BFL Warriors

  • Good morning Warriors,

    Well the kids were able to get Linda to the gym. Here's their plan as soon as we pulled up they were out the door with her gym bag in hand packed actually over packed and ready to go. Julie packed about 6 different outfits not being sure which one she would want. lol Chris was incharge of locking the door just in case she wanted to stay home. I had to go in and get my stuff on the way back Linda was making her way to the door so I ran interferance and got her going to the car. Julie was driving her and Chris and I went in the van. As it turned out Linda left her keys at work so I had to give Julie my car keys no problem. I keep my key seperate from my house keys. So the whole family went to the gym and all was good. Once Linda gets there she is ok. It's getting her there. Ilove my wife and my kids. Also so proud that they were able to get her there what a plan. As for lan still in the works. Did a good hour of cardio felt great. planing on doing a TRX wo at lunch then hit the gym with julei after work. I had trouble sleeping for yrs. now and decided to talk to my MD about it. she seems to think because of my age it could be a hermonal inbalance go figure. So I told lets get the blood work done and get this fixed. She said it doesn't work that easy for men. So now I am taking ananti depressant before bed that is not used as an anti depressant because it not that great. But it helps reduce migraines andhelps with sleep. She also said it may or may not work. So far it not working I will use what I have and if it is still not working then back I go. Also I was talking with one of the trainers at the gym we were biking beside each other. He was telling me that 97% of people are deficient in magnesium and I should try that. He said it helps the muscles relax and should help with sleep to. So may give it a try. I don't take vitamins typically. I figure I get what I need from my food. Good fortune is coming my way to. After 3 yrs. of negotiations my union finally came to an agreement with my employer The Government of Canada.  Retro back pay plus a raise and a few benefits plus 30 yrs. of severance pay that's the max I can get although I have 35 yrs. of service. so all is good here.


    Nice pic, just have to look at it  Doing great on those wo keep up the good work. Linda is over herself now.

    Hit it hard and don't let life stop those workouts gang.

  • Hi Warriors! hope you are having a blessed day.

    Claude, Such an amazing plan to make sure the family got to the gym. Love it!! Glad you are looking with your doc to see about your sleeping problems. We definitely need good sleep. Hope they find something that works for you soon! And, great news on the job front!

    I did weights yesterday and I have been working on a new goal: pull-ups! I have never been able to do them but havent tried really hard either. So, I tried Monday and did 2 and yesterday I was able to do 5!! YEAH. Now, these are unassisted but  not yet from a complete hanging position. I have been standing on the low bar and going from there. Still, making progress. My goal is to get those full pull-ups done! Running later this evening and the weather here is fabulous. Feels like fall in TN, amazing.

    Have a great day!

  • Hello Fellow Warriors!!!

    Today is an active rest day for me, so I just did 30 minutes on the stairclimber.  I am doing lower cals/carbs on rest days, so just counting the hours until bedtime...LOL!  I do have a date with my foam roller and hot epsom salt bath tonite.  I need it after my brutal lower body workout yesterday!!!  Britt got home from camp yesterday.  I was so happy to see her; I missed her!!!  

    Claude:  They do a camp every year, one for fresh/soph, and one for junior/seniors.  The girls go to a totally different camp (they call it girls uninterrupted camp) and boys go to "Man camp."  It allows them a few days away from distractions (home life, teachers/school, the opposite sex, etc....) to reflect and appreciate all the God has given them.  They worship and bond with their friends as well as make new friends (any new kids to the school).  It is a great way to start the school year!   LOL, I love the kidnapping Linda to get her to the gym story!!!  If the anti-depressant doesn't seem to work, go off it; you don't want to develop a dependency on them; they are mind altering and you have to be careful.  If you can find something more natural, I would suggest that first.  Yay on the work front.  That is fantastic.  I am happy for you!!  High five!

    2C: Love the picture; thanks for sharing with us.  Awesome on the pull-ups.  I still have to do assisted.  I had my trainer hold me by the waist a few weeks ago, and those were hard, almost unassisted, but I only was able to do 6.  I can crank out 12-15 if he holds my feet.  I am so jealous of your weather.  We have been around 110's here; it is brutally hot...yuck!!!  Sounds like you are doing amazing on following through with your workout plan!! That is Awesome!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great Thursday.  Glad tomorrow is Friday!!  :)

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey everyone!!

    Sorry I have been MIA. We had a family emergency Sunday that has taken my entire week. I have been out of town and haven't got to workout. Say a prayer for my family. I have a family member with huge alcohol issues that ended up here. I guess you can figure out the rest. We will have an intervention Saturday and try to get him to agree to help. We have spent all week talking with people and trying to find a rehab for him. Now, just getting him to agree. Wish me luck.

