkey/tomato/parm/fat free dressing

    5) chicken and veggie

    6) sundae with hot fudge, whipped cream and cherries in a doughnut bowl (just kidding, I usually never make it to meal 6, but sometimes get a few cashews to tide me over)

    That's a perfect eating day of about 1750 cal, 25% fat/31% carb/46% protein.  I get into trouble when I get into my chocolate stash or the kids break out their goodies.

    Stay focused gang.



  • Well, my videos have not arrived, so yesterday I did LBWO and man, oh, man.  I lifted heavy and my *** is killing me! LOL! it feels good to feel sore, and today I did HIIT cardio.  My eating could improve a bit still, I really need to watch things these next couple of months before Christmas.  Seems to be when I ususally gain weight.  I am hoping my new active lifestyle will help, and knowing what I know now about what to eat, I am hopeful that I can maintain where I am at.  Runner, I will continue with the weights 2-3 days a week.  I plan on mixing up the cardio with the dance, just for fun!  Long winters in northern MI usually drive me nuts, so I am trying to keep my mind active with learning something new.  Hope everyone is enjoying that CRAZY workout- Gathin? I checked it out, that dude is intense!  Good luck!

  • WARRIORS!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! Where is everyone????

    Quick post for me this morning. Today was cardio day for me. I got up and did 5 miles of hill intervals. Great run, even though my whole body is SORE thanks to Kris Gethin!!!! I love being sore though so more power to him!!!! I am seeing results already so I can't wait to see what happens at the end of this 12 weeks! I need to take some before pictures soon before I get too far into this.

    Nutrition is packed and clean and I am still feeling fabulous from all the yummy, clean foods I am eating!

    Tomorrow will be more of Gethin's strength training...I think it will be legs again for me so I will be able to rest them on Friday for my distance run of 9 miles on Saturday.

    Have a great hump day Warriors!

    Great to hear from Miss and Claude again!!! Frick, thanks for checking in too!!! Have fun in Atlanta!

  • Good Morning!!!

    Off to do bis/back with my trainer in a bit.  My lower body is screaming from Monday's workout.  Will be hitting the epsom salt & foam roller this evening.

    runnermom:  I am with you; love that DOMS!  Yes, take pictures now, so you will be able to see how far you've come in 12 weeks.

    MU:  Thanks for checking in.  Glad you are doing well.  Good to see you planning ahead for the fall/winter months; those months seem to be the hardest for motivation.  We can do this though; we are Warriors!!

    Frick: Way to keep it strict before your trip.  Have a safe one, and watch those cocktails!!

    Claude:  Welcome back.  I am glad that you enjoyed your expo and that you came back with some valuable info.  Also, glad you were able to meet someone who inspires you.  Get back on MFP and get those foods logged and workouts in.  My heel still hurts, but I'm beginning to think it's just something I am going to have to deal with, so I went ahead and did the hack squat and leg press on Monday.  I am sure that is why the heel hurts a bit more today.

    K.......gotta get out of here.

    Have a happy hump day!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • ...thanks MOM!  Those empty calories are my downfall.  The difference between a 1700 calorie day and a 2100 calorie day -  both are below my target range if I'm working out, but still hate the fact that they are not contributing to the bottom line.

  • Missed my cardio yesterday, so I forced myself to run in the rain.  I absolutely love the way sand feels after it rains - like running on pillows.  Turned in favorable times.  I found that I run faster when I am dodging lightning bolts.

    LBWO and a good AbRipper slated for this evening.  



  • Hey warriors! I know I know I have been a stranger lately but yes work work WORK!!! Had an audit with the coors brewing company today thankfully we got an inside tip about it coming up so I had the last 4 days to prepare this being my first I was really nervous and didn't know what to expect.. so that and including absorbing a wine distribution company into our beverage distribution outlets statewide which i also was in control of the incoming inventory to make sure all these wines had a new home lol.. anyway yes the last 3 weeks have been nerve wracking to say the least.. the audit is done I find out tomorrow how we graded and all our new wines finally have a little bit of shelf space to call their own.. THANK GOD MAY I PLEASE HAVE SOME NORMALCY AGAIN!! Ok Im done ranting.. workouts have been steady I am skipping shoulders this week I have a little bit of pain coming from my side deltoid so gonna take it easy this week and maybe just cardio it out.. I still have been training the hula ladies we were up to 5 this past monday. My friend who asked for help originally has lost 16lbs over the last 5 weeks! Im soo excited for her so Im being the cheerleader and also the stern coach and making sure that she knows this is only the beginning and no slacking at all.. I read all of your posts thanks for always checking in Parson, BD, Runner, Miss, Claude, you and the rest of the warriors including you FRICK :) really help me keep my mind right in the limited spare time I have to read emails from my phone.. I will try to get back by the weekend.. today is my sons BDAY!! he turns 11 man so fast,  I got to see him for a little bit but he stayed with mom.. this weekend we are gonna do something special!

    anywho I got to get to bed.. 5am work..not gym.. boooooooooooo work.. o well lol.. gotta do what we gotta do.. Stay strong warriors! Aloha!!

