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  • Recieved an email about this being the place to be for people starting on the 21st with another challenge. This will be my 1st one, so I'll post updates in here as often as I can. Still wondering about a couple of things. FIrstly, where does someone get their measurements taken? Body fat %, chest, stomach, thigh, and arm measurements too? Also, so I can get some sort of idea of where I'll need to be with my budget, how much does the Myolplex original shake powder cost? Thanks for any help and suggestions.

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Congratulations for finishing another challenge!

    Brick, what an amazing progress you made on this time. Keep that up and that cruise may warrant several bikinis!

    Everyone else, you guys rocked it. I know there were moments of weakness but you conquered those.

    I am glad we have the thread to share our journey. The past week was certainly one to remember for me. For the first time since last May, I was completely off for 5 days. I mean both workouts and food. Just completely off track. Why? I let stress get to me, I admit. Stress from work, the extremely cold weather, the terrible 5 hour drive to get home on Wednesday...on and on... But, in the end, I realize that I have been overworking myself. I was trying different workout routines and I did it for too long. In the need, not much damage on scale but it can certainly turn into that if I don't realign myself.

    So, I have renewed my commitment. I am back on BFL workouts and re-energized. Back to basics. Had an awesome UBWO this morning!! I am not doing a challenge per se but I am back to the plan for maintenance.

    I hope those of you who are taking a week, enjoy it and rest. Learn from me and take the time you need to heal!

    Have an awesome day everyone!

  • TinyTimmay, Welcome! Some of the people here will start another challenge soon. Others, like me, are here not for an official challenge but to give the support to this great group of committed Warriors need. And, to receive it.

    For the measurements, I do it myself. I use calipers for body fat and a tape measure for all others. Its a fantastic way to see the progress as the scale never tells the whole story.

    I am not sure of the cost of the shakes since I never officially entered (I have done 2 challenges this year) and I usually buy my shake powder at Walmart (non-Myoplex). But others may have that answer.

    Hope you stick around and you will see that this group is very knowledgeable and supportive! Best of luck on this journey.

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    I got to admit it, I really enjoyed sleeping in.

    2C - I thought about what you said & it confirmed, for me, that I am taking a week off period.  I will stick closely to the food, because I like it that way, but no running or lifting for me, specifically since I am going to start training for a half marathon next week, my body will need the  break because it will not receive one for a while after we start on 2/21!

    TinyTImmay -

    Welcome to the group!!  Most of us our finishing our 2nd challenge, some in between, & others here for support & to give support.  Most of us finished C-1 together & developed a bond of support.  I believe that several of us will start again on the 2/21.

    As far as Myoplex:  First you need to decide if you want the regular of light?  It will mainly depend on your goals.  Secondly, a 4 pack ranges from 8 - 12$ depending on where you buy them & if you get Lite, original, premix, or powder.  I also buy meal replacement bars; I use CLIFF bars, they are mostly organic & a cheaper alternative to the Myoplex bars - but the Myoplex bars are great - it just depends on your budget.  I go to GNC monthly & have worked with the manager on getting 75% off of Myoplex shakes because I take all of his "Close to expire" shakes.   I typically pay about 3.25$ for a 4 pack of Myoplex original & 3$ for Myoplex light!  Plus, if I go the first week, I am a gold card member & get 10% off that!  

    Body Measurements - I am with 2C.  I bought a pair of calipers for ~ 10$ & it came with body measuring tape.  I highly recommend them - it is so much cheaper & just as accurate as going to a doctor.

    Continue to stop in; many of us have been through alot of the issues that you will face.  Also, I highly recommend the EAS specialist - I have called several times & they are great to talk to.  Good Luck!

    Everyone else - Have a great day.

  • Hello everyone:

    Quick check-in.  Congratulations to all your Warriors for finishing another challenge!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!

    I am entering week 8 of my second challenge, and am finally "getting it" again.

    I used my ifit on my treadmill for a jillian michals workout today, and I couldn't even do it all.  I am going to have to go to my settings and adjust the intensity.  She was having me run at inclines @7-9, and speeds 6-8.  I couldn't keep up with that; I will definately have to work up to it.

    Tiny:  Welcome.  You are certainly welcome to stay here with us, since we are the best thread on the boards (well coffee crew is pretty good too..ha).  But, as 2C mentioned, we are all at different places with our challenges; we just have stayed together since we completed our C1 together.  So, many of us are not doing the official BFL protocol, since we are not entering the challenge.  Do you belong to a gym?  If so, I am sure they would be able to do your body fat & measurements for you.  You can do them yourself with a tape measure and pair of calipers.  There are other body fat methods out there such as bodpod, DXA, underwater testing, but they tend to get pricey.  You just need a baseline to ensure it is going down.  You don't have to use the Myoplex unless you plan to enter the challenge, and then you only have to use one item one time.  Myoplex is a great product, but there are many in the market you can choose from.  Shop around and find what fits your budget.

