BFL Warriors

  • You can find us at BDMom, Parson, IslandGuy, Cuervo and a few new pals along the way are all there keeping each other accountable in a very user-friendly and mobile (if you're into that) app.  Hope to see you and Ms House there.



  • Wow blown away by your post.  We don't check in here as often as we should, but Parson mentioned you needed prayers, and we are all here to do that for you.  Wish we woud've known sooner, so we could have been praying for you along the way.  Come join us on; even if you are not able to workout much yet, you can still jump on and catch up daily!!!  Love you and praying for you, sister!!!

    Staats:  Where have you been??????  Come join us on  I may have deleted you...if so, sorry...refriend me.  Once people become inactive after a year, I delete.....please come join us over there; we keep one another accountable.  You don't have to enter food everday, you can just do your workouts, or you can just come over there and post to keep up informed!!

    MFP has an app, so easy to use and can even scan barcodes on the foods you that!!

    Miss all of you warriors that haven't made the switch!!  Hope everyone is doing well.


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey Brick,

    Great to hear from you its been a while for me too. Sounds like you've had quite the battle going on keep fighting you will beat this. Sending prayers your way. See you on MFP. I have just started back this week full on still figuring out what type of routine to do. Should have it sorted out soon. My upper body is still sore from my monday In a good way have to get serious about this stuff summer is around the corner.

    Push Hard and Run Faster Warriors,


  • BDMom - I friended you on  My username is Fatheroffour

  • Then get your butt over there and stay ;)

    Bet your baby girl is growing up fast........

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Greetings Brick,  Be sure that we are all still thinking of ya and praying for you during difficult moments in life.  If you can, come over and join us at as well for the local updates and those of us who have made a move over for various reasons and teamwork. Keep Moving Forward everyone,  Week 6 of BFL C4 for WPBILL and UBWO day today too!!

  • OK - The BFL Warriors started out as a new group here almost 3 years ago. We went through multiple challenges together and created some lasting friendships. Many have moved on to different workouts, training for marathons, powerlifting, etc. but our roots still are firmly planted here and in the basis of the solid foundation that BFL taught us. It would be wrong to just fade away. We were on page 16 for goodness sake!!! We all know the benefits of Body for Life, and 100% respect the program and what it has done for each one of us. But why can't we also post here if we are trying other things as long as it is respectful to everyone and is fitness oriented. I say we crank this up again and come here as much as possible to check in and stay accountable. Anyone else who wants to join in is welcome.

    Time for me to start. After several challenges and then trying out several different routines, life took over and I have slid down the hill, only to begin a couple of weeks ago climbing out of the hole. I intend on staying consistent and getting back into the shape that I was. I know that I felt better and had so much more energy than I do now and am ready to have that back. Anyone who wants to join in for motivation and support, please do. I cannot guarantee daily posts, but will check in as much as possible to stay accountable. My routine is not that much different from BFL, I have just split up the bodyparts to get more work in on muscle groups. Instead of upper body/ lower body, i am doing chest/tri, back/bi, shoulders/calves, legs. I am still eating the BFL diet and have not changed that. No need to it works.

    LETS ROLL!!!!

  • Hi everyone!!!

    As you all know I've taken up permanent residence at MFP.  But since Lane so nicely invited us back to try to get this thing rolling again, I thought I'd join in.

    I'm eating clean still and trying different workout routines.  I've worked out all fo my adult life, and have eaten clean for several years, but BFL taught me the structure that I really didn't have before.  And, while completing that first challenge, I met some of the greatest people I'll ever know.  I am so thankful for all of you.  We have learned so much from one another and although there are issues we disagree on; we all respect each and support one another.

    Kids start school next Wed (7th) and I go back on the 19th.  The summer flew by.  I am ready to get some structure back into my routine though.

    Hope to see more of you checking in!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • For the ones lurking around, that is Hall of Famer BDMom. She has been instrumental in the success of many here on this site. She will lift you up when you are down and kick you in the pants when you need it.

    BD- Thanks for checking in. I think we can bring alot to the table in regards to triumphs, failures, gains, losses. I know for me the support is invaluable. Hopefully we will get things going like old times.

  • Parson checking in!

    I'm currently doing a powerlifting routine called Wendler 5/3/1.  I love it, and I am now entering my 7 month on this routine.

    BD - Our kids start back on the 6th...and...Wendy got hired at the middle school as a SPED teacher.  That is her sweet spot and she has nearly 15yrs experience in that area!

    Cuervo - thanks for resurrecting us from the dead!!!

  • Hi everyone!! Yes, I am here too although way too absent from forum for way too long! I read cuervo's and BDMom's post and they are so right! This group helped me to achieve all my fitness goals and I am so grateful. But most important, I miss my friends.

    I am now "addicted" to running:) never in a million years I would have thought I would say that I am training for my first full marathon in Nov. I have gone from couch to 5k to several 5ks, to 3 half marathons in 2012-13. Now to the full. I love what it has done for my health (physical and mental). Plus the bonus of keeping my goal weight.

    I stay on similar nutrition as BFL which is a lifetime journey.

    I keep praying for Brick and Tazz! They always inspired me to follow my dreams! I am so proud of their strength.

    I will check in more often to share my journey. Can't do daily but weekly updates should be very doable.

    I am cheering you on Cuervo! You got this!

    All my best, 2conquer:)

  • Awesome to hear from y'all!!! We will always be connected. Glad you are all doing well. Hopefully some new faces will join the party. Just finished my workout so IT IS ON!!!

    2C- you have been missed. Glad things are going well. I still owe you a 5k time so that may be a goal for me in the future. Just trying to find some sort of rhythm right now. BD and Parson have been trying to keep me on track but I am as stubborn as always. Haha.

  • Cuervo thanks for resurrecting this thread!! After bfl followed bodybuilding split and progressed more but started to let go of the diet and slipped back a few steps back at it again and glad to have you guys always pushing especially you BD! I am a certified kettlebell fanatic!! If anyone is on the outside looking in bfl has done wonders for myself and everyone on this thread our profiles speak for themselves! Thanks again Cuervo!!

  • Morning Warriors!

    The AM workout is done.  Today was bench day.  My last set was 215x5.  I wanted 6, but I just don't seem to have the mojo this week.  I got a bit of tennis elbow also and that is making me over compensate a bit.

    Cuervo - what was the name of the pre-WO supp you told me about again?  It's about time that I give NOxPlode a rest for a bit...

    Have a great day gang!

  • Hello Fellow Warriors and Welcome Back to all of you.  In fact, I have never left the website but maybe strayed a bit from this thread so I am glad that it has been resurrected by Cuervo and all of you.  I am just finishing my AR and now getting ready to start a program provided by MetRx with the free weights and cable machines this time around with some cardio thrown in on off days.  I am still trying to maintain my BFL eating clean habits and sticking to the Free day concept as well. I am trying different stacks of supplements for the summer to find out what works best for me. Currently going to try out Superdrive, Carnivore Beef Isolate, MetRx CLA and Aminon 3000, and MYO-X as well as AfterGlow post workout. I do still use the EAS Lean Bars and EAS Advantage RTD for postworkout and lunch daily (except Free days of course). Keep Moving Forward!!! Hang in there and keep in touch and pray for Tazz!