BFL Warriors

  • Good Friday Warriors,

    Finally got to run outside with Julie yesterday. I think she liked it she just need to learn how to breath. She needs to take deeper breaths in through the nose out through the mouth that will be her new mantra. It was a beautiful sunny day,nice day for a run. Now she wants to do my trail run. Depending how it pans out it could be easy or very difficult. The trail has some flat some hills that are very steep and not so steep. Will make for an interesting run/walk program. We did 5 min.walk/ 5 min run for 40 mins. did 2.6 miles so not too bad. Hopefully we will be up to running the whole 5k. As long as we cross the finish line that's all that matters. Should be a good confidence boost for her. Sorry I haven't been around much just too busy home and work.

    WPBill by now you should have started your new program. Let us know how your doing. Are you back to free weights yet?

    That night run sounds like fun.


    Good to hear from you. You know what to do to get back on track. Our schedules get so crazy sometimes makes it hard to get those workouts in. You have this. I am always working on the eating part work in progress. Good to switch things up at least you can get it in that way.


    Congrats on the half marathon the main thing is you finished. Your time will improve we all have ups and downs. Hope all is looking up for you with your injuries. Rest is so important.

    To all who I have missed. Keep moving forward hope to hear from you soon.


  • Good Monday morning Warriors,

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am down 1.6# since my last weigh in. I have decided to change things up a bit with my workouts. I have decided to do kettlebell routine 3 times per week as my weight routine and do cardio 4 times a week. had a brutal kb workout sat can still feel it today. I am also doing alot of heavy lifting at work this week too. Last week I did in one day 380 squats 1/3 was deep, 1/3 half, 1/3 was 1/4 squats with 35#. Also burnt my shoulders from lifting each ballistic panel in and out of the case x 10. Other than that pretty quit around here.

    Hope someone checks in soon.

    Have a great day warriors.

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Claude - I am here brother!  KB workouts rule... enjoy!

    Last weeks accountability - I did HIIT on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday & UBWO on Tuesday, LBWO on Thursday, and I missed my UBWO on Saturday.  Food was on par, still not as BFL disciplined as I did several years ago in round 1, but I am getting close.

    Saturday was crazy.  We host a United Way 5K where I work.  I also had 2 boys' ball games & just couldn't squeeze in my workout!  Oh well, that is the for Life part!

    This morning - My LBWO was awesome this morning.  I just finished my soreness from last week's LBWO.  I moved from leg curls to lunges with weights for my Hamstrings & it was killer!  

    Everyone - Have a blessed day!

  • I'm getting frustrated with this site again...anyone have an idea how to add a friend here?  Not too intuitive for this software consultant...

  • Hey warriors,

    Had a great cardio with my son last night. He missed a weight training session on the weekend and was going to do it last night asked me for advice. Since he would be with his trainer today told him to do cardio instead as she will beat him up good tonight. So we did stairmaster for 15. Then did eliptical which had a setting for upper body. The way it works is you have 2 options either push or pull. The push works chest abs and all muscles in front. The pull works the back so we did 15 of each. I was never a fan of the eliptical as it reminded me of being a hamster on a wheel. This machine changed that so will use it more often now just to change things up. I was soaked by the time we finished.


    Thanks for the encouragement. Yes KB Rocks my world right now. will head to the gym at lunch and get in a routine haven't figured out what but I will before I get there. My muscle recovery seems to be getting better too finally. I know I am pushing hard but because I'm not as sore as I used to be think I am not doing Close fit looser too so I know I am doing what I need to do. I don't eat BFL style all the time the trick is keeping it clean and not reverting back to old habits. As for missing a wo it's life and you know that too. So don't  sweat the small stuff. Gotta love those lunges I try and do then as part of my routine. I have noticed that all the trainers at the gym make their clients do them to. so best bang for your buck. If you go to a gym watch what the trainers are doing with their clients. Most of the exercises they make their clients do will yeild results as far as working muscles differently. Good ways to change things up.


    I sent you info and a friend request too enjoy buddy. Gotta get back to work now more squats and lifts sure is fun getting paid to

    Push Hard Run Faster and be Strong warriors.

  • @ Claude - thanks.  I accepted the friend request, but didn't see the info.  This is such a frustrating website in need of an overhaul.  (OK, I'm done venting...and still here, so it can't be that bad).

    I had a good day yesterday.  For the first time in a long time I met all of my goals (or as we warriors call it, a Natalie day -   Perfect diet/Perfect exercise).  83 more and I'll have another challenge under my belt...

    Hope you all are doing the same.  I'm looking forward to weights for lunch and running for an hour tonight with my son's soccer team.  I am assistant coaching again, so when I'm in town, I get an extra 2 workouts per week.  Win-win.

