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  • Grocery:  I have seen those clear heels on e-bay.  I didn't want to spend the extra money, since BFL and most other photographers will cut your feet out of pictures anyway.  This photographer that I went to said he typically crops below the knees, but since BFL wants full body shots, that is what he did.

    Cuervo: Altho I am not doing the next challenge, I am starting my program next week.  I don't want to lose anymore weight; I would like to continue to build muscle and then maintain.  Not sure how to do it other than trial and error.

    Brick:  Wow, sounds like quite a workout for AR week.  Be careful not to burn yourself out.  Try to save some of that stamina leading into the next challenge.  I am sure it is gonna take all you've got.  Abs...go for it.  I think most women have that trouble spot.  I probably don't have a place to say, since I am not offiicially in the next challenge, but I would say to wait, definately, on starting the thread.  We have so many different places to post right now. Once Staats & Michelle finish up, we will pretty much be done with the 8/16 thread.  We can then maintain this one, and the new 11/22 one.  Just my thoughts.

    Well, nighty night my friends.

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  • Grocery, I've seen clear heels at Belk and Dillard's also.

    Brick - might want to visit the doc and get some of your vitamins/minerals/ electrolytes/blood count checked. Contrary to popular opinion, there are MULTIPLE reasons my patients cramp: iron deficiency anemia, thyroid abnormalities, not drinking enough water, magnesium deficiency, B12 deficiency, Folate deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency (especially those who take statins to control cholesterol).... The list could probably go on but I bet that's enough for now. Sometimes patients come in and all of their labs and physical exam are normal. In those cases, we sometimes prescribe bedtime magnesium or muscle relaxers. It's funny, but even if a patient is not magnesium deficient, the magnesium at bedtime has some unique muscle relaxant properties. Please understand that for licensing and medical malpractice reasons, I am not giving you medical advice or in any way advising you to do anything but visit your doctor if the problem continues. I have always found that I and my patients often find muscle cramps frustrating and intriguing because there is often no detectable cause. Just saying... Glad you had fun at the gym. i know you missed it! I'm interested to hear what people's responses are about the fat loss. That is where I am definitely aiming in my next challenge.

    Y'all, I also posted on the 8/16 thread. I'm tired and I need a shower. Later!


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  • BDMom, I totally agree on starting the new post. I'm already bouncing all over the place on this site! I love all the friends I've made (and continue to make), but it takes a lot of time! Maybe midway through the week prior to the start...

    Michelle, thanks for the insight on the cramp relief. I understand completely that it's not medical advice, but thanks nonetheless. i've tried a lot of those things - this has been going on for almost 5 years. Last year, my diet contained 100% of the RDA of just about everything while I was on my weight loss replacement meal plan. I was drinking about 100 oz. of water a day. In 2008, I had a CBC done complete with hormone levels and all kinds of stuff. Everything came back within normal ranges. Those tests were suggested by the nutritionist I was working with, since I was on a strict 1200 calorie diet, eating 6x per day, exercising 3x a week and not losing. Just lucky, I guess. That's why I'm so determined to play this lousy hand well and turn it around by building lots of muscle. I know it's going to take years, but time is something I have plenty of.  More time than Morris Day, as I always say!

    I'm not going to go and do LBWO with my hubby tonight, I've decided. My daughter has a school project due Friday and we're going to work on that tonight. It should be fun. They have a class "turkey" and "feathers" have been sent home with each child to be decorated in ways that tell a story about your family. So I printed three pages of 2x2" pictures (in a Word doc) from our family albums all the way back to Emma's first pictures. There are pictures of weights, an Arc Trainer, pets, sushi, all kinds of stuff. She's very excited over my choices of pictures, and I'm excited to work on the project with her.

    Off to start my day! See you all at the office!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Good morning Warriors:

    I have to say that I treated my first real day off program like a free day.  I ate too much of a lot of stuff I shouldn't have, and know that I need to pull in that reign tight this week, especially with the lack of exercise.  Monday, I didn't have pics until noon, so I only had a rice cake with peanut butter & fruit preserves right before that.  Pics didn't get finished until nearly 3:00, so I had some turkey meat on a sandwich thin.  I then ate pretty well the rest of Monday.  But, yesterday was a different story.  I am taking my daughter to lunch today and she wants Subway.  I will just get a turkey sub, so no problem there.  I have already had my blueberry protein pancakes for BF, so off to a good start today.

