BFL Warriors

  • Good Friday Warriors,

    Got my HIIT X 2. Done. Today is day off tomorrow kettle bell class and going to mom's she will be getting her new couch delivered so I will be there with my sister making sure all  goes well. Julie is doing extremely well with her training so proud of her.This weekend I will put my best foot forward and complete the kitchen reno. This really needs to get done. I'm not much of a handyman but should be able to see this through.


    Sounds like a plan. My mom is a walker too which in her current condition is like a double edge sword. Physical ability is great mentally she may not be able to find her way back home. Plus side is she doesn't go out when it's dark yet. Congrats on the deadlifts. Great job. Awsome weight too.


    We are training for this. I do early am wo's then go back after work with the kids. Right now I'm doing Julie's run/walk program with her. I just up my speed. So it's walk for for 1 min. for 30 with 5 min cooldown. Then core training with her. That's the hard part. She hates to stretch but I make her do it anyway. She will thank me

    Sounds like lots of water on the menu for you with the heat. Have a great 20 miler on Sat. you have this slow and steady all the way especially in that heat.

    Have a great long weekend Warriors,

    Get those wo's in no looking back full steam ahead.


    Just wanted to wish all of you and your families a wonderful & safe holiday.

    Delaney is sick, so we won't be doing much.  But, I have started my pre-fall cleaning and the house is in shambles!!!  Better get back to it.


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Greetings Fellow warriors,  Sorry for the long pause in posts, just waiting till I had some time to check in with everyone.   BDMOM" I hope the little one is doing better now and feeling well. How is the cleaning going?   ParsonBrown: How are ya doin.  Some serious lifting from the sounds of it.  I plan to hit the free weights early next week again, after some delays and upsets in the household with the passing of our family dog we had for 12 years, she will be sorely missed by all of us in the family.  Claude: Thanks for the updates and it sounds like your program is really moving along with your goals. Have you ever watched that guy in the morning that repairs the houses, he might be able to help with some of the projects you have planned.   By the way did anyone see Dr Phil last week, Dr Life (a former BFL Champ) has written a new book and was previewing it on the show, I caught only the end and recognized him as one of our former winners.  How is everyone else doing this week?   I still hold my Free Day as Tuesday but I am managing to do a lot of my workouts in the AM before work and on my days off. Seem to get better results that way to and I'm fired up for the day that way at work.  Has anyone heard from Taz lately? Hope all is going better with him nowadays.   Island dude , Runner MOm and 2Conquer, thanks for your updates and info  in the past month.  Keep in touch fellow warriors and Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • Good evening warriors!

    Sorry I havent logged in but this week has been very busy with work. Running is on track and I survived the 20 miles Saturday!! I am recovered and ran 4 strong miles yesterday. I just did my UBWO and felt good since I missed out last week.

    WP, so very sorry about your dog. I know how hard this loss is since I lost my 13 yr old lab last year. My thoughts are with you and your family. I missed that Dr Phil. Cool.

    BD, hope your daughter is better now and the WOs keep going on strong. You are making awesome progress. How are classes going?

    Claude, how did the reno on kitchen go? Its awesome you guys are doing the 5K together and training together. It can get addictive, at least it has for me.

    Cuervo, Staats, Runnermom, islandD...Where are you?? Hope you are going strong!!

    Have a great night!

  • Happy Sunday Warrirors!!!

    Heading to church, grocery store, home to prep food for the week, then laundry, house cleaning.....etc...such is my rest

    Hope you all have a great day and a rockin week ahead!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey Warriors,

    I was sick last week so kitchen didn't get done but on the up side the enrty way did. New floor so something got done. This weekend closed the pool as it won't get hot enough to use it even if we hit high temps. The water just takes too long to warm up. I missed a few wo's last week that's just the way it is sometimes. Didn't bother to wake up and hit the gym this am. Will be there tonight after work with Julie. I really need to catch up my log book haven't been doing such a good job with that. Will do that today at lunch then I will know where I'm at for wo's. Managed to get to Kettle Bell Class on sat. our instructer just really enjoys kicking our butt. Warmup was 7 min. of burpee pushups with a vertical jump at the end. The goal is to do 100 in that time. Do 15 then 10sec. break if you need it lol. Until you hit 100 or 7 min. Then we did Turkish Get Up with 2 kb one in each hand the goal was for 15. I managed about 4 with an 8 kg bell in each hand. 20 Clean and press 20 kg. Then we did 25 hard rolls look it up on google tooo hard to explain. very hard to do. She is getting us ready for the Kristy Challenege which is 100 x at least 4 different execises that she decides on. This will happen in a couple of weeks. So I need to step up my game to be able to keep up with this challenge. I'm the oldest one in the class so need to show what the old guy can do for the youngsters. We have a good mix of girls and boys so its always fun. One of the young girls did 56 burpees in 7 min. I did 45 so not lagging to far behind her. My goal is to get to at least 100 in 7 min. my personal challenge. Its all about breathing and pacing.


