BFL Warriors

  • Hey warriors!!

    TAZZ: that is some great news! You have been a real pillar of strength throughout this fight you are a real life inspiration to myself and the rest of the warriors here you are in my prayers my friend.

    Well yesterday was rest day and now working today plan on hitting the bells after work up at my old high school along with some sprints, bleachers, and maybe some stairs lol.

    Claude: nice work with the bell session!! Also I'm gonna have to look up that book my son has mild autism and anything that can make  him better I wanna know.. Thanks

    Well I gotta get out of the corner here and start doing done work lol all the warriors have a great Sunday!!

    Much aloha!

  • The luckiest man in the world is checking in!! Worked today, very hot and tired. The kids and jan were waiting for me to get home. We spent the whole afternoon in the pool and grilled some hot dogs. Simple, relaxing and much needed. You all should see my kids in the pool. 4 years old and diving to the bottom of the deep end getting diving sticks and rings. Swimming from one end to the other. Amazing to me. I have raised 2 fish. Haha.

    Hopefully I can get ALL of my workouts in this week.

    Everyone have a great evening. ROCK ON WARRIORS!!

  • Good to see the resurrection of this thread.  I've been on MFP with most of the folks from yesteryear.  I still get the posts on my email, so I can keep up that way.  As for me, I've been keeping pretty close to BFL practice but like Cuervo, in a maintenance mode, doing all muscle groups and moderate cardio over the course of a week.  This forum has been instrumental in keeping me on the straight and narrow and the group that migrated to MFP keeps me honest when I do stray.  Hope all is well with the newer names and best wishes on the next challenge.

  • ...also, I found a new workout that blows away anything except maybe Island's kettleballs.  I spent 3 - 1/2 hrs on a jackhammer on Saturday breaking up a concrete slab so I could tie in my new bathroom to the main sewer line.  Lost 2 lbs and had the bruises this morning to prove that I conquered it.  This morning I ran the pvc, buried the line, and then helped my Bro in law tile his dining room  and kitchen.  Home improvement is not for the weak.

  • Happy Monday Warriors!

    Quick post for me...WO is done.  Today's work out was MUCH better than last Monday's!  I needed this one for ME today...

    Work calls!  Have a great day friends!

  • Good Morning! Great job guys on those workouts accomplished. I am feeling better after sleeping all day Saturday (literally). I am ready for a new great week.

    I hope to do weights today and wednesday, running Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. This week I have a long run of 17 miles (my longest ever). I am looking forward to feeling better and ready for it.

    Everyone have a STRONG day!

  • Hello:

    Good to see everyone checking in and doing well.

    I took my daughter and her best friend out for pedicures and dinner yesterday, and then her friend stayed the night.  I will be taking her home in awhile and then going to spend some time with my dad.  I was going to go spinning with my sister tonight but am not going to.  I had a great workout today, and feel like I'd be overtraining.  Still trying to get my classes figured out and getting frustrated!!!

    I will get to the gym early tomorrow and then the girls and I are going to meet my husband at Red Robin for a last lunch before school starts on Wed.  The girls and I will go to Whole Foods to get some good treats for their lunches after that.  Other than that, all is going well here.

    2C:  I still can't believe I am reading your posts when you talk about running 17 miles.  WOW is all I have to say; I am so impressed with your dedication to running!!!  I remember when you signed up for your first 5K race :)

    Frick:  Wow, that sounds like a lot of work!!!  I bet your body is sore!!  I'm afraid of the damage I'd do if I got ahold of one of those things!!

    Cuervo:  Cute about the kids & the swimming.  It is such a great feeling to know that they are able to swim; you don't have to be on edge all the time.  It sounds like you all had a great day!  You WILL get all your workouts in this week.  My hubby still doing Gethin and thinks he wants to keep doing it after the 12 weeks is up.....I told him to just wait...................LOL. He has been sore in places never sore before!

    All:  Have a great week!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Page 2!!!! Come on now, we can at least stay on page one!!

    Hope y'all are good. I am still kickin along. Trying to get consistent. Otherwise, things are great. Don't give up on my yet. Haha. Have a great evening.

  • Hi Warriors!!!

    Glad to see all the posts! I have had a busy weekend and week, but I am still going strong and my motivation is BACK!

