• I changed my LBWO yesterday to include SQUATS instead of leg presses and a hamstring stretching torture machine (a leg curl where you lay on your stomach and your legs pull a weight up towards your glutes as you are laying on your stomach). I am BURNING today... a good kind!! Oh, and I did the BIKE for cardio the day before instead of the treadmill and my legs were like two coiled and tight SPRINGS when I got off. I staggered and felt like I was walking like a cowboy!


    I can tell I am LOSING inches and can't weight till my 8 week measurements! My eating has been pretty clean.


    Congrats to all of you for staying on the program! It is a mental game!!

  • Some good stretching out will help, and also is good for avoiding injuries.  I've had to learn to love the bike :0).

    Great job pushing yourself!!


  • Yes, Aly, I LOVE to come home and stretch all my different muscles. It feels amazing and also seems to help separate the fat from the muscles. Kind of makes it seem easier for the fat to just fall away or flow away if I tone up the muscles and the fat just sort of 'hangs'. Hard to explain but I have noticed in the past that when I stretch, I am more aware of what is fat and what is muscle and the fat seems to disappear more efficiently.

  • Yes!  I love grabbing on to all of that extra squishy fat and picturing what my body and muscles will look like when it does fall off and melt away.  You are doing great!!  Keep it up!