    So sorry about you and youyr family losing the dog. Its always hard. Glad you stopped by. Go get at it like always.


    Glad you survived yor 20 miler. I know how addicting running can be that's what I'm counting on for these kids of mine. Here's a little family history. My grandfather ran the Ottawa Marathon in the 50's he came in 3rd or 4th and his picture was in the french news papper. So its in the genes this running thing. When I was younger I went out with my grade 8 school track and field class for one training session before the race. I wanted the day off school with my friends so we forged our parents signature on a note and went with the team. I actually went the next morning with the team to the race and came in 4th out of 20 paticipants from my school and other schools in the city. I beat my friend who was training for months and he told me he was going to beat me lol. Never happened.He was one of those braggers. My gym teacher was impressed with my running couldn't beleive how I did. So I guess if I took it serious then I could have done better.Now at 56 I am running with the kids go


    Hope Delaney's feeling better even though the Cards lost.

    Everyone else get back here we need to hear from ya.

    Lets make it happen this week.

  • Hi Warriors!! Its been a very busy last few days but wanted to check in.

    Claude, glad you are better now! Are you catching up on your log book? So important to plan. I got to do better myself at that. I planned on hitting the weights yesterday when I got home and got distracted by my husband sitting outside on deck chilling after work and watching for deer. So, didnt get to the weights :( Awesome family and personal running history!  So, its in your blood.

    BDMom, hope your daughter is feeling better and that the WOs are going strong.

    Cuervo, Parson, CStaats, IslandD, WP, Runnermom, everyone else: Check in soon!!

    I did 12 miles Saturday and I realized that I need a bit of time to let my leg muscles recover from the 20 mile run. This week I will slow down and shorten my miles to let some healing happen. This is VERY TOUGH for me but I need to do it. Today will be ~ 3miles and some walking if necessary.

    Have a great day!

  • Log book is caught up now to keep it that way. I don't like to put all my wo's in. As that sometimes changes due to energy level and other things like life. lol So what i do that day is what I log.


    Thanks yes I am feeling better not qiute 100% but good enough to wo. Did UBWO at lunch yesterday and did run/walk with my daughter she is really pushing hard now. I think a little too hard. When you start holding onto the sides of the TM.. But what do I know she doesn't want to back down even .1 on speed so let her rip I guess no talking to her when she is like that. She sets a goal and goes for it. So stubborn must get that from her I had fun she is still thinking its work. We even did a 45 min ab wo and 15 stretching. I was done after that.

    That's too bad you missed your wo, but had quality time with hubby. Glad you got your run in and servived the 20 miler.

    C'mon guys start checking in. We all need to be here to make this work.

    Time for an Awsome day Warriors


  • Cuervo is here!! I apologize for not being accountable on here. It actually slipped my mind. I have been slammed recently and just haven't had a free minute. Still forging ahead with workouts and making the progress I want. Haven't ran for a week due to knee issues, but that is better now so I will start again but be smarter about things and not think I am a gazelle on my second week. Haha. Workouts are great.

    I am on my phone so can't really go back and read posts. I will check in again later. Have a great weekend.

    Claude, remind me when I don't post. Gotta get into the habit again.

  • Good weekend Warriors!!

    Great to hear from you Cuervo! You got us restarted here so check when you can. Take care of those knees when running. I have been using the knee bands and they help me tons.

    I did only 6 miles today in beautiful weather (50s). The only issue now is my calf is bothering me :( I am icing, taking ibuprofen, and using compression socks. Also new shoes. So, I am hoping it heals soon or I will be very very sad. Runnermom, any other things I can try? Have you dealt with this before. I am also going to try some Magnesium potassium supplements to get the muscle in shape.

    Hope you are all having a great weekend!!

  • Hi Warriors!

    Claude: I just can't see getting here more than once a week or so.  I am on MFP so much because I have the app and it's easy to use on my phone, but I am gone so much and I really only like to post here when I am home on my home computer.  I can do MFP in between classes, when on the stairclimber at the gym, when sitting in car waiting for kids to get out of school, etc...sorry I haven't been more consistent!!  You have been doing great; keep up those workouts & keep logging those foods!!!

    2C:  Did the pain start after getting the new shoes??  That could be it.  Is your marathon in November?? Hot epsom salt baths are great!!!  I am envious of that gorgeous weather.  We are still around 108-110 this week, and then I think we will be dropping into the 90's.

    Cuervo:  Hope your knees are feeling better.  You've been doing great.  Keep it up!!!