    I plan to go to the gym today, and do some cardio similar to yesterday.  Next week on M,W,F, I will start my high volume weight training, and then on T,Th&Sat, I will be doing my C25K to prepare for my 5K on December 18th.

    Brick:  I think you made a good decision to stay home from the gym.  I don't think you can walk through those front doors of that gym, and have a low-moderate have far too much energy than that, and when you are there, you want to give it your all.  It is a great feeling to have that desire to workout. is not so busy for me.  I am going to drop kids off at school, go get a light workout in, run a few errands, take daughter to lunch, hit Costco and then head home to get some chili in crockpot for dinner.  Our temps are finally dropping, and I love it.

    I have been working on my BFL packet, and hope to get it out early next week.  It is just the final step in completing this first challenge.  I don't anticipate anything to come of it, especially since there are nearly 50,000 - 70,000 packets submitted during the year (that is an estimate on my part, based on what Legs posted in another post).  She said 700,000 download or have packet sent to them, but just a small fraction actually submit.  I am figuring 5-10%.  Anyhow, I want to get my Certificate of Completion to hang proudly on my wall in the office.  Maybe I'll mail it out to all the warriors and have them sign it and then send it back......

    I guess there is nothing else to report right now.


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good morning!!

    I have been eating on plan and really trying this week to add to new habits: more veggies and take supplements as I should (CLA and glutamine for now). So far so good. I also did 20 mins cardio (walking alone is boring so have been mising with some light jogging). Also, did today some circuits (pushups, tricep dips, band biceps and band rows) as well as some planks. All to keep it moving but as BDMom said, its really hard not to push too much once you start so it didnt feel like much of an AR workout (even without weights). Will try to slow it down tomorrow.

    Cuervo, I am on the same boat: dont want to loose more weight but want to add muscle. So, I have been looking for routines for bodybuilders (women) and I will have to play with food. I tend to cut too many carbs so I will add accordingly to stay between 115-120. I think I will have to do adjust weekly to find that balance. I have a new workout routine for week 1and see how that goes. I may post it later.

    Brick, I know how you feel once you get in the gym. Its just hard to do it light! Hope you can fgure out the cramps soon. Has to be painful and annoying too. Have fun with the school project. On the new thread, I also prefer to go with one and I thought this one was going to be it. But, if you guys want a new one for the new challenge, I am in.

    BDMom, would be great if you can post an example of what you call high volume weight training. I am looking for ideas! Good luck with the packet. Hope you win!! Cant wait to see your pics. I decided not to use the oil but I agree that it would be much nicer. Maybe I will do real pics by summer.

    Grocerygirl, Damage, Parson and everyone else, have a wonderful day!

  • 2conquer:  I will PM you my e-mail address. The training would be easier to send in an e-mail -vs- typing out here.  I got it out of an "ON FITNESS" magazine that is typically what personal trainers use.  This is a prelude....An occasional high volume cycle can be quite effective for stimulating new muscle growth.  In fact, some of the top athletes in the world have on occasion used a high volume cycle.  The key to making it work is to keep it fairly short.  A short high volume cycle can spur a nice spurt of growth, but you must stop the cycle fairly quickly, so your body doesn't rebel with lack of gains.  They offer a full month of workouts, that you cycle through (3 different workouts).  You do them three times a week, but have to take a full day's rest between.  They say to keep cardio where it is for the first two weeks, but the final two weeks, you have to cut back on cardio as well.  I can e-mail you the actual workouts.  You may have to google a few of the exercises.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good Morning Warriors!  

    Wishing everyone a great day!!

  • HAPPY VETERANS' DAY to all the veterans out there! Thank you.

    After one or two less-than-smart food choies, the eating is back on track today. Last night I made Buffalo Chicken Pizzas - very BFL-friendly with a little tweaking of the recipe. I used pre-made wheat crusts (I could have used tortillas) and lowfat blue cheese dressing, but just a little. I took cold, grilled chicken bre asts and put them int he food processor with carrots and celery. I added a little hot sauce to moisten it, and there I had a perfect BFL meal, even without the crust! Of course, today I'm having the leftover topping for lunch. YUM!

    Today should be a busy, but smooth day. I have a lot of running around to do, but I've scheduled a lot of time in between errands so there's no push. I am in AR after all, right? :-) The kiddo is going to the Y today since there's no school. That's a couple of miles out of the way, but it's all good. Their program runs until way late, so I may just let her stay all day until 5:30 or so. I get out of work at 2, and the cat, Gary (named after SpongeBob's cat/snail) has a vet appointment for his annual exam at 3:50. It will take me that long to get him in his carrier! I should be back home by 4:30 or so. Depending on what time hubby gets home, I may go work out with him if we can be finished in time to get the llittle one before the daycare program ends.

