BFL Warriors


    I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful day!!!

    I am off to get my teeth cleaned, meet with my school advisor, go to the gym and then pick up kids and get them to their after school activities. 

    Make it a great day!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Greetings Warriors,  Just a quick note to let everyone know that the BFL Champions for 2012 has been posted on the home page (no narritives just yet though).  My Congratulations to ALL the winners and entrants as well for a challenge well done this year and wish for a successful challenge or challenges this year as well. Keep Moving Forward everyone!!!  (Wow there was even a winner from next to me this year in Clermont Florida out near WDW).  Way to GO ALL of you!!!

  • Happy Monday Warriors!

    Sorry I have been MIA on here.  I was absolutely slammed last week at work!  Not sure I'm out of the woods yet.  WO are still on track and all.

    I took a diet break last week.  Meaning I didn't track so closely.  I ended up dropping a couple of pounds.  I have decided I'm done with bulk for now.  I will take the next 8-12 weeks at least and see how it goes.  

    It is cold here this AM.  I was a bit below 30 in the garage this morning for my workouts.  I never did fully warm up LOL!  

    Have a great day Warriors!

  • Good Monday Warriors,

    Have been getting wo's in when I can usually Mon. - Thurs. so not bad. Will be using the gym at work this week as I am going to be working OT so won't be finishing until 9 pm. I haven't worked like that in yrs. One of our warehouses has to move by end of month so not much time to get them out with our team should be able to do it in about 4-5 days once we get going. The wife has let me out of the dog house and so far the only coke she had was last night cause we got Wendy's for dinner. So all is good I hope. Think she realizes she can live without Coke sorry Frick. LOL. I am hoping to drop a few # in the next 40 or so days as I won't be indulging in my favourite part of my meal desert. They all got a large Frosty last night not me passed test #1. My fruit intake will certainly go up at night I think. I am currently down 2 # so heading in the right direction. Crazy busy week ahead for me.


    Glad you poped in. Hmm! 30 degrees wanna switch we are in the minus 20C range here. Winter is still here it's like a slap in the face when you walk out the door wakes you right up in a hurry. LOL.

    Well back to the grind.

    Have a great week Warriors!


  • Quick check-in Warriors!

    Kids and hubby home today.  I got to the gym early and got my workout knocked out.  Had to get doggie to the vet.  He's been limping, and has some inflammation in his front knee joint.  Hope it clears up and doesn't turn to arthritis..he's only one.  Have workouts and meals planned for the week and will keep it mean and clean.  My dad and I are doing "The Great Urban Race" this saturday.  It is similar to the Amazing Race, but on a much smaller scale.  It is held in Tempe, AZ down by the college campus...should be fun.  I plan to go spinning and then get ready at the gym and then go meet him there; it is held from 12-5, but we have to pick up our packet between 11-12.  Our team name is Hindsight is 20/20, so he will wear a T-shirt that says hind on the front and I will wear one that says sight.  They both say 20 on the back.  He will wear a rubber butt and I will wear oversized glasses.

    Claude:  Way to get those pounds off.  Keep it up.  Great job passing on dessert!!  Linda will be so happy she gave up soda once she's not craving it anymore.  Sounds like you are going to be busy for awhile.  Try to get those workouts knocked out early.

    Parson:  That may not be cold to Claude, but it sounds plenty cold to me.  I am such a warm weather girl!!  We are in the 70's now, but supposed to be in the 50's and rainy by Wednesday.  So are you back to leaning out or just seeing what happens now that bulk phase is done?  How is your daughter doing?  How is TKD going?

    K.....better go help my daughter with homework that we've put off all weekend.

    Make it a great week!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • So sad to see us on page four, but I know everyone is busy.  Just wanted to remind you all to continue to pray for Tazz.  I heard from him today, and this is what he had to say......

    Hi Natalie,

    Just finished 25 rounds of radiation and chemo in an effort to shrink the tumor away from the major blood vessels in my pancreas so they can possibly perform a surgery to remove it. Because of the Port implanted in my chest, I can't work out. Tomorrow I fly back to Chicago for scans to see if the treatment did what they wanted it to do.  If not then it will nd more radiation and chemo. The treatments are pretty harsh making not want to eat. I lost 10 pounds during my 25 treatments. I take it one day at a time. Although I don't post anymore I still follow the Warrior thread even if I don't feel like a warrior anymore.

    I reminded him that he is much more of a warrior than all of us with all he's been through the past few months!!!