  • Good Morning Warriors:   I am now in my 11th week of my more advanced program and still making gains and losses. I am getting back up there on the leg presses (420 on last set yesterday of 15- 4 sets total on the leg press) and the squats as well and trying out Cellucor HD and Abcuts together with a sensible eating plan. So far so good, losses of fat with gains of muscle.  Will have to cycle off the creatine though now for a couple of weeks as required and prudent.   Parsons: Kind of funny for me to read yours, I'm trying to get down below the 220's without losing muscle and you're now going the other way,  Lets switch weights, OK? (just kidding). Best of luck, smart move to bulk up off season and then cut back later on during a challenge.   BDMOM: Hope your foot is doing better.  Maybe those inserts will help in the meantime and some hot and cold therapy as well and a little more rest with the feet up wouldn't hurt either. Sometimes you just got to tell the kids you need a little down time for rest and recoup.   Claude: Thanks for checking in and I am amazed at your progress. Hang in there and thanks for all your advice to all of us as well.  Islandude: Hope the audit went well and life returns to normal for ya.  Have a great day with the kid on his bday (buy him some DOlewhip at the mall, he might like it too). We had two new shirts come in this week at Disney that offer possiblity for gym use.  One says :It's kinda fun to do the impossible! and the other states  :To all of you who enter the HAPPY PLACE(that part is in big red letters)...Welcome! (both are Walt Disneys actuals quotes and I plan to get them for gym use in the future sometime. ALMOST as good as the one I wear sometimes that is a replica of our sign that states :This area being refurbished for your future enjoyment. (lot of fun to wear that one, say someone in the park yesterday wearing that one as well).  Runnermom: We just had our first 10 miler run at the DIsney Hollywood studios this past saturday and it was a big hit with all. It was overnight and done by the time I came in sunday morning but I heard we did well in the shops that evening, so it may become a mainstay now. annually. Well best wishes to all for a great workout day  and as the shirt says  TO ALL WHO ENTER THIS HAPPY PLACE....WELCOME!

  • Good Morning Warriors!!!

    I have another test this morning, so I need to go study, but this is the only opportunity I'll have to check in, so wanted to quickly.  Today I am not doing weights, but did a 20 minute cardio and will do another one after school.  Tomorrow is leg day #2 and I'm still wondering how I'll get through it.  My lower body is still sore from Monday!!  I will definately take that hot epsom salt bath tonite and do some more foam rolling, even though it makes me want to cry!  My food has been really good.  I slipped and had two small pieces of chocolate yesterday (samples), so not too bad, but the rest of my food has been clean!!  My foot is really hurting; it actually woke me up a few times.  It usually doesn't hurt when I am still, but it has been throbbing and really giving me problems; I'm wondering if the leg press or hack squat had anything to do with it.  Anyhow...I will press on.  Britt has a choir concert tonight at school, so we will be missing the AZ Cardinals game..bummer.

    WPBill:  Sounds like you are doing well with your current workout regime; can't believe you are eleven weeks into it.  My kids would be totally fine with me taking downtime.....they'd actually welcome it.  I'm the one who is the type A personality and feels like I have to get it all done, and keep it all together.  They are on fall break next week, so we will spend some much needed down time together!

    Island:  Happy belated birthday to your son.  Time sure does fly!!!  There are days I am so happy with the age my kids are but other days, I just want my babies back!  Sounds like you are gonna have an island full of hot hula dancers there when you are done with them.  Bravo for your friend; it sounds like she is doing fantastic.  Good luck on that audit; I'm sure it will all turn out fine!!!  

    Frick:  You are too funny.  I did one run in the rain, and I didn't care for it, although I'd take that over scorching hot anyday!!  I was going to say 1,700 calories sound really low, especially considering your workouts.  Be careful with that, and make sure you are fueling your body well.

    runnermom:  I'll be praying you are able to walk tomorrow, and to do your run this weekend.  I'm not sure I'd be able to do much running with this routine; it's kicking my butt!!

    K....gotta go study.  Haven't had much time for that.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"