BFL Warriors

  • Hey Warriors,

    Glad to see everyone checking in . This has been my crazy week sorry for not cheecking in sooner. This will be a short one. WO are going well food is pretty good for the most part. Linda got a cortisone shot knee is swollen, Chris made honour role for his efforts in grade 11. They wait till the folowing yr. to hold the ceremony. Grad students recieve their awards at grad celebration. So proud of him. No he isn't a chip off the old block. I hated school with a passion. Later on that. Tomorrow KB Class, Tonight running outside with Julie as she crapped out on me last night.

    Have a great weeekend  Warriors

  • Good morning warriors!

    Alright, accountability time.  I hate posting when I have been a dirt ball, but it builds character!  

    I got back from my temp assignment, of which I only worked out 2 - 3 times per week for 5 weeks, failed on week 1 back, went out of town again for a week, and only worked out twice!

    So.... last week I hit it BFL fresh & hard.  Week 1 - Worked out 5/6 days, missed Saturday's HIIT.  Meals / Water - I did well everyday on meals 1 - 3, missed meal 4 every day but 1, struggled eating too much on meal 5 (Supper), and ate meal 6 three of my 6 days.  Yesterday's free day wasn't too bad, basically ate right all meals but lunch & dinner.

    Today... Hit LBWO good, met time limits, but hit no 10's, I will increase weight on Friday.  Meals 1 & 2 are basically done, & aleady had my 4 cups of water this AM.

    All - Have a great day!

  • Good morning Warriors,

    WO are going well so far this week. Did my fitness challenge for kettle bells. Here's what we did.

    Burpee Pushups w/ Vertical Jump          Two Hand KB Swings

    30                                                                             20

    25                                                                             25

    20                                                                             30

    15                                                                             35

    10                                                                             40

    5                                                                               45

    So you do burpee then swing. I made it to 10/40. I used 24K until my last set switched 16K. We were timed my time was 31 : 40 min. If you made it through that there was another KB workout waiting for you. We are also doing a burpee challenege. As above this is the only way we do burpees. So you have 7 min. to complete 100 burpees. 15 then 10 sec break. So far I have made it to 47 in 7 min. will work on that today and see how I do. Hope to hit 50 today. Food is good at least I think it is. Night time snacking is still a challenge a work in progress. Julie and I are still trianing for that 5K. I have been working out twice a day now a little different than BFL 2 day weight and 1 day fullbody. 5 cardio sessions a week. 2 days off. Seems to be working for me for now. UB/LB/FullB and cardio. weights sessions are done at noon and cardio after work.except for sat That belongs to KB Class full and cardio all in one. I take Fridays and Sundays off.


    Welcome back sounds like you were crazy busy. I'm not sure I would have done any better being away. Just keep pushing forward like always. I use this if you workout  100% when you do then you will make progress. E ven if you miss a session or two. Thanks for being accountable. The phrase we use up here is Dirt Bag. lol

    Everone else have a great day.

  • Good afternoon Warriors!

    Claude - Burpee's rock!  I did a KB session about a year ago (12 weeks) and it was a great workout.  It was like a combination of Cardio & muscle failure.  It was amazing the amount of sweat one could accumulate in a 30 minute workout.  Great job.

    HIIT this morning went great.  Food / water yesterday went well except for dinner, Jeni made home made big macs, I couldn't say no!  

    All - have a great day.

  • Happy Tuesday Warriors!

    Another busy day ahead but wanted to check in quickly.  We found another rattlesnake in our dog's yard over the weekend; this was a little too close for comfort....both dogs were within a few feet when I spotted it.  I had to grab the dogs and pull them away from striking distance, yelling for my hubby and trying to keep an eye on the snake, so I knew where it was.  It was at night, so not an easy thing to do.  He was about 4 feet long, riled up and rattling at us. They are such nasty creatures!!! I am totally ready to move out of this rural area and closer to the city!!! Worst year ever for snakes and we've been here 13 years.  Other than that, food & workouts going well.  Will continue with IF & Gethin for the next two weeks, and then we will be going to Colorado for four days during the girls' fall break from school.  Looking forward to getting out of the heat.  We will do taboggan rides, ride the gondola, horseback riding, walk the cute little town and just enjoy getting out of town!!!

