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  • BDMom

    DO IT BRICK...SOUNDS PERFECT!  They all kinda kick in and pick up where needed when needed...geese that is.....


    Yes, that's the story - it's just like how our group supports one another and it makes the "flight" that much easier for us. When should the new thread start?

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Hey Brick:  I say start it in the next day or two.  We can pretty much close the 8/16 thread out once Michelle finishes up this week....when we find her!  If you start it soon, it will give those out there, who are wanting to start on 11/22, time to find it and get acquainted, and start comparing notes.  Wish I had Michelle's e-mail address.  I thought she made it home from her trip in one of her last posts....

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I sent her a message of FB and told her the 816ers are looking for her! I agree about the next day or two.

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Alright - I couldn't wait...

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Thanks for all the encouragement.

    Brick, I really like the geese story.  I think I will take it to school for one of the motivational talks I have to give this year.  There is no substitute for team work.  I have heard of an African saying that seems to fit here too.  "If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together"  I think that by going on this journey together we can go farther as we support each other.  

    I completed my UBWO this morning, not as fast as it could have been.  I need to get back in the groove.  My arms were tired though, so it was a good start.  1 down, 83 more to go!  My eating needs to get straightened out too.  Two weeks AR maybe allowed me some bad habits again, although I managed to lose 3 pounds in that time!  Eating clean tomorrow!

    Check in with you all tomorrow.


  • Morning Warriors! Hope everyone is doing well this morning. I joined the new 11/22 group to chat there and provide support. Like BDMom I wont be starting the challenge per se that week but I will be there cheering on. I am doing 4 weeks now and restarting maybe a modified challenge. Havent yet really decided how to approach it but it will be similar.

    Had a great workout cardio and abs today! Feels great to start again. I know everyone is anxious to get started even thru Thanksgiving.

  • I'm here, I'm here!!!!! I posted on 8/16. Heart you all!


    The only real obstacles in life are those you place in front of yourself. There is always an alternative or another way around, even if that alternative is just looking at the obstacles in a positive light!

  • Tracey:  How is your eating today?  Clean I hope.  Mine has been better today....gotta keep at it.

    I did my 5K training today and need to pick up the speed on my running; not quite there yet.  I am super SORE from my weight workout yesterday.   A week without weights, and my body is feeling it today!  I had to do quick abs since I help out in my daughter's computer class on Tuesday mornings.

    I found out today that my gym has been bought by another gym.  I am bummed and not sure yet what I am going to do.  I know they will probably honor current memberships, but they may close the location that I go to.  Time will tell, and I'm not going to worry about it yet.  I feel bad for the trainers though; it sounds as if they will have to take huge paycuts if they stay....sad!

    My eating has been good today..trying to really hone in on that.  I will be going out to dinner with hubby on Saturday, since our sitter got sick last week.  I will eat something healthy, and have to really be focused on eating well from now until Thanksgiving.  We have company coming in, and lots of dinners out, and Thanksgiving dinner, etc.....

    I will be sending out my packet tomorrow.  I am almost done putting it all together.

    Well, have a wonderful day!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BDMom - Yay!!!! I'm so excited that your packet is going out tomorrow! Those packets are the reason for the competition. If no one sent them in, EAS and Abbott wouldn't know how many people are buying their products because of BFL and may not keep this forum open. I'm going to submit one too even though I have absolutely no doubt that I will not even place. Haha! I probably will go ahead and take only one week of AR. I'm not sure I can handle more than that. I'll get bored too quickly. I really need the structure of this program.

    Tracey - WELCOME!!! It's so nice to have new people join our group. I love these forums and am always super excited and motivated every time I read them.

    Brick - your pics are great! I love the muscle tone and definition. The pictures definitely recall all your posts about the torso rotation and reps and weights you used on that machine. It is certainly showing! Thanks for FBing me. I have been all over the place with being sick and of course having a gazillion things to do after being away from home for 4 days.

    All - I'm so sorry I deserted you over the last week. :-( I rocked my UBWO today and it feels great.

    Susan - LOLOLOLOL about your tummy screaming at you. I think it's important to "slip up" every now and then so that we can truly appreciate the positive changes we've made in ourselves and our diets. (I too love McD's FF - I even had one McRib on a free day but it really wasn't worth it to me so haven't repeated that experience)

    Thanks for checking in on me so much, y'all!


    The only real obstacles in life are those you place in front of yourself. There is always an alternative or another way around, even if that alternative is just looking at the obstacles in a positive light!

  • That's a great point about submitting your entry form.  I never even thought of that.  I will try to get it in.

  • Just wanted to say Good Morning Warriors! AR almost done so get your plans ready for next one starting Monday!

  • Good Morning BFL Warriors.

