I'm a newbie and I have some meal plan Q's

  • Hi, I am new to BFL.  I am a 25yo female around 170 lbs.  I have always been really active in my life, (running 25 miles a week and then roller derby practice 3 days a week (2 to 3 hour practices).  BUT, I have always been kinda pudgy because I am addicted to candy and I love carbs and never ate enough protein or even enough calories (I assume) or atleast the wrong ones.  I sprained my knee about 6 weeks ago, so no skating or running for me and I started going to gym everyday.  Cardio was still all I did up until about a month ago, and I began lifting weights 3 days and cardio 2 or 3 instead.  Then I got addicted to lifting! Then I stopped eating all candy for 5 weeks and still no change.  I came across this website and then I got the book and I just had to do it! I want to look as good as I feel!

    So I started this challenge on Monday with my twin sister, who is in the same situation as I am. 

    This is my fifth day and I have followed the plan the best that I can…. It is still a work in progress for me with the meals. 

    I wanted to make sure I was doing the meals right before I get too far in…. any advice would be appreciated.



    1. 1/3 rolled oats + 3 egg whites

    2.  protein bar homemade with whey powder: 25 carbs; 25 protein; 3.6 sugar

    3.  3 Turkey spinach muffin things = 11 carbs; 36 protein; and 10 fat

    5 medium strawberries

    4.  protein shake: 4 carbs; 17 protein; 1 fat

    5.  4-5 oz steak, a baby red potato and salad greens (balsamic vingear dressing)

    6.  about ½ fat free cottage cheese and a rice cake made out of brown rice



    1. 1/3 rolled oats + 3 egg whites
    2. portion of each fat free cottage cheese and lite yogurt
    3. 4 oz chicken and portion of apple
    4. orowheat thins bread and lite swiss cheese from lauging cow
    5. protein shake like on Monday but with a couple pieces of celery with 1 tablspoon of peanut butter (natural I ground them from peanuts)
    6. ½ cup cottage cheese and ½ a sweet pototo



    1. ½ oats +scoop of whey powder (optimum nutrition 100% whey)
    2. 2 spinach + turkey meat loaf muffins: 8 carb; 24 prot and 7 sugar + 6 medium/small strawberries
    3. protein bar like on monday
    4. pumpkin( 1/3 to ½ cup) protein (optimum nutrition 100% whey) shake
    5. portion of chicken + portion of garbanzo beans + portion diced tomatos ( about a ¼ cup) and  bell peppers
    6. to be determined

    My sister and I are very excited about this, so any advice would be much appreciated!  Am i doing this right?

    Thanks! sorry it is kinda long!


  • Natasha- 

    It all looks great to me!
    Just one suggestion I have been picking up- beware of the myoplex bars- I think one of the more experienced ones can tell you exactly why (I'm not too sure), but I hear them saying to use those only for emergencies.  Myoplex shakes are a better choice.
    Other than this, make sure to have atleast 80 oz water in every day and.....


    Good luck to you both!!


    Stacy Lynn

  • Natasha-Welcome to this great program! I wish you and your sister much success.

    I completed my first challenge last month and started the 2nd this past Monday as well so we are on the same day!

    Looking at your meals, you need to up your protein for your first meal, 3 egg whites is equal to approx. 10.5 g protein and women need about 20g per meal. Also need a carb with every meal, I noticed with some of the shakes, you did not have a carb listed. PB is not on the authorized food list, and you need to watch the sugar content in the muffins...

    Sounds like you are well on your way as long as you Plan Plan Plan!!

    There's a thread on here called, "Newbies", go there for extra advice as there is a list of things new challengers should keep in mind.

    You can also go to the "Faithful GBer's" Thread to get even more help! Reach out to people and don't be afraid to ask questions!!

    Roller derby, wow, how exciting!! :0)  Let me know if I can help!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Stacy-the bars(Myoplex lite ones anyway) have too much sugar alcohols in them. I use the Pure Protein brand found at Target or Walmart and yes for emergencies. It's best to get whole foods in your body so it will "last" longer! :0)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Hi, I'm also new to this as well, posted a couple of other questions.. but I noticed the mention of the myoplex lite bars. I've incorporated  one everyday as one of my meals as well as the ready made myoplex lite chocolate fudge drink ( normally I drink this after my workout). My meals have been as such:

    protein pancakes with sugar free syrup

    myoplex lite bar

    whole wheat penne pasta with shrimp + (some mrs. dash and butter duds) spinach

    orange + 2 eggs

    myoplex lite ready made drink

    brown rice and turkey with bottled salsa, spinach w ff italian dressing

    Normally I eat the same things with a few alternatives like ww sandwich thins bun with a bocca burger and spinach, as well as baked chicken *** coated with egg beaters and dipped in Italian bread crumbs.

    Should I be cutting out the myoplex bars and replacing with a meal.. I sometimes feel breakfast, lunch and dinner should be meals and the other 3 should be more of a snack type meal ex: orange + 2 eggs, myoplex lite bar, and drink...

    If it's recommended not to eat the myoplex lite bars everyday, wheww.... that will start to save me some money...

    BTW I love those pancakes, found it in the EFL cookbook!