    Cheers, Y'all


  • Frick,

    Thanks, here's what I did for you. Doulbe click on the persons name. That should bring you to their profile. Then top right hand corner you will see Add as friend, click on it write your message then bottom left corner Send friend request. Congrats on your Natalie day.  Way to get extra in when you can.


  • Can anyone answer this question?  I make the protein pancakes this many servings is it?  It says one on the receipe but it makes a huge amount?  I don't want to blow my meal by eating 2 or 3 times the amount.  Thank you very much.

  • Hi mariab1,

    if the book says one then go with that. I have never made them so  might not be the best person to answer this. I'm sure if I'm wrong someone will let me know. Also go to In the kitchen thread you will most likely get the answer there.

  • serving the size of your palm or size of your fist...if you are hungry after 2 hrs, it wasn't enough.  If you are not hungry after 3 hrs it was too big.  rules of thumb to live by.  Listen to your body, it knows what it needs.

  • thanks!

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Hit my HIIT yesterday morning & it was the farthers & best I have done in a while.  I guess 45F weather will allow you to do that.

    Traveled all day yesterday to NW Ohio.  My hotel used to have a pass to the local YMCA, they stopped that this summer.  So.... I did a bunch of push ups, wall stands, and chair dips.  30 minutes later I felt pretty shaky.  Adapt & overcome right?!  I will hit HIIT tomorrow AM & then take the 6 hr drive back to SE Illinios.

    Claude - How is the KB workouts going my friend?  I thought of you last night when I checked in.  Had I known this place didn't have a gym I would have brought my 35 KB's.

    Mariab1 - I agree with Frick.  There used to be a rule of thumb on protein versus your weight for daily amounts, but I can't remember the formula.  Anymore, I do what Frick says at every meal which is out the BFL book - size of palm or fist for each carb, protein, and veggie.

    Frick - Congrats on your "Perfect Day", see if you can make it 2 in a row!

    Everyone else - Have a blessed day & make every minute count!

  • as for protein, for women (not being sexist I hope) it is probably close to .75 gr per lb of target weight.  I go for 1.1 gr per lb of lean body mass, but I want to build muscle not lose fat, so much.  That's my target, but I end up closer to .75/#LBM in reality.

    Hope this helps.

    @#CStaat - Way to make the most of it.  Yes, I am 2 for 2 Natalie days.  Sounds like she will be having a few Frick days while on vaca (way to go, Nat, that's what vacations are for!)

  • Good morning Warriors,

    Yesterday was one of those crazy bussy days for me. Did manage to get to the gym after work did cardio 45 min. recumbent bike and some stretching after. Got to hit the sauna to. Today is KB day not sure what I am going to do but will figure it out this am. On tuesday I did double KB Swing, Squats, and Cleans. 3 sets ea. 12 reps for the first 2 and 8 reps for the cleans. Used 40 # kettlebells. I will be using this weight for now until this gets easy lol. My intention was to go 25 reps ea. so will try and get there with this weight. So all is good. my eating is good trying still to get away from snacking at night or change my snacks to Nat and Runnermom approved ones at least. those girls have it down to a science.


    On the road again. Glad the Y thing didn't get you down way to do your wo anyways. You may want to buy a  TRX System. Go to and check it out the best portable gym out there. weighs about 2#. Very compact and it will challenge you to no end. I have one in my gym bag. Easy set up can be used anywhere. Money well spent.


    Thanks for coming to my rescue on the pancake thing. Glad you are getting a handle on those Natalie Days you have it now just gotta keep it going. Don't fall off thye wagon now you got this we are here for ya bro.

    Push Hard, Run Faster, Make every day count we are WARRIORS that's  what we do. Go kill it everyone.

  • Good Friday Warriors,

    Got in another outside run with my daughter yesterday and did a KB at lunch. I did Walking Lunges with a 45# and a 40# kettlebell by accident thought I grabbed two 40#, Thrusters 6 with 40# and 12 with 30# better form with the lighter weight and dead lifts with the 40#. I will be putting together a better KB routine or 2. On our run we managed to get in 3 miles with running for 8 min. and walking for 5 min. Slowly moving forward. I asked my daughter if she was loosing weight she told me she didn't know. I asked her if she weighed herself she said. I will weigh myself when I'm 90 #. Too funny so I left it at that. I think she has lost weight because her pants keep sliding down when we run that is why I asked her. She uses a hair tie to tighten the waiste and my bandana to tie back her So I had to run without my bandana. I don't really need it when I run outside. This weekend is Thanksgiving for us. So on that note I would like to give thanks to all my warrior friends that I have met on here as I could not of gotten this far without the kindness and support from all of you.

    Cuervo, Island_Dude, Runnermom, Parson and anyone else I have missed we need to hear from you. That means you to TAZZ. We are all in this together good,bad and ugly.

    Have a great weekend Warriors!