    I started teaching spin classes again, at least subbing classes for now. This morning I taught a spin and lift class. It was tough but fun!!! Great workout!!!

    Cuervo: I love it about your kids swimming! Mine were the same way.....diving to the bottom of the pool at 2 years of age. People were always amazed, but I had them in swim lessons since they were infants.  I think it is so important for kids to learn to swim at an early age. One of my friends told me last week that a friend of hers had a son who drowned a couple of weeks ago b/c he didn't know how to swim. So sad. Oh, and I would never give up on you!!!

    BD: Hope you had a  nice lunch with your kids and hubby yesterday. I can't believe your kids start school today!!! I hope all goes well. What did you figure out about your classes?

    2C: Oh, I remember the days of 17-18 milers!!!  When is your marathon? You seem really far in your training. Do you use race gels? I like the kind with me a little kick right when I need it!!! You are doing awesome!

    Island: I love your intense workouts!! Let me know if you ever have questions about your son.....I have worked with children with autism for the past 15 years. Each one is unique, but the progress I have seen in many of them is amazing!

    Frick: Your post made me tired just reading it! I think I will pass on the jackhammer...ha ha!

    Claude: It's always good to keep researching nutrition and find out what works best for you. Glad you are keeping on top of it!

    Parson: Glad you had a good workout!!! Lately I've had to realize that I need to take time for ME and my kids and family will still be workouts actually make me a better wife and mom!

    Happy Hump Day Warriors!!!! Make it a great day!!!!

  • Good Morning!! I am so annoyed. I was all ready for weights this morning, came to work, went to the gym and realized I didnt pack my WO pants. I had 2 shirts. WHAT? I considered doing it in my work pants but would not be good for rest of the day. So, I will have to do it this evening when I get home. I did have a nice 4 mile run yesterday :)

    Cuervo, thanks for keeping us going and on Page 1. Nothing better than marvel at our children thrive and be happy (and safe)! Makes it all worth it. Hope your day goes well.

    BDMom, I hope the class issue got straighten out for you. It would be a shame to loose time because of their class availability. Enjoy lunch today before school starts!! I know what you mean about when I attempted my 1st 5K and now talking 17 miles. And excited about it too!! I have come a long way and I just LOVE it (its more like an addiction really).

    Runnermom, I have never attempted a spin class. Would be fun to try.  My marathon is Nov 9 so I have time. But I am doing the Galloway beginner full training which takes me all the way to 26 miles a few weeks before my full. It takes it nice and easy and I am not fast but I am getting it done! I have tried the gels but I can stomach them. It is really the consistency and texture that I cant stand. I have been getting creative with food while running those long miles (we stop and refuel in the middle) and trying different things. Something with caffeine but without the sugar would be great. Ideas?

    Frick, I will also pass on the jackhammer WO!

    Island, Parson, Claude and everyone else, Great job and make it a great one!

  • Hey Warriors,

    Had a good wo last night. Only doing 60 minutes cardio these days. Need to find a program that works and I can comit to. Looking at my options. Food is ok but still getting unwanted food at night will need to start making healthier choices.

    For accountability I decided to take measurements and weigh myself. Waist is 45 - was 48.5, Chest 44 - 46, Thighs 46 - 47 ans my weight is 224.8, also decided to do my neck 16". As long as I'm losing inches scale weight doesn't really matter. I didn't think I was making progress but motivation plus. I'm not using any supps. just food. May take me a little longer to get where I want to be. I'm ok  with that. Glad to see we have made our way back to where it all  began like runnermom I started on this thread later. I still don't think I have reached Warrior status yet but thats part of my personal journey. I expect to be in much better shape my image for myself as a warrior is alot different than most I guess. May take a few new pic's so I can see the changes. Cuervo thanks for the wakeup call. like most here life seems to get in the way from time to time so just have to keep rolling with it.


    I also beleive one of the best gifts you can give a child is to teach them to swim. They are so fun at that age. Glad to see you on track again.


    Glad your'e back teaching seems like a natural fit for you. I hope the class was able to keep up with you. lol. I think instructors like to out do the class but appreciate the effort that everyone puts into it., My KB instuctor enjoys it when we tell her we hate her program. She just gets this ear to ear smile like she is enjoying it and she is. Glad motivation is back. Enjoy your family time can't get enough of that ever.


