BFL Warriors

  • BDMom - No gloves allowed LOL!  One of my goals is to potentially do a powerlifting competition next year.  Gloves are not allowed in any of the sanctioned federations for competition.  That said, I have a pair that I use on occasion.  I actually still use my versa grips a lot as wrist wrap and on pulling exercises.

  • Hi Team!

    I haven't dropped off the planet, I have just been distracted.  To be honest, I have had a dip of sorts in my spirits.  I would have thought that completing the challenge would lift my mood, it really hasn't.  I am still working out and eating right, but I am spinning my wheels and need direction. I haven't even taken my "after" pics yet.  Sorry to be a drag, Just thought I would check in.  Sounds like everyone is sticking to it, Congrats BD on your challenge, Island those shoulders are FINE! Keep up the great work everyone!

  • Happy Saturday Warriors!

    BDMom: So excited to see your final pics! I know you made great progress, as usual. I am excited for the Gethin program for you...hopefully I will be joining you but I still need to read your/Cuervo's email in detail to find out if I can do it with my half marathon training. I am loving my workouts these days and my mental spirit is very healthy right now!

    Parson: Wow, kudos to you for lifting without gloves! I could never do it. My hands callous so easily. Great job on continuing to hit those PRs!!!!

    Miss: Your "dip in spirits" is totally normal. You have just given everything you have the past 12 weeks and now it seems like it is "over". Many top athletes, especially Olympians, go into a depression after their event is over b/c that's all they have known for so long, and then they feel like they don't have a goal to strive for anymore. My advice to you would be to take 1-2 weeks of active recovery (do some activities you like....hiking, try a new class, get outdoors, etc), eat a few things you have been craving (but don't go too crazy and undo all of your progress), and research a new program you would like to try for the next few months, or 12 weeks if you'd like. Many of us on this forum completed our first challenge long ago and have tried many different programs out there to keep up this lifestyle (b/c afterall, this is body for LIFE, not just 12 weeks!). For example, after my first challenge, I did my next 12 weeks using P90x, I did another few months of Insanity, some kettlebell drills, and right now I just write my own workouts using 2 days UBWO, 2 days LBWO and then running to train for a half marathon. I love reading Oxygen magazine b/c they always have great ideas too. There are so many options out just have to get creative. It is great to change things up so you don't get bored, and you want to keep your body guessing. If you have the financial means, you could always hire a personal trainer to get you started on a program. Always set new goals and strive to be the best you can be. As BDMom always says, never get complacent. We are here for you! I will be happy to send you some more specific workouts or ideas if you'd like.

    Island: Amazing pics, as always!!! So glad you are back on MFP!!!!!

    Yesterday I killed my UBWO!!!! I went up 5# on all exercises on back and biceps....woo hoo! I am loving my definition in my upper body! I also ran the track at the park last night during Mickey's football practice. This morning was week 2 of my long distance training for my half marathon. I ran a little over 7 miles outdoors.....Awesome, Awesome run!!!!! LOVE this weather!!!!! Tomorrow is rest day for me and my body will be saying THANK YOU!

    FOOTBALL is the word today! Cody has a double header this morning, and then Mickey plays this afternoon. Then home to watch my alumni LSU TIgers beat the Auburn Tigers!!! GEAUX LSU!!!!

    Have a great weekend Warriors!!!!

  • Good Saturday Warriors!!

    I updated my profile, and don't see much difference.  Also, boys....cover your eyes/ears....TOM hit hard this morning, and I am totally bloated.  I almost didn't do pictures, but didn't want to put them off.  For reference (since this site jumbled up all the pics), the pink top is my before & the blue top is my afer.  As far as the suit, they seem to be in order.  The befores are above the afters.  I forgot to do a back shot, and realized after I changed, so didn't bother with it.  I have come to the conclusion.....that I will never have the abs I want.  I have loose skin on my abdomen due to my pregnancies and that can't be changed with exercise alone.  I do want to focus on the abs a bit more this time around, but there's only so much I can do.  Anyhow, I did it, and am looking forward to my next venture.  

    runnermom:  Let us know when you have a chance to read through that email and what you think.  Are you taking a week of this next week to recup?  Hope the boys' games go well & that LSU wins for you!!

