BFL Warriors

  • Hi Warriors,

    How is everyone this week? Cuervo, hope all is well with your family.

    After the Saturday 10 mile run, I spend the rest of the day at the county fair (must have added 5 more miles walking) and did eat a funnel cake!! As much as I wanted to eat it all, I couldn't :( But it was so good. This week the plan is: Monday (UBWO); T, Th and Sat (4,4,10 miles); Wed (core and abs). Friday and Sunday: REST!

    No time today for personals but have a great one!

  • Had a good run on the sand today.  Ankle held up, but I didn't push it.  plus the Kahuna stick longboard to and from the beach added 20 minutes to the workout.

    Nat, thanks for the article on HIIT.  Makes sense (especially the slow twitch/fast twitch stuff I had read in the past

  • Afternoon Warriors!

    WO's are so far so good this week.  Cardio is getting done in some form or fashion....I'll just leave it that for now!

    Frick - glad the ankle held up.  Funny how it takes so long for those nagging injuries to heal up isn't it.

    2C - Our family loves funnel cake too.  We only get it 1-2x per year probably.  What is your core workout look like?  I plan to do it tomorrow with my cardio.  Will report back if my "idea" works or not for what I'm planning...

    Have a great day gang.  We are off to go to the university campus in the big city this evening.  Our best friends daughter started college this week.  We held her bike for her (she thought she get to classes on foot in time....she found out Monday she can't.  

  • Parson I am trying these core/ab exercises:

    Something different.

  • Good afternoon Warriors!

    Knocked out a good BFL UBWO yesterday & food was on par.  Day 2, food is on parr & I will do my Cardio this evening.

    No time for replies - Make every day count!

  • Morning Warriors!

    I'm sure most of you felt like something different was in the air this was me doing cardio LOL!

    I did a combo HIIT and AB/core workout.  Nothing special, but I feel better having done it.  Weighted situps and then sprints around my block (I have a near perfect 1/4 mile square or 1/2 mile square to choose from).  I did a set of situps and then a round of sprints...rinse/repeat for 20 minutes.  I didn't time it perfectly, but it was about that.

    How is everyone else doing?  Are WO's on track this week.  Are you getting a VARIETY of fruits and veggies in your diet?

    Make it count!

  • Good Morning Warriors,

    Had a great wo with the boy we did 15 min ea. of spinning, jacob's ladder, TM and a 10 min. strecthing. I really need to get my act together and get serious about my wo and go in with a plan. I hate winging it now. It was ok but I've been doing it too long. I will be starting my new wo plan on Monday. Now I have no choice but to do it. Need that pressure top get moving again. Food is good need to stop my peanut habit at night. bag is almost gone.

    Frick good to hear from ya, still on the mend. At least you are doing something hopefully it won't linger too much longer.

    Parson, Glad you are finally hopping on the cardio Sounds like you have the perfect plan. You might want to try burpee pushups to add to your core training. Google it.


    I will have to check out your core wo too. Thanks. Your doing great keep it going.


    Thanks for checking in sounds like your rolling along. Great work.

    Push Hard Run Faster let's get it done this week gang.


  • Happy Hump Day Warriors!!!!!

    Got my HIIT knocked out and will be doing back/bis with my trainer here in a little bit.  Food has been good, energy is up...

    I will have my measurements done today wtih my trainer, and know how much progress I've made with my first month of these workouts & IF.  So far, so good!

    Claude:  Yes, get those workouts in and diet nailed down.  Glad the family is onboard!!!!

    Parson:  It is storming here this morning, I guess now I know the reason.  Way to get out there and get it done!!!!  Sounds like a great workout.  Doing good, workouts on track and yes getting lots of good eats in the diet!!!

    Staats:  Keep up the great work....we know you can do this!!

    2C:  sounds like you had a fun day Saturday.  My entire family loves funnel cakes; I'll take a churro anyday.  Great job on planning and executing those workouts!!!!

    K............better go eat something before I head out to train!

    Have a great day :)

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  •  woot-whooo! hump day.  Right on Nat!

    I have been rock solid on diet and cranking out the workouts like I was on my first challenge.  I just calculated that my body fat has dropped 56% since May of last year (or 5% of my total weight).

    Just made some black bean hummus for my turkey wrap.  Added 4 ghost peppers for my endorphin is good.

    Hope everyone is having a stellar day.

