BFL Warriors

  • Hey Warriors,

    Back at it today after work. I have been doing four wo's a week for a while now. Seems to be working for me Monday is cardio. Tues. bench press squats and deadlifts. Wed. cardio, Thurs is kettle bell training. 100- 2 hand swings, 100 clean and press each arm. Friday,Sat. Sun. family time. I seem to try and focus a bit more on diet trying to stay away from sweets that's my weak spot. So far so good on that.


    Glad to have you back. So sorry about your mom. Great work on moving forward. Let us know how it goes with your training and yes would be interesting to see what kind of a diet your on for compitition. Way to go man keep it going.


    It seems that this thread are all agreeing. You need to wake up early get it done and you will feel better about it at the end of the day. You already know about diet so commit to the plan and go get it done. I mapped out what I do to make things work for me hope it helps. We all do things a bit different now. Thanks for the shout out.


    Family time is important and should not take a back seat to a activity. From your schedule you need family time whenever you can fit it in. That's the one thing I have always tried to fit in every day if it only means eating one meal a day and some couch potatoe time so be it. Linda and I work together so we have plenty of togetherness. We drive in together and shop together. We still like our date nights when we can squeeze them in. We do get a little alone time too. Always a balancing act though.


    Enjoy making memories with Delaney she will always remember this. As for food and workout enjoy a S'mores for You can always get up before the camp and do body weight exercises or not your call.


    Murphy is always lurking about in these neck of the woods. I will keep those thoughts in mind when the going gets crazy for me. Who knows may end up doing my wo's early some day again. Best time to do them. Thanks for the encouragement. Keep up the great work.

    Push Harder, Run Faster everyone.


  • Morning Warriors!

    Do you realize this thread started in November of 2010...we are getting close to THREE YEARS!

    WO is done.  I had to literally drag my butt out of bed this AM!  The time change caught up with me and I was dragging bad.  Ended up gaining 4 reps on my bench reps over last week.  I will take it!

    Alright guys hit it hard today!  Nobody will do it for you!!!

  • Good Morning Warriors,

    Lets keep it going then. To all the lurkers join in everyone is welcome. It's a soggy one out here today rain and tomorrow snow. Will get wo in at noon today. Todays wo is BP, Squats, Deadlifts. 5 sets of 10 reps if I can fit it into my hr. My goal for these is no rest between sets when I get there I will up the weight not before. Time change has not caught up with me yet most likely by the weekend. I have been getting up at 4 am to drive Julie to school. So running on Tim's Coffee these days and chia gel. LOL.



  • Hey Group.

    I think it is amazing that you folks have kept this thread going for almost 3 years. That is something...though seeing the folks that post here it is easy to understand how it has kept going for so long.

    I have post here in the past and Claude thanks for the re-invite. If it is OK I will try to be more active here as well.

    An update on me. I have been off-and-on active for the past couple months but not quite like the months prior to the last couple months.

    Imagine my surprise to discover this past week that my weight is up like 9 pounds ... duhhh!

    So back at it on the exercise and soon cleaner eating routine.  

    My recent motivation, my senior daughter ran a four mile road race with me this past Saturday and she reminded me today that this was the first time she has run with me and has actually really beat me on the race. I always ensured that we crossed the finish line together. This past Saturday I did not have any gas left in the tank for the fouth mile...and yet another reminder while I want to stay (NOW GET BACK TO BEING) strong and health...if not for me, for her ...right.

    Anyway, be strong Warriors and enjoy the rest of the day.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Good evening Warriors!!!

    I am still kicking along barely keeping my head above water. Haha. Trying to get everything aligned and back on track. Thanks for the input. I will never be a morning workout guy. I tried for a couple of years and hated it. No motivation or true progress. Just going through the motions. I love to get up and do cardio, so that it as far as I will take it. I want to be awake and primed for lifting. Most of us aren't as blessed as parson and can walk from our gym 30 ft to our desk and be at work. Lol. I will slowly get back into the groove and then watch out.

    Run4life- you are welcome here anytime. We were rolling thunder for years but fizzled a bit over the past months. We are back with a vengeance now. Keep posting and checking in.

    Everyone else- keep on rockin.

  • Morning Warriors!

    No lifting today for me.  Planning to get some light cardio in today.

    I want to go on the record here and say that Cuervo is known to exaggerate things sometimes.  I DO NOT WALK 30 ft to get from my gym to my desk at work!  It's closer to 15 ft LOL!!!!!

    Glad to see you pop in Run4Life...that's about all we've been doing here for a few months ourselves like Cuervo said.  We are all a work in progress I think...

    BDMom - Are you done camping yet?  I bet it was fun.  Wendy wants us to take the kids soon...

    Claude - Are you getting snow today?  I think today/tomorrow is the last  of the cold weather for us!

    Have a great day gang!  No matter how far you have to walk or drive to your gym...go check it out and sweat on the benches there a little bit HA!