    I have been eating better and will begin my workouts....TONIGHT. Lots of sleepless nights recently so no morning workouts.

    I will check in more often as things settle down.

  • Cuervo,

    So sorry to hear about the family issues. I can not imagine what you must be going through. Just remember that you are a tough warrior & God will not allow more to be put on you than you can handle.

  • Morning Warriors!

    TGIF!  I will leave it at that....

    Cuervo - I'm praying for the family.  I know when my brother was struggling with substance abuse I wanted to give up on him many times, but our family never did.  Thank God things turned around.  It's hard work for everyone, but I know you know that.  Take it one step at a time my friend.  Workouts can wait!

    On a much lesser note...I've had the most pitiful week of workouts in my life.  Can't explain it beyond life?  Next week is my deload week thankfully.

    Have a great day Warriors and enjoy the weekend!

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Cuervo - You are in my prayers brother

    Everyone else - I have had a terrible week as far as workouts are concerned.  I did get to go home over the weekend and will go home tonight - 5 days away from the family is enough for me.  Miss kiddos & momma too much.

    I did get a LBWO in Tuesday & UBWO in on Wednesday.  No cardio this week (Or this AM)  Will try tomorrow!  Food has been ok.

  • LOVE the accountability - the good, the bad & the ugly!!! We're all in this together!!

    Praying for you and your family, Cuervo, but I already told you that :)  Hang in there!

    Gotta get the kids to school, then off the the gym.

    Everyone have a great weekend!!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good morning Warriors,

    Did my TRX suspension training at lunch yesterday went to the gym with Julie did only 30 minutes  of cardio then had dinner and walked the dog for an hour. Today is my day off unless the kids want to go to the gym if so I will enjoy the hot tub and sauna my spa day. After work I have to go and pick up mom's blister pack for next week. Will bring them over after Kettle bell class tomorrow. Going to take Linda out Sat. date night. We also need a weekend get away too. Food is always a work in progress with me so be it.


    I'm also praying for your family. I know exactly what you are going through it's an uphill fight. hopefully you will get through to him.  I'm with parson about the workouts family first everything else is secondary. Get some rest buddy that is paramount.


    Don't beat yourself up too much your wo's are a far cry from pitiful. Just not as good as you wanted them to be at least your getting them in. Good ones / Bad ones they all count.


    I know what your saying and agree. So far this stuff isn't working but it's a minamal dose that the doc. told me it may not work anyways. I think I'll go to the hippy store as Julie calls it. And see what they recomend. It's an apothacary all natural products vitamin and such.


    At least you did something there's always next week to hit it harder and make up for those hiccups in the road. Glad you checked in. It's must be hard being away from your family. Enjoy your get together with them.

    Have a great weekend Warriors!

  • Good Morning!

    Cuervo, I am sure this is a difficult situation but I pray that your loved one accepts this gift of love and gets the help needed.

    Claude, Enjoy the weekend date!!

    BD, Hope that your WO is a great one!

    Parson, I am sure the week was not as bad you think but to a much better one next week.

    CStaats, glad you are back. I bet your family missed you too! Get that cardio in.

    Runnermom, hope you are ok!

    As for me: I did 3 miles yesterday and the weather was just great! Today I am going to a work banquet with my husband and then to bed early! I am getting up at 4:30 am to get those 10 miles in. Then, off to the county fair for the annual funnel cake :) Hmm, maybe I should do extra miles (just kidding).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Greetings Fellow Warriors,  Just getting back to the normal routine after my short staycation this week since Wednesday. Did get a chance to check out another LA Fitness near UCF and that one is interesting  but not yet rehabed like the one I go to in the mornings during the workweek.  Planning to start back with the free weights tomorrow with a program that sounded great from another sup company for a couple of months to gauge it's results. Still will keep the cardio goin as well.   CUervo: I hope and pray that all goes well with the family intervention and that you loved one gets the help they need. BD: Hope all is going well with you and your busy schedule now that school time approaches for you and the kids. Get er done, I know you can do it!!  Parson: Keep your chin up and  remember that these things happen to kids as they grow up and hopefully they learn from the mishap as well.  Claude I hope all is going well for ya this weekend and wish you the best of times. CStaats and Runnermom: How are the runs going for y"all.  Has any one done any of those rough Mudders events lately?  They sound like you need to swim through a pool after you compleat one of them.  Island dude and anyone and everyone, Have a great healthy and safe week this week and keep in touch with us all. Keep MOving Forward!!!