    We had an eventful weekend.  For those of you who don't already know...we found a pair of mating rattlesnaks in our dog's yard.  This is a gated off area, and we have never had a rattlesnake in there in the 13 yrs we have lived here.  We have small dogs, and one bite would do them in, so I am glad my husband found them before the dogs did.  It was tricky to get them since there were two and they can strike the distance of their body. Kids had lots of activities, so I did a lot of running.  I spend whatever time I could yesterday getting food prepped for the week.  Workouts are still going well.  I had a horrible weekend with eating, but back on track today!!!!

    Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!

    Sorry it has been so long! My new job is the busiest I have ever been in my life! I'm really hoping things slow down over the next month or so. Plus my kids' football practices and games are all-consuming each week. I know we are all busy, so I will stop complaining now!

    2C: FOAM ROLLER!!!! That is the best thing for your calf (and for any muscle bothering you!). The calf rolling on the foam roller is super easy and really works. I am really enjoying my runs on the weekend with my running group. I did 9 miles on Saturday and it felt great! I love getting up to the longer distances. Our weather is still extremely HOT, but I am hoping it will get at least a little cooler soon!

    BD: My eating was pretty terrible over the weekend too. I am very disappointed since I was very clean all week and felt great. Now I feel sluggish again today and my stomach bothered me too! I have to get back on track with my eating. I know a lot of it is the stress from my new job, but I need to be stronger than my stress!!! I absolutely HATE snakes! I always wonder why God made snakes and 2 biggest fears!

    Cuervo: I have been absent here too, but I know how busy we all are. Check in when you can. I know you are killing it!

    WP: I will have to look up the book by Dr. Life. I love to read!

    Claude: Hope all is going well with workouts and food. You are very consistent with your postings here and on MFP! Way to go!

    Parson, Island, Taz, Grandpa, and anyone else I might have missed, I think about the Warriors all the time, so keep on keeping on!!!!

    Have a great week!

  • Greetings devoted Fellow Warriors,  Sorry, I haven't been so responsive but our WDW Learning center has been down for rehab this week and I am at the public library now entering this one.    BDMOM"  I am glad that Delaney is ok now and hope that your schedule is not so hectic that you can complete all your goals this month and further on this year.   I was a bit shocked about the snakes but I am glad they didn't get your pets or family, they are some truly nasty critters. Cuervo: Glad to hear from you and that all is going a little better for ya.Let us know how things are currently in your efforts.  We all hope that Taz is doing well in his health challenge and that he will be back with us all soon. We are all in his winning corner. Runnermom: Lots of races and k's here in Otown this month. Too bad that isn't my thing anymore since I left the US Army, they kind of messed up my feet and knees for any serious running efforts and I'd honestly rather bike than run nowadays or just run on the treadmill(dreadmill) once a week and up the time and incline slowly.  Parson, and Grandpa and Island Dude, be sure to update us all here about your challenges and progress currently,  We await news from y'all.    2c: Thanks for all the updates and inspiration from your accomplishments.   I will most likely be going back to free weights next week and trying out a new stack of supps plus the EAS RTD's and Zone Perfect bars (Superdrive(Gaspari), Carnivore (beef isolate), Glow and MYo-X).  Let you know when that happens, already have a new journal ready to go with the first workout in it. (5 days of weights a week and I'all add some cardion as well).  Well enough for now got to login at myfitnesspal as well before my hour is up here.  Keep Moving Forward y'all!!!!!

  • Good morning warriors!!

    Thanks for the advice BDMom and runnermom! My new shoes are the same and I didnt use them for long run yet so I think they will help. I feel a huge difference already. I have a pin roller but I have not been very good using it. So, I have to add that to routine. I saw a PT and she told me that my hips are the problem (weak). She had me do 1 leg squats and my right knee goes in big time. Pretty clear. So, I am adding hip strengthening exercises too.  The calf is better but will be very careful since I have 23 miles Saturday and a half marathon the 28th. I will take it easy on both as training. And, walk as I need to. I am not that proud:)

    WP, looks like you are ready with new journal and the supplements!!

    BD, hate hate snakes!! I am login in more often on MFP since I got the app. Your meals are incredible! Keep up the great work!

    Runnermom, hope the new job slows down for you. Way to go on the long run!

    Cuervo, I hope the knee heals and you can get back to running training. You owe me that 5K!! I use the knee bands from Walgreens and they help me a lot to stabilize the knee.

    Claude, hope all is ok. Sending you my thoughts and prayers.

    Everyone else, have an awesome day!

  • Weekly update- not so good on workouts. Doing what I can, when I can. Knee is better so far. Back in my younger days (a long, long time ago) I had a bruised meniscus or something like that. This was exactly the same as remember. I did a longer and faster attempt. Must have been the pounding on my cartilage from being out of shape. I think that I am so much better than I really am and push it too far. Anyway, you live and learn.

    Glad you all are doing well. I am nearly 1 month in and haven't made alot of scale progress but am feeling great. Continuing improvement is what I am after. Have a great weekend.