    Cstaats:  Glad to see you made your way back to us and back to the clean eating/workout wagon.  It's always there for us when we fall.  Sounds like you've been doing great!!  Hope you are home for awhile and can focus some time on yourself and your family!!

    Claude:  Sounds like an amazing workout.  You are doing so well.  When are you and Julie running your 5K...November?  I am running my first 5K in two years (from PF) on Sat, Oct 5th.  Anxious to get out there and do it!!  My sister and I will also be doing a color 5K run in November but it's not timed and is more for fun.  Eat a good satisfying dinner and then knock off that late night snacking ;)

    Everyone else, I hope you're having a great week and smashin those workouts!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey Warriors!

    Checking in per Claude's instructions!

    I have been in a funk of sorts the last two weeks.  I can't explain it.  All workouts are done, but it's just not normal.  This week is much better.  I actually hit rep PR's on squat and bench this week and last...I can't really explain it.

    Another thing is that I'm not hungry.  I feel fine, but I'm just not eating as much as normal.  I'm still tracking as usual, but eating less.  I have decided that I am at the upper limit of what I am comfortable with for my waist and all.  So the timing is good for eating less.  I will work to drop a few inches and a few pounds and address it all in a couple of months.  I'm already down about an inch in the waist.

    BDMom - Oddly enough, there have been a lot more snakes here too this summer.  Lots of rattlers, copper heads, and water moccasins...Our family has had a least 4 encounters that were all too close since school started back.  Ours is because of how much rain we got in June, July, and brought them out of the wood works.

    Cuervo - Here is another AM workout quote for you..."A brain dead AM is better than no PM workout!" LOL.

    Have a good one gang!  

  • Long time, no see Warriors! I am checking in per Claude's instruction as well!!!

    It sounds like everyone has been busy, but still keeping up as much as possible. I am in the same boat. Work and kids keep me super crazy busy!!

    I started Jackie Warner's 5-2 nutrition plan this week, and I am determined to stick with it! I have encouraged a friend to do it with me, so we are keeping each other accountable. I am very proud of her....she is struggling with health problems....high blood pressure, thyroid issues, overweight, etc, and she had a perfect nutrition day yesterday! It makes me proud b/c she didn't really know about "clean" eating, so I hope she sticks with helps me too knowing someone else is following the same plan. Now if I can only get her to workout!!! :-)

    Claude: Love that workout! I might have to try it. I have been doing kettlebells about 2-3 times per week. I just love the whole body workout they give me. I alternate between my 25, 30 and 35 pounders, depending on the exercise.

    Cstaats: Good to see you back on BFL!

    Cuervo: I feel your pain! My life has been so hectic and my workouts definitely aren't what they used to be...trying to get back on track and find something new....I think I'm getting bored with my same old routine. I feel like I need to keep running 4 days a week b/c I have a half marathon in January, but I need to get on a consistent strength training program. We will just keep plugging along!

    Parson: I wish I could say I haven't been hungry!!! I've had terrible cravings some days. I am having a physical next week so maybe I'll get some answers....or maybe I just need to get back on track and STAY on track with a clean nutrition plan!

    BDMom: You know how I feel about snakes! Our lawn guy said he saw one right by our front door about a month I've been scared to go out the front door! Your 5k is around the corner!!! I hope all goes well. I've been thinking I need to do a few shorter races before my half marathon to motivate me....I'll have to start looking at the local schedule!

    If I missed anyone (I can't go back on previous page), I am thinking about all the Warriors!!!! 2C, hope all is going well with your marathon training!!!!

    Have a great rest of the week!!!

  • <p>Just a quick post from me. &nbsp;Remember me? &nbsp;Last week marked one year that I have been battling Pancreatic Cancer. My cancer marker numbers have been in the "normal" range (0 to 37) for the past 4 months.  During my last visit to the cancer treatment center of America in Chicago it was discovered that I had developed a rare side effect from the chemo.  It had caused my brain to swell,  a temporary thing.  So no more chemo for 2 months. They are monitoring my cancer markers though. After a month without chemo,  my cancer markers were checked and found to have dropped from 28 to 24, without chemo.  WooHoo. I will have it checked again the 2nd week in October and return back to resume treatment on the 23rd of October. I am positive we are gonna beat this soon and get back in shape and back to life. 

