BFL Warriors

  • Hi Warriors!

    Island: Good to hear from you! Way to change up those workouts...keep your body guessing! Great job!

    Frick: Sounds like you are clearly still living a healthy lifestyle! Keep it up!

    BDMom: Hope your busy day went well yesterday. I am glad you are able to take some time off from workouts this definitely deserve it!

    This morning I ran outdoors for 5 miles of hill repeats......torture and fun all at the same time!!!! I don't particularly like hill training, but I know it is great for my legs and will help prepare me for my half-marathon in November which is a pretty hilly course. Also, just like anything else, the more you run hills, the easier it gets. By the end of my workout I was charging up those last few hill repeats with a vengance! I got some good stretching in too afterwards. I needed to get on the foam roller but just didn't have time before work. I hope to do that tonight.

    Nutrition is packed and clean. I went to GNC yesterday b/c they are still having their BOGO sale on a lot of stuff. I picked up some more Amp Whey powder and a few supplements. I am stocked and ready to go!!!!

    Have a great Wednesday Warriors!!!!!

  • Good Hump Day Warriors!!!

    Went to the gym this morning and knocked out 30 minutes on the stairclimber and 60 minutes in spin class; it felt great!!  I know I am going to be going through sugar withdrawals come Monday; I've been too lax with my sugars this week for sure!!  I have two papers due tomorrow and just found our yesterday that I have a test in biology on all the muscles and all the bones in the body (official names & need to have correct spelling).  It's not on a skeleton or drawing either; it's just the bones lying around the room & have to figure out what part of the body they belong and then try to remember what the heck the name for them are.  A little more notice would have been nice.  I am going to take advantage of the next few hours before the kids get home to get some homework done!!

    Frick:  It definately sounds like you got it all figured out and are definately walking the walk!! Great work!!

    runnermom:  sounds like a great workout!!  You may want to take a free day this weekend to gear up for next week!!!  How are you feeling now that you've cut back on some of the veggies?  I just got my promasil and cytocarb from gnc. They are now having an online special 25% off and free shipping.  At least there is always something going on there to save us a bit of money!!

    Alright my friends, I better go get that homework done!!

    Make it a great day!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Morning Warriors!

    UBWO is done.  Today was chest day.  I made decent progress over last week on my DB bench.  All in all a good workout.

    It has been a crazy week...what else is new I guess.  Everything from family in the hospital (not the wife or kids!) to long time family friend passing away (not a sad time thankfully)!  Such is gives and takes away!

    Highlight of the week for me...I talked to Tazz last night!  First time in my life that I answer the phone and the other end says - "Is this Parson Brown?"  I almost said no LOL!  At any rate...He and his wife are headed to Chicago THIS afternoon to work on putting together the battle plan for the cancer treatment!  Let me tell you something...I could hear in his voice that he is fired up now and ready to fight!  He will be up there for maybe 5 days to get everything lined up and then it starts!  Tazz - I'm praying WITH you today for strength in the days ahead.  If cancer ain't afraid should be!!!

    Something Tazz wanted me to tell the group...DO NOT put his problem above your own problem.  Your issue (whatever it is) is equally as important and just as much of a battle!

    Alright Warriors!  What are you going to do today to make it happen?  No one is going to lift the weight for you or eat the meal.  Suck it up and do it!  You are capable of so much more than you realize!

  • Aye yie yie...taking a break from studying to check in!!  Can anyone tell me where your sternoclydomastoid is located?  So not ready for this test today!!  I have lecture first, which stinks because all the studying I do this morning won't be as fresh after 90 minutes of lecture on other topics!  Oh well!!

    My eating has not been so good this week.  I am eating overall healthy, but sneaking in a lot of bites here and there and eating too much sugar. My body will be hitting detox come Monday.  I am trying to cut out most of my dairy for this next 12-week challenge, but always fall short on calories when I do that. I am going to add another egg to my BF in the mornings, and will be adding cytocarb to my post workout shake.  Will have to play with portions a bit.  I'm looking like I'm going to be over on my protein.

    Parson:  Thanks so much for the update on Tazz.  I am so glad he felt like he could call you and talk to you.  I know you lifted his spirits and let him know that the love of God is with him always!!!  He is a fighter and will give this all he has.  I look forward to his recovery and the day he is back on here kicking tail with all of us.  I don't think I downplayed my problems due to Tazz's situation, but it truly made me put things in perspective and realize what my priorities need to be. Sorry to hear about your family member being hospitalized; I hope all is well there.  Also sorry to hear about the death of another friend.

    I gotta go study!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!!!

    BDMom: I am praying for your test right now! I can't even imagine having to memorize all of that stuff at this point in my life right now! What is cytocarb? So, are you eliminating cottage cheese and greek yogurt? Also, I get confused when I read info about eliminating dairy...aren't whey and casein proteins forms of dairy?

    Parson: Thank you for letting us know about Tazz. I know he can beat this thing!!! Please keep us updated if he contacts you again. I am sorry about all your difficulties this week. Glad you had a good workout today!

