BFL Warriors

  • Hi team,

    It has been a crazy couple weeks around our house.  Its wood hauling season, marching band season, drama season, and 2 separate football team season.... The only time I have seen my husband has been to watch him wield a chainsaw, and dinners together have gone out the window.  I am not happy with this.  

    Claude- peanuts are my arch nemesis. Salt and crunch. they threaten to fatten me up every time i go in the gas station!

    Runner- I think the weather turning has triggered us all to want to eat and put on some bear fat for winter... We must stay on track! Warrior mode!

    BD- Sorry to hear about your foot.  I have heard about those shots, how much they hurt.  SOunds like your busy as ususal, and so upbeat. I admire that.

    Cuervo- Your progress is inspiring! 2 weeks left? Thats no time at all! GO GO GO!

    Parson- TKD sounds awesome! I am glad you have found something new.  I might try this after my challenge is complete.

    Feeling a bit odd being in my last official week.  Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, going to have lunch with her, things have been strained with her lately.  Hope for a good talk with her.  

    Good night, guys.

  • Hey warriors, I have been MIA the last few days so busy with work and kids and football now but I have been doing ok.. fell of the food wagon over the weekend but it's outta my system and I am ready to go again.. I haven't broken that sub 200 barrier yet but will in due time.. I still haven't missed a workout and will make the old football/track and feild a weekly visit for a while :)

    Miss: Wow literally the home stretch!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are one of the 5% Cant wait to see those final pics! You totally rock!!

    Afleece congratulations to you as well!! Glad you stuck it out and I will be looking forward to when you take your next challenge! You said you were going to do it and you did! WAY TO GO!!

    Cuervo: Your kicking @ss and taking names man.. !! Finish strong! PROPS!

    Claude glad your back and out of your rut.. Head down feet moving forward!

    BD: Kill these last 2 weeks! You got this yet another challenge under your belt wooohooooo!!

    Runner,Parson,Bill, and anyone I may have missed.. I must hit the sheets.. it's squattage tomorrow :) Much aloha warrior ohana!!

  • Morning Warriors!

    I have been out of town for a couple of days so it has been crazy in my world.  LBWO in the books for the day.  DL up to 315 for the final set.  Got 205x5 on my last set of front squats.  My goal is to do 225x8 front squat by the end of November as an accessory exercise (not a core lift) in my workouts.

    Cuervo - I know you tried to get me to give up this week.  I thought about it...and realized you are just scared LOL!  Keep hammering those workouts!

    MU - Way to go on getting ready to cross that finish line!  I love peanuts too!  It's the time of year where boiled peanuts are on the side of road being sold.  My whole family loves them.

    Island - I know what you mean about food over the weekend.  I had 3-4 meals at least that were completely outside of my control for all kinds of reasons.  I just chalk it up to life and move on.  Cuervo said something to me a long while back that made sense...basically he said - if 3 or so meals a week are not perfect, but the rest are according to plan the odds are still in your favor...It has always stuck with me.  Life is much greater than a few meals ever will be.

    I got to thinking about something much of what we do is unhealthy?  What I mean is do you ever take working out or nutrition to such an extreme that it is actually counter productive?  I know, for me, that I'm only scratching the surface of my real potential.  We are all capable of so much more than we realized (IE BDmom pushing through this injury)...but at the same time I don't want a workout to be so important that it effects something else much more important in life.  I'm really working on enjoying this "life" of health....while keeping everything in perspective.

    Have a great day Warriors!  There is a hint of Fall in the air in south GA this morning!

  • Hi quick check in will be doing my wo when I bring Chris tonight. Eating is getting better now. Tonight I think I will make bean & buttenut squash tacos. I bought some corn tortilla's about 6" diameter. I  need something different don't know what everyone else thinks of this but we will see. Maybe Linda will cook something.

    Parson to answer you question. It depends on your prioities. For my wo are important but life keeps getting in the way so I know I'm not consistant enough to reach  my full potential. Even with food. But if I deviate from the plan sometimes it's in my control sometimes not. When that happens I get frustrated when it's out of my control ei: Going to the gym after work and end up making shopping detours and getting home late. I just don't bother going to the gym because I need my down time and won't give it up. So for me Linda says I'm obsessed. I don't think so. I do agree if you let the wo's take over your life as the be all end all that's not very productive.

    Have a great day WARRIORS!

  • Good Morning Warriors!!

    I am off for a LBWO with my trainer in a bit, and then to have lunch and go shopping with my sister.  Still plugging along.  I got my interview done, but not written up, and both of my nutrition papers done that are due tomorrow.  Now, I have to spend any spare second I have studying for this biology test tomorrow.

