BFL Warriors

  • Morning Warriors!

    Frick - I love the look of that pepper!  Would love to try it even more.  We grew some peppers this year, but nothing hot (the wife won't have anything to do with hot stuff).

    Claude/Cuervo - It's go time!

    WO for the day is done.  Today was shoulder day.

    QOTD - This has been discussed before, but here we go again...Shoes!  It is time for me to get another pair.  If I just go and get a pair of "fitted" running shoes I know what to get.  I'm ok with that, but I kind of want something a little more all purpose.  My cardio will be a mix of HIIT and LISS, but generally over short distances (think 1 mile range or so).  But at the same time I want to be able to do other conditioning work in them (jump rope, tire flip, other?, etc).  I know I could do this in my running shoes, but I don't want to miss out on a versatile pair of shoes either?  Anyone have any suggestions.

    To separate this comment, I don't lift in these shoes.  I have a pair of shoes dedicated to lifting.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.  We are signing the kids up for soccer tomorrow...also planning on father/son and mommy/daughter afternoons.

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Finishing week 3 in Ohio away from family.  Will head home again this weekend & come back on Sunday Evening.  My official last day on this temp assignment will be next Friday & then back to normal.

    BFL was spot on this week.  UBWO on Monday, HIIT on Tuesday, LBWO on Wednesday, and HIIT yesterday.  The time change has me working out at lunch & after work.  I will do UBWO at lunch today & hit  an HIIT tomorrow morning before kiddos wake up.  It is my first true week of BFL in about 6 months.  Meal planning has been off with me here, but I do have cases of water, shakes, and bars at the office.  So I have been close, but not as spot on when eating out.

    No time for personal responses.  Rock on!

  • Good Friday Warriors,

    I managed to get to the gym yesterday. Drop the kids off and went and got an oil change done for the buick. Was back at the gym about 10 minutes. Fast and effient. Did stairclimber for 10 min. TM 20 HIIT it has been ages since I have done one of those. Forgot what it was like. My knee is a bit sore but not that bad it's one of those weird injuries depending what I do may make it hurt. My friend Cuervo and I have decided to do a challenge together. Both of us have been slacking off way too long and now is the time to make it happen. Duration is 12 weeks we both expect to see changes of some sort. Cuervo has already started and I have home work to do so I am going to start Monday. It'll be BFL sort of. I am doing a kettle bell class with my son every Sat. for one hr. Will Rest Friday and Sunday. Will do UBWO,CARDIO, LBWO AND ALTERNATE WEEK BY WEEK. Will be putting the plan together over the weekend. Then can layout specifics. We also have another warrior joining us you may know him lol Parson the more the merrier. So it full steam ahead and all of us are so pumped for this. As always I need to find a way to not miss any wo's this time. Looks like am for me and parson cuervo hasn't learned yet. lol.


    The endorphins  must really kick in. I haven't tried to get seeds yet. I will look for the others now that I know there is something hotter to try. I'm not quite as damaged as

    Short and sweet today have to get my homework done. A missed workout is an oppurtunity wasted.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Happy Friday Warriors!!

    I didn't post yesterday cuz I was in a crabby mood.  Feeling better today now that I got my workout in!!

    Cuervo:  I hope you and Jan had a wonderful Anniviersary!!!  Congrats! Glad to have you both back on the wagon.  

    Frick: Love the pepper....too cool.  Not sure I'd be keen on tasting one though.  We cohabitate with the real critters

    Parson:  When I took a bootcamp class awhile back that incorporated everything, they recommended a good cross-trainer can run in that but also do all kinds of other activities.  Be sure to get that cardio session in this weekend and let us know when you've done it!  I love those special days with the kids. Britt is having a daddy/daughter day tomorrow; they are going to a AZ Cards pre-season I will take Lane out for frozen yogurt and maybe get nails done or something.

    Staats:  Great week of workouts!! Well done.  I am sure you will be glad when that assignment is over, so you can be home with your family & routine!!!  

    Claude:  Sounds like you've about got it all figured out.  Be sure to keep those foods clean too!!!  Go get it Tiger!!!

    I did a treadmill HIIT today as well as chest & tris. Felt good.  Tomorrow I will have to get shoulders in before spin class since I didn't get it in this past week.  I get my hair done tomorrow...always love that.

    Nothing more to report here....can't go back to the prior page, so sorry if I missed anyone or anything important!!

    Have an Awesome weekend!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey gang. Hope things are going well. I am back in the game. I will sign up for my first 5k in 25 years on 11/23. Gotta kick some @ss in the next 3 months so I can at least finish. Thanks Claude for the motivation. No time for personal replies. Have a great weekend.

  • Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Cuervo, Way to go on signing for that 5K! WOOOHOOO!

    Staats, you are back on track. Way to go. Hope you get home soon for good. I am sure your family misses you.

    Claude, Good luck on that new challenge! YOU GOT THIS!

    BD, Glad your mood is better:) A nice tough workout has that effect.

    I ended up doing the ab/core WO done on Thursday morning as I promised. Thursday evening was 4 miles (great nice run) and this morning I did 10 miles. Very humid but felt great. Now, ready to chill out!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    WO is done!  I am repeating my last workout cycle for squats.  I had 2 sessions of failed reps, so this is basically a little reset.  I nailed it this AM.  Last time I only managed 370x3 on my last heavy set.  I got 370x5 this time!  I completely walked alway on the 10 rep sets that I do after that...this time I got all 5 sets of 10 completed.

