Getting Started

  •   Hello Everyone. My name is Chuck and I am about to start the challenge. I have spent the entire weekend getting everything put together for my nutrition plan and exercise. I've been aware of BFL for a number of years, but never would make the commitment to it. Like so many other people, my mind would always come up with an excuse of why i couldn't do it "right now". Even if I would get a few days of exercise in, one mistake and I would give up. A few things have happened that rang the alarm bells in my mind! First, I will turn 50 during my challenge. That is a big number for anyone. It makes you step back a take an honest assessment of your life. Second, a guy that I went to high school with was eating dinner at a restaurant last month, look at his friends, said he didn't feel good, and then died from a massive heart attack. The last is thinking about the turning 50 thing, I realized my father had his first heart attack at the tender age of 52. He also had the classic "beer belly". Do I really want my life to take that route? I'm also sick of feeling winded after a short flight of stairs. So it's time to do something about it, or accept that i won't enjoy the rest of my life like I want to. Good Luck to everyone that is working at it and don't quit!!!!!!!

  • Good luck Chuck!! 

  • Hi Chuck,

    My alarm bell was rung by my brother having two heart attacks each a week apart. He's only a few years older than me.(I'm 44). That was my wake up call a little over 6 weeks ago. It got me motivated.  Sounds like you are on your way to better health-BFL is for life!


  • Nice to meet you Chuck and welcome.  I just recently started the challenge and like you, i've known about BFL for quite some time but i've never done the challenge until now.

  • What up Chuck?

    Glad you are joining the challenge! Our stories sound similar with a difference of only 10 short years. I turned 40 in the middle of my first challenge. I FEEL FABULOUS! Stick this thing out. It is an amazing journey! Visit here often and post questions, ask for advice, request encouragement, etc.  World of amazing folks on here!

    I start challenge 2 tomorrow, April 5! Let's do this thang!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)