BFL Warriors

  • Michelle, you look great.  You had an amazing transformation.  You should be so proud of yourself.  The fact that you inspired your husband to join is even more amazing.  Thanks for joining our group.  

    You inspire us all.

  • Hey Warriors!

    Where is everyone?  Did you all succumb to the turkey coma from your Thanksgiving feast?  Or did everyone go on a holiday with out me?

  • Hi Tracey:

    I think you will find most of this group over on the 11/22 thread, since that is when most started their second challenge...come on over.....

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • All right Warriors for Life!  

    I searched through and am resurrecting this thread.  I will update our 11/22 thread to let you all know - but lets start a ROLE CALL -  Staats all present and accounted for!

    some of us are finishing C-2 & others are on midway through... but we know our gang.  I am going to try & come here once a day for inspiration on finishing C-2, during my AR, and phase 3 of who knows what - probably 3 days of BFL lifting & 4 days of cardio to prep for a half marathon that starts in 8 weeks!

    You guys / gals are great & are my motivation & accountability partners - I love all of you!

  • Here I am, present & accounted for!!

    Leaving work in a few minutes to get a griddle to make some of those great protein pancakes!!

  • I am also here reporting for duty!!!

  • Yeah, Baybee! (Throwing hand up in the air) HERE!!!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Glad to see the old thread has been resurrected. This is a great place for us all to check in for motivation, accountability and just plain freindship. You all have been a blessing to me. Get out your Warrior paint and get ready to go to battle. Spring is around the corner...

  • Happy Friday!!

    Another great WO this AM. HIIT tomorrow AM & then a week of AR before starting the next 12-week cycle.

    cuervo - I am ready for spring ... 12 degrees here this AM!

    Everybody have a great day!!


    "Somehow I can't believe that there are any heights that can't be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four C s. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable."

    ~Walt Disney~

  • Good Morning fellow Warriors,

    I totally hit SNOOZE way to long this monring.  Oh well, will have to hit the last LBWO of the challenge this evening after work & knock out the HIIT tomorrow morning.

    I think we are suppossed to warm up this weekend & into early next week; I cannot wait to start pounding the pavement again!

    Cuervo - I am going to enjoy a week of weights & get ready for our next battle this spring!  Looking forward to heading into another battle with you brother!

    Grandpa Hiker - I feel you on the cold man.  It has been freezing here.  Looking forward to SPRING.

    Everyone else - Keep rocking!

  • HERE!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Saturday!!

    Woohoo!! Just finished last session of this cycle!! HIIT, abs & hiking training!! Boy am I feeling good!!

    BDMom – should we warn the guys at the Gold’s gym that you are coming & they need to up their game!! I am so proud of you for following your heart & going back to school for something that you really like to do. I have not bitten the bullet & order the TM yet, but I think that when I do it will be the Nordic like you got.

    Cuervo – you are right about using our AR time to evaluate & set new goals.

    Staats – I agree with you on the motivation, etc. that we all give & receive from our group. All of you guys are my heroes!

    I hope all of you “Warriors” have a great weekend & AR …. honk honk!!


    Vince Lombardi - What It Takes To Be # 1

  • Just checking in to say HELLO real quick.

    Finished with a great HIIT yesterday followed by a couple dozen reps of each muscle group.  It was a fantastic way to end C2.  

    See you all in the morning.

  • Good morning everyone,

    I hope you all had a great weekend. I had to work both days 3-11, but still got my workouts in and spent a little time with the family.

    I am going to attempt some running at the track this week just to keep things going and prepare for next week. I hope to have a refueled desire and drive to really make some changes during the next 12 weeks. I will make it more official by taking pics every couple of weeks and recording my stats. This last round I didn't keep close track of everything and feel that was a mistake. Monitoring my progress keeps me on track better.

    Hope you all have a good day...To those still kicking it, give it all you have. To those just finishing, dont get too relaxed, Monday comes soon so be ready.

  • Good Morning Warriors...I am full throttle already for me week of AR!

    Cuervo - that is an awesome reminder...Monday is coming soon, so don't get too relaxed.

    After my last workout on Saturday, I spent the day doing a small construction project at a church that is about 30 miles away from where I live.

    Yesterday was my free day and I enjoyed two full fledged free meals.  I didn't feel bad for one minute - LOL!  This morning it is back on track with my egg whites and oatmeal!

    I will probably do some cardio a few days this week to keep the blood flowing.  Some walking and some running will probably be in the mix.

    I am so proud of this whole group...WARRIORS for LIFE!!!!!  Have a great day!