    2C:  I am glad you took a break from your workouts; your body was probably screaming for that.  And, now I am sure you are renewed and ready to go!

    Brick:  Waiting on those pics!  I bet you look unbelieveable!

    Everyone else, have a fantatstic day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Wow, thanks everyone for the tips and encouragement. I know this will be the place to be when I'm going through my challenge. When talking about Myoplex, and how my goals may affect if I should get Original or Light, I think I'll probably want the light. One of my goals is weight loss so I assume I should probably go with the light, correct? Also, Staats, when you mention a 4 pack for $8-$12, is that 4 servings? I am going to enter the contest this first time around, so I'll need to purchase something for sure, and liked the idea of drinking shakes in between meals. As far as being part of a gym, the answer is yes. I've been a member of Planet Fitness for a few months. I'll try and get in there sometime this week to have my measurements done. I've also noticed there are online versions of body fat % calculators so I wonder if that'll work. Starting a week from today. Excited, nervous, and everything else that comes with the idea of starting something new. Again, thanks.


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Tiny:  Don't do any online measurements; they are far from accurate.  You need to be tested with someone who can accurately "touch" you to get accurage measurements.  Also, try to use the same person to do your body fat & measurements each time; everyone measures a little differently.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Tiny:  Don't do any online measurements; they are far from accurate.  You need to be tested with someone who can accurately "touch" you to get accurate measurements.  Also, try to use the same person to do your body fat & measurements each time; everyone measures a little differently.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Monday & Valentines Day!!

    I jumped on the elliptical this AM for a leisurely 3 MPH walk for about 30 minutes. I’m still trying to eat clean during this week of AR.

    Today is my 35th wedding anniversary ….. I’ve been married longer that many of you have been alive!! ;-)

    BDMom –  well, I finally made a decision & ordered the NordicTrack C 900 TM yesterday. It is supposed to arrive next Saturday. Somewhere in the cobwebs of my mind I am recalling something you said about having to get 20 mile on yours before using the incline feature …. Am I remembering right?

    Tiny: Welcome to our group of Warriors!! As BdMom said, there are folks at different levels. Everybody here is very helpful & willing to share everything they have learned along the way. I encourage you to take advantage of that & ask any question that comes to mind. If you don’t want to get measured at the gym, there is a tape measure & caliper mentioned near the end of the BFL book. Both of these are designed for a person the take their own measurements. The tape & calipers are relatively inexpensive & they are very easy to use. By doing your own measurements, they may not necessarily be 100% accurate, but they will be consistent because you will always be doing them. You will find some hints & tips on measurements on the BFL Forum website by clicking the “Library” tab at the top of the screen, then select “Tools” on the next screen.

    Staats – I enjoyed a little extra snooze time also!!

    2conquer – your post made me think of a quote I ran across some time ago “reality is the leading cause of stress!! You are right about taking time to heal injuries, etc. I learned the hard way with my knee injury from running on a treadmill that did not have much cushioning in the deck.

    Parson – I’m doing cardio on the elliptical this week. I’m a creature of habit & I know if I don’t stay on a schedule I’ll be a grumbly old man next week when it is time to hit it hard again on the 21st.

    Cuervo –  I just had a mental image of you as the “Thinker”. Remember the statue of this very muscular guy sitting on a rock, leaned over slightly with one hand under his chin as he appears to be pondering the answers to life & the mysteries of the universe. Many of your posts are very insightful & thought provoking. I really look forward to reading them.

    I hope all of you “Warriors” have a great week of AR …. honk honk!!

  • Tiny, welcome! Yes, this is a very encouraging, wise group. Lots of insight and experience in here!

    2C & BDMom, thanks for the nice thoughts! I didn't take any pics yet, but they're coming! It's hard to get someone to take them... I may just wear a swimsuit under my clothes some day and go try some stuff on at Old Navy - I'll take some mirror shots while I'm in there! Ha ha!

    Gramp & Gram! Happy Anniversary! How sweet that you were married on Valentine's Day!

    I broke the news about the cruise to my hubby over dinner Saturday and he's thrilled! Then we told our little girl and she said, "OMG, I think I'm gonna cry!"

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Good morning gang,

    I hope everyone had a great valentines day. Mine was excellent. We actually stayed home and spent some wonderful time as a family. We had dinner then the twins were in a great mood and we all just had a great time playing and dancing around like dummies. It was GREAT.

    Tiny - Welcome aboard. This group will bring out the best in you if you stay active and give it all you have.

