BFL Warriors

  • Don't Count Me Out Just Yet.  Yes I Am Still Undergoing Cancer Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer And Yes We Are Currently Beating it. I have not yet been able to workout due to a port implanted in my chest, but hopefully that will be removed by years end. My cancer marker numbers have dropped and remain in the Normal Range for the past 12 weeks. I will Lurk and post as things change in my status. Thank you for any prayers offered in my behalf.

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Tazz- that is the best news I have had in months. I never counted you out at all brother. Getting to know you over the months, I had no doubt of the fighting spirit you have. Keep fighting like I know you will. You are always in our prayers. Keep in touch.

  • TAZZ - so glad to hear from you ... even better to hear that you are beating it just like we knew you would!!  That warrior spirit   of yours always rises to the top!!

  • Tazz

    Great news thanks for the update. I didn't count you out ever. You're a fighter I got that when you were training. Keep fighting this you will come out on top. Your positive attitude will see you through this. Great to hear from you. Glad you are posting again. Keep us posted the good bad and ugly we are here for you.

    Take care


  • Tazz, best news ever!! It melts my heart to hear your strength and that you are winning this fight. My prayer tonight will be in appreciation. So great to hear from you. ALL WARRIORS ARE IN YOUR CORNER!

  • Fighting a mild cold today but had solid 4 mile run:) happy about that.

    I forgot about the day after soreness from weights! Feels good.

    Have a strong day tomorrow!!

  • Hi everyone:

    Just a quick fly-by. Today was super busy and tomorrow will be the same.  I'm afraid that is how it is gonna be until kids start school next Wednesday. I should then have some more time to check in.  I start back on the 19th, but this semester shouldn't be too tough!!!  I hate navigating this site from my phone, so I can only check in when home at my computer.

    2C:  Feel better.  So good to see you posting again.  You have become quite the litte runner; I'm proud of you.

    runnermom:  Make sure to check when you can. Doesn't matter when you joined the family, once you are in you are in!!!

    Tazz:  No surprise here that you are doing great and kicking *ss.  I wouldn't expect anything but that from you!!!  I will continue praying for you!!!  Do keep us updated, no matter what!!  We are here for you!

    Cuervo:  sounds like quite a day!!  Hope your worker is doing better and that you were able to get the truck situation handled.

    Parson:  Glad you found your've got this.

    Dude:  Sounds like an awesome & challenging routine.

    Can't go to last page, so don't remember anything else........

    Hope you all have a great Friday and fun weekend!!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    Workout is done!  I will be glad when the cooler weather gets here!!!  It's hot in the garage.

    Who has weekend plans?  We will be around the house this weekend.  Kids go back to school on Tuesday.  My little boy starts kindergarten!

    Tazz - Good to hear from you.  Are you still going to Chicago for treatments?  I hope you are storing up some "anger" to take on the weights when you get back in there.  I bet you go a ferocious tear!

    Have a good day everyone.  Nobody will do it for got to get out there and make it happen!

  • Hi Warriors! TGIF!!!

    Tazz: So good to hear from you!!! Awesome news!!! Of course I will continue to pray for you!

    Parson: Is it your youngest going to kindergarten? So sweet!!!

    BDMom: Sounds like you are busy, as always! Thanks for the welcome back...I will email you. I am over my pity party...ha!!!

    2C: Hope you are feeling better! What marathon are you training for? You go girl!!! Remember, toenails are for sissies!!!!

    Cuervo: I hope your kids are feeling better. Sick kids are never fun! I hope your work slows down soon. How are all the pool parties going at your house?

    Grandpa Hiker: Good to see you posting!

    Island: Are you teaching any KB classes?

    Claude: I hope all is well with you!

    Sorry if I missed anyone....can't go back on previous page! I am thinking of all of you!

    I am detoxing from sugar today as yesterday was my son's birthday and I had too much cake!!! I made myself get up and run this morning, even though my body ached all over from the junk I ate yesterday. As Parson always says, I had to get the poison out!!! Drinking LOTS of water today and will be clean from here on out!!! Also going to get my haircut a little later so that always makes me feel better!

    I plan to run with my running group tomorrow morning. Next week I will go back to running 4 days a week and strength training 4 days per week, with overlap workouts on some days of course. I am ready to HIT IT HARD!!!

    Have a great weekend, Warriors!

  • Great to hear from you BUFF-TAZ,  I am uplifted and happy to hear that you are doing better and fighting the good fight against that illness,  we are all pulling and praying for ya buddy.  Sounds like you have better health right now in your corner and I think you can beat this in the long run. Hang in there and keep us all posted Fellow Warrior!!!

  • GReetings everyone, just wanted to do a special one for Taz.   Runner mom: sounds like all is going well for you. I wish you the best in all your upcoming runs and k events (sorry still not a fan but do the treadmill once a week still ). Parson: Sorry about the tree accident, glad that everyone is ok though.  Will the tree make good firewood for the winter for someone is it that far gone?  How is your lifting going this week.Definately improving on those weight levels but just be careful on the form issues and of course the knees and back as well.  BDMOM: Thank you for your kind comments and insights into this group and all of us. You certainly got us going long ago  and many of us have joined you on the other website as well for updates (  Cuervo: Way to go on bringing us back from the brink of obscurity.  We all need to keep things going now.  I will let you all know that I am planning this week to go back to free weights (the machines are getting a little to boring for me) and will still keep a couple days of cardio as well , much like the BFL program but without the HIIT for now.(this summer). Things are getting busy at the mOuse and they need me for extra days here and there right now. And I have a 29th anniversary coming up mid monthas well. Grandpa, 2 conquer , Island_dude and everyone else, Welcome back and keep in touch with us all.  Keep MOving FOrward!!

