BFL Warriors

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    I am back!  Had to take off Wednesday to Saturday last week due to my pulled tooth.  Yeah, it sucked.

    But...... hit LBWO Monday, HIIT yesterday, and will hit UBWO today.  Been crazy busy at work so no follow up post today.  

    All - Rock on!

  • Good Monday Warriors,

    We ran our first 5K on Saturday. Weather cold wet  and windy. When I say cold I mean cold not summer showers but fall type cold. Frost on the windshield cold. We also almost ran the 10k. In all my excitement we got to the race a little early about 20 min. The organizer told me to get there around that time because that was when the warmup would start. So as we got there the warmup had already started and they said go. Go we did then my daughter said it was the 10k. I asked someone and they confirmed it so we stopped and went back to the started line and waited did our warmup then ran.

    Here are the stats : Chris did it in 31 min, Julie 41.51 min, and I did 33 min. so not too bad with a sore back didn't bother me until after the race still nursing it. I ran part of the race with Julie since we trained together then she got mad and told me to go run with Chris so I did. Chris was way ahead of me so I hauled ass and tried to catch him. He was always in eye sight so kept my eye on the prize had to slow my pace a bit then I caught a break he started walking finally caught up to him. We ran together for a bit then he took off then he would walk and I would catch up again. That went on throughout the race. At one point I thought I was going to cross the finish line first. No sooner got that idea in my head who's beside me yep Chris. We ran together for a while then near the end we had to cross a street where there were crossing guards stopping traffic for us. A bunch of people had just crossed so we had to hurry. As we were crossing I told Chris to go meaning hurry up to cross the street. Well he took off like a shot I tried to keep up to him but couldn't so he was gone and I settled in to my old man In my head I'm still 20 haha! Oh yea almost forgot I ran on a full bladder the whole race thought I was going to piss my pants. I didn't realize the bathroom was at the other end of the field until after the race. So proud of my kids. They did great. Julie finished strong which I was surprised, she came in sprinting. We went to Wendy's for lunch then home to relax.


    Hope your feeling better by now and back at it. This is for life so miss a few just need to work harder when you get back at it. That's how I look at it now.

    Have a great day Warriors, push hard run faster keep trying to push that envolope.


  • Happy Halloween Humpday,

    Warrior Challenge got done as far as I could go. 101 pushups, 21,13,13,13,15,16,10 = 101. ABOUT 30 MIN. Not so great but a place to start from. Also in this challenge is pullups=0 for me work in progress. The Challenge is this 100 pushups in 2 sets, 20 pullups. The first one that can do this in one routine wins bragging rights. We are all struggling right now on pullups which are a measure of fitness. Back is almost normal again so time to start training again.

    Hope everyone is doing ok with their fitness challenges.

    Have a great day warriors.

  • Happy Friday Warriors,

    Hope everybody had a fun Halloween. Ours was cold and wet not great weather and not too many kids roaming the streets these days either. The neighborhood has matured all the kids have grown up. We had our traditional Halloween Lunch at work. This year was pizza day and side salad. Was ggod to get together with the gang. No beer for this one.

    later warriors make those wo count. If you are the hardest working person in your gym you will see results.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Congrats Claude!! To you and all your family!! Just wonderful!

  • Hi Warriors!! So sorry for being MIA! Thanks Claude for keeping the threat going.

    Well, I did it. I FINISHED my first full marathon. I am so happy that I accomplished such a milestone. After my injury I never ever doubted I could do this. But the last 4 miles where the toughest thing I have ever done. So, I crossed the finish line completely spent. Regardless, I am today feeling very proud! And, already thinking about my next 5K next Sunday and a couple more Thanksgiving Day and December 6. Then, a few half marathons in 2014. For another full, I will have to wait more time.

    Hope everyone is reaching for their goals and looking ahead to the next one!

  • Hey Warriors,

    Sorry been crazy busy the last while. Workouts have been reduced to one a day as I'm now working 7 am - 8 pm.  getting in what I can. Still doing KB on Sat. mornings. Have moved into the place of no return 32k Kettlebell for some of my exercises. Pushing it hard as that's the only way to go in that class. That's how we roll.


    Congats on your Marathon. My daughter has hung up her outside shoes until warmer Fair weather runner for now. She will run on TM for the winter. That's a huge accomplishment truly insperational.

    Hit it hard and keep pushing Warriors.

  • Hey Warriors where is everyone??????????

    I have been busy working OT for next couple of months. Still getting workouts in thanks to my work having a gym I can use. I think if I had to go to my gym I wouldn't make it all the time. A bunch of us on MFP are involved in a Warrior Challenge The Idea is once or twice a week 100 pushups and 20 pullups. Pushups are 2 x50. Ijust got my trainer to fix my pushups as I was doing them wrong. I had my hands turned in and that put alot of stress on my shoulders. I thought I had my hands straight go figure always good to get an expert opinion. So now I turn my hands slightly out and the burning has gone away and I;m not fighting the pain while doing them. I am doing more now than before pain free.Still not up to 2 x 50 yet but getting there. I suck at pullups and haven't really worked on them yet but will. I also have been using magnesium oil for muscle recovery and it is doing just that. After KB Class my body the next day felt like a truck hit it not since I've been as I call it Rubbing BUDDA. I rubb it on my belly legs and arms and shoulders once in the morning and once at night before bed. It relaxes the muscles and may even help my migraines. Dependinding how deficient you are will depend on results. We depete our magnesium supply daily. Check out WWW.MAGNESIUMFORLIFE. My weight has been going down some but not where I want it to be yet. A work in progress as they say.

    Have a great week Warriors