BFL Warriors

  • Buff Tazz:  Your post sure put a lot of things in perspective for me.  I am praying for you during this extremely difficult time.  What a blow!!  I know that you are a Warrior and that you will get through this.  You will beat this.  We are all in  your corner fighting with you and for you.  Show that cancer who is boss!!  Please, please keep us posted on what the final test results reveal and what the plans are for you going forward.  I am so sorry you are having to deal with this.  Huge Hugs!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey you guys..

    Tazz: I am really sorry you are dealing with all that has happened with your health. I thank you for keepin us in the loop with your situation. Like the rest of the warrior Ohana I will be saying my prayers for you as well. Keep you head up you are a true warrior and friend.

    I will try to get back tomorrow team with an update on my progress.. Much aloha to you all..

  • Tazz,

    Thanks for the update on your status. You are truly a WARRIOR and I know you will fight through this as you have always fought through the tough times. I too will be praying for you. I have always enjoyed your post and really miss them.

    Here's a site for all you warriors to google and  check out. DR. Young the PH Miracle, One of my colleagues husband has used this stuff and is now after I think 2yrs. is cancer free and is still following this to the letter. Hope this helps Tazz. I haven't checked it out yet but will once things slow down for me. Always keep an open mind and don't underestimate the power of positive thinking.


    So sorry to hear about your dog. Glad you were able to get the dog out before the kids got home. It is so hard but at least he/she didn't suffer. My heel is sore but it is what it is. Just have to push through is all. We had heavy rain yesterday and Linda tried to get me to miss my wo. So I comprimised with her and we didn't stop at the bank to get my new bank card instead. WO got done and I got to see how Kristy trains as we ended up doing our wo in the same area and I know she was watching me as I was her. She really sqeezes every rep not alot of weight.

    Gotta get back to work now enjoy the day warriors.


  • Hey Tazz- I remember the courage and fight you exhibited in the first challenge 2 years ago...this is a different circumstance, but the intention you display can certainly be the same. You have touched many lives thru this BFL forum and we all stand united with you. You are The Tazz!

    Let's Go!


  • Tazz: I am praying for you. I know you are a fighter and a warrior. I am sending positive thoughts your way. Please know that prayer is a very powerful thing. I know I've said this before, but I truly believe it.....God has plans for all of us, and His plans are good. Have faith and trust in Him. Sending love and prayers your way! Please keep us posted.

  • Good day Warriors!!

    I feel like anything I have to say is trivial compared to what TAZZ is going through right now.  So I will just leave my post at that for the day.

    Thank God for all the blessings in your life.  Love your family and yourself!

    HUGS to all my Warrior family!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • TAZZ, You have mine (and our) most sincere support and prayers during your difficult time now. I know and feel as a true warrior that you can and will beat this evil disease and triumph in the end. Hang in there and Keep Moving Forward as only you can!!!  Believe and I think you Can.  

  • Morning Warriors!

    UBWO is done.  Took my working sets up to 215 today.  I threw in 2 sets of lockouts...basically going just over your 1 rep max and doing a static hold to get used to heavier weights.  I'm not sure how effective they are, but I wanted to try them.  It's tough without a spotter so I don't think I will do them very often at all.

    I have been doing what is probably a rough version of carb backloading for a couple of days now.  I can see it being helpful - maybe - on a cut.  Trying to cram in 70% or so of your carbs starting around supper time would kill most people.  I feel great, but I'm not sure it fits my normal day very well.  I already have a big load of carbs before bed most nights anyway.  It helps me sleep and I feel great in the AM.  Anyway, I will stick with it for a few more days.  It's not like I'm eating more/less food really, just changing the timing up.

    Alright Gang...are we hitting it hard this week!  Some of us are dedicating the rest of this weeks workouts to Tazz.  We are getting into full blown WARRIOR mode!

    Have a great day Warriors!

  • To my BFL Warrior Friends and those I have come to know in Previous Challenges....

    For all the comments and well wishes I have read these past few days I am truly humbled and thankful.... I never really knew how many real friends I have. I am further humbled that Parson Brown would dedicate rest of his weeks workouts to me... although I do not feel worthy.... I am just me... plain ole me.... nothing more... nothing less.... Please... please... please dont feel sorry for me or feel that events in your lives are any less important than mine... Yes I worked my butt off to lose weight and get healthy, getting off ALL my BP meds and diabetes meds to have this disease sneak into my life.... I have been in contact with Cancer Centers of America and sometime today I hope to find out if they will be able to evaluation me and my condition and suggest a treatment for me.... Pancreatic Cancer has been their best survival/cure rate in all the cancers they treat.... They appear to be a very compassionate facility.... As I find out more today I will surely keep you informed....

    If you feel you would like to contact me other than here I dont mind....

    my cell # is (256) 302-2655 and my personal email is not that you have to, but it you want to....

    and YES I AM A WARRIOR AND I AM ANGRY AND FIGHTING MAD AT THIS DISEASE!!!! It will NOT Beat Me and that you can Count On!!!!!