    OK, I have officially had enough AR.  I was gonna totally take the whole week off, but I am cutting out junk, and I plan on taking a nice long run tomorrow morning.  I know that it will be fun to break a sweat.

    My parents dropped in yesterday for a surprise visit, so I have not had time to finish my package.  My new goal is to mail it in Friday.  My mom was totally impressed be how quickly my body went from mid thirties back to my old Army body.

    I went & bought the BFL for Champions book & look forward to reading it.  I gave the original BFL book to a friend at work who may be joining me for C-2.  

    Lastly, I had a GNC Manager contact me over the weekend & he gave me 75% off all his Ready to Drink Myoplex shakes.  Since I am planning on building muscle next challenge, I made the hour drive & bought 3 cases for the price of less than 1!  He now has my information & will call me when any stores have sales within his region (Basically gets to within 90 days of expiration).  I am totally pumped.

    Damage - I hope your interview went great.  Self confidence is the key!

    Traci - Welcome to the Warrior thread - all these people are champions!  

    Traci, 2C, BDMom - I hope all your work outs are going great!  I am envious, can't wait to hit it next week!

    BDBabe....... I mean BDMom :) Did you get your package in yet?  I am currently finishing my essay.

    I hope everyone else is doing great!

  • Good afternoon fellow Warriors:

    Been a busy day.  I dropped off kids at school, and went to the gym.  This high volume training 2conquer and I are doing is kicking my butt.  I am still sore from Monday's workout, and have no doubt today's workout will be haunting me tomorrow.  Anyhow, after that, I had lunch with an old friend..she is a lady who is 80 and I have known her for nearly 25 years.  She is a lot of fun to spend time with, and so alert and healthy for her age.  She wanted me to take a walk with her before we went to lunch, so we walked for about an hour.  We then went to Mimi's cafe for lunch.  I had a small cup of french onion soup (I could have had a bowl...), and then I had a veggie flatbread (grilled veggies w/hummus) and a salad.  It was yummy.  I won't eat now until I have dinner (turkey meatloaf and salad).  AND THEN....I went to the post office to priority mail my BFL package in.  It felt good to sign, seal and deliver that to the post office.  Now, it is done, and I don't have to worry about it anymore.  The kids s/b home from school any minute and then the real chaos starts with dinner, showers, homework, talking about their day.....the fun stuff!  

    Wow, can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?  I can't get over it.  I gotta clean out my fridge so I have room to put the turkey in there when I get it this weekend.  I am gonna send all the desserts home with everyone else!  I don't want them around here tempting me.

    My husband's parents are coming in for Thanksgiving.  Their 50th anniversary is the day after, so I booked a limo and we are going to take them out for a nice dinner.  The limo will put a happy anniversary sign inside limo and provide a complimentary bottle of champagne.  S/B a fun night.  

    Michelle: I never thought of sending in my packet for the reason you mentioned above, but makes total sense for sure.  I think you will do fine with one week of AR, especially since you missed a bit last week.  Just listen to your body.  You know what you are doing now.

    Staats:  A week of AR was all I could handle.  I actually did the TM 3x last week, but not really fast, and I did stay away from the weights.  I am feeling that this week...I think it was wise to do that.  Get that packet in on Friday; that way you don't have to worry about it over the will be done!  Awesome deal on that Myoplex; that is fantastic!  What a bargain!  I did get my packet out today.  The essay was the hard part.  I just tried to write from my heart.  I didn't have any heart wrenching stuff to put in there.  I just tried to relay how pleased I am with the program, and how I really would like to pay it forward.

    Weather here is's a great day to be alive!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good morning!

    Where are all of our warrirors?  It is getting quiet around here; I think the holidays are lurking.....

    Just had some yamcakes.  Will take girls to school and then do my 5K training and abs, then try to get a little Christmas shopping done.  I have done zero shopping, and usually I have quite a bit done by now.  Eating will be clean today and the rest of the week.  Gotta focus on portion sizes, as I think they are gradually getting bigger.  

    Have a fantastic day, everyone!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good Morning Warriors!!

    I had a great 50 minute road run this morning.  It feels awesome to get those lungs & legs burning again.  I plan on eating BFL style today & drinks lots of H2O.

    I can't wait to start C2 next week.  I am going to adjust Cardio days to 2 long runs with 1 Interval run on the treadmill to help with speed work development.  I want to be ready this Spring for a 5k.  I would really like to run one now & then pick a Goal Time for this spring.

    BDMom - My parents leave today so I am going to try... no... I am going to get my packet finished & mailed tomorrow during lunch.  Please badger me & hold me accountable to that!  I, like you, have no gut wrenching story, but I am very pleased with the program & excited to help share it with others.

    Great job on getting your packet in.

    Everyone have an awesome day.