    Shoe update/decision - I am going to give it an earnest go at switching to minimalist shoes for cardio.  I'm already there for workouts to some extent.  There is a ton of information out there (both good and bad I'm sure).  For some it is like a cult following LOL.  At any rate I want to give it a go.  I assume it will be a slow transition, which is fine to me.  I want be running any marathons for at least 2-3 weeks, so I have time to adjust ;-)

    Cuervo/Claude - You guys are getting off to a strong start.  Keep it up!

    2C - I hear ya on the humid part.  This AM, we finally had a little break in the humidity it seemed.  But it is still August, so I know it's not over.  90's + all week is in the forecast...if it gets under 80% humidity it's dry here anyway LOL.

    Frick - We need a pepper update!  Did you eat it yet?

    Have a great day Warriors!  No one can plan, lift, run, eat, or rest for you.  It's up to you!

  • Good Morning Warriors,

    UBWO DONE! Saturday Kettle bell was brutal as usual. Had to do 7 mins.X 2 of burpee pushups with a vetical jump at the end. the first 7 I managed 40. we could only take a break after 15 for 10 seconds. We did other exercises and back at it . So me being me challenged my instructor to do them with us. After all she talks a good game lets see. She did her 100 BTW that was the goal each time. I managed 41. Not even 50. That really sucks gotta get better at this stuff. Some day I hope to beat her at something reach for the stars.I will hit the gym after work and do some cardio and sauana/hot tub time.

    Tomorrow is HITT, I will be doing a 5K with my kids on 10/26 so need to get my butt in gear for that. Will let the kids trainer know that they are doing it with me. My daughter wants to do one of those TUFF Mudder runs but she wants one without barbwire and electric fences apparrently they do that. She said she wants to try the fun runs. Iguess if that holds true I will be doing alot more running may have created a monster. lol


    That's alot of weight yor moving great work. Let us know what shoes you decide on.BTW no stopping us now we are rolling. I hope you are still doing cardio. When are you planning on doing your run. You said you were going to join us this challenge well guess what that 5k is part of it.


    You are doing awsome keep up the great job.


    Hope you make it back home soon. Always hard being away. I suck at meal planning but manage to it clean anyway.


    Hope your hair turned out the way you wanted it to. If not it will grow back. lol

    Have a great day all


  • Hey Warriors,

    Day 2 for me HIIT Done. Will hit the gym tonight with my girl for some more cardio. She will be doing run walk routine need to be carefull. She has already torn her achilles tendon twice before. once at age 10 and then again at 15. Slow and steady this time around. Felt good getting back to doing HIIT style wo.

    Have a great day all.

  • Quick check in here.  Glad to see everyone is kicking some tail!!!

    Still trying to find some balance here. The kids have had 3-4 hours of homework every night (no exaggeration).  They are taking one snack break, shower break and dinner break and then homework is nearly taking them til bedtime.  I'm a bit frustrated, but I guess you get what you pay for.  The schools here in Arizona stink, so we pay for private school, but really????  Britt is still in voice lessons and Delaney in piano lessons.

    Gotta get them to school now, then treadmill for me & gym later.

    Hope you all are having a fabulous week!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey Gang,

    UBWO Done. Did a 30min. HIIT with my girl last night she is focused also did a core wo too. Me and the kids are hitting the gym. Chris found out last night that he is running a 5K with us. I didn't tell him wanted to let his trainer do that. He could run it in his sleep. He's a little nervous about it being his first one. He asked if  he got tired if he could walk and then start running again or was that against the He will be fine come race day. Linda is sick still since Friday some kind of a virus. Time of yr. I guess.


    You will find your groove you always do. Just a bump in the road. I hope for the girls sake the work load lightens up soon. Not a fan of home work. I think it's unneccessary in this day and age. Attack this Warrior style.

    Have a great day warriors.

  • Good morning Warriors,

    HIIT IS DONE. Starting to get a little faster today Incline was @5.5 for the first 10 min. SECOND 10 @ 6.5 %. Felt good should be good to go for my first 5K with the kids. I have a feeling we will be running together for this one so whatever the time is will not reflect a personal time .

    Where did everyone go. We were doing so well.

    Have a great day Warriors.

    If you don't have a plan get one and get going it's pointless going through the motions with no goal to get you where you want to be.


  • Morning Warriors!

    WO is done.  I pulled 390x5 on my last set of dead lifts.  My lower body is still sore from Monday's squat session.  It's typical for me on the first week after a deload week.

    Soccer practice tonight...

    Cardio plan for Saturday is tentatively with my mom who is coming to visit this weekend.  She is a big walker...she has walked daily for years and years now.  She averages 4 miles per walk and maintains a sub 15 minute mile most of the time.  So that is the plan...

    Have a great day gang!  

  • Hey Warriors,

    Need some insperation Google this athlete. Sindy Hooper. She is from Ottawa,Ontario, Canada. Please check it out.

  • Hi!! Quick check in since it has been a crazy week, Havent been able to get weights done but have been getting running in!! Getting ready now for my run and it is so hot so I will be taking it very easy. Saturday is the big 20 miles. Will let you know how that goes. That would be my first time.

    Good job everyone for getting your WOs in! Claude, so cool you signed up for a 5K with your family!!

    Have an awesome rest of week and great long weekend!