Starting 11/1- Anyone else??

  • Trying to get motivated and excited about this, but mostly feeling intimidated and worried that I'll find excuses to quit.


  • Hi Becca, I'm starting today, 10/31.  Let's get going!!!  

  • Hi Pammy & Becca! I'm starting tomorrow am! SOOOOO excited.

  • Hi ladies...I started just a few days ago and I must admit, it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. The best thing about this plan (besides actually losing weight) is that I'm never hungry. Makes it A LOT easier to follow. Anyway, best of luck to all of you. Let's stay in touch and follow each other's progress!

  • My husband and I are starting tomorrow too.  Thought I would try to get connected through the forums for some added motivation!  Christine, glad to hear things are going well for you so far.  How is the exercise portion going?

    Good luck everyone!  Off to plan my meals for tomorrow.


  • Julie: Funny you should ask...I just posted about how I'm struggling to find time to exercise. Even though I'm doing OK with the eating part, I'm worried that I won't see progress since I'm not able to get to the gym often. I have a demanding job and a daughter, so I'm having a hard time finding time to workout. What do you think...will this still work for me?

  • Hey Christine!  Do you have an exercise ball?  Can you get a few dumbells and do the things at home on the exercise ball before your daughter wakes up?  Push ups, wall squats, etc?  Just a thought, maybe it still could work for you.

  • Hooray everyone! I'm getting excited about this and glad we're all in this together! Congrats on getting started Christine and  Pammy- I'm impressed you're getting started on this crazy candy day :)

    Christine- the time to exercise worries me too... but I think on the website or book there are links to how you can do everything you need to at home!-  i'll repost it if I can find it.

    Hope you all have a great first (or fill in#) day tomorrow!

  • Me and my girlfriend started today too :)

    I am still struggling with the right exercise plan because I don't have much money for equipment.

    And I forgot that today is a national holiday here in Germany and I don't have any proteins at home.

    Well, weird start. But we are gonna make it *g*

    Good luck to you all :)

  • Ok today's the day

    I have done this once before and it works

    Best tip

    Get a smack notebook and write down your exercises and why's before hand

    Luck to all

    You have to get thru the first few days never miss a workout

  • Good luck to all of you starting today (or yesterday)!

    I am starting my 12th week today and I can tell you that in a few short months you will feel a bigger difference than you ever thought possible. Make the promise to yourself and keep that promise. Count down the days. Use these boards for support and information. There's a ton of it here. Follow the plan as it's written. Don't try to tweak it. All the bugs have already been worked out for you. Eat clean and work out dirty. Give yourselves a pat on the back and go after it! Best wishes!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • hey there Becca

    I also started today all the way out in South Korea.  English teacher here and had my first training today.  Can already feel stifness creeping in.  Hope your first day went well!

  • Becca, I just finished one 12 week challenge and after a brief break I am also beginning today on another challenge.  I would suggest you envision what you want to look and feel like when your done.  My parents have a lot of health issues that I am hoping to avoid, I wanted to be able to play with my kids and enjoy them, not just sit and watch them play.  I wanted to walk into a room and feel confident about the way i looked.  Anyway, as I thought about those things they helped push me to train harder, eat better and never give up!  Now to finish the transformation!  Good luck to you :)

  • Thanks for all the words of encouragement, everyone!  So far so good with day 1 today.  Regarding finding the time to exercise... In the past I have found that the only thing that works for me is to do it early in the morning.  It's hard to make yourself get up at first, but eventually you adjust and it gets easier.  I work and have two boys at home, so if I try to do it in the evening life always gets in the way and I don't get it done.  Plus, they say it's best to workout in the morning (if you can) to give your metabolism an extra kick-start.  So, I'm going to give it a try!  Made it up this morning... and I will probably not be able to lift my arms by this afternoon, but I'm feeling pretty good so far!  :-)

  • Looks like today is the day.  I just wanted to jump on and cheer you on.  Do your best and really try to focus on your eating  & workouts.  You can all do this!!  You want to join that elite 5% that actually cross the finish line.  I should be there in one more week!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"