    Glad your'e enjoying the running scene out your way. Try using ground chia mixed in some water for extra energy.


    Glad to help out. Not sure when I will start the diet I have alot of stuff in the pantry so will try incorporating 1 recipe at a time. slow and steady. After reading your wo's I hurt all over Keep pushing it that hard theonly way to go.


    Glad you had good wo. your deadlifts are amazing. I don't do enough of them yet but will need to put them into my new program once I figure it out. Chris was told yesterday by his trainer that the goal most men set for themselves is to lift twicw their body weight. He's at 150 almost his body weight which is 167. Not far off I'm at 90 #.


    I laughed so hard after reading your post HAHAHAHA!. I'll  not be doing the jackhammer wo. That's your gig. but what a way to loose weight. You are always an inspiration.


    It's back to the crazy schedule which seems to be your life. Hats off to ya! Hope everything works out with your classes keep us posted.

    Tazz, Brick,

    Thinking of you every workout inspiration that you guys have given me goes a long way.

    Cheers! WARRIORS


  • Hello Warrior Family!!!!

    Kids started back to school today and my day has flown by!!!!

    I worked out with my trainer earlier, and have been dealing with this headache for my school scheduling.  The issue is the instructor for the class I was enrolled in decided to retire last minute and they don't have a replacement.  This class I NEED in order to start my practicums next summer.  I have checked other campuses and the ones who offer the same class offer a pass/fail grade, and I need a letter grade for my degree.  It is ultra frustrating and I am praying it gets resolved sometime this week!!!!

    Claude:  I am proud of you for taking accountability and doing your weight/measurements; that will keep you going in the right direction.  Of course you have reached Warrior status. You don't have to be an original to be part of the family!!!

    2C:  I just had to laugh at that; I am sure that was frustrating. ...being set to workout and not having your pants.  But still made me chuckle! You gotta try spinning; you'd love it!!

    runnermom:  that sounds like a fun class and I bet your kicked their butts!!!  Back to work for you next week, right???  Lunch was nice yesterday.  Gary even had a late meeting that he rescheduled so he could come home early and spend time with the girls before the hustle/bustle started!!!

    Cuervo:  We'd never give up on you!!! Where are you in the Gethin routine? How's your diet been??????  Let me know!!  I'm killin it.  I've been trying to figure out how to take pics in the mirror with my iphone but I suck at it.  I wanted to post 4, 8 & 12 week progress photos now that I'm doing Gethin & IF.  Probably have to have Gary or one of the girls take them for me. Mine look like I'm constipated.....LOL.

    Hope you all have a fabulous Hump Day & rest of the week!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Greetings Warriors,  Hope everyone is having a productive and active week .   BDMOM: It's a a shame that they messed up your class schedules and I hope they can get them back on track for you. YOu have a very active lifestyle and don't need that added into the mix as well.  Runnermom: That class sounds fun and interesting and I am sure you are one of their shining stars there. Cuervo: Great to hear from you and that you are doing so well in working towards your goals currently. Is the Gething working out for you (just a pun there)?  Parsonsbrown:  Way to go on progress you are making. They have currently shut down one of my LA Fitness gyms for remodeling so this morning I got to try out a new style machine for the leg press and found that very challenging and interesting (as is the gym is many ways, this one has tv screens on all the cardio equipment and that is helpful and distracting some times, but I will adjust to it I am sure).  Island_dude:  Really working hard on those routines and trying to stickwith the programs , very admirable and an inspiration to all of us here. Well got to cut it short for today because I am working an extra day tommorrow due to the crowds here at WDW and this shift is nights so a workout in the early am is a requirement tommorrow as well as it was today. Keep Moving Forward Everyone and Best wishes for this week!!!

  • Good morning Warriors,

    The whole family went to the gym last night after work. Linda was going to stay home but Julie went through the trouble of packing her bag so no she spent an hour in the pool doing her exercises. Julie did 30min. cardio then hit the pool with mom and then they went to the hot tub. Chris wo with his trainer and did something to his shoulder doig bench press. So he iced it last night. He might miss Kettlebell class on saturday. Needs to rest the injury. My food was better yesterday but gotta get away from late night popcorn and rice cakes. My workout was not as good as I wanted it to be but hey got it done just the same.


