BFL Warriors

  • Every time I go to this thread, I have Patty Smyth in my head singing "warrior"!! Love it!  Eating clean today and eager to get to C2-Grateful for this group!!

    BDmom-I think that is so great, what you are doing with your in-laws!  It sounds special and fun.

    Take care everyone!!

  • Afternoon warriors. Its been a very busy day and just getting to check in.

    I did my cardio this morning and WOW, still sore from Monday's weight training and very sore from Wednesday's. This is really kicking it to another level for me. This is the 4-week high volume training that BDMom and I are sharing. We will see the results but be happy to share in case others want to try after your next challenge!

    I have a Christmas party this evening and have brought my food to eat something before rather than jump in and eat crap. If I have anything I will pick at the proteins (chicken or shrimp) and veggies. Also, tomorrow I will be going out of town for an overnight meeting and I plan to take some shakes and other approved foods since I know the dinners at these places are all fried southern food. Maybe I can get some baked fish, if lucky!

    Have a great day and back to the grindstone on Monday for those on AR!

  • Hey, Warriors!  Just wanted to check in.  Couldn't makeit to the gym this morning, so I plan to go tonight.  Friday and Saturday are crazy busy, so I plan to take a nice long walk on Sunday and plan out my workouts for the first quarter.  Can't wait to start again!

  • Staats:  Glad you got a good run feels great.  You better be working on that packet.  I will check on you tomorrow to make sure you got it to the post office.

    Grocery:  Glad your eating is clean.  I'm struggling a bit there, but doing better.  It s/b a nice night out with my in-laws.  They are great people and it will be fun not to have to worry about anyone of us having to drive.

    2Conquer:  Good luck with your party tonite and your trip out of town.  You will do well!  You are totally tuned into it now!  Can't wait for all our buddies to join us back at the gym next week.  I am totally sore today!  Did my 5K run, but still didn't get very good time; will keep working it.  What are you doing on cardio days?  HIIT?

    Susan:  That planning ahead is key.  I have to do the same...sit down and plan my meals for next week, as well as Thanksgiving dinner.  It will be at my house, and we will have around 12+ people.  It s/b fun.  My sister and I alwasy go out on Black Friday as it will be a busy weekend.

    Have a great day, all!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BDMom, I am also very sore. Even from Monday I have some sore spots but not bad. Upper is sore thought! Good sore. For cardio I am sticking with HIIT. I like it and makes me push hard. Treadmill is my least favorite but HIIT works well for me. I am also doing abs right after cardio. I am going to listen to the iTunes 5K training to see what is all about. Maybe I can try that next.

    Have fun with your in-laws!!

  • Morning Warriors! Did really well last night at party as I planned. Today I am off to an overnight retreat 2 hours away and stopped this morning at store to get shakes and a few other foods in case the choices there are all "not approved". Workout today was great too and I am still very sore but this is a good thing. They actually have a gym where I am going so I brought my workout clothes for cardio tomorrow morning.

    Everyone, have a great day and I will check in Sunday or for sure Monday!

  • Traveling and planning ahead! Nice job, Staats! I, too, am going away for the weekend in mid-December and have already looked at the hotel's website for a peek at their fitness center! It's kinda' exciting to plan a workout in a new gym!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • 2Conquer:  How do you feel today?  I am still sore.  The workout today was nice since it was a little shorter.  I added 4 sets of 12  walking lunges with a 40# barbell.  May up the weight on that next week.  Glad you did well at your party; I knew you would.  You are totally in the zone.  Good luck on your retreat.  I wouldn't worry about some of your foods not being totally BFL friendly.  You are at a place now that a little extra won't hurt you.  You don't want to lose anymore weight, so you may have to up your calories a bit and throw some extras in there.

    Brick:  where are you going in December?  Somewhere fun & exciting?

    Today was quite interesting.  When we went to leave for school today, my battery in my truck was dead.  My vehicle is a 2010, and only has 11,000 miles on it.  Not sure why the battery would be out already.  My daughter had a field trip that they were leaving for right when they got to school, and we live 30-40 minutes from the school.  Tried to call husband, but he hadn't turned his cell phone on yet.  Called AAA in the meantime, while continuing to call my husband. He finally turned on phone and answered, and was able to turn around where he was and come home and get the kids, and got them to school in the knick of time.  I called the principal, and she stalled the busses for us for about 8 minutes.  My youngest made it to class a little late, but her teacher didn't count her tardy, which is good because they earn a jeans pass if they are not tardy for a month.  AAA then came and gave me a jump.  I then went and met my husband and traded vehicles with him, so he could go take care of battery. I then went to gym, and then got a little Christmas shopping done.  I am waaaay behind.  My sister and I always go out  on Black Friday; looking forward to getting more done then...yep we are crazy!

