When do women start to see changes?

  • This is my second week only but can't help but wonder when do women see some changes in their body. First of all i'm 31 year old and gave birth to a 8.12lbs baby 17 months ago. I gained about 20 lbs altogether and it was all belly so now i have stretch mark horizontally plus my stomach muscles haven't attached back. I was lucky enough that I lost all the baby weight but the problem is that I was never toned, skinny but with belly plus now with the strech mark and everything, it just not the nice look. Somehow I feel like i'm not loosing any belly fat yet, does it take a while to loose anything or it should show pretty early on. I sorta want to know just in case i'm eating wrong or something. When the BFL book says eat 6 meals a day, do we eat the same portion at every meal including snack or snack should be half of the main meal. Not sure about this at all. Can anybody help me with this? I'm so worried that I might be doing something wrong.

    In terms of cardio, I choose to do yoga for 90 minutes at a yoga studio twice a week and another day I run or eliptical for 20 minutes just like the plan. The weight training i just do them at home exactly like the book. Am I pushing it in terms of yoga?

    Help me please,


  • Mona, It's me again! lol!  Glad you posted this because in order to lose fat, you need to burn it off by doing the 3 HIIT sessions per week. Not sure how intense your yoga is, but the yoga I've seen it doesn't involve the intensity needed in order to burn body fat...

    Body fat is burned more efficiently if your cardio (20 min. HIIT session) is done on an empty stomach...I do my workouts in the morning; body hasn't had food for 7-8 hrs, so to get the energy to pump the iron or run the miles, it heads to the body fat and eats that...Make sense?

    On the meals, yes everything should be a portion, I go for about 20g protein and 20g carbs for every meal.  You have to feed the body consistently throughout the day so your body doesn't stop burning fat...

    Hope this helps you!  Going to add you as a friend so you can ask me questions, okay!  You can do this, just follow the book and it will not disappoint you! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Mona, Debbie is 100% spot on about  doing cardio on an empty stomach. When they say High Intensity on cardio, you have to make sure that your heart rate is very, very high. I would say, you'd feel like your heart is almost jumping out of your throat. Almost anaerobic . Yoga is good but 90 mins of it is nothing compared to only 20 mins of High Intensity cardio work out. And don't forget your abs workout. Give it all you got. Good luck.


  • You come to my rescue again. Well, i do ashtanga yoga which is pretty advanced. I know what you mean when you think of yoga but I assure you this one isthe intense kind. I sweat and my heart pounds like crazy every time. When I run on a treadmill, my starting is 5.5 and all the way to 7.5 or 8 sometimes.Yesterday I was doing good all day until later on at night my husband and I went for sushi and I think i ate a bit too much.

    Today is my freeday and I definitelyindulged in some good swiss milk chocolate ( almost the whole bar) and some soy chips, other than that I stick to the plan. My stomach just seems big still, don't know when it'll getsmaller, maybe I need to really make sure I eat the right portion of protein and carb. How do you keep track of your 20g of protein and carb? Guess the BFLway of using your hand and fist?

    Well, Thanks anyway, I'm gonna really plan better for next week.... I just can't wait to see a  result. This weekend we took ourson to the pool and I just hate the way my belly looks. By the way, I go to sleep around 10pm so my last snack is usually 9pm, is that a problem? Should I try to finish my last meal before that.

    I think I'm going to try to stick to just 20 minutes cardio but can't do first thing in the morning since my help with the baby won't arrive until 10am.


  • Thanks to you too Dragonmartini, I have to say running on the treadmill does make my heart jump and it's only 20 minutes compare to yoga which it does make my heart jump too but takes so long and also I do yoga at 2pm instead of early in the am. Just spoke to my husband and think of going for a quick 6am run before he goes to work, i'm checking on the gym around the corner of our apartment to see if they open that early. I'm going to follow exactly what the book says. You guys make me rethink about my cardio chioce for sure but is it ok if I still do my yoga while I follow this or is it too much?

  • Mona-Ask all the questions you need to in order to succeed!

    Remember patience!! :)  Hand/fist is the best method, but I look at labels as well for instance, in the past I would be able to get two sandwiches out of one can of tuna, that would have only been about 10g of protein so I eat the whole can! lol!


    My bedtime is about the same and I have my last meal at around 9 as well so that's not a problem...

    You do your cardio at home? Can you do it while the baby is still sleeping? Might mean you have to get up earlier, but it's "only" 20 minutes... oh, and you should wait 3 hrs. after eating to do a HIIT session if that helps in your timeline.

    Have a great week!  Remember you can post questions and get support from the "main" thread-"Faithful GBer's"

    If you have a question about anything, let me know; you might have to email me; I'm on spring break right now from school so when school starts back up I will be CRAZY busy... :)

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  • Mona-If the yoga is as intense as you say, then yes it is too much...sorry :(  but you don't want to overwork your body where you don't have the energy to workout period...trust me you will get tired!

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  • What would you recommend for cardio at home? I've been waking up earlier to do weight lifting. I just checked the gym near the home and they don't open until 7:30am. I'm wondering if I have my nanny come at 7 or 8, by the time I finished my workout it would be 8:30, so my first meal would be at 9am. I probably can't fit 6 meal in a day or it might have to be closer together. What do you think? I know i'm being a little ridiculous at this point but just want to do this right. I'll join the faithful gber's for sure. Thanks again, you are so kind to take your time and answer my questions DebbieMo.

  • Mona-Absolutely no problem!! I'm happy to help!  Did I read right that you are in an apartment? You have a treadmill? I can't remember. I did my first challenge on the ol treadmill and I got very good results.  There are also other routines you can do...I will steer "Legs" your way to help you out, she does a mixture of cardio and I've labeled her the BFL Cardio Queen!  She also has a Gazelle, do you know that pc of equipment?  She says she gets a very good workout from there.  A couple of other posters on here got their own from Craigslist, so that might be an option.

    Again, don't hesitate to ask!  Will see you on the Faithful thread tomorrow, okay?!  I'll be around, I'm still on spring break! woohoo! :)

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