    2C- I am sure you needed the break after so long. Your body will thank you for it. I seem to come back stronger and more determined after a break. I think it will catapult you to the next level. You rock.

    Staats - Take that time off to refuel and recover for the next round. You wont regret it. I have always wanted to try a half marathon, but never had enough drive to run that far. I have said I would train for one, but talked myself out of it. My goal now will be for a 5k, then I can build on that. What would be a good time to shoot for. I was thinking 24 minutes or so would be a good goal? I know I am nowhere near that now. What do you think?

    BDMom - Give these last 4 weeks all you can. I really appreciate your daily contributions and positive attitude. It helps keep us all on track.

    GP - Congrats on ordering the treadmill, and happy anniversary. I am glad to see you are keeping active during this week of AR. I will go to the track this afternoon for some walking/jogging to stay active. I have the urge to lift weights, but will refrain for a few more days just to heal up so I can hang with you all in the next challenge. I think sometime my quest for knowledge and figuring things out might be a hinderance to my progress. The answers are there, and are not nearly as complicated as I sometimes make them. Lets hang together and push one another as we have. I admire you all.

    Brick - Congrats on the weight loss and get ready for that cruise. You, like everyone else here have been a blessing to me.

    OK, I have a question for you all. I have been considering having a BODPOD scan done this week. I am not sure if it is worth it. I have a scale that give me bodyfat %. Whether it is accurate or not is debatable. But it does give me a number and if I see it going down, i should be ok. I wonder what I will get from the bodpod scan. Should I just trust in how I feel and look in the mirror and not complicate things with this scan?

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Have to leave here in 15 minutes, so not much time, but wanted to make a couple real quick comments:

    Gramps:  Happy Anniversary!  Congratulations!  That is something to truly be proud of.  Yes, you are correct, you will have to get in 20 hours zero to low incline before you can use that feature.  It goes fast, just up your speeds and go for it.  You will love it.  I tried one of the ifit workouts yesterday, and it about killed me.

    Cuervo:  All those fancy schmantzy tests aren't for everyone, but they are for me.  I like a true analysis of where I am at; that is why I did the underwater testing, even tho I am claustrophobic, and hate my face underwater.  I say go for it.  You don't have to do it all the time, but will be a great guideline.  You may find you are in far better shape than you think you are.  I am actually going in for a DXA body fat scan this Friday.  It is supposed to be the most accurate of all.  It tells you exactly where your fat sits, and breaks it all out for you.  I am anxious to see how that compares to the underwater that I had done in Nov.  The test would be $50, but since it is covered on my FSA account, I am going to go for it.  Let me know how you do if you decide to do it.  I will let you know as well.  I hope it doesn't discourage me.....

    Have a great day, Warriors!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good morning Warriors for Life!

    I didn't quite get to enjoy extra sleep last night, the kiddos and wife all have fevers!  Something about this winter, it has really beat up on my family's health!  

    TinyTimmay - The 8 -12$ range is for 4 servings (4 shakes).  The shakes are meal replacments, so it helps in planning 6 meals per day.  I typically have a bar for breakfast, a shake around 9:30, & normally I will have a whey protein shake with a fruit in the afternoon.  There are lots of options out there!  

    Additionally, I like the calipers that GPHiker mentioned.  I thnk the most important thing is to find something that you can do weekly that will show your progress to keep you motivated.  What I have seen work for me and this group is periodically weighing, photos, and measurements.  They combined really tell a good story!  BDMom has quite a bit of experience with this area, so I would check her post.

    Cuervo - I think 24 minutes is slightly agressive for your first 5k.  I would shoot for say 26 minutes for your first & have a goal to run a 5k by the EOY under 24 minutes.  

    As far as the body fat%; it really depends on how accurate you want to be.  I probably would try the calipers first, but, if you really want to know, go for it.  I think BDMom has quite a bit of experience with it, so I would see what she says as well.

    GPHiker - Congrats on the anniversary, that it awesome!

    BDMom - Keep rocking sister.  I agree with Cuervo - you are an inspiration & a great accountability partner.

    Everyone else - I hope all is going well.

  • Staats- I ran years ago and stayed under 24 minutes in my times. I figured I should have that as a goal to reach. Just finishing one would be an accomplishment for me now. I hope in 12 weeks I can get down to a respectable time anyway. Just another goal to reach right?

    Regarding the bodyfat, I have a scale that reads 24 to 25%, but i also have calipers that I have taken many times and get 17% on them. I realize that calipers reach only subcutaneous fat under the skin, and the scales also include visceral fat around your organs and such. I don't really know what another number would do beyond confuse me more. Maybe I should stick with what I an doing and trust in the way i look and feel.

    Have a great day everyone, Monday will start another chapter...lets plan for the best results yet.