  • LeanGains/Kris Gethin Month One Progress Update! In the past month, I have lost 3#, 1.9% body fat, down 1/2" in hips & up 3/4" in quads.  Been happy with program/diet so far!! Abs will continue to be an area of focus for me. Will continue with IF & Gethin for the next two months, and then re-evaluate my goals. I posted a picture on MFP but can't get it to download here for some reason.  May try again later!

    Hope you're all having a great day.

    Awesomeness Frick on the body fat drop! Amazing! Glad you found your mojo again!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good night everyone!

    Frick, wow impressive results!

    BD, That is very impressive results for a month!! Would love to see the pics. You are just so driven that you inspire me.

    Staats, glad you are back and on track.

    Parson, way to go on that combo HIIT/abs!!

    Claude, what will the new plan be starting Monday?

    Accountability - I worked late today so the core/abs didnt happened :( I will squeeze them in for sure this week one way or another! Maybe tomorrow morning before work.  

    Sleep well, its part of the training!

  • 08/22/2013...

    Happy Anniversary to Cuervo aka Lane and Jan!  Hope you guys have a great day and many MANY more years of health, wealth, and joy!

    WO is done.  Today was deadlift day, and it is my deload week.  I kind of try to go by feel here, but I did the whole workout with no belt today.  The goal is to slowly build up the "starting" point for needing a belt for support etc.  Felt great today.  Do not discount dead lifts as an awesome ab/core workout!

    2C - I hear you on sleep.  As an AM lifter, if I don't keep a consistent sleep schedule during the week it will catch up to me quick!

    Thought or QOTD - Variety in your diet...How much variety do you have in your diet?  Do you think its enough?  I have variety, but I am also a creature of habit (if that makes sense).  I think/wish I had a bit more variety at times.  Not because of liking/not liking, but just to keep a wide and varied intake of nutrient sources. can get vitamin K in cauliflower and spinach...I lean towards eating more cauliflower.  I like both...I just lean towards the cauliflower.  Anyway, I could go on and on there...

    Have a great day gang!

  • Good morning warriors! I am back in the saddle hoping for a few calm weeks.

    I am just sitting out on my back porch drinking coffee and watching the birds. I am about to take my son and dog to the track for some morning exercise. No better way to start the morning. Today is day 1 of the return to my old ways. I have set some very specific goals that will keep me on track. We are off work till Monday so I have no excuses not to start out hitting it hard. I will take pics and measurements today.

    Y'all have a great day. Thanks parson !! Keep up the good work everyone.

  • Good afternoon Warriors,


    You asked for it and I gave it to you. Check MFP. Glad you have some down time. Let's get this show on the road. Ditto what Parson said for me.


    WOW you are awsome man keep it up there is hope for me yet. How big of a bowl of dip did you make that's alot of ghost peppers and are you able to get them fresh. I can only find the dried up here. Keep knocking down those wo's.


    Yes it's great to have everybody on the same page now. We  spent the afternoon in the pool before Chris and I had to go to the gym. Linda is even talking about buying new outfits next spring. She is planning on losing weight. Julie will need some new outfits as well. Come to think of it so should Chris and I. You look amazing why didn't you do a back shot.


    Yes Monday is the official day that I start. I will be doing UPPER Body, cardio, Lower Body so 3 and 3. The only difference is Saturday I will be doing Kettle Bell Class with my son Chris. He is starting to pass me with his training so I need to catch up to the 17 yr. old somehow. lol. I know you will get it done. Thanks for being honest about that ab/core you missed. It's not the end of the world move on. Iknow I hate missing my wo's to. It drives me crazy and messes me up until I get it in.


    Variety is the spice of life yet we end up being creatures of habit and gravitate towards certain food. I to like variety but from time to time I fail by gravitating towards easily to prepare foods. I like all veggies but never go the whole gambit Tend to stick to different ones at different times of the yr. Old habits are hard to kick sometimes. Kale is something I would like to eat more of. Thanks for the reminder. Glad your wo's are good  and great doing dealifts without a belt. Stay strong and watch your back.

    Anyone I have missed catch you on the up side


  • Yes, Claude, it was 4 for a 16 oz can of black beans…I’m damaged that way, but the endorphins are better coming from that than heroin.   I grow my own.  Here’s one of my newest, a scorpion pepper (hottest in nature until the Bruce is confirmed by Guinness). This one is 1.4 million scoville vs 1.2 for the Ghosts)