    Parson:  I totally hear what you are saying.  I think I sometimes go to extremes, but there are so many reasons why. Exercise is a coping mechanism for me; it also makes me feel good.  I also tend to gain weight very easily when my food and workouts are not in check, and then I feel sluggish and yucky.  My main motivation always is to stay healthy and live a long life with my family. Looking "good" is a side benefit.  I lost out on a lot of years with my mom, and she didn't live a very healthy lifestyle.  I don't want to be that person.  I think I still enjoy life, my family, vacations......I just make sure that my eating & exercise remain a huge priority in my life.  Glad you are back in town and killing those workouts!!  TKD tonite?

    Island:  Good to see you checking in.  It happens to us all; those weekend "binges."  You are back on track now, and will be meeting all your goals, I have no doubt.  Keep up the great work!!

    MU:  WOW!!  Final home stretch.  I am so happy for you.  Be sure to check in with us over the weekend when you do your final HIIT.  I remember crying when I was done; I felt like I had accomplished so much.  My food was 85-90% during my first challenge and I didn't miss a workout.  I felt such a sense of empowerment.  Finish this last week stronger than ever.  Can't wait to see final results.

    runnermom:  Do you think you will continue on with this program, or go back to more running?  I know you are busy crazy these days.  Keep us posted on how you are doing.  The weekend is in the air!

    K....gotta run.

    Have a great hump day!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors,

    I hope everyone has had a great day! Mine was busy again. I had to go get Cody from school after the school nurse called me. He has a cough and sore throat. I think it's allergies, but he was miserable so he has been home resting.

    BDMom: I am really going to try to continue on with this program. I have added another day of running b/c I really missed it! The main thing I miss though is lifting heavy...I haven't been lifting as heavy with this program b/c they are more full-body exercises. Plus, I have been working out at home vs. the gym and don't have the equipment to lift as heavy for my legs. I think I will start going back to Gold's again 2x per week to lift heavy on my legs. I feel like they have lost some muscle over the past month. Another issue lately has been nutrition and I know that's the main reason I feel softer in certain areas. It has been under control the past 2 days and I am in the right mindset again, but I am disappointed that I fell off the wagon for 3 days in a row. It really set me back. I know 3 days seems like a short time, but I put on weight SO easily when my nutrition isn't super clean. That's just the way my body reacts unfortunately. I hope you do well on your biology test tomorrow.

    Parson: I think my post to BDMom explains one of my unhealthy habits. I tend to overdo it when I allow myself cheat meals or free days. I have a really hard time controlling portions and foods when I let myself cheat....I am so black and white. I haven't always been like that, so sometimes I think I am a little bit over-obssesive about food issues. I love eating healthy and studying about nutrition, but sometimes it's all I think about and that's not good either. Oh well, a work in progress. Always searching for balance, right?

    Island: Good to hear from you!!!! I have been doing some KB boot camps in my driveway in the mornings b/c the weather has been so cool and crisp! I'm sure my neighbors think I am crazy but I don't care!!! How is cheerleading going for your daughter? I had to smile at the cheerleaders at Mickey's football game last weekend b/c they did some of the same cheers I did when I was a cheerleader in high school!!! I thought they might have gotten some new ones by now, but I guess not!

    Claude: I think I eat way too many nuts too! I really have to watch my portions on almonds. I think it's b/c there are not that many crunchy foods that I eat, so almonds satisfy that "crunch" that I miss!

    Miss: Wow.....a huge congrats to you for being on Week 12!!!!! What an accomplishment!!!! I can't wait to hear about your fantastic results!

    I did my Rachel Cosgrove workout this morning, plus some extra plyo moves to add a little cardio. I think I will run outdoors tomorrow morning and then come in and do my strength workout. I am feeling a little lost without a goal....usually at this time I am in training for a half-marathon. That has been my life for the past 5 years. I keep going back and forth about training for a half in November or December. I will need to make a decision within the next few weeks or I won't have enough time to train at the level where I'd like to be to finish with a decent time. I will keep you posted!

    Have a great evening Warriors!!!!!

  • Morning Warriors!

    UBWO is done.  No excuses, but my bench is the slowest to progress.  Today all of my planned sets were easy...I added one more set off the schedule and it went well too!  I then hit a PR on DB BP...67.5# x 8 for 5 sets...And they were super easy.  I struggled a little last week with the 65's, but said I got to push through so that was good.

    You guys all nailed my feeling pretty well with your comments yesterday.  Thanks for that!

    BDMom - TKD is on Tuesday and Thursday with an option for a short class on Friday night if I want it.  It has been a bit of a challenge getting my nutrition nailed down with the added 2hrs per week of "cardio/exercise".  Basically I have added about 100 calories or so of extra carbs.  This AM I am carrying that little extra water weight you get from the extra carbs.  My problem seems to be recovering with my legs from all the kicking and stuff.  I'm just sore would help if I didn't try to prove to the kids in the class that I can keep up with them HA!  Maybe I just need to go do water aerobics with the senior citizens or something... ;-)  I like that quote about being better than you were yesterday!

