10-10-10 Celebrating my 40th birthday and day 1 of my challenge!

  • I had my first workout today... my stomach felt very sick the whole time. I´m not sure if it was the excitement of starting my challenge or the thought that I still have 83 days ahead of me, but i felt like i was gonna drop my dumb bell and go running for the bathroom at a second´s nottice.

    My food was good for the most part, but i had a piece of birthday cake (actually I had two pieces), not the best start to my NEW WAY OF EATING, I know, but hey, you only turn 40 once, right?

    I´m hoping to find someone who`s starting their challenge this week so we can do it together  or someone who´s been through this before and can offer me some support because i really think that i´m gonna need some help in this process.  I¨m decided to do it, but I know i´m gonna need a friendly hand (s) to push me when i need it.

    I took my BEFORE pics yesterday. It was the first time that I´ve been in a bikini in the last 9 years or so. I was planning to post them along with my stats, but i chicken out at the last minute... is that normal?

    Anyway, I think i better get to bed now so i can burn my cake calories in my morning work out.  Maybe i chose the wrong day to start.... ohh well, too late now.  Let me know if you have some good advice or if you want to mentor me in this process.... I would love to get some extra help...

    PS:  OMG I´m in my 40´s now!!!!!

  • Good morning Tati,

    Happy Birthday Tati!!!!

    My name is Jennifer. My husband and I started our challenge on 10-10-10. We have started a few challenges over the years but never finished. Lost weight and then gained it back, lost weight and hten gained it back.  This is our year!  

    It’s funny that you mention the upset stomach. I had the same thing the first day but I thought that it was the wheat grass that I took. Hum! Maybe it was my nerves!

    We haven’t posted our before pics yet either. My husband is more of the computer person than I am.

    Don’t be scared to post pics! You aren’t gonna look like that for long. That is what I tell myself.  We see more of our own flaws than everyone else. I like comparing myself to others and see their body types and where I can be in 12 weeks.

    Our end date is going to be January 1, 2011, right when most people start we are going to be finished. Looking good and feeling great!!!!!

    Here is my email betterisoneday@msn.com!


  • Tati:

    Happy Birthday (a day late).  I read your bio, and I think if anyone deserves to take care of themselves it is you.  Don't feel guilty; you deserve it.  You will be a better mom to your daughter if you are better to yourself.  I don't know anything about your husband, but I am sure he would be awfully proud of you as well.  Pull from that positive energy and keep going.

    God Bless & Rock this challenge.  You can do it!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"