  • Good Morning Warriors,

    Will hit the gym for cardio when I take Chris after work. My wo yesterday was good not awsome but good until I got stuck under the smith machine when doing my fourt round of 10 reps with 140# after 8. The bar was on my chest and it took everything I had to get it up a notch and still couldn't slide out. So I just stayed there and tried after about a minute and still no gas in the tank. The other guys were in the shower so they couldn't help me. So waited a little while longer and completed my 2 reps continued with squats and deadlifts and called it a day. So only did 4 rounds not 5 like I had planned mentally I was going for 5 but body told me 4. Maybe next time. Hope you guys enjoy this I am now,LOL. Fells good this morning chest is a little tight.


    Glad to have you back. Sounds like you have some work ahead of you. Checkin on a regular basis now and lets get this thread moving again. I have a 16 year old to try and keep up with and he has a personal trainer now so I too have to train hard. I know the harder I train the harder his trainer will push him. He is making great progress good for him. I'm just the old man to him I'm sure he may not say it but I know he thinks it. I'm ok with that too.


    No snow yet we will have to wait and see this time of year it's a hit and miss sort of thing. Where I live we have 3 weather fronts that meet here so you can never be dead on about the weather. For me my migaines warn me about 3 days ahead sometimes another hit and miss thing. Are you sure it's that far for you to go back and fourth. LOL. Glad you are making progress.


    Do what works best for you then we all weighed in now it's up to you to make it work. Hopefully you can get back to some sort of a routine. Look into wo's for one body part a day heavy reps and each part once a week for 30 minutes. My 2 cents.


    Hope you didn't get to many misquito bites if you have any out there. Let us know how much fun you had. We are about 3 months away from camping weather unless you like winter camping of course.



  • Morning Warriors!

    WO is done for the day.  I hit a rep PR on deadlifts today.  Nothing earth shattering, but a PR nonetheless.

    I finished my antibiotics from the sinus infection yesterday.  For some reason I hold onto water like crazy when I take antibiotics.  Not a bad thing, but my fingers and joints stay tight the whole time.  It will take me 2-3 days to get it flushed back out again.

    We are going to my uncles birthday party this weekend.  Actually my great uncle.  My cousin has a big horse ranch, so my kids are excited about that.  Otherwise, I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit this weekend if I can.  It's been so busy for us lately.

    Have a great day Warriors!!!  I going now to find coffee!

  • Good morning Warriors,

    My wo yesterday was good and tough 40 min. cardio slow and steady. Won't be doing a wo today as I have to go over to my moms and meet with the nurse that's giving her a geriatric assesment. Will take mom out for dinner there's a Indian place down the road from her that is 100% Gluten free I want to try out. she also has never had Indian food and neither have I. Linda says she doesn't like it too spicy but she has never been. Tommorow I am taking the day off work to spend with Chris he's on March break this week. So the plan is to get up early go to the gym do 1 hr. cardio have a swim, whirlpool,sauna, shower go to The five guys for burgers. I will bring my own bun. I will also have their cajun fries. Then go and see a movie don't ask what movie it's the boys choice and I have no idea what it's going to be. Ha! I'm pretty sure though it won't be a chick flick. HA! Pretty sure blood and guts. That's what I expect from a 16 yr. old.


    How many steps to the coffee machine from the office. LOL. Couldn't resist. We had snow squals on the way home yesterday and today winter is back cold temps. Yesterday was 3 C. Started to get warm almost " T " shirt weather. lol. Enjoy your coffee and I will do the same here. I have to walk a litte further for mine so a little bit of cardio never The kids are going to have a great time at your uncles horse back riding I'm sure. You deserve the down time Enjoy.

    Enjoy your day Warriors.


  • Greetings Fellow Warriors and COngrats to everyone for keeping this thread going for THREE years!!   I didn't want to become just another "lurker" so I thought I'd better check in.   I am still doing a machine cardio mix right now 4-5 times a week (sometimes 6 when I can) and watching what I eat , balancing carbs, proteins, supplements and vitamins and I am still holding on to within 4 lbs of my prior end weight from last challenge (226 or so) which will make a good start for me in APril(8th) when I start my next BFL Challenge (journal on hand, reading up again, stockpiling supps and checking on those Olympic dumbell handles for the gym, still no shoes on backorder yet).  I am planning to try out Betagen this week as a post workout drink to see how it goes (orange of course) Now, if I can only track down my old photographer from last challenge...he packed up and left the mall last month!!! May have to wing it on the before photo this time at home.   BDMOM: How did the camping trip with Delaney go? I hope all is well with you and the family.  Are y'all enjoying your spring break (I know because many spring breakers and bikers are here visiting Disney and FLA right now).   Welcome back run4life, great to hear from you again as well as Claude and Parsons.  Where are you Island DUde?  Check it out Claude usung kettlebells now too!!!  Cuervo,  she's right you have to do what you can fit  and what works for YOU. Hang in there and stay tough.  Lets all pray for Taz and I hope he is still fighting his challenge right now and winning like I pray he will.   Hope everyone has a fantastic "spring break" week and workouts and Keep Moving FOrward.  (Oh, and see OZ it was a wonderful movie despite what the critics think...sometimes their tastes are only in their mouth) My wife wants to see it again but this time in 3d Imax later on.      Hope everyone gets to see spring weather like we have down here, real real soon, I am sure y'all are sick of the white fluffy stuff called   SNOW.      got to go pack my Ogio gym bag for today.....WPBILL signing off for now. To anyone I missed this time, my best wishes always!!!