    Again thank you each and everyone of you.... you all have truly touched my heart... Now let's get this battle started!!!!!

    J Peter Mock   aka Tazz

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Will be doing a really late wo tonight as I had to drive miss Julie to school this morning. Should have gotten up to go to the gym. Oh! well. Will pick her up at the farm after work them out to do another pickup for tomorrows retirement luncheon at a local Italian restaurant. When someone retires the get a Shabrack, aka RCMP horse blanket, With the time spent with the RCMP, Start date and End date, which branch and their name embroidered with a badges and framed. Just so happens the framer can't deliver it at the usual pickup spot on my way home. Will pick up at his place tonight. This is a nice souveneir. Did cardio on jacobs ladder last night. It was Linda's BD so after my wo had to go shopping. I always wait till the last minute to do stuff like this. Flowers, Chocolates, and a card. Julie, Chris and I also got her a signed picture of her fav. Hockey player Carrie Price who happens to be the goalie for the Montreal Canadians her fav. team. It was a surprise that she wasn't expecting and we had to manufacture some white lies when we purchased it. We had a hard time finding Red Bell Peppers that day. LOL. She never figured it out.


    I like my carbs at night too. Way to go on trying something new. Keep rolling along.


    I was thinking of you while doing jacobbs ladder without my music I wanted to quit after about 10 mins. Then I remembered how hard you pushed and finished my 20 min. So thanks for that little bit of insperation.

    Have a great day Warriors.


  • Good Morning Warriors!

    I am back in full babble mode, after TAZZ set me straight!

    I am off to school in a bit, and then to the gym for a quick workout before picking the kiddos up from school.  I have two papers due tomorrow.  This online course has been more work than any in-class class I've had.

    I was 1/2 pound from my goal weight yesterday, and then had to take a friend to lunch for her birthday.  She turned 82 in August, and we have had this day planned for awhile. She chose Olive Garden, and let's just say there is NOTHING on their menu that is diet friendly.  So, I just enjoyed myself, and had salad with one breadstick, and then ordered a "create-your-own" pizza.  I ate half and brought half home.  Britt took it in her lunch today.  Anyhow, I have 3 days left of this challenge, and then will take a week off from weights and then start the Kris Gethin workouts on October 1st.  My kids and I will do some baking this weekend.  We are going to make crustless pumpkin pie (from my Oxygen mag), as well as sweet potato brownies.  Yum.  Nothing says fall like baking.  I am also going to Mexican food with my dad and sister next weekend, so I am sure I will be ready for the Gethin program to kick my butt.  So.................after busting my *ss for the past 12 weeks, my husband tells me I am getting too thin and that I could afford a few pounds.  The woman I took to lunch yesterday said the same thing.  There is a difference between being skinny and being lean & toned; I like to think that I am the latter.  Anyhow, what do you do.  I had my trainer do my measurements yesterday & I will do weight & body fat tomorrow or Saturday.  I will then do pics on Saturday morning.

    Tazz:  I have heard great things about Cancer Centers of America.  I think you will be in good hands there.  You are a Warrior and with your drive, strength & determination, as well as their expertise and compassion, you will be a great team and will show this cancer who is boss, and that would be YOU!!

    Parson:  Yes, let's all kick tail the rest of this week.  Many of us are finishing challenges and need to really focus and get it done!  That backloading sounds interesting, but something I know I couldn't do.  Those carbs sit in my stomach like a rock if I eat them that late.  I know that has always been something that works for you though, and probably fuels those morning workouts well.

    Alright, I better get some things done before I have to head out for the day.

    Make it a great one!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors,

    Tazz: Thank you so much for your post. I don't know much about the Cancer Centers of America. Is it in Alabama? My sister and her husband, who is a doctor, live in Birmingham, so I will have to ask them about it. I know you will not let this thing beat you... I have faith in you! You are in my daily prayers. Please keep us posted.

    BDMom: I know that you will have great results this challenge! Yum, all that baking sounds good. How do you make sweet potato brownies? Cody just asked me the other day if I would make some brownies for him. I might have to google it.

    Parson: I have been having a carb with my last meal and I think it helps me push harder on my workout the next morning. I was trying to avoid starchy carbs after about 3 pm, but I was feeling too low energy most days.

    Claude: Hope Linda had a good Bday! Sounds like you surprised her! Glad you had a good workout on Jacob's ladder.

    I had a great workout today. I killed my LBWO at the gym after running 3.5 miles. My legs are sore again already! Tomorrow is UBWO and I will focus on back and biceps.

    My nutrition was pretty good today until I got home from work. I was SO hungry...I think this extra cardio and running does that to me. I did not do well on my nutrition this evening, but not going to dwell on it. I will be back on track tomorrow.

    Alright Warriors, let's all keep pushing for TAZZ!!! We will help him beat this thing! Have a great night!

  • Hey warriors!

    Tazz: Thanks again for checking in and Im here with everyone else cheering and praying for you.