  • Hey Warriors,

    Well as it turned out Sat was KB day and he came to the class. I think he liked it he didn't kick my a$$ but I think he was sore on sunday. The only reason he didn't kick my a$$ is because he was lifting lighter weight but if he continues it won't be long before he does. Things are changing in the Laprade house, Julie went shopping with linda and they came home with something only I would bring home. It's a veggie Kale. Julie is going to make kale chips instead of eating potatoe chips. Yeah! Finally winning the battle. Less junk coming in and more good food. The rest of Sat. was spent well at least 2.5 hrs. it took me to change the low beam light bulb on the Buick. Cursed most of the time because I pretty much had to remove the bumper to get to it. Online instuctions had it as a 3hr job. So if I brought it in @ about 90$ an hr. your looking at roughly on the low scale at the dealer ship between 200 and 300$ to change a 13.00$ light bulb. How crazy is that. I used to change these within 5 minutes. When dinnasauors roamed the earth. Not qiute that long ago but you get the drift. If the other one goes should only take 45 min. to change now that U know what I'm doing now. Hopefully it won't but with my luck it'll be 40 below zero when it does. So I  may wait until spring if that's the case or a warm winter day. Enough rambling from me.


    Glad you are starting a new progam. I'm right behind you. Still need to read a bit more then will have it down. The end is near for me to get started.Keep up the good work and enjoy the pain of the new wo.

    Lets get it done this week Warriors. Thanks to all who post here really helps me with accountability.


  • Good Morning Warriors!!

    Got my TM workout in this morning and will be heading to the gym soon.  Had a bulletproof coffee this morning and still full but will make myself eat some BF.  I have been increasing my calories, up to 1,600-1,650 now.  I keep reading about metabolic damage and catabolism and don't want to go there!!!  I am keeping my calories at my BMR on non-training days, and up to the 1,600-1,650 on training days.  Month one of Kris Gethin workouts and LeanGains in the books.  Will do measurements with my trainer on Wed, and let you know how I did.

    Cuervo:  Been thinking about you and praying all weekend.  Let us know how it went!!!  My hubby did the Gething leg workout yesterday (the one with 3 sets of 85 rep leg press, etc......).  He literally lost his footing when stepping off the curb at the gym and fell....LOL!!!!  He is really working muscles he doesn't normally work hard enough!!

    Claude:  I am so pumped to hear of all the healthy changes taking place in your household. I know it makes it so much easier when everyone is on board!!!  Crazy the way cars are built now; they want you to have to pay for everything!!!

    Bill:  Thanks for checking in.  Looks like you've got it all figured out and back to a workout regime.  Enjoy your rehabbed gym!!!

    2C:  How was your run & the funnel cake?????  Yummo.  I am sure you earned that!!

    Everyone else, have a great week!!!!  Get those workouts in!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good Morning Warriors,

    Went to the gym after work did a TM walk at 5% incline to start then over 41min. increased the incline at the end I was at 10.5 incline. Kept the same speed all the way through which was 3 mph. Even broke a sweat doing it. something I learned now is as long as you challenge your body you should see results. At that pace results may come slower. On the home front Julie and Chris are swithching days for training so that Julie and Linda can do aqua fit together. If I had of known that this was going to happen I would've got Julie with the trainer sooner. Any ways its happening now.


    How are things going, hope all is well. get back when you can. Hoping all is wellwith the family now.


    Sounds like you are hitting your stride now everything figured out and pushing ahead. Go get it now. Why did you increase your cals by such a small amount?

    Bill, 2C, Parson, Tazz, Island, Runner, do check in soon as well as anyone else who is out there.

    Have a great day Warriors.

  • Hello Warriors,

    Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! Sorry I have not checked back in more recently, looks like there has been a lot going on in everyone's lives.

    Cuervo - I hope the weekend turned out the way your family was hoping it would. My prayers are with you.

    Everyone - Keep up for the good work and kudos for getting back on the horse after falling off! I am in the best mood ever after getting to put on smaller pants (and still be comfortable). A friend of mine at work told me how frustrated she is with her lack of weight loss, so I gave her a copy of a HIIT article (thank you BDMom) and told her how interval workouts were working for me.

    claude L - I know what you mean about finally feeling like your winning the battle. I went grocery shopping yesterday and loaded the check stand with fruits, veggies, healthy grains, and veggie pasta. The guy behind me put a dozen donuts, some sort of coffee cake and a 6-pack of beer on the stand behind me. All I could think when I looked at his selection was what a gut-bomb it would be to eat it. Personal victory for not feeling the urge to trade groceries with him.

    Think today will be a good day for back-yard cardio with my boys.

    Have a great week everyone!

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow