7 days into first challenge, have a few questions.

  • Hey all,

    I started my challenge on Monday, April 29th and today is my first free day.  I didn't get the day off like a lot of my retail friends do, so I worked until an hour or so ago.  So far i'm following the eating plan, however, on Wednesday I missed a meal and my lower body work out because I wasn't feeling really good and there's some nasty bugs going around.  I felt better on Thursday and continued my eating plan and work out routine up until today.

    Atm I take 3 suppliments, one from EAS, the other a few different brands.  I take Phosphogen Elite first thing in the morning and mid afternoon.  I take CLA with my breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Finally I take my Sub Q fat incinerator with my breakfast and with meal 4.  My question is about Phosphogen Elite since it's creatine.  Should I use this the entire 3 month period of the challenge?  I've heard prolonged use of creatine can be hard on the kidneys and could help cause diabetes.  Furthermore, am I being counter productive with taking this suppliment with a fat burner?  I'm really wanting to be lean and toned, but I do want more strength especially in my upper body which I find weaker then the lower.

    I also didn't end up doing the lower body work out on the Wednesday, is that a problem if you missed a workout?

    I did one of the 3 cardio sessions first thing in the morning after I had a glass or two of water to get the joints hydrated.  I'm going to really aim to only do this first thing because its more effective at getting rid of the body fat.  Luckily I got a treadmill in the garage with a stereo so I find the cardio a nice stress reliever.  Should I start to switch up the cardio and go to the bikes at the gym for a week?

    My free day, are you supposed to still eat the 6 meals in a day with it?  Right now this is what i've eaten and plan to eat with the final two meals.

    7:20 am - 2 eggs, 2 x 12 grain bread, 3 x chicken bacon, 1 TBPN natural peanut butter

    10:20 am - Almond / caramel chocolate bar (it's easter :P)

    12:30 pm - can of tuna, 2 TBPN fat free mayo, 1 whole wheat pita, can of V8, bowl of beef noodle soup

    3:30pm - 1 oz almonds, 1 apple

    5:30pm - Chinese food

    8:30pm - 1/2 1% cottage cheese, 1/2 cup fat free yogurt

    Thanks a bunch, and so far i'm liking how things are going, my digital fat calipers should be here early next week so I can stop relying on the scale.


  • Canuck ~

    I am posting on this forum to push it back up to the top. You have more questions than I can answer with my feeble brain. :-) Hopefully someone will hook up on here tomorrow for ya.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Um... Just as a bit of TMI...

    I think that keeping your body on a grazing schedule is probably best because otherwise you're going to wait too long and eat more.

    Also, I've found that if I eat "whatever I want," I get a serious case of the trots. Especially with anything that has to do with dairy fats. I was talking to someone else about this and they too admitted this problem. So I guess you can eat however you want. Best of luck with it though. :) LOL!

    Most of these questions are also way above my kenning. :) I'll leave it for someone else who is much more super smart with phosofagagensocalis...is... whatsits.


    Ooooh, P.S.- Missing is fine, Missing is human. Get back on the poney and don't stress about it. I don't have a working TARDIS and I'm betting you don't either. Don't flaggelate yourself about it :) Try not to do it too often, but life is what happens when you make plans.


  • Hi Canuck,

    It's okay to miss a meal or workout occasionally, I wouldn't recommand high intensity training if you are sick or not feeling very well.

    Creatine: There isn't any scientific proof that prolonged use of creatine is hard on the kidneys or causes diabetes, most long-term users of creatine cycle off creatine for a few weeks and then back on as the effects of creatine wear off the longer you use it. You should do a loading dose for 5 days to bring your creatine levels up, and then have the maintenance dose everyday from then on.

    Loading Dose: 5 days, 5x per day, 5grams of creatine per serve

    Maintenance Dose: 5grams of creatine 1x per day

    I generally have my creatine maintenance dose mixed in with a myoplex or protein powder straight after my workout in the mornings.

    Mixing up cardio workouts is a great way to not get bored with doing the same old routine.., When I was doing my 2nd BFL challenge i was doing a rotation of ( swimming, interval running,  skipping )

    Your free day is your free day, You can eat whatever you want but I would recommend moderation to not spoil all your hard work, I have outlined below what my general free day would consist of.

    Morning - Muesli with soy milk

    Lunch - Sushi

    Dinner - Dinner at a restaurant ( Thai Curry, Steak and Chips, Pizza )

    Desert - Icecream / Small piece of caker

    I lost 9.6KGS /   21 pounds doing my 2nd challenge using that type of free day and just starting my 3rd to really tone up well.,

    Hope this helps


  • Jeremy-I still eat 6 meals on a free day as I eat clean all but one, usually a night out to eat with the family. I have found if I don't feed my body every 3-4 hrs. I'm famished and will eat everything in site! Your body will surely tell you whether it liked the food you fed it or not! lol!

    On the supplements, I'm not sure on the Phos.Elite, but i take Betagen as directed. I believe if you take the supplements as directed, you should be fine.  I did stop using the Betagen prior to ending my challenge (I ran out), but was going to 2 wks prior to deplete the water in the muscles...

    CLA is recommended at meals, but avoid taking around workout times; I workout in the mornings so I do not take mine with my first or second meal (easier for me to remember later in the day).

    Fat burner...if you are doing the cardio HIIT sessions the right way, you shouldn't need a fat burner. Cardio on an empty stomach and the fat will melt away!

    Hope this helps! have a great week and I hope the "bugs" leave you alone! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Thanks a bunch for the replies everyone.  Gotta say after I ate that chinese last night I felt really bloated and it does remind me of the life I won't miss.  Just had meal #4 about 30 mins ago and i'm going to the gym 1 1/2 hours after meal #5 to work out the lower body.

    I'm really aiming to do the cardio first thing in the morning as that is best, it can be difficult getting up really early for me since I work in a restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch.  I still have almost a full bottle of these fat burners so i'm just going to use em up, not buy anymore and see how that goes.

    Take care all


  • Jeremy: To answer a couple of your questions....I've done several challenges over the last 7 years all with very good results. My profile pic is me at 44 years old.....my first challenge in 2003. I DO NOT EVER workout in the morning on an empty stomach. I simply don't have the energy.  I tried doing HIIT cardio once first thing in the morning and I felt sick the rest of the day. I know what they say about burning fat but you will still burn alot of fat even having one or two meals in you. About free day.....if that's how you like to do free day that is totally fine. One of the things I enjoy about free day is the non-scheduled eating. Since every other day of the week I eat on a strict schedule, to have that one day to eat what I want whenever I want is a nice break. All the best on your challenge!!

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  • In my humble opinion, taking the fat burner is more counter productive than taking creatine.  I'm 47 female and take creatine and BCAA's three times per day, with no adverse side effects.   Do your workouts when YOU have the most energy and will get them done with the most intensity.  Not everyone is a morning person, it's ideal but will not kill your challenge.  When you do your cardio, make sure that by the fourth intensity increase that you simply couldn't talk to someone if they wanted you to.  Then you know you've hit your 10.

    You will do just fine.  I agree that you should get all of your meals in, but a missed meal doesn't screw up your whole day and a missed workout doesn't screw up your challenge.

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