        Well I still have been hitting my workouts and making steady progress.. Finally back on MFP as BDmom has noticed :).. I also have some kettlebell news to share. One of my really good lady friends has approached me in the past to try and help her get back into shape and lose the post baby weight. I have tried to help before but she always fizzled out in the past.. Well she asked me again and wanted me to help her train with kettlebells the only thing is that the only free time that she has is after 815 when hula practice is over. Well luckily her KUMU (teacher) heard about what she wanted to do he was also a classmate of mine and offered his warehouse for us to train in after hula practice. We started on monday and He did more than a double take when i walked in with about 70lbs worth of kettlebells in my hands haha.. needless to say his curiosity was sparked along with a good portion of the hula ladies in the class because most of them knew me from before and haven't seen me in a very long time.. We trained for about an hour.. this will be a regular thing every monday and wednesday night. According to my friend the questions have really been coming in now who knows what will happen from here my main focus is on her and helping her get to where she wants to be.. Being that she has fizzled out in the past I made sure to let her know this time like every other I have her back 100% but I expect her to give it back no fizzling this time lol.. she has been a trooper but it's still new so we shall see how things go.. also on saturdays now that I go to my old high school to do a long cardio/cross training session I was able to workout with an MMA fighter a couple have been expressing interest in working out with kettlebells through instagram and finally one of them decided to meet up with me, after all was said and done he was sold and said he was gonna spread the word to a few of the others he trains with.. Im all for it! kids are great my girl is loving her cheerleading .. and work.. well.. that's a whole other story but yes still making steady progress took this last friday "flex friday" lol

    the shoulders are really starting to come in now,and a progress shot basically over the last 10 months

    Persistence persistence persistence!!

    alright enough sharing time for me..

    BD: I totally missed the post about your dog I am so sorry.. congrats on being 8oz. from your goal weight lol.. way to go! Can't wait to hear how the baking went.

    Runner: You'll be fine your always so active im sure you could use the extra energy glad you are still chompin away!

    Parson: As usual great work I love how you are constantly trying to make each workout better than the last!

    Claude: Way to go on getting it done with jacobs ladder! Glad Linda's bday went well.. good luck on finding those red bell peppers next time *wink wink lol

    BILL, Cuervo, Miss, Afleece, and all the rest of the warriors.. It's aloha FRIDAY TOMORROW!! AAALOHA!!

  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    LBWO done!  I was dragging a bit when I got up this AM.  BUT I ended  up hitting a huge PR on squats today...320x3!  I think I had another rep in, actually I know I did, but the bar was slipping in my hands a bit.  It is so stinking humid in the AM right now.  I've got to get some chalk or something to help with my grip.  I also hit a PR on good morning - 210x5!

    Another little milestone last night.  I am officially a White Belt in TKD.  It essentially means I know nothing LOL, but I got it none the less!

    Island - awesome progress my friend!  I think it helps grow us so much when we help others with this.  Does it boost your confidence when you get to share this experience with others?

    Gotta get to work...busy day ahead for me.  Have a great weekend Warriors!

  • Tomorrow, I complete my 12-week challenge. I can't help but wonder how much my foot set me back, hurting it just 6 weeks into this challenge, but it is what it is, and I still made progress, and that's what's important. My total losses are: 4.5#'s, 2" overall and 2.7% body fat. My plan is to take a week of active rest next week, and then start the Kris Gethin 12-week workout on October 1st. Will try to put on some muscle this time around! I will take pictures tomorrow morning, and get posted on my profile sometime this weekend.

    I will be heading to the gym in awhile, and then am going to go spray tan.  I was much darker in July for my "start" pictures than I am now for my final ones!  I then am going to the school to help grade papers for Delaney's teacher.  We then have to get home quickly, get changed and then head back out. It is homecoming at the school, and they have all kinds of festivities, and Delaney is doing a little cheer before the game.  They let the younger grade girls do that every year; it kinda gets all of the grades involved since it is a K-12 school.  Tomorrow I will go spinnning to wrap up this challenge.  I think I am taking the girls out this weekend to look at Halloween costumes, and then we will do some baking.  Yum!

    Parson:  why not get some weight lifting gloves?  I wear them because I don't want manly caloused hands, but many men wear them to help with their grip.  They definately help.  Great job on your squats PR; that's a lot of weight!  Yippee, a belt is a belt, right?  How fun!

    Island:  I love to hear & see your progress.  Thanks for sharing.  You really should be so proud.  Glad you are able to pay if forward by helping so many others.  You better start charging soon, or people are going to take advantage.  Glad to see you back over on MFP; we miss you when you are not there.  

    runnermom:  don't you allow for more calories in your day when you are running?  You are burning a lot of calories.  Im sure the damage wasn't too bad, and you are back on track today.  I noticed when I was doing HIIT & running, I always felt famished.  Maybe that is why I was still able to finish this challenge with decent results.  I wasn't starving after my cardio.  I sent you a few emails, when you have time to read them.

    K all...have a fantastic Friday and fabulous weekend!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"