    MU:  Ditto what runnermom says.  Totally normal, but don't let it get the best of you.  PIck yourself up and figure out your next plan of action.  You've worked too hard to get complacent now!!!  Please check in for accountability.  We are all also over on MFP and love to support/encourage one another there as well.  If you want to join us there, you can friend me at schmertnat, and then can find everyone else on my friends' page.  Hang in there, dig deep and figure out what you want for YOU!!

    Parson:  You are funny.  Are versagrips allowed for powerlifting comps?  What a goal to shoot for.  Good for you!!!

    Cuervo: Congrats on a job very well done!!  You killed this challenge, as I knew you would.  Let's keep going!!

    K all, have a great weekend.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BDMom: You are too funny! There is no bloating going on in those pics!!! You are definitely your own worst critic! I think you look great and I see more definition in your latest pics....more definition all over--legs, arms and abs!!! Great job! Enjoy the next week of AR. I did read the email....still thinking about it. I guess I need to watch the videos to see if I can handle it with half marathon training. Even with all my running, I still plan to do 4 days of strength training regardless. So, we'll see...I'll let you know.

  • BD - great pics. You did great as always.

    Runnermom- I say if you are gonna do 4 days of strength training why not join us. 4 days is about the Max he will do most weeks.

    Have a great weekend everyone. GO SOONERS!!!

  • Morning Warriors!

    UBWO is done.  It was finally cool enough this morning that I didn't  have to drain the garage from the sweat LOL!  Decent workout today.  I added 10# to my close grip bench this morning over last week.  I'm going to work on it I think for the rest of this year.  I would like to add 30 more pounds.  That's a lot I think, but what's the worse that can happen....I fail and only add 20lbs?  

    I was pretty relaxed with my food this weekend.  Had a cookout Saturday and we ordered a pizza yesterday.  Back to the grind today...

    Have a great day gang!  Give it your best.

  • Hey Gang,

    I've been busy with my mom these days. Will get a cardio wo in tonight, dinner, some shopping for my mom. Checked her freezer nothing in it . So we will fill it up and the cupboards too. My sister will be helping out too. We took her out this weekend to Red Lobster her fav. along with  Linda. Lots to do this week won't know when I'll get wo's in but will make some sort of effort. Heel is still bothering me, it is what it is just taping it up for now. Linda went for her MRI this morning went well. Now she has to wait again for the doc. to get the results looking at a week and a half. Hopefully  he will figure out his next move and it won't take too long. Still have to close the pool may try tonight after dinner if I have time. Have to get Julie to school for 7 and pickup at 9 pm. Will visit mom while I'm out that way and bring some food over. We will have time to chat about whats  she is going through while she still can understand it. I'm also giving her a food journal so we can see what she is eating.

    Will try and checkin later.


  • Hi Warriors!

    I hope everyone had a nice weekend. They are just too short for me!!!

    Parson: Glad you are getting some cooler weather. We are too and I am actually freezing already! I am always cold...I love the cool weather but hate being cold!

    Claude: Sounds like you are super busy. I hope everything goes well with your mom...I know that can't be easy. Does she live pretty close to you? Glad Linda got her MRI...keep us posted on the results.

    Cuervo: Definitely gonna try to do the Gethin program with all of you. I will probably have to tweak it a little, but I am excited about the challenge it will bring!

    I had a great workout this morning. I ran on the TM for 30 minutes (too early to run outdoors) and then did UBWO focusing on shoulders and triceps. Nutrition is packed and clean for today. I am with Parson, and had a lax nutrition day on Saturday, but only a free meal and dessert in the evening while watching football. It was pretty tense between LSU and Auburn, but luckily LSU ended up winning by 2 points! Both my boys won their football games too on Saturday so it was victory for everyone!

    Have a great Monday Warriors!!!!


    Well, here it is Monday again.  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was busy, and not long enough (I agree with runnermom).

    I went to the gym to spin today.  I will not be working out at all tomorrow.  I will then spin again on Wednesday and not workout on Thursday, and will probably go hiking on Friday morning.  I go see my foot doctor on Friday.  Not sure what she will do; I guess there's really nothing left to do, but give it time.  I bought some special inserts for PF for my hiking shoes.  My food is decent today.  I did have pasta for lunch, and I stocked up on unreal/unjunked bars so I can have one of those every day this week.  I will have the peanut butter cups today...yum!

    Let me just say that our Arizona Cardinals are 3-0.....happy for them!!!

    I really need to go do homework, but wanted to check in quickly.

    runnermom:  Congrats to your boys on their games...yay!!  And, good for LSU.  Are you taking a week off this week to regroup?