  • Hey gang! A little late, but I am here. Barely.

    Another long day. Just got home after over 12 hours at work. Gotta work Saturday and Sunday too. No rest for the wicked. I can guarantee one thing. I eat like crap when I am stressed or really busy. That will have to change soon.

    Glad to hear everyone is still kicking.

    Tazz- I have thought about your post alot today. I truly believe that your conquering this has to do with your mental and spiritual strength, but I bet that your body being in the excellent shape from your dedication to yourself has played a major factor in your success. There are plans for all of us and you finding the warrior inside and getting into shape,that I still envy, set you up to face this obstacle head on. I still use your transformation as an example and now your attitude is even more for me to respect.  One of these days I plan to meet you face to face and tell you how much of an inspiration you have been to me personally. Keep fighting the right brother!

    All other warriors, have a great weekend.

  • Hi Warriors!!

    Went spinning this morning, and getting ready to take Britt & Lane to voice & piano lessons...then home to clean and start laundry.

    I am sooooooo upset right now.  I just got an email yesterday that was sent out in mid July that got lost in cyberspace, informing me that one of the classes I am enrolled in this semester has been dropped/cancelled.  Not sure why since I can't get ahold of anyone on the weekend!!!!  I am all lined up with what i need to start my practicums next summer and this could really mess everything up.  I know it may sound trivial, but could set me back an entire year and cause me to take classes I don't even need just to stay active as a student....AAARRGHHH!!!  Now I have this hanging over my head all weekend until I can talk to someone on Monday!!!  Oh well, worrying won't change the outcome, so I am gonna try to let it go...............

    Cuervo:  Sounds like you are as busy as alwasy!!!  Hang in there, and start packing some healthy treats to eat when you are at work!!

    WPB:  Can't believe you have been with Disney for that long.  Wow, how Awesome.  It sounds like you've got your next routine all planned out and ready to go.  Go kill it!!!

    runnermom:  I think I still owe you an  Glad your son had a great birthday and that you detoxed that sugar right out of your system :)

    Parson:  Kindergarten we go.  I think it's harder with the last.  My baby starts middle school (6th grade) this year, and it's killing me.  Oldest is a sophomore.  Wish I could freeze time right now!!!  Be brave for your little man!!

    2C:  Hope you are feeling better, my friend!!

    K....gonna go make lunch before we leave for lessons.  Lane spent the night at a friend's house so will have to stop and grab her on the way.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Greetings Fellow Warriors,  Sorry BDMOM<  I meant that I have been married for 29 years in August , not here at the Mouse that long. Sorry for the misunderstanding.  For the mouse it's 21 years this year.   2c Hope your are doing better now. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and that its not a weakend instead.  Keep MOving Forward.  Got to go check out an alternative gym location for Monday and Wednesday today, they are rehabing both of my usual LA Fitness locations here in Otown this month.   Keep in touch all!!

  • Good Morning Warriors,

    Had a good Kettle Bell wo yesterday feeling it todaylol. everythiong is going at this end Linda at chiro Chris and Julie have sessions with their trainer. I have just read a book called Breaking The Viscious Cycle. Its was recomended to me by a friend who has been following the diet. She also has Celiac. The diet is The Specific Cabohydrate Diet apparently it was designed for people with any of the intestinal health problems and even people with autism. Not sure when I will start but once comitted there is no turning back. It's written by Elaine Gottschall B.A.,M.Sc. its a different aproach to finding intestinal health. Havent decided on a plan yet but working on it. As far as diet no great but not so bad either. Mom has Mild Cognitive impairment and Celiac also so my sister and I have been dealing with it and will continue. So its hard to stay dedicated to na routine for me right now. When I get to the gym it's full steam ahead whether its a couple of days in the week or more. I am now trying to hit my tens every wo not just going through the motions.


    Glad to hear you are still at it. The garage will cool down soon enough. Kindergarten seems like so long ago for me. Linda followed the bus to school when Chris went. She had a hard time letting go and still does. Enjoy the moment he is setting out on an adventure the first of many.

    Grandpa Hiker,

    Good to hear from you how are things going.


    Hope your are feeling better soon good job getting those runs in. Hurt feels good means you pushed enough.


    Your busy as usual. Hope you don't loose your yr. because of the cancelation.


    You need to catch a break man. All work and no play tough to keep going you really need some me time buddy. Hope you get some soon. Like BD said pack your meals at least that's in your control when nothing else is.


    Congrats on 29 yrs. Married quite a milestone these days. hope you find a good alternative gym maybe some place more enjoyable to wo. Who knows you just might find a little gem out there and get away from those LA'rs and start enjoying going to the gym without all the crap for a change.


    Everything is going as well as expected. Mocha is back to her old self and enjoying life again. Still plugging away when I can. Hope the detox is going well. Birthdays are always fun. Once you cut your hair will you run

    Enjoy life do what you must and try and get those wo's in Warriors.