    Have a great day warriors!  

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Super quick post for me.  I have a test this morning that I don't feel ready for at all.  I need to take advantage of the next 30 minutes to study.  Food is packed & clean for the day.  I am having some sort of reaction to the cortisone shot (I think); the bottom of my foot is turning really red.  I sent a pic to the doctor and she wanted to see me today, but I can't get in until tomorrow morning.  Why can't this foot issue just go away?!!

    runnermom: won't waste words here; I sent you a lengthy email last night!!

    Parson:  Everyone has areas that we struggle with more than others.  You are at least pushing yourself as hard as you can.  Way to hit another PR; you are blowing those PR's out of the water.  I am sure your legs are still trying to adapt to the TKD; it is a great way to work your entire body!  You may have to put your manlihood aside and soak in a hot epsom salt bath once a week or so.  We will never be doing water aerobics with the sr. citizens, even when we are one!!!

    Gotta run!!!

    Make those workouts count!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BD,

    We posted at the same time ha!ha!

    Happy Thursday Warriors,

    WO done 4: 10 am in the gym out by 5 :30. Upped my weight in some exercises not all pretty close though will stay here for a while. My nieghbour came over last night to let me know that as of Mon. he has beaten Pancreatic Cancer & 2 weeks ago his wife has Lung Cancer stage 3. Hanging with you guys it seems I'm not big on praying but have been know to do this from time to time for different reasons. This is one of those. She is currently on morphine and needs her spirits brought up. So Linda and I will be sending her messages every day with a positive spin on it.


    Good luck on your test today.


    I think you need to change your mind set for this new wo. I hear you on the almonds. I too have been snacking on almond all day at work. Think I'll change to pupmkin/sunflower seeds next week. Hope Cody is feeling better today.


    Another PB it seems to never stop, Way to go! Thanks!


    Almost there it's now time to really push. You rock!


    How's it going these days.

    Thinking of all you Warriors especially @ 3 am. It feels so good getting my wo in that early.

    Have a wonderfull day warriors.


  • Hi Warriors!!

    Claude: That is so sad about your neighbor. Prayer is very powerful....never miss an opportunity to talk to God and allow Him to work in your life. Glad you got in an early morning workout! BTW, I love pumpkin seeds but I also have to watch my portions on those too!!! I have been mixing them in my Greek yogurt...I love the sweet and salty mix of flavors! Cody is feeling better...went to the doctor and he said it's allergies, so we started Claritin today.

    Parson: Wow, that's a pretty hectic TKD schedule! I didn't realize it was that much! Glad that you are able to share something with your kids.

    BDMom: Hope all went well with your biology test today. What did the doctor think about your foot? I'm so sad that you are having all of this trouble with your foot!!!

    I decided to run on the TM today b/c I got up really early and didn't want to run outdoors alone in the dark. So, I had a great tempo run for 3.5 miles, then did an UBWO focusing on shoulders, biceps and triceps. I am really pleased with how much definition is visible in my shoulders these days....I LOVE to work my arms! Now, I just need to start lifting heavier with my legs...I am going to start back to the gym tomorrow morning and plan to go 2 days per week from now on (instead of just working out in my home gym). I miss the Smith machine and the pulleys!!!

    Tomorrow is Friday....yea!!!! Mickey has a pep rally tomorrow night, and then both kids have football games on Saturday. It will be another busy weekend!

    Have a great evening Warriors!


    The first day this week that isnt completely booked on the calendar! Best of all? I have the day off work and the kids are ALL at school! Whoo Hoo! Woopie! YeeHa! Giggle....

    Have been a good girl all week, finished my cardio this morning already.  Tomorrow is my last "official" workout.  I really am suprised that 12 weeks is almost over, as in week 1-2, I thought that it was going to be FOREVER!  I will continue on of course with good eating and workouts.  I was hoping to find a fun class, or something i would enjoy more than the weightlifting.  But, I have learned enough about myself to know that I will not stop what I am currently doing UNTIL I have a new plan set in stone. No excuses!

    Off to have some quiet time to myself and maybe go try on some small clothes!!!


  • OK Prayer Warriors!  Today is the day Delaney goes to the pediatric cardiologist.  Please take a minute to say a prayer for her.  I know I can always count on you all for that!!!

