Getting started...trying to overcome 2 obstacles...Nutrition and Caffiene Intake

  •  Greetings. My name is Trenton and I am hours away from starting the Body for Life Challenge. I am excited and ready to commit to this endeavour. However, two big obstacles are going to attempt to hinder my 12 week program. The first obstacle I am going to have to overcome and conquer is: THE DIET. This is the brick wall that I have, and always have had to jump over, but never succeeded. I never stick to a "healthy" diet. I am a fast food junkie and junk food junkie. It's safe to say I treat my body like an amusement park. However, now, I believe I can overcome this brick-wall and stick with a healthy, plentiful diet throughout this 12 week program. At the end of this program, if I don't see the results I'm looking for, it's not because of gym, it's because of my diet! The second obstacle in my way is my addiction to caffeine...Dr. Pepper. I wake up with one, and end my day with one with countless ones during the day. I have for a few weeks now cut back a considerable amount, and will end up completely phasing out Dr. Pepper before week 2 of this program. I'm just trying my hardest to overcome the DIET/NUTITION part of this program.

  • Ouch! I'm not even certain it's the caffeine you should worry about with that one. I'd be more concerned with the complex sugars. There are 64 grams of sugar in one bottle of Dr. Pepper.

    One serving is only one cup at 100 empty calories... and the whole bottle is 250 cal.

    Can I make a suggestion of switching to one cup of black coffee or a straight cup of tea? Green would be my suggestion although I'm certain there is a lot of back and forth with that.

    You're probably less addicted to the caffeine than you think, maybe more addicted to the sugar. My husband does the same thing with Coke. He swears he gets a headache from the withdrawl of caffeine, but if he has a candy bar it goes away.

    If you can't quit cold turkey keep up what you're doing. You aren't failing, you're just walking a longer road to get to the same spot. If you're confident in yourself and give yourself the permission to succeed you'll see what I mean. :)


  • I agree with Lauren.  I suspect it is the sugar you fear losing.  In my humble opinion caffeine isn't a negative unless it prevents you from sleeping at night.  The sugar on the other hand, now that's a different story.  I don't have a soda can handy, but I bet you can tell me exactly how many calories are in each of those cans.  What you should realize is that those are simply empty, unusable calories that could quickly help you lose weight by eliminating them.  Not to mention that you will be substituting those empty calories with full meals 6 times per day.  You will see your energy levels improve and your dependency on the Dr. Pepper quickly deminish.  I say go cold turkey and get that stuff out of your system quickly instead of making it a long drawn out hindering of your results.

    Go get 'em!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Warning! Food porn language inserted in this post.

    Trenton ~

    From one caffeine/sugar junky to can definitely do this!!! I drank 6-10 regular Pepsi's a day all the way through until the day before I started my first challenge on January 4, 2010. I believed I was completely ADDICTED to Pepsi. I bought 4 12 packs at a time and would go get more if I had less than 6 in the refrigerator. Started my day with a Pepsi in hand...and ended it the same way. I stopped to get a fountain Pepsi as soon as I left the house. Usually that was accompanied by a bag of Doritos.

    I recognized the roller coaster of emotions that my body went through during the day. I realized how tired I would get and then recharge with more caffeine. I realized that a soda is as corrosive as battery acid. I realized that soda was deteriorating to my bones. I KNEW IT WAS BAD FOR ME!

    I stopped cold turkey on January 4, 2010. I drank more than a gallon of water everyday. It flushed it out. I had more energy on day 2 than I ever did with a caffeine rush. No caffeine withdrawal symptoms. No headaches. No desire. I knew what I wanted and I stuck to my guns!

    YOU CAN DO THIS! Drink a TON of water. Focus on what you want in your life! How do you want to treat your body? What do you want your body to look like? How do you want to feel about your body? How do you want to feel about your todays and tomorrows?

    I kicked that soda addiction. Trust that it was a HEAVY addiction to soda. Ask my friend Pam :-) My 10 week progress photo is listed on the media gallery. That can happen for you too.

    Git'r dun!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Agreed. Caffeine isn't a negative.  In fact, it's got fat-burning traits.  I use it prior to my afternoon (4:00 pm) workouts, plus I drink one Diet Pepsi a day.  My results haven't suffered.

    Keep it in moderation, and you'll be fine.

  • Although I only ever drank diet soda, I cut that out and replaced it with water except on my free day.  On my free day I enjoy one diet cola.  I don't miss the caffeine at all.  I still start the day with 2 cups of coffee, I am making the transition to totally black with splenda slowly.  In the past I would experience migraine like headaches if I got my coffee in too late in the day and I don't want to risk going cold turkey with the caffeine.

    I really thought I would miss the soda, but I don't.   I save money also and since I am unemployed every penny counts.

  • LDeputy-

    You will get alot of support here. Remember this is for LIFE! Your great awesome life! You're the one in charge.......not junk food, not soda. Throw the cuffs on the junk and pop, send them off to the clink without any chance for parole! You get to be the judge and jury on this case! Lay down the law. (check out the officers in media galley for incentive!)  You can do this!


  • How is your challenge going?