BFL Warriors

  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    I will echo Cuervo - DO NOT let the weekend slip by without you planning and getting ready for Monday morning!  I actually bought 3 family packs of boneless/skinless chicken last night.  So I am started down the road!

    Warriors on the warpath this weekend!

    Tiny - That was so funny when you said -  even my free day won't cover all the unauthorized foods I normally eat"....that may be true, but we are here to help you through all of that.  We all have to remember sometimes to just take it one meal/worout at a time!

    Have a great day warriors!

  • Cuervo:  That sounds like a great plan.  I try to make all my menus for the week, for every meal on the weekends, and then go shop for what I need to make sure I am able to stick as close to it as possible.  Sounds like you are ready to hit this round running.

    Parson:  This is going to be your best "challenge" yet.

    K....only have a few minutes, and don't know when I will be back.  I have my DXA body fat scan this morning, then to the gym for a quick workout before kids get out of school (at 11:00 today).  I will then take them shopping to spend some of their money, so no idea when we will make it home.  Tomorrow is my 5K in the rain.  I have a poncho to take with me, and have no idea what to wear...don't want to be too hot, but don't want to be cold either.

    I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Use it to reflect and plan ahead for your best round yet!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good Morning! All is good here. Did my UBWO (I started Monday after the week off) and had to do it in record time because I had to leave earlier for work. Took me 27 mins. Not something to make it a habit but got my HR up for sure!

    Planning it all is so key Cuervo and ParsonB. I completely agree. I am doing the same. This weekend I am heading to grocery store to get a few things for the week, I am running low. Last night I made a big pot of chicken in slow cooker and I am ready with plenty chicken!

    BDMom, good luck on the 5K. I sure hope it doesn't rain but sounds like it will. Do you have a rain light jacket. May be more comfortable than a poncho. Will it be cold? I would imagine that running in rain as challenging as it may, could be fun. You have a blast plus it will count as your cardio for Saturday so you go do it!

    TinyT, Its awesome you have access to the gym so close to work and home. Nice!! It makes sense that you don't know what to expect but shooting high (reasonably so) its the way I look at it. You can reach it unless you strive for it. Do, right down lbs you want to loose, fat %, and inches you want to shed. This gets you something to compare to. Also, the goal of finishing the 12 weeks has to be #1. As some have said here, we loose about 90-95% of people in the first few weeks. So, focus on that goal. Its a great achievement and awesome feeling. We are here to help you stay on that. And, on free days: take them! Sometimes its tempting to not take them as free but it can lead to burn out and also to halt progress. You will see that after several weeks of eating as BFL, your free days will be more controlled just because you are not as hungry or because the next day your stomach will say: What did you do to me! But, it will take some time so hang in there.

    Ok, have a fabulous day everyone!

  • BDMom - if you have time before the run tomorrow, check out  Frogg Toggs.  They are available at some sporting stores and many motorcycle shops.  I have used them in the past while riding motorcycles and you stay dry.  I honestly don't know how they would do for running (they are like a wind suit), but I don't think they would be bad....even if it was just the top.

    Have fun!

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Busy day today.  Did my taxes last night & this morning with H&R Block.  Will go home at lunch & get Jeni, then both sign & be done with that!

    I am using lunch to fill up the wife's car with gas & check all of her fluids.  Will then head home early so she can leave for a Girl's weekend & yes... we get man weekend at the house!  I have a really busy work schedule in March - we shut down half the plant for maintenance & I will work 35 straight days ~ 14 hrs / day.  So it gives Jeni a chance to have a prebreak & me a chance to spend quality time with the boys!

    I am totally stoked for next week!  My meals & workouts are planned; shakes & bars bought.  I am going to mark mile markers on the roads this weekend for my planned running routes!  I plan on working out at the gym on Sundays, Tuesday, and Friday Mornings.  I will run on M, Wed, Thurs, and Saturdays.

    BDMom - Go get em girl.  You will be fine!  Its only a 5k, you are totally ready.  I know you can do it.  Be focused, breathe properly, pay attention, and you will be finished in NO TIME flat.  Pace your first 2 miles & then slowly increase on your last mile & leave it all out on the course.  I am totally cheering for you!  YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Cuervo - Battle time is approaching brother.  I plan on staying focused every workout.  No excuses.  And the meals... its all about proper portions & foods.  It comes down to a personal choice.  I have to decide, I am in control, it is GO TIME!