    I have to go see the foot doctor after I drop off kids at school.  My foot is all red and inflamed; I think due to the cortisone shot.  Then from there to the gym.  Kids get out of school at 11:00 today, and then we will grab lunch and get Lane to the doctor by 12:30.  She is then staying the night with a friend and Britt's going to a pool party, so I guess my hubby and I will have a quiet dinner alone; that doesn't happen often.  My food is planned, packed and ready for the day!!  I am going to be a good girl this weekend and not have a "free" day at all.  I want to finish this challenge strong!!

    Miss Understood:  Enjoy your nice, quiet day. I hear Les Mill's body pump is a good workout, with weights.  Never give up those weights, but do experiment to find things you like.  I am so glad I gave spinning another try; I love it.  I think it is a lot of bang for the buck.  I always burn between 400-600 calories when I do it.  I will be thinking of you tomorrow and will check in when I can to congratulate you on the official completion of your first challenge.  Hold your head high and proud!

    runnermom:  Sounds like the run is just what you needed.  I think getting back to Gold's a few times a week will keep your motivation levels up there.  I think your fitness level was too high to begin with to do the first portion of that workout.  Have fun at the pep rally and at the games!  I get my hair cut & highlighted tomorrow; so looking forward to that!

    Claude:  I won't question why you are not big on praying, but I will assure you that I am and I will be praying for your neighbor and his wife.  That is tough news to swallow.  God is good, and he hears our prayers, and prayer is so powerful!!  HE will be hearing all of our prayers coming up today.  Glad you've got your groove back on and are hitting those workouts.  Get back over to MFP and get those foods logged in; that's where it's easy to get sloppy.  Be good this weekend.  I am sooooooo happy Linda finally got her MRI scheduled, even if it is early!!!

    Everyone else, make it a great day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Friday Warriors! I am SOOOOO glad the weekend is here (even though it will be just as busy as my weekdays...ha ha!)

    Miss: I am so proud of you for completing this challenge! I can't wait to see your results!!!! Yes, keep up this lifestyle if at all possible. Do you belong to a gym? There are many fun classes out there. I am like BDMom and enjoy spinning the most. Zumba is a fun workout too! I have taken Les Mills Body Pump but didn't care for it too is weights (barbell) but with a LOT of reps....too many in my opinion. It also was fast paced, which compromises form for most people. I would rather lift heavy with less reps, but just my preference! I will be thinking of you this weekend!

    BDMom: I went to Gold's this morning and loved it! I was back in the groove! The good thing is that I am still lifting just as heavy if not heavier than from when I went there last....about a month or so ago. I think the Cosgrove program has made me stronger all over and I just haven't realized it. I have decided to go to Gold's at least 2x a week for some heavy lifting and maybe get back into some spin classes again, but just not teaching. I hope your heel is doing better today. I am anxious to hear what the dr. has to say. And of course you know I am praying for Lane.....I am a prayer WARRIOR!!!! How was your biology test?

    Workout is done and in the books....LBWO....hoping to feel some good soreness later on!!!! Nutrition is packed and clean. I got some new shaker bottles that fit nicely in my lunch bag so I am loving them!

    Have a great weekend Warriors!

  • Greetings Fellow Warriors,  It was great to read so many posts from everyone.  I am on Week 8 of my new program which seems to be working for me until a new challenge next year.  My weight is holding steady which is great because I know I am adding more muscle (can see it and better definition too)and keeping up my energy level. I have leg work today and will try for a 190 or 195 on regular and split squats on the 4th set of 15 without the smith rack this time. workin my way back up slowly (emphasis on back and knees on that one).     BDMOM: Hope your exam went all right and I will say a prayer for your foot and for Delaney at the docs.  How is school going for the kids this year?  Parsons: Hope your are now in better spirits (no pun intended), You seem to be charging right ahead with your workouts and programs.  Claude: Great to hear from ya. I hope despite any challenges that you are still forging ahead. Take it a little at a time and the end result is big then and manageable.    Runnermom: Thanks for all your past updates and pictures from all those events. ANy mudder events upcoming again soon?  I sent an email to Mr Olympia Jay Cutler who recently appeared as Pixars Mr Incredible at an event publicly and suggested that he might like to host our annual WDW MArathon rope drop in 2014, the 10th year of that films anniversary as that character, Waiting to see if he responds to the idea still. oh, well, he looked great as Mr Incredible and really fits the part well.    MissU: Congrats on finishing and on your results. We all knew (mee to) that you could do this and now I am sure your are looking forward to your next challenge as well. Best wishes always.  Did everyone see Lori's post and updated photo, She is still looking great and following us, amazing eh.   Islandude: How are things going in the islands?  Is kettlebell teaching still in your immediate future.  Your progress over time has been amazing and I am always behind you to cheer you on.  Well got to get my supps and supplies for my week (EAS Advantage RTD, Zone bars etc) so must go for now.  Hang in there everyone and anyone I missed this time.  Keep MOving FOrward!!!!