    Hope you are all having a good week!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good Monday morning Warriors,

    So sorry for being away for so long. Had a celiac attack last week took about 3 days to over come that but all is well. The rest of the family caught the flu bug and funny thing they all got flu shots and I didn't  go figure. Everyone is better now. Due to illness I was able to knock my weight down 5.4 lbs. not my favourite way of doing it but hey I'll take and make the most of it. Back to gym tonight not really following a set program seems to be working for me. Whatever I do I try and push myself as hard as I can. I am just too busy with family stuff right now to dedicate to anything. For me it's all about doing something 3-4 times a week. Fit them in when I can and push on.


    Hope all is well with you. Once a WARRIOR always a WORRIOR so don't ever consider yourself anything less than that. We all have set backs yours is a huge one. Hopefully you will get the results you need to get back at it soon. Stay strong my friend. Will pray for you. Check in from tome to time and let us know whats happening. Just because your not working out doesn't mean you can't check in.

    Cheers Warriors


  • Claude:  I just stopped posting here, since I figures no-one else was anymore :( sorry to hear you had an attack, and that the family got sick!!! That stinks.  I hope you are all on the mend now. Take that weight loss and run with it; just try to do what you can!!!

    Hope everyone else is well.  I'm plugging along!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Greetings Fellow Warriors,  Sorry I didn't post last week but I was rather busy with workouts and various birthday related functions for the week as well.  I am still planning to start my official BFL Challenge on the 8th or APril and I just last Monday got my new blank BFL Success Journal for use in the mail via the esite so that part is ready to go. I do have some supplements already lined up as well and am still debating getting a hold of some used or new Olympic type dumbell bars to speed up workouts when folks at my gym don't return the set ones to the rack in time.   Thanks for the update about TAZ  we are all praying and pulling for him as a fellow warrior I am sure. Claude : Thanks for CHecking in and BDMOM is right when she says it has been way to quiet around this thread lately.  Be sure to check in eveyone and let us know how you're doing lately.   Well got to head off to the gym today for my last workout of this current Bday week.  It was great to have enough energy last week to get up early on a vacation day and be the first in the door for my auto tags at the Auto tag agency and out the door in record time (a first for me). By the way I went to see Les Miserables last week(the movie) and it is well worth seeing on the big screen for fans of the play (the play is still better in my opinion though).  Keep Moving Forward everyone,  Parsons, Island Dude, Claude, Buzz Taz, BDMOM and all in our group!!!! Make it a great week (not a weak week).

  • Hey Warriors, how is everyone doing? It's been ages since I've posted anything in here, figured it was time to get caught up with things. Just a quick update with me. I finished my one and only BFL challenge in May of 2011. I ended up around 263 lbs. and felt pretty good with my prgoress. After completing the challenge I lost my mom to cancer and lost focus on my health. I didn't really do much of anything activity related for about 6 months, but I was still able to stay in the 265-270 range. On January 1st of 2012, I started lifting 6 days a week, but did not incorporate cardio at all, and my diet was far from spot on. In October, I met an individual at the gym, and we got to talking about me taking it to the next level. He asked if I'd ever considered trying out a bodybuilding show. I pretty much laughed at the thought, having never dreamed of doing such a thing. Well, the next day, I cut him a check and hired a personal trainer, and began an amazing journey to my first Bodybuilding show. In October of 2012, I did an initial weigh in and was at 265. 5+ months later, I'm down to 206.6. I'm training 7 days a week, eating clean all the time, and doing at the moment 1-1.5 hours of cardio every day. I'll probably add more pictures to my profile here as soon as the show is done. If anyone is curious about specifics involved in the diet, training, and cardio and how it may relate to BFL or not, feel free to ask. I have to give this program and site alot of the credit by getting me a tremendous jump start to a healthier me. Hope everyone is doing well!!!


  • Good Job Timmay.  Glad to hear it worked for you.  It's all about the diet when you start the show circuit.  Keep up the good work.

  • Hey Warriors. I apologize for staying away so long. I really have no good excuse. Life has been super busy for months, but I should make time to check in more often.

    Come on everyone!!! This is our home and where we all began our journey and met. We can't let it fade away. Lets ramp things up and be the Warriors of old. Time to kick booty and take names.