  • WOW, I leave for a few days, and you all get chatty!!  I love it!!

    Had a great time at camp.  We went non-stop both days and I didn't get much sleep; one of my girls was sick, and that kept us up almost all night the first night.  Her dad ended up picking her up early, so the second night wasn't as bad, but still hard to sleep away from home.  The food was not so great, but I was so hungry I had to eat.  Feel puffy and gross today, so back at it.  I'd like to lose 5# by May 1st.  That is my goal, I think.  It may be more once I am brave enough to face the

    I can't believe this thread has been going for so long.  We lose some and gain some, but we still seem to keep it afloat!

    R4L: Of course you are always welcome here.  Yep, you can't let your daughter keep smokin you; time to get back on track.

    Cuervo:  so there you go; get up early and do cardio, and then lift a few evenings a week.  You can do a full upper workout a few times a week and a full lower, and be done with it, or do one on the weekends, when you can squeeze it in.  I know it's tricky, but you will figure something out!  

    Claude:  picturing you now and laughing with you.  Probably wasn't funny at the time; glad you escaped!  Enjoy your Indian cuisine and the day out with your son; how fun!

    Parson:  Yay on the PR.  Glad you are done with those antibiotics and on the mend. Sorry you had to give up TKD; I know you were enjoying it.  Have a great time at your great uncle's party this weekend!

    WPBill:  Sounds like you are all prepared for your next challenge.  Good luck!!  You should be able to find another photographer if you can't track the other one down.  I am on spring break this week, but my kids don't get their spring break until the last week of this month.

    I gotta go get something to eat....clean, of course!

    Have a great evening!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Welcome back BD mom. Sorry to hear about the youngest daughter being sick. It sounds like dad is a Superhero coming to rescue her in her time of need. I hope she is recovering well and I hope the camping trip with the other daughter was enjoyable to the end.

    Cuervo – it is hard for me as well to do any workouts in the AM so I put them in the PM. I would love to load them up front… but first I gotta get to bed earlier and stop the day and the chore list sooner in the evening…seems like there is always somethine else to do before the ehad hits the pillow. I seem to need more sleep now than when I was a teenager.  So PM exercising till I find that I stop making it a priority then I will have to figure out how to move it up. Sleep, it is so overrated ;-).

    Parson, thanks for the kind welcome it does feel like home. Glad you had a day off.

    Claude – man if my daughter had a personal trainer on top of her soccer conditioning and then herself directed Insanity workouts…well I would be doomed. She is really picking it up and well to be honest, I needed to see that. It is my kick in the pants to get myself going again. It is so easy to fall back into old habits…even a little bit of them. Sounds like your son is something to be very proud of…love it when they are off the couch!

    WP Bill – I am hoping for a good BFL start again for you in APRIL. It sounds like you have done great in between the BFL cycles. WP, I definitely have Taz (who I remember well when I was more active posting here) on my Warrior Prayer list. I know he is fighting the good fight!

    OK well I finished a 45 minute elliptical HIIT training program with 25 % grade elevation. Fun, I really spun the machine well for the 45 minute workout. Yet, when it came to my 4 mile run last Saturday…man was I flat. Some different leg muscles are used I know. I have to make sure I mix it up for my legs ensuring that they get a good overall workout and I need to max the endurance better. I know it will come…just need time and more strength and cardio training.

    OK Warriors be strong tomorrow.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    WO is done.  Today was shoulder day.  I've been liking shoulder day for the past few weeks now.  Didn't used to care for it much, but it feels different a good way!

    Welcome back BDMom!  It's a mixed bag to me on those camping trips.  The place we take our kids (through our church) is plenty nice enough and all...but I don't like the food for the most part.  Not because it's bad, but mainly because it is so different from a schedule stand point for me.  I have to remember that this big ball doesn't revolve around me I somehow survive for a few days without starving to death or gaining 500lbs HA!  Hope your daughter is feeling better.  We've had a bunch of sick people around us lately..typical winter stuff...

    Have a great day Warriors!  Get it done!

  • Happy Friday to you Parson,

    If it makes you feel any better, I have to walk down TWO flights of stairs to get to my home gym and my coffee machine is FIVE paces from my desk.  I get winded just thinking about that trek.

    All's well here.  Skateboarding with a Kahuna Stick is my new favorite workout - even better than running on the beach (although spring breakers makes that awefully tempting).  I am not pushing the iron enough.  That needs to change soon.

    Diet is spot on for me and carbs are finally under control.

    Make the most of it.  Murphy's out there, so make it happen! (Git-er-done was taken in the last post)

  • Hey gang!! I must say it is uplifting to check in here daily. I like MFP, but I think this will always be home. I am off of work for the first day in a while, so I am planning lots of activities. Cardio, workout, yard work. I will start my trek back to where I want/need to be. Glad to see some activity going on here. Lets keep things rolling.