Oct 4th...the beginning of the rest of my life...you coming?

  • Sharon - thanks for the encouragement!  I am so computer illiterate sometimes that it took me a couple weeks to figure out how to get back on this forum (or whatever is the correct terminology).

    Well, I'm well into the thrid week, and I am so proud of myself!  I couldn't afford to pay for a trainer, but my daughter is also doing this, and she showed me how to do the exercises.  I don't use the 5 lb weights anymore.  I use