BFL Warriors

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Wow, long time no see.  I am in.  I have been desparetly trying, and failing, to get out of a recent slump (BDMom keeps coming back & rescuing me).  My plan is to start next week (I will be out of town with no work out facility & have 2 little ones with me).  Either way, I am willing to give it a shot.  I will take pics again, with measurements for accountability & tracking improvement.

    Cuervo - I am with you brother.  Your first post got me fired up.  

  • Glad to see everyone checking in. It feels like coming home to me.

    Island Dude- Glad to be back. It will be nice to follow one thread and keep up with everyone. This is where it began. I just need to get back to where I was. Check in often man. I need the encouragement of reading your workouts and stats.

    Parson - I was at the store on the way home one day and was out of supplements so I picked up an Endorush from BSN and my workout went through the roof. It states on the bottle that it is 2 servings, but I drank it all. Lifts were up across the board and energy was awesome. I might try to drink one every couple of weeks. For me, if I take something daily the effects aren't noticeable after a bit.

    WPBill - You definitely stayed strong with BFL and posting. Your support to everyone on the site is awesome. You always have the kind words of wisdom and encouragement for everyone. Good luck on your new routine. I know from your past challenges that you will kill it.

    Staats- Have a good time on your trip with the kids and then be ready to roll. I need to take some pics and measurements, but haven't yet. Just getting consistent again will be enough for me at this point. I changed jobs a little over a year ago and I have really fallen hard due to long hours, stress, etc. Gotta find time for myself every once in a while. Let's get this train rollin brother. We will expect you back on here as soon as you are back.

    Everyone else - Have a great day and kick some tail in the gym.

  • Quick check in for me, but at least I'm checking in ;)

    So good to "see" you all again!!!  It's a reunion!

    I usually train with my trainer on Wed, but had to change to today so will be heading out in a bit for that.  I am able to eat BF in about 30 minutes..yay!!!  For those of you who don't know, I am doing IF; this is week 2.  So far so good!!

    When I get home, it will be time to eat lunch and then the girls and I are going to Costco.  They love going just for the samples.  

    Tomorrow is a sad day for me.....I am taking the girls out for frozen yogurt.  Delaney just turned 11 and is starting middle school, so I am going to have the Santa talk with her....she totally still believes.  I'd let it go forever, but my oldest daughter told me that she is gonna get made fun of and it's time.  I know she's right :(  Santa will still come to our house until both of my girls leave home though!!!!

    Thursday is probably the stinky waterpark, and then Friday a day from you know where.  We live 40 mins from the school, and Lane has registration from 8-9, then the girls have hair appts at noon, and then Britt has registration from 2-3 and then I have to drop Lane off for a sleepover at 4.  It's gonna be one of those days that I'm ready to hit the bed by 7.....LOL. time for personals...gotta go get ready!

    Have a great Tuesday!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Count me in also!! I like MFP for recording data, but the BFL site is like home coming!! I need to do some poking around ... did they ever put back the ability to display posts in "most recent" order?

  • This so awesome! a real reunion of the "old" (not chronological age) warriors! So glad to hear from all of you. I am hoping that soon BFL comes out with an app (looks like they have one android but not for apple yet) soon so makes communication easier through the forum. I am like you Grandpa_H, havent figured out how to sort messages yet.

    I need to add some upper body weight training to my running. You all have inspired me to think about doing this:) THANKS!

    Have a grand day! Glad to be back.

  • About to get my SWOLE on!!! Shoulders, calves and abs tonight. Natalie, I am a few days behind you. We have been battling an ear infection for a week with my daughter. I had her to the doctor yesterday for the 3rd time for a checkup and today my son had to go to the doctor for what might be strep throat. I will make it up over the next couple of weeks. Food has been an issue. Just not eating or drinking water during the day. I will hone things in over the next week to be sure I am back on track. It is harder than i remember to fit it all in. Planning and time management will definitely be the key for me.

    Have a great evening everyone.

  • Warriors,

    Just dropped by to check-in, say hello, missed you all.  Maybe one day I will actually have the time to update my photos, but that hasn't been a priority what with 9 trips to Ireland and 2 to Italy over the last 18 months or so.  Don't get too excited, it was all work.  In Roma, I eata too mucha.  Gained 6 lbs, but it's just about off now.  I will check back soon.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Morning Warriors!

    So glad to see everyone posting!!!

    Confession time - I'm having an off week.  I'm plenty motivated, but my body is telling me to back off just a bit.  I'm pushing through, but I'm trying to use a bit of common sense with it.  I'm telling myself - "Marathon not 40yd dash!"  Workouts will all get done, but I'm just gonna do what I gotta do...