    Claude:  Wow, you do sound busy!!  Red Lobster is my daughter's fave restaurant. She loves to go there.  It is difficult taking care of aging parents.  God Bless you!!  Try to get those workouts in when you can, and watch that food.  Let us know when Linda gets those results back.

    Parson:  Great to see you setting goals and kicking butt!!  I bet that weekend food helped push you through that workout this morning!!

    Cuervo:  Thanks.  You did Awesome too, my friend.  Getting things prepped and laid out for next week!!  I'm ready!

    Make it a good day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey Island Dude.

    Just checking back into BFL looking for a few familiar names after dropping below the radar for a few months.  Looking Good, Man!

    I continue on the straight/narrow of BFL.  I am definitely in maintenance mode with no real desire to add mass or lose weight.  In fact I just put on a cumberbund I wore in the 80's and didn't have to adjust it at all.  48yr old with the waste of a 25 year old, LOL.

    Keep up the good work.  I'll see you around the water cooler.



  • Hi Warriors!!!!

    Tazz: Just wanted to let you know that I am still thinking of you and praying for you everyday!!!! Stop by soon and let us know how things are going.

    Frick: Sounds like you are in a happy place!!! Good for you!!!! Keep up that healthy lifestyle!

    BDMom: Hope you are having a good rest day today....though I'm sure you are keeping busy with school and family! I am not taking this week off....I need to keep up my routine, especially since I'm training for the half marathon. Plus, I let my nutrition go lax at least 2 days last week, so I need to keep it on track this week!!!

    I had a great workout this morning. I did the stairmill for 20 minutes (I'm getting better at it...not near as many missteps today!) and then did LBWO at Gold's. I am amazed at how much my strength is improving when I challenge myself to lift heavier weights!

    Tomorrow is pure cardio day for me. I will do a 4-5 mile run outdoors in the morning. The weather has been in the low 50s each morning here!!!

    Nutrition is packed and clean. I have been trying to drink at least 1 cup of green tea each day. I always say I'm going to do this, but can never stick to it. I am going on 3 days straight now!!!Woo hoo! I think the cooler weather helps b/c the green tea helps warm me up!

    Have a great day Warriors!!!!

  • Good Morning Warriors!!

    Another crazy busy day for me, will be leaving here in a bit, and not back home until 6 tonite!  Won't bore you with all the details.  I do have classes today, and have a lot of homework this week.  I am enjoying this week with not being as strict with my food.  It will feel strange not to do some form of exercise today; it just feels so much like part of my routine.  Anyhow, life is complaints.  My food is still relatively clean, packed and ready to go.

    Did anyone watch that Green Bay game last night?  WTH?

    runnermom:  sounds like you are happy with your decision to do the half, and keep up with your strength training.  Good for you!!  Green tea is one of those things I always say I'm going to do too, but don't...ha.  It's too hot here!!  I'd have to drink it cold.  Glad you are doing better on that stairclimber, and haven't fallen off yet (ha)......

    Frick:  Good for you.  Do you still eat clean and workout regularly?  If you are looking for a place to land, you are more than welcome to join us here!

    Tazz:  Let us know how you are doing.  I am thinking of you and praying for you daily!

    Hope the rest of you are doing well.

    Go get it gang!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks for the landing pad BD.  I still am fanatical about my workouts and eating.  I still need support on my vices, but as a Doctor/Friend told me, "drink whatever you want, you're fine as long as you maintain your calories".  Not sure I beleive him, but he does this for a living.

    I am in line with my goals except for simplex carb intake. I track EVERYTHING over a rolling 84 day window.  No day's off, I am accountable for everything I eat, drink and do.  Workouts average 5.8 per week, body fat <12%, fat/carb/protein at 28/38/34% (needs to be closer to 25/35/40).

    Since I travel a lot, workout schedules are easy on the road but diet is difficult (not enough protein and too much simplex carbs).  The complete opposite is true when I am home.

  • Hey warriors! < Quick one for me changed my routine a little bit the split is as follows  Monday Legs Tuesday back wednesday shoulders thursday rest friday chest .. back to the one minute rest periods .. sweating buckets now  My legs are hurting but good as usual :) and  my back tomorrow for sure keep on keepin on warriors..

    FRICK!! Glad to see you checking in !! Please fill us in more often on your progress man!!