    2C - Congrats on the weather.  Enjoy it.  We will have a nice weekend here & then mid next week Winter will be back for a few more weeks - just in time for our plant shutdown - I would have it no other way!

    Parson - You are always inspiring brother.  I can't wait to see all of our before & after pics again.  We will make more changes & continue to prove it is body for life!

    Tiny - You are journeying in on a new changed life style.  What you don' t realize, something we have already experienced, is how your perspective will change & you will no longer crave the things you think you need.  You will at first want & enjoy your free days, & around 4 - 6 weeks in, change to free meals, and then no longer even desire them.  Stay with it.  Vent to the group.  We are here for you & one another.  We have all been where you are & will be!  I look forward to our journey together!

    GPHiker - The new treadmill is on its way brother.  ENJOY!!

    All - Have a great day & blessed weekend!

  • Happy Saturday!

    My TM arrived a day early. So my project for the day is to get it assembled & tested out. I am super excited!!

    BDMom – Good luck on your run! I’ll be thinking about you while I am assembling my TM!! The Frogg Toggs that Parson mentioned are great. Extremely light weight & can be rolled up into a small pouch that is included. I got mine at ***’s Sporting Goods. Works great for hiking, etc. You would probably want to use just the top for running.

    Parson – You & Cuervo are 100% spot on about planning!! This weekend I’ll be cooking up several batches of protein pancakes & bagging them up to keep in the fridge. I’ll also visit Wally world to stock up on tuna & chicken. Supposed to be 74 degrees this weekend…. H’mmm, do I smell chicken on the grill??

    Cuervo – I remember in someone’s post “abs are made in the kitchen”. I am definitely tightening up on my nutrition this next cycle. I did not totally fall off of the nutrition wagon during this AR, but I did gain 1 lb.  

    Tiny – That is so great that there is a gym where you work!! And you cannot beat the price either!! You are right, eating is the tough part for a lot of us. I have to keep reminding myself that proper nutrition is 70 – 80% of my success. Also, someone wrote in a post “You can not out exercise a bad diet!”

    2conquer – It is great that you are back in our “V” formation again!!

    Staats - wow, that is some tough work schedule, but I know that you can handle it!

    I hope all of you “Warriors” are having a great weekend of AR …. honk honk!!



    “Imperfect action is better that perfect inaction.”

                                                                                              Harry Truman


  • good morning everyone,

    Grandpa - Congrats on getting the treadmill in. Just in time to start our next round. Have fun putting it together.

    I just tried something a little different and wanted to share. I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning with just a little milk in it. I am going to stay totally off of milk during this 12 weeks, so I wondered what to do about my coffee. This morning I put one scoop of chocolate whey protein in my coffee and that was it. It actually was really good. Not quite like hot chocolate, but definitely drinkable. Probably better than drinking the protein with water. That will help me with my morning meal. I have oatmeal most mornings, but the protein has been hard to get. Just thought i would share.

    I hope you are all planning your workouts and getting ready. I have to work the afternoon shift today, but have tomorrow off to get everything in order. On a good note, my wife has decided to join me in getting fit. She is 5'3" tall and weighs 108, so she has totally different needs than me, but working out and eating good will benefit anyone. I am excited to see the changes I can make, and also see what happens with her in the next 12 weeks.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • OK everyone,

    Below is a layout of what my diet will look like for the next 12 weeks, let me know what you think.


    • Egg Whites

    • Oats

    • Coffee

    Meal 2:

    • Lean Steak

    • Brown Rice

    Meal 3:

    • Chicken

    • Sweet Potato

    • Broccoli

    Meal 4:

    • Fish

    • Brown Rice

    • Broccoli

    Meal 5::

    • Chicken

    • Sweet Potato

    • Broccoli


    • Tilapia

    • Brown Rice

    • Coffee


    • Protein Shake with Glutamine, Creatine, and Vitargo

    Meal 6:

    • Lean Steak

    • Broccoli

    Nighttime Snack:

    • Meal Replacement Shake

    It is based on a program by Kris Gethin on Portions will be based on the fist/palm guidelines recommended by BFL. Comments please.