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Tazz!!! how wonderful to hear from you! YOU ARE A TRUE WARRIORS and I am so happy that you are winning this battle. I am so excited that the markers are dropping even with no chemo. I will keep praying for you and you are never far aways from my thoughts. God Bless you!! and Thanks for checking in. I would love to join you on you comeback challenge!!

  • H Gang, Sorry I havent checked in but work is crazy this week. I havent done weights this week but have been running easy  this week as my leg is still bothering me but I have a half marathon this Saturday. Will take it easy for sure. And YES!! I finished 23 miles Saturday and I can still walk (lol). It was tough but what a rush of accomplishment!

    Have a wonderful day!!

  • hey gang short one today,


    SO happy for you glad the battle is being one. Withour Chemo excellent. You are in my thoughts and prayers. So happy you checked in. Keep that WARRIOR SPIRIT GOING . You have this better days ahead.

    Thats all I have time for today warriors.

  • Hello Gang!

    Kids will be home soon, so won't bore you with my life details. Life is good, no complaints....will leave it at that.

    TAZZ:  Would we expect anything less from you?  So proud of your fighting spirit, and so glad you are able to get off that chemo for awhile.  Hopefully your markers will continue to improve and you won't need it anymore!! Will continue to pray for strength and healing.  You are the epitome of a Warrior and you make all of us ultra proud to be a part of your family!!!

    2C:  Good luck with your half this weekend...I know you'll do great. Don't you love having an excuse to carb load for a few days???  Great job on your Saturday run.  Hope you are able to take some time off after this weekend and give your body & legs some down time!  They've been working hard!

    runner:  I think we touch base enough, so I'll just wave and say always know where to find me.

    Parson: sorry you've been in a funk; hits me every once in awhile too and can never put my finger on it. If you feel the need to cut back on food for awhile, listen to your body!!  Yuck on the snakes...I hate them.  I cannot wait for the weather to get cool enough for them to go underground!!!  Miss your QOTD's on MFP!!!

    Claude:  thanks for keeping us all in line.  Proud of your commitment to your workouts and your diet!!!  Keep up the great work!!

    Hugs to anyone I missed...gotta run!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Great to hear from you TAZ and it's great that you are continuing to fight the good fight and beat this thing.  We are all inspired by your determination and bravery in dealing with your health issue.   Great to hear from everyone else as well. I am still getting prepared to go back to free weights soon and ween myself off the machines as soon as time permits in my schedule lately. We are having a 10 mile run at the DHS Studios next weekend overnight and it finishes at 4 am(wow thats late or early depending on how you look at it). Its a tower of terror 10 miler.    Well got to hit the gym tonight on the way home and then its back for an early am workout tommorrow (last of this week, take tuesday off each week).  Keep in touch everyone and TAZ we're all praying for ya!

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Tazz - You are on my daily prayer list brother.  Keep fighting the fight.

    2C - How did you do in the half marathon?  Hopefully taking it easy panned out for your legs & you finished ok.

    WPBIll - Good look on your 10 mile run, that is awesome!

    Accountability time - UBWO last Wednesday, missed HIIT on Thursday, but did HIIT with LBWO (That was fun) on Friday.  Missed HIIT on Saturday but did plenty of sport with boys over the weekend (I know, it doesn't count).

    This morning, beginning of week 3, did HIIT (Swithching days this week due to schedule).  WIll do UBWO tomorrow AM.  Meals / Water are going well.  Still need to be cleaner.

    Keep rocking warriors!

  • Hi Warriors!! Sorry I have been MIA. I completed the half and although it was not my best time, I am happy with my effort. My shin/calf was really hurting and I might have pushed too hard. But, I finished and now time to rest my leg. I have an appointment with sports medicine on wednesday. I want to be sure all is ok since my real goal this year is that first full marathon Nov 9. (I will do it). I will share a picture if I can figure this image thing out in this forum (after so many yrs this is still way back in time).

    Hope you are all having a great start of the week!!!

    Stay strong!