    Have a great day gang!

  • Hi Warriors!!!!

    BD Mom sent me an email and let me know that this thread has been resurrected....Thanks Cuervo!!!

    I think I was a late joiner to the Warrior thread, completing my first challenge in 2011. All of you have been so inspirational for me!

    I have been through many ups and downs since my first BFL challenge, but I have been keeping my nutrition clean and my workouts dirty for the most part! I struggle with emotional eating, but I'm trying really hard to take each day as it comes.  I have tried many different things with my nutrition....BFL, vegan, BFL again, IF....and right now just trying to eat clean and healthy in moderation and listening to my body. I, like Parson, am having an off week....or I guess I have had an off few months! We recently moved back to Houston after being away for 3 years and so I'm still trying to pull it all together!

    I, like 2C, love to run and find it is something I stick with no matter what. I still love strength training, and have been through a few different programs, but currently doing my own thing, but still using weights 3-4 times per week. I will be running the Houston Half-Marathon in January, so will begin training for that soon.

    As many of you said, this is like "coming home". I'm glad to be back. Like everyone else, I will be very busy over the next few weeks....starting back to work in 2 weeks and kids will go back to school at the end of August. But, I will do my best to at least post a few times a week to keep myself accountable!!!

    So good to see all of you posting!

    Happy Hump Day!!!

  • You guys inspired me (once again) to start hitting the weights. So, I did this morning!! I am going to add at least one day a week of weights (upper body and core) and stay with running 3 days/week. After November I will start adding lower body weights also.

    So happy to hear from everyone and to be back!

    Have an inspired day.

  • Good afternoon WARRIORS!!!!

    Glad to see everyone is getting back into posting. It helps a lot.

    I am waiting at the doctors office so it will be a quick post.

    Terrible day for me. Work has been stressful and over the top. My shop foreman was out, one of my workers blacked out and had to be taken to the hospital. He wouldn't go in an ambulance, so I had another one of my guys rush him to the ER in a company truck. While my employee was in the ER helping the guy sign in, they towed the truck.  So I have been rambling around and just drove down and got our truck from impound. Now going back to see my employee who was admitted to the hospital. Then I will go back and lock the facility up and head home. No workout for me tonight thankfully. I actually scrapped a couple of exercises during last night's workout due to pain in my shoulder. No biggie. I did all I could and gave it all I had. No reason to risk another setback.

    Have a great evening.

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  • Warriors!!!! Started a new workout plan full body type. Instead of body part splits this one calls for movements. So today's WOD:

    1) Bulgarian split squats * quad dominant

    2) good mornings *hip hamstring dominant

    3) DB OHP *vertical push

    4) pull down (weight plated machine) *vertical pull

    5) BB bench press *horizontal push

    6) seated machine row (weight plated machine) *horizontal pull

    Rep tempo is key 5 seconds per repetition 3 seconds on the negative one second pause and one second back to starting position. I really had to lighten the load to just do 3 sets of 8 following this tempo sweat buckets lol like bfl one minute rest periods.. Time to complete 35 mins in out DONE!!!! Happy hump day warriors!

  • Morning Warriors!

    I finally feel like I got back on track this AM.  Today was deadlift day and I just had a lot more focus and drive during the workout.  I got 380x5 on my last set.  I had one more in me, but I started seeing stars :-)

    Cuervo - Hope the shop guy is ok!

    Island - sounds similar to my workout.  I have 3 working heavy sets and then 5 sets of 10.  The 10 rep sets are absolutely brutal and its light weight.  Its like a cardio, endurance, body building set of 5 all in one LOL...

    We had planned a back to school cookout for last night for the kids in our community.  We had to cancel due to storms.  We have a big pecan tree in the back yard that gives awesome shade....but the rain is tearing it up as of late.  It took me near 2hrs last night to clean up the aftermath of 1 massive limb that came down.

    Have a great day gang!

  • Good evening gang,

    Hope everyone is kicking @ss!! I worked late once again so my workout will be short at best. 2 sick kids doesn't help.

    Parson- pecan trees are great, but the limbs they shed can cause issues. Hopefully no more will fall. I have an ancient secret to strengthen them. I had 2 huge ones at my first house and always fought the limbs falling. Great news you were back in the groove this morn.

    Island- that workout sounds brutal. I like your way of changing things up and trying many totally different routines. Kick some tail. Parson and I texted about a BFL warriors reunion and I told him i vote for your house!! I am sure I would like Hawaii much better than you would like Georgia. Haha.

    Have a good evening everyone. Check in and keep this train rollin!