    I have been in a huge rut for a while, but know what to do. You all taught me well.  I can't figure out how to fit things in. I wake up, get 2 toddlers up, dressed, fed and to school. Am at work by 7, usually don't leave until 5:30 or 6, get home somewhere before 7. Eat dinner, give baths to kids, do homework, put them to bed, then I have about 1 hour to sit down with my beautiful wife.  Help me out here. I really have no idea what to do to get consistent again. I already get up at 5:15-5:30 (thanks goodness for the snooze button). If I try to workout after the kids go to bed, 2 issues. I lose any time with jan, and I cannot sleep because I get amped up.  On top of this, you all know I work 7 days per week. I am not wanting any sympathy because I have the best life ever and am blessed beyond belief. I have been at my new job for a year and it is exactly what I want, just much busier than I ever imagined. I will work it out, and am still happy as ever, just a little heavier.

    Anyway, enough about me. I need to hear from all of the other Warriors.

    Cleet- sorry it took so long to reply. As you can tell, I haven't checked in for a while. Bd heard from Tazz. Buzz posts on MFP sometimes.

    Tiny- that is awesome news. I always knew you could do it. I will be excited to hear your progress towards the show. Keep in touch.

    Everyone else- check in soon and kick my butt back into shape

    Later gang


    Did a three hour spinning marathon today to benefit the Am. Diabetes Assoc.  I'm beat!   Gonna get the kids to bed tonite, and soak in a hot epsom salt bath!!  Food and workouts have been pretty good.  I am leaving on Monday to go to a 3-day camp with Delaney and the rest of the fifth grade.  It should be a lot of fun, but no structured workouts or food; I am at the mercy of the camp for food...yikes!

    Cuervo:  I feel sad whenever I think of this thread dying down.  I miss everyone!  I really have no solid advice for you.  I guess if I were in your shoes, I'd get up at 4:15-4:30 a few days a week, and then maybe take that hour or two in the evening, on alternating days, for a workout for yourself.  You really don't need to workout more than 4 days per week, if you make it really count. That way, you can "sleep in" the other days, and still spend most evenings with Jan.  That's about all I can think of.  AND, you know the diet is the most important; just make sure to keep that as clean as you can.  We're here for you, buddy!!!

    Tiny:  so glad to see you here.  You have been missed.  I am soooo sorry to hear about your mom; I remember when she was in poor health.  Way to take control of your health.  I know she would be proud of you.  How exciting to have something like that to work toward.  The knowledgeable trainers know how to take you far in that sport.  Can't wait to hear more about your adventure!!  Keep us posted for sure!

    Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying their weekend!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Monday Warriors!

    OK - I'm in too.  The Warrior thread won't die because of me either...

    WO is done for the day!  It was pretty good.  With the sinus infection and all I was a bit "off" for the past week or two, but I feel like I'm back on the upswing again!  I am back on my 4 day routine, and it really is my sweet spot as far as weekly output go.  It keeps my motivation high and there is enough room for me to make tweaks along the way to keep things rolling.

    I have decided...actually drop taekwando for now.  We liked it, but it was just a bit much in the schedule in the end.  I was missing out on some quality time with my kids and its not worth it for an activity!  It is fun and challenging, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone...

    Cuervo - I'm with BDMom on this one...get up early and get it done.  I know we have talked and poked at each other about the WO time over the years, but your scenario is the whole reason I get up 2hrs before the rest of the house on most days and workout.  I simply cannot afford to workout at after work and ignore the time with the kids or Wendy.  I get pulled away for some time multiple times a week for pastor issues anyway too I just had to suck it up make it happen early.  

    The other thing to I had to figure out for me over time was the routine....and that is the beauty of the 5/3/1 routine I'm doing.  I can tailor it to be in and out in 30 minutes if I need to on hectic days, but it is rarely over 50 minutes.  Some folks say I'm not doing enough blah blah blah...those same people fizzle out every 3 months or so on the 75 minute routines and all while I keep trucking away.  I had it happen last week.  I got crunched for time and had to cut it short, but I had already done the MAIN lifting and it was still a good workout.

    We had the Annual Rattlesnake Roundup this past weekend!  Highlight of the weekend was getting my annual serving of deep fried PB&J!  I'm paying for it today, but it was worth it LOL!

    BDMom - Enjoy the camp trip!!!

    Have a great day Warriors!

  • Hey, Frick Chiming in.  One of my friends from a former challenge always said, "Murphy's out there"...Murphy's Law always creeps in during the course of everyone's day.  Getting up consistently an hour earlier will guarantee that you will get 'er done.  Consider it your "me-time"  This is something that you are doing for yourself, but don't consider this a selfish indulgence.  Think of how a "better you" will allow you to be a better dad/husband/employee and for many more years to come.

    Just do it.