BFL Warriors

  • And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end!!!!

    So happy for you, Michelle! Welcome to the FINISHERS!!! That's so awesome about your husband joining you for C2! Hopefully he'll get in here and check us out, too! I was looking at my husband today (he's pretty cute) and he's really toning up quite nicely if I do say so myself (and I do). He's not doing the food plan for BFL, but he's my workout buddy 6 nights a week. He follows the same pattern of UB, LB and cardio, but he does 45 min. of cardio. And he eats pretty clean..

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Hello!  I was wondering if it would be alright if I started C2 with you guys tomorrow?  I really found the support amazing to get through challenge #1!  blessings,  BOSTON  xo

  • We wouldn't want you anywhere else, BFLifer! Of course! And if you WEREN't in there, we'd probably send the posse out for you!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Hey Warriors!  I'm still here LOL!  It has been a crazy busy week for me.  I am ready to go in the AM for C2!  I too am making a drastic change to my workout to reach my main goal and that is strength gains.  I made significant gains last challenge, but I know I need a few more to get where I personally want to be.  Don't worry though, I'm not going anywhere.

    I did my official weigh in this morning at 219, so I lost almost a half pound over AR.  That made me feel good about my ability to maintain.  I don't want lose more than 5-10 more pounds total.  I can't afford to buy all new suits for Sunday LOL!

    Off for some rest before hitting he weights in the AM...

  • Good Morning, my friends.

    Boston:  We always knew you'd be here for challenge 2.  As Brick said, if you weren't, we would have found you!!!

    Parson:  Don't worry too much about losing more weight, you will continue to add muscle, and will even out.  You probably won't go down too much in sizes, as your muscle catches up with fat loss.  Glad you were able to only lose .5 #'s during AR.  I have gained 3#'s..up to 112 this morning...but that's o.k., 109# was a little low for me.  Good luck today.

    2Conquer:  Make sure to check in when you get home from conference.  Are you ready for week 2 of HV training?  Dreading all that lower body stuff today..ouch!!!

    To everyone else:  I won't have much time on the computer this week.  In-laws getting in around noon tomorrow, so major house cleaning and shopping to do.  We will have several people over for Thanksgiving.  Out for Black Friday sales with my sister by 3:00 a.m. on Friday and then out to dinner with In-laws Friday night.  Not sure what all is in store for the weekend, but don't see much sleep in my near future.  I will try to check in as often as I can though.

    Hugs to you all!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good morning everyone!

    Michelle, SO AWESOME! I am sure the pics will show all the great work you did even through all kinds of adventures in the last few weeks and an illness. You rock!

    BFLifer, Great to see you back and of course, we expected you to come back and join in the fun!

    PB, great job during AR! Don't worry about suits: they can be taken in, right?

    Tracey, great job on week 1!! Kill that week 2...

    Brick, so glad you had fun during dinner. Sounds like it was a very special night. Your hubby is also doing awesome!

    I am on week 2 of the high volume training with BDMom. This is exactly the jolt my muscles needed. I am still doing cardio 3 times/week and weights 3 times/week. Just different on weights. After this, will probably rest for 1 week and then get back on training. I would just miss weights too much.

    Have an awesome day everyone!

  • Here is a picture of my husband and me before we left for our 17th wedding anniversary dinner this past Saturday.  I am so thankful to have him in my life, as well as my beautiful children, and extended family.  I am also thankful  for this great dress I got on clearance at Macy's in the Junior's section (thank you BFL).  I hope you all remember the important things this week, as well as the days and weeks ahead.  REMEMBER:  IT IS NOT HOW MUCH YOU CAN GET OUT OF LIFE THAT MATTERS; IT IS HOW MUCH YOU CAN PUT INTO IT THAT COUNTS. 

    I hope you all have a wondeful Thanksgiving.  We will have company for a week, so I will be scarce, but wanted to share my husband with you and say hello!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good afternoon Warriors!

    Well, I started C2 today & it felt good to work out (UBWO) this morning, eat clean, and drink water!  I am feeling pretty sore this afternoon.  My muscles were burning this AM!

    Michelle - Congrats; you are awesome & we are all proud of you.  I think it is great that your hubby is joining you for C2, I am sure you both will kick some serious butt on C2.

    BDMom - Have fun this week!

    2C & BDMom - Way to go with the HIgh Volume Training - I am sure you guys will do great.

    Traci - Keep checking in; we fully support you.  Awesome job knocking out Week 1.  

    Parson, BFLifer, Cuervo - How was day 1?  You all ready to do battle again!  Are you all going to keep posting here or on the 11/22 forum?

    Everyone else - Keep on keeping on

  • BDMom - Awesome pic & post.

    Congrats on your 17th wedding anniversary.  

    I agree, it is good to reflect on what God has given all of us.  I am totally blessed by Jeni & our 3 awesome little guys.  They make life totally worth living for!  

    Everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  • BDMOm, What a fabulous looking couple!! Yes, we have to be thankful everyday. Thanks for sharing.

    Staats, great to hear from you. Are you doing the same pyramid for weights as in the Challenge 1 or are you switching around? Be interesting to see what everyone is doing for C2. I am going to post mostly on the 11/22 forum so I dont go nuts. Maybe simpler. But, if you and others are posting elsewhere, I am certainly going to follow you.

  • Staats, it was your pictures that finally convinced Jake to do it I think. Thanks for posting them!!!

    The only real obstacles in life are those you place in front of yourself. There is always an alternative or another way around, even if that alternative is just looking at the obstacles in a positive light!

  • 2C - I am sticking to the book with the Weight Portion training during C2.  However, I learned a few things from C1 and I will be switching exercises after 2 sessions to keep my muscles guessing.  I will also add to the original 4 exercise options based on the new BFL Book.

    On the cardio, I am going to do moderate runs on T & Th (~5 - 6 miles) to train for 5 & 10 K races & then really push the 20 minutes cardios on Saturdays.  The cardio pyramids work really well if I push them HARD & have helped really increase my natural race pace.

    For meal planning, I am going to call the EAS folks & ask for the best way to add mass.  I have switched to Myoplex Original shakes daily & will be probably add an extra carb the first 3 meals.  I am really interested to see what they recommend by the way of supplements.  I like the tone & lean look but wouldn't mind adding about 10 more pounds of muscle.  I will probably stop after that because too much more will hinder the long distance running that I have begun to really enjoy.

    As far as forums - I too am going to start sticking to the 11/22 forum as well.  It looks like we are already getting alot of post, so I have some catch up reading to do!

    Michelle - Awesome.  I can't wait to see the awesome results that you & Jake will have on your next challenge.  Enjoy your AR & see you in the gym soon!

  • I posted my final pics. I look ridiculous with my uneven coat of olive oil cooking spray and wearing high heels with a bikini. I find the pictures amusing. They are my little treasure. Sweet!!!!

    The only real obstacles in life are those you place in front of yourself. There is always an alternative or another way around, even if that alternative is just looking at the obstacles in a positive light!

  • Michelle - Darling, you look fabulous!  Congratulations.  I am so proud of you.  I hope you are enjoying AR.  When are you & Jake starting C2?

  • Nice job, Michelle! I hope to see results like yours after this, my second challenge! Congratulations! You look so much happier, and even younger! Great work!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.