  • Good Morning:

    K....a few things I need to throw out there:

    First:  I didn't do the DXA scan.  I cancelled.  I decided that I don't want a number messing with my head.  I used to weigh daily and now weigh weekly and I like that so much better.  When I did my first challenge, I made a goal to finish at 115# scale weight or below and 17% body fat or below.  I met all of my goals, but fell short on my body fat and finished at 17.5%.  My scale weight ended at 109#'s and I lost several overall inches, but I let the body fat part of it upset and discourage me. So, I am no longer letting numbers affect me that way.  I will still shoot to stay 115# or below on the scale, but I am not going to obsess over the other stuff.  I am not a bodybuilder or fitness competitor so no real reason to watch it that closely anyway.

    Second:  The rain DID hold off until I finished my 5K; I was soooo happy.  And I beat my first 5K time by 17 seconds.  First race time was 29:05, and today's time was 28:48.  I also walked away with a medal for first place for women in my category.  I am definately happy with that, but did think I did a little better.  I only stopped one time, at the halfway point, to get a drink of water, and then one other time near the end to get a break before I really pushed to the finish line.  The thing that I am most happy about though is that my sister did it with me.  She is overweight and has really been committed to getting healthy.  She finished in just over 44 minutes, but she FINISHED!  I was so happy to see her cross that finish line.  

    My next race will be an 8K in March; not sure how I'll do with that.  A 5K seems long enough (ha).

    Parson & Grandpa:  I read your post but not in enough time, but will definately check into those for the future.  My dad & I are going to hike the Grand Canyon in April and the weather is unpredictable, so may get for that trip.  Sounds like something we all should have around.

    Cuervo:  My only recommendation would be to get some more veggies, other than broccoli in there; maybe some leafy greens.  How close to bedtime are you eating that meal 6?  Your wife is tiny, so she will definately need to do things differently; I am sure she will fill out nicely in no time.

    Grandpa:  Congrats on your treadmill.  How many pieces have you decided you really don't need?  Also, the instructions are there for a reason.  Men typically look at those when they are finished just to see if they got it right (ha)!!  I hope you enjoy it.  Make sure you check into that ifit; it is a definate must accessory for that TM.

    Staats:  I hope Jeni was feeling well enough to enjoy her weekend away, and I hope you are enjoying being Mr. Mom.  I pictured you cheering me on for my 5K today.  Once I passed that 2 mile mark, I remembered your words.  All I kept telling myself was, "just beat your personal record...."

    2Conquer:  Cardio done for the day!!  What a fun way to knock it out too.  I am glad I didn't have to run in the rain.  It is rainy and windy now, and that would have been a drag!

    I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Sunday!

    I got my TM assembled & I am so pleased. You know how so many things seem to be a lot bigger that they appear to be in the store. Well, this TM is a real beast. I got a LBWO just dragging the thing across my basement to my workout room!!  I have logged a little over 2 hours on it already.

    BDMom – WooooHooo! Congrats on your 1st place finish!! 

    I did get the TM put together without any spare parts!!  I know you will find this hard to believe, but I downloaded the user manual early last week & read over it several times!! I manage an IT department & it is my nature to obsess over details, etc. (at least that is what my wife says)

    Cuervo – Thank you for your tip on mixing chocolate whey protein in your coffee. I tried a cup & it was really good. Much better than whey protein in water.  

    I hope all of you “Warriors” are having a great weekend of AR, tomorrow is our big day …. honk honk!!


    "The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed."
    ~Lloyd Jones~

  • Good afternoon gang,

    GP- Congrats on having no spare parts. That means it was a success. I think I will use the whey protein in my coffee exclusively. I was actually pretty good. I dont guess the heat will hurt anything.

    BD- I will likely mix in some more veggies, but broccoli is my favorite.

    OK- I went to the store today and stocked up. I got about 20 lbs of chicken, lean steak, fish, brown rice, egg whites, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes and more protein. I also got 12 tupperware containers dedicated for my meals. I will fire up the grill in a bit and start cooking. By bedtime, I should have about 3 complete days worth of meal cooked and packed up ready for use. I bought all fresh stuff and no frozen or packaged /ready to eat foods.

    I am still supplement free, and am not sure that I want to even start them again. I realized after I posted that they were showing in the daily meals I posted, but it was just a copy/paste from the meals I found online.

    Gentlemen (and ladies of course) START YOUR ENGINES!!! It is time to unleash the beast within and make our best gains yet. I am excited to go for it. I will take pics tonight and post for accountability throughout this challenge.

    Have a great afternoon, See you in the gym tomorrow.