    Today was a combo day for me. I ran for 30 minutes on the TM, then had a great LBWO. My legs are defintely getting stronger. Now if only my abs would show some progress.....I think I am doomed with this stomach forever!

    Nutrition has been clean all week. Last night I baked and made some protein pumpkin muffins made with almond flour. Very yummy! I will be having one for my snack each night. Not sure yet how to calculate them in MFP....I combined a few recipes I found, so I don't have the exact nutritional info on them. But, they are made with all clean ingredients and are pretty small muffins, so I don't think they are too bad!

    Have a great day, Warriors!!!!! Hang on....the weekend is almost here!!!!

  • Hey Warriors,

    Parson thanks for the update on Tazz, I know you were a great help to him. Sounds like he is really ready for this fight and will give it his all. Positive attitude works wonders. Congrats on your wo's too.

    BD, Julie had a test like that last year. She had 10 stations with bones from different species and had to figure out the species and the bone in 10 seconds. So I know you will pass this one. You gals like to put extra pressure on yourselves for some reason.

    Runner,  Go to mfp recipes - create new recipe - put in the ingredients with amounts. Also it will ask for # of serving so if one muffin is one serving put in # of muffins. It will calculate cals. per portion for you easy easy. I will start fresh on mfp Mon. I need to reel myself in. I have decided to take some time off from my wo's sort of. Went for a walk with the dogs last night will do the same tonight. Leaving for Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Sat. for a Gluten Free Expo first time doing it there. Just me and Linda wooooohoooooooo! It's a 5 hr. drive if you do the speed limit so will set it on cruise control and enjoy the long boring scenery. Open field no trees. This will be the first time the kids are left to fend for themselves. Hopefully they won't burn down the house. LOL. My neighbors will keep an eye on them if an emergency arises.

    Cuerv,Island, WP, MU, and anyone else I have missed have a great weekend!


  • Super quick check-in.  I just got back from hiking and have to leave in 15 minutes for the foot doctor.  The hike that normally takes me 60 minutes took me 85 this morning.  I guess with my foot and the heat, it slowed me down!!!  I will try to check in later.

    I got an 86% on my test...I'll take it.  I am still averaging an A in that class.  I have another test in that class as well as two papers due next Thursday........

    Will try to be back for personals later today!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!!!! Happy Friday!

    BDMom: I am envious of your hike!!!! Glad you got to go hiking even if it was a little warmer than usual. Congrats on your test! I am so ready to kill it with Gethin next week!!! I just went grocery shopping and stocked up on lots of chicken!

    Claude: Thanks for the MFP tip. I need to take the time to put in my recipes....just gotta find a few extra minutes in my day! That sounds like a cool expo....I love going to expos, especially when they are focused on fitness and nutrition! I hope you find lots of good stuff...usually the samples at expos are great!

    This morning was UBWO and I killed it with back and biceps. No cardio for me today....I will be running 8 miles tomorrow morning! I am excited!

    I will be busy after my run tomorrow with both boys having football games again, and Mike has to work, so I will be juggling both kids!

    I will try to check in this weekend. Have a great evening and weekend Warriors!!!!

  • I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.  Where is everyone today??

    I went to see the foot doc, and she said that the tear appears to be healed up, but there is still inflammation.  She told me that it may or may not ever be better, and something I may have to just deal with. She said running is a personal choice, and if I decide to do it to ease into it.  I don't plan on doing much running during the Gethin program; I want to focus more on muscle building, but may add one day HIIT in there per week, once I feel I can.  I am going to sign up for two 5Ks in November; one is a veteran run, and the other a turkey trot on Thanksgiving.  Not trying to beat any PR"s, just want to get out there and do it, and see how I do after not running for a few months.  I did have my tens unit (electrical stimulator) delivered yesterday from the doctor's office and will try to use that 1-2x per day to see if it helps at all.

    runnermom:  Don't you wonder how parents juggle more than two kids?  I often wonder how we would find anymore time in the day than we already do to squeeze it all in.  Sounds like you will have a busy day tomorrow.  Have you watched the main video for the Gethin routine?  I am going to watch again this weekend, and then watch the first day on Sunday night.  I am having to mix up the days a bit, but want to do the leg days as far apart as I can, since I think I will be sore after doing those.  I will plan to eat lots of fish, chicken, and bison/turkey mix.  I also think on some days, I will have oatmeal and eggs twice, to avoid eating all that meat.

    Claude:  I did survive that test, but it was tough!  Sounds like an Awesome expo, and one you will probably get a lot out of.  Enjoy the time with Linda and being together without all the busy-ness of your normal lives.  We better see you back on MFP next week, even if not working out as often as you'd like..the food journal is still there, and the most important tool IMO.  Be safe & have fun.

    Team Leader Parson....where are you today?

    Cuervo:  I know you are swamped.  Look forward to hitting it with you next week.

    Miss U:  Where did you disappear to????  Hope you are doing OK.

    Island:  Check in when you can.

    To whoever I missed...hope you are doing well.

    Have a fantastic weekend!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!