    Hope you're all having a great day, focusing on what's important, and taking good care of yourselves! I'll check back in a little later...

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Good Morning Warriors:

    Enough is I am eating totally clean.  I guess that is why they say you learn so much during AR.  I am learning that it won't take long to undo what I've done, if I'm not careful.  I am so much better about eating "right" when I am working out as well.  No more excuses....gonna have a good clean day.  Already planned all my meals for next week, as well as my workouts.

    Brick:  Sounds like a busy day.  My girls actually go to school today, but they have a veteran's day chapel and pep assembly, so not much real work to do today.

    Today is like a Friday for me.  Girls out of school tomorrow for teacher in service day.  I am taking them needs a dress for an event, and the other some new tennis shoes.  I have a date with my husband on Saturday for our 17th anniversary, so will probably try to find something fun to wear.

    Better get kiddos up and to school.

    Have a wonderful day, everyone...and don't forget our veterans!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • way to go. keep up the good work.

  • BDMom, I know exactly what you mean about food. I have been keeping it clean myself not to derail too much. Enjoy the day with the girls.

    Brick, that pizza sounds just great. I dont like cooking at all and mostly grab something quick like tuna or chicken. But, that pizza I may have to try! Enjoy the day.

    I did the treadmill this morning for 20 mins and some leg and ab exercises as well just to keep moving and on schedule. In past, when I stop cold for a week, makes t harder to get back on it. I have been eating more veggies but I guess the extra fiber has my tummy not too great. I guess this is the time to adjust to it. I have also been taking the CLA but I think I am stopping. I have experienced some of the water weight gain others have mentioned so I will stop it. No need to retain water!

    Have a great day Warriors!

  • 2Conquer:  I had some stomach discomfort when taking the CLA in the prescribed dosages.  When I cut back, I seemed to do better.  However, from what EAS told me..the amount I was then taking wasn't enough to make a difference.  But, I still think it may have helped some.  When you are eating lots of veggies, it's even more important to get those whole grains (to keep the system moving).  I will send you that e-mail a little later today.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi, all!  Just wanted to check in.  AR is going well.  Gonna do some cardio tomorrow--enjoy the last of this glorious weather.  I think it's supposed to be 74 degrees tomorrow.

    Have a good night's rest!

  • Good Morning W A R R I O R S!!!!

    It is Friday already.  First week of AR almost done!  My only week of AR is almost done.  I will go back to gym on Monday.  Gotta get my head back in the game.

    Girls are out of school today, so we are going shopping.  We will go to Paradise Bakery for lunch, and I will get a grilled chicken salad w/ bals viniagerette.  I packed some cottage cheese and a boiled egg to add to my salad for some extra protein.  I will make some chocolate banana protein pancakes for BF, and have my soy latte while out.  The rest of the day will be clean as well..promise!

    We have a busy weekend planned.  My 12 year old is going to a dinner party tonite for her friend's 13th birthday; they will then take an Escalada limo to a goofy golf/amusement park to do bumper cars, and then for a sleepover.  I never had parties like that when I was young!  My husband and I are going out for our anniversary tomorrow night (no limo).  He then goes tailgating and to the football game on Sunday, so the girls and I are gonna have a girl's day at home.  Doing hair & nails, etc...I have a diary from 7th & 8th grade I told them I'd read to them; they are super excited about that.  I also have a recipe from Curtis Stone Biggest Loser chef for 100 calorie cupcakes.  We will probably make those.

    Anyhow.....I hope you all have a fantastic Friday, and a wonderful weekend.  I will check in periodically!

    Susan: That weather does sound lovely.  We are actually in the 70's this week as well; I am loving it!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good morning, A busy day already.

    BDMom, enjoy the weekend and date with you husband! That will get you ready for Monday.

    Susan, great to hear from you. Yes, here the weather is nice during the day but cools down fast at night and in the AM.

    I have been eating clean but too much. I have been hungrier this week than during the challenge. I just work with it. This AM doing light cardio I noticed that I am tired. I have been doing treadmill everyday and its catching up. So, tomorrow I wont do cardio just light exercises and all free Sunday. I am also starting with weights on Monday!

    Ok, have a great day everyone and check in!