    Well, I gott go pick up kids from school soon, but wanted to check in.  Have a fabulous weekend.  We get to make up our anniversary dinner tomorrow.  I am going to order healthy, and avoid any alcohol, since we will be drinking in the limo next weekend with Dh's parents.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Staats: Not sure where to find you today.  DID YOU GET YOUR PACKET MAILED OUT????  You better, if you haven't!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BDMom - Thanks for checking on me, I knew you would!  Yes, I mailed my packet at 3 PM today.  I sent it priority mail & it will be there Monday afternoon!!  Whooo Hooo!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Hey everyone,

    Been really busy around here lately. It is amazing how I ever found time to workout. I haven't had a free minute in 2 weeks. I am ready to go next week. My goals may be a little different than some, and I may stray off of traditional BFL structure just a tiny bit, but I am in it for the long haul. Since I will not be in an"official" challenge, I figure why not experiment a little and see what works and doesn't work for me. I have to do this for life and need all of the experiences I can get. Lets get ready to roll friends.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Hi all!

    It's been most of a week since I chatted with you.  It's been a pretty good week. M y eating has been pretty clean, my biggest problem is eating often enough, I seem to run out of hours before I run out of meals.  

    I am happy to report that I have completed all 6 of my workouts this week.  The results are in: sore legs and sore upper body!  It feels good.  I thought I might have to regain some muscle after my AR, but I was able to just carry on from where I had left off.  What a relief.

    Looking forward to a Free Day tomorrow.  I can sleep in before rushing out the door to church and spending the day with the family.  However, first I have to get through a dessert night and auction tonight for our little school.  I think I will have to take some dessert with me that I can eat while the others are eating cheesecake and other delights.  I will probably whip up some ricotta (lite) with a little  stevia and cocoa powder.  Yum. That should keep me happy.

    Well, have a great weekend everyone.  If I don't chat with you before next weekend, Happy Thanksgiving to all my neighbours in the South!  Go easy on the stuffing!

    C2: W1/12 done!

  • Yay Tracey!!!!!!! You're doing great. Keep it up. That ricotta sounds awesome. Thanks for the holiday wishes. It took me a minute (and a visit to your profile) to realize that you're Canadian. I am a blonde...

    The only real obstacles in life are those you place in front of yourself. There is always an alternative or another way around, even if that alternative is just looking at the obstacles in a positive light!

  • Cuervo:  Sounds like you have been busy.  How is Parson; we haven't heard from him in a little while?  Telll him to check in with us!  Even if your goals are different and your exercises, you are still part of the team and we want to hear from you.  2Conquer and I are doing different things, but will still check in to be accountable.  Best of luck to you starting on Monday; you are goign to blow this challenge out of the water!!!

    Tracey:  Good to see you checking in.  I think it is one of the things that kept me going and accountable in my first challenge.  Really try to get those meals in; it is so important.  If you can only squeeze 5 in and they are good quality/portion meals, then go with that, but don't go under that because your body really needs the food/nutrition to fuel your workouts/metabolism.  Good job on getting your workouts in.   Your muscles have good memory and can usually pick up where you left off.  WTG!   I hope you were able to sleep in.  We go to church early, so have to be up early on Sunday.  How did the auction go?  Did you bring your own dessert?

    Hi Michelle (aka Champion)!!!

    Have a fabulous day, my friends!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I did it!!! I did it!!! I did it!!! My last HIIT is in the bag. Plus, I got the best news today! My DH is going to join me for challenge number 2!!! Also, he ran my last HIIT with me. He hasn't run in several years and he did great! He will be passing me up in no time.

    I'm so excited! I'm going to buy myself a bottle of spray tan TONIGHT! I'll post my pics in another couple of days when I feel tan enough to take them.

    You all have been so good to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    "We are the champions, my friends...." -Queen


    The only real obstacles in life are those you place in front of yourself. There is always an alternative or another way around, even if that alternative is just looking at the obstacles in a positive light!