    Glad you found another gym. Cardio with TV can be distracting for me too. What I do is find a sport that I can follow then hookup my head phones and play my tunes. Something visual rather than a blank screen. At my gym they have a babbysitting service and the parents can keep and eye on their kids via 1 or 2 of the channels. Glad you found a new challenge at this gym change is good. Glad you are still moving forward enjoy the new gym and keep us posted.


    That really really sucks that this class might be cancelled after all the hard work you have put in to get this far hopefully it will all workout for you. What a waste if they doon't bring it back this year. I feel your frustration and I know you are taking it out in the gym so keep beating up those weights. I know I have been welcomed here and am greatfull to all of you guys and gals. But in my head the warrior in me hasn't arrived yet. Still working on it  that's what keeps me going. Plus the kids are rolling now so the wife will follow.hehe!

    To everyone else lets Push Hard and Run Faster this weeks almost gone.

    Have a great day.

  • Hi Warriors!!!

    Just got back from a sweltering run! The heat and humidity here in Houston is BRUTAL! I will be glad next week when I go back to work I will be forced to run and workout earlier, before the sun comes up. I waited until almost 8 AM today and it was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! I planned to only run 3 miles and come back home and hit the weights, but I ran into a friend and we lost track of time and ended up running 5 miles together. Now I have a repair man at my house working on our new cook top, so the weights will have to wait until tomorrow. Busy day.....picking kids up from camp later this morning, then need to go to Costco and then go to the running store to get my son some new running shoes.

    Claude: I love how your whole family works out!!! That is great. I hope Chris' shoulder heals soon! Glad you got your workout done. Now stop those evening munchies.....ha ha!!!

    BD: I really do feel your frustration about your class!!! I hope they can get it resolved. How was the first day of school for your girls? My boys are ready to go back.....2 more weeks!

    WP: Is this the busiest time for WDW? My extended family (all my sisters and brother and my parents) have already planned a trip to Florida next summer to celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary in August 2014. We are so excited! I haven't been to Florida in about 10 years. I can't remember where we are sister is planning the trip.....but I know it is on the Gulf Coast. My kids keep begging to go to WDW, so maybe we will finally get there next summer. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon, but haven't been back to take the kids.

    2C: Your story about forgetting your pants is pretty funny....but I know how disappointing that must have been!!! I LOVE the Galloway method....I trained that way for 2 marathons and it was great! I still use it sometimes, especially since it is so hot here I welcome the walk breaks at times!! I really like the race gels....have you tried different flavors and/or brands? I find that the vanilla GU has a good consistency. But, I know a lot of people who can't stomach them. I think there are some sport beans with caffeine, and maybe some Gu Chomps. For some reason those messed with my blood sugar so I don't use them. But again, I know everyone is different. Running stores usually have a good selection of intra-run fuels, maybe you could check them out and sample some before your race. Remember, never try anything  new on race day :-)

    Okay, here's a funny story for you Warriors, and will make you think I live in backwoods Texas! The reason I was so late starting my run today was b/c we caught a POSSUM in our backyard!!!! My dogs have been going crazy for the past few weeks sniffing under our deck, so we knew something was living under there (YUK!). We told a neighbor and he brought over a trap for us (he is a hunter....we are not!). So, my husband and kids decided to set the trap last night and put food in it. Well, when we got up this morning and went outside, guess what was in the trap?? Yes, a huge possum.....hissing at us and our dogs!!! Mike and I both looked at each other and said "Now what?". Well, being the soft-hearted animal lovers we are, we decided to release it. So, we put the trap in the back of Mike's truck (he carried it....I stayed away from that thing!), drove down to a wooded area in our neighborhood off the sports complex, and as we pulled into the complex, there were a pack of deer standing there staring at us!!! Yes, wild kingdom around here! So, I stayed in the truck and Mike and Cody released the possum into the woods. I was scared it was going to run back at them, but it scampered off into the woods (probably pretty happily with the hot dogs he had consumed in the trap!) What a way to start the morning!!!

    Have a great day, Warriors! The weekend is almost here!!!