  • Day one photos posted. You will never see that person again. See you all tomorrow.

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    C3D1 is under way for me.  I got my workout in this morning.  I also updated my profile pics to include the pics from this Saturday that I took.  Not a whole lot of change for C2 for me.  I dropped 10 more lbs and lost 2" off the midsection, so it is progress.  This challenge has to be different for me.  I'm all in!!!

    My workout this morning was good, and I can tell it will take a little getting used to this routine.  I started right back at the weights I did two weeks ago and added some just to start pushing myself out of the gate!

    Confession time...I am having an issue with my right arm that I fell it is prohibiting my pushing lifts only.  I'm not even sure how to describe it, but it feels like a muscle cramp almost?  It only bothers me at certain angles/positions.  I hate to admit it, but I need to get it checked out.  Not sure if I need to start with maybe a massage therapist or go straight to my family doctor.  The problem with my family doctor is that it is typically very difficult to get in to see him being from a small town.  Outside of being sick it can take weeks to get in some time.  Anyway, I have to admit that I have to do something NOW to prevent setbacks or injury.  I hoped that AR would take care of it, but it did not!

    All of that side.  Workout is in the books...a day of clean eating is ahead.  PW shake for me included 2scoops of whey protein, 1tspn creatine, 3.5tbspns honey!  Egg whites and oatmeal coming up in another 1.5hrs or so!

    Have a great day warriors!

  • Good Morning Warriors and lets go on the next one! I am in week 2 since I started last week. I went to the store this weekend and bought some fish for dinners to add something other than chicken. LBWO today is done and it was awesome! I did a few extra reps since I could hear Cuervo in my head saying: "give me one more"!

    GP, I bet you are enjoying that treadmill!! You will have it all tired up by the end of this challenge.

    Cuervo, So great to read your posts and get that positive energy! Awesome planning on this challenge and I know you will kill it. Now that pictures are posted (look great!), I look forward to seeing those results show. You have some pretty scary biceps! So cool your wife is being so supportive and she is tiny but we can all benefit from the healthy eating habits and working out. Great to inspire your family to join you. Also, your meals look awesome. Mine are never that well balanced.

    ParsonB, Awesome job on the weight loss. You can really see the changes from start to now. WOW! You have steadily progressed. You do need to get your arm checked. I had a shoulder pain for a while and I backed down on shoulder exercises. It took many weeks for it to get healed up (almost 8 weeks) but its all good now. I think there were particular exercises that were making it worse so you may really want to listen to your body when your arm is hurting like that.

    BDMom, YEAH on your 5K and your first place finish! That is awesome. I am so glad the rain held up for you. Awesome beating your time. So glad your sister did it this time! Keep inspiring her. I also know what you mean about the numbers messing with your head. I work really hard at that and I hope that I can keep myself too on the goal of maintaining the weight at 115. Its tempting always to want to go lower but not in our best interest.

    Brick, how are you?? Getting back to gym??

    SusanC, hope you are healing!

    Staats, hope your started strong today and your family is all better!

    TinyT, how did your first workout go today?

    Have an awesome day.

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    BDMom - AWESOME JOB!  I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.  The boys and I prayed for you in the morning; it was really cool.  Their faith is amazing!  I can't wait to tell them how you did.

    Cuervo - I love your mindset.  I am right there with you.  

    2C - Good job on the LBWO this morning.  I hate leg day; but I love it at the same time!

    Parson - Get the arm looked at man.  It sounds like you may just have a zinger that has not healed yet.  But, better safe than sorry.  I had a shoulder injury that I ignored, then dislocated it doing bench.  It took almost a year to completely heal!  Don't risk it man.  Hopefully you can find alternative excersises that don't bother it.  Dumb bells sometimes are easier on the arms than the straight bar or machines.

    All - I decided to slightly alter the workout plan.  Sundays will be my off day - versus lifting like I originally intended.  However, I still need to log a 3 - 4 mile run.  So... I decided to run 2 miles to the gym, did my UBWO, then ran 2 miles home (In the rain!).  It was miserable & great at the same time.  It really woke me up, I had the best UBWO with the most weights and best time yet, and the run home in the rain, wow, running with sore arms is not easy!  So I think that will be my new Monday workout.  I will stick with Cardio training for the half M on M, W, Th, and Sat.  Lifting BFL style will be on M, T, and Fri's.

    Everybody - Have a great day!