    I am enjoying active rest! I have ordered some fun dance video's to add to my workouts.  NYC ballet strength training, Highland dance, and....Belly dancing!  I needed something different for a while, and I am happy at my current weight for now, so I will not be starting a technical challenge monday.  I will be eating BFL monday thru friday, and have free weekends.  I will also be working out mon-friday.  I will be doing some HIIT, proly 2 a week.  We'll see how this goes.  We have been crazy busy with all our kids, and I have not had much time to check in.  I am happy to see everyone is doing well and is keeping a positive attitude!

  •  Warriors.. it's 1222 am been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day but wanted to let you know I am thinking of all of you!! Got to go to bed back to work in 6 hours but wanted to share a pic I posted on Instagram today I think my warrior fam would like it too :) Will check back later O parson thanks for the 411 on tazz I know he is all in on this and im with him! Will try and check  back after work tomorrow!!

  • Hi Warriors!!!

    Island: Love the pic and the quote!!!! You continue to look AWESOME!!! Hope you got some much needed sleep!!!

    BDMom: Yes, not sure how people juggle more than 2 kids. My sister has 5 kids and it amazes me how she gets it all done!!! I'm also going to have to mix up some training days in the Gethin program b/c I don't like to do my long runs right after legs...I like to have at least one day off legs before distance running. Good idea about doubling up on the eggs and oatmeal...I was also thinking that would be a lot of meat to eat. It will definitely be an experiment with his nutrition plan. I am excited to do something different though! Have you ever tried quinoa pasta? I think I will use that too along with the regular quinoa pasta. It's a little chewier than regular pasta, but made all from quinoa.

    Miss: Sounds like you will be doing lots of dancing in your future!!! I'm glad you were able to find some fun workouts that will motivate you! Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing. Are you going to continue with strength training as well? I find that my body responds best when I do strength training at least 3x per week instead of only cardio.

    It was a busy day. I started off by running 8 miles....GREAT RUN!!!! There are just some runs that seem so easy and peaceful, and today was one of those days. I felt like I could've run forever! Then both boys had football games. Mickey's team was 3-0 before today, but they sadly lost to the toughest team in the city. Oh well, he wasn't too upset and tried his best. Cody had a great game too...I think they won...he plays flag football so they don't really keep an official score!

    Food has been clean, but we are going out to dinner tonight so I'm sure I will have a cheat meal tonight. I will probably need it since I will be starting Gethin on Monday!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  • HI Warriors!

    I don't like posting back to back.....where is everyone? Parson, you are usually the early poster....where are you?

    I actually got to work super early b/c one of my co-workers texted me last night that we had a meeting early this morning. Well, I trusted her and got here super early to find out that the meeting was for another group of people, not us!!! Oh well, the good news is that since I got here early, I can leave early this afternoon, so I can deal with that!

    After having a weekend of poor nutrition, I got up this morning ready to kill my first day of Gethin!!! I did the workout for Day 2 today which is Chest and Triceps...will do workout 1 tomorrow so I can go to the gym and lift heavy on my legs. Today's workout was great....I definitely lifted to failure on my last sets!!! I also ran for 30 minutes, and will also ride my bike tonight for 20 minutes since this program calls for cardio 2x per day.

    I am SO ready to stay on track with my nutrition. I felt HORRIBLE this morning from all the junk I ate over the weekend....sluggish, bloated, etc etc.  I never want to have that feeling again, so from now on I am sticking to the plan! I like that Gethin does not allow cheat days/meals. I really don't do well with cheat days....I need STRUCTURE. I know how my body reacts when I allow myself to go off the plan, so I am determined to keep it clean and in control!

    BD and Cuervo: Hope you are having a great Day 1 of Gethin! All you other Warriors, I hope you have a great start to a great week!!!

    It is a dreary rainy cold day today but I am going to try to make the best of it! Have a great day!

  •  I FULLY INTEND IT TO WIPE THE SWEAT OFF OF MY BODY TODAY!!!!  I am up 3# from a week of liberal eating, and am ready to buckle down and hone in on the next 12 weeks....a new challenge to bring me to Christmas.  I hope you all have a plan laid out heading into the holidays...this is a hard time of year to stay committed, but we are WARRIORS....hear us roar!!!  Will be back for personals later today.  I have a busy week, but intend to get it done!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Morning Warriors!

    WO is in the books for the day.  I posted this on MFP, but I am upping my calories to 3500 this week to see how it goes.  The scale hasn't budged in 2+ weeks basically on 3300 calories.  Not to mention I don't feel like I am quite recovering as well as I need to between workouts and TKD.

    I am making a little change in my workouts for the next little bit....basically my lifting days will go back to MWF for a while with cardio on Tuesday/Thursday (basically my 1hr TKD classes).  My Tuesday and Thursday workouts have been crazy since I started TKD.  It basically turned into 2+hrs on those days of fitness related stuff and I was drained the next day and I could feel my recovery suffering some.

    We are going grocery shopping tonight and I need to stock up on some fruits and veggies for the maybe a stop by GNC?

    Have a great day Warriors!