Just statring the Challenge with a ?

  • Hi my name is Klint and I'm just starting the Challenge, I want to drop a few lbs (which I'm sure will happen) but I really want to target size and strength.  I'm familiar with the program just looking for some tips on tweaking the diet and exercises to hit that goal.  I'm over in Iraq so I'm stuck with what the chow hall has and I can work with that, but I can't make my own meals.  We do have a pretty decent gym.  Any input is welcome.


    Thank you. 

  • Klint-first of all, thank you for serving for our country! :0)

    Is there any way you can get supplements to help with your workouts? I think and don't quote me on this the men who want to increase in bulk take Phosphagen or something like that. There is a product link above that can maybe help you with that if you would be able to have them shipped to you (I know it might take awhile).

    I would focus on really hitting your 10's during your workouts, leave it all in the gym!

    There are a couple of guys who post over on the "Faithful GBer's" thread if you want to post your question there since I'm not much help!!

    I wish you much success! :0)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Deb, thanks for the support and steering directions.  You'll probably see some posts in the future, I'm going to have to knuckle up as we don't have much down time but I'm going to make this happen.


    Thanks again



  • K

    I try to never miss an opportunity to thank a soldier for all they have done, are doing and continue to do to ensure all of our safety and freedoms that we so sadly take for granted.....so


    Since you are familiar with the program you should look up Hussman Fitness on the internet, I think it will give you the answers you are looking for.




  •  Thanks for all the support Kat it doesn't fall upon deaf ears over here.  I checked out that web site-nice call just what I was looking for.  You'll probably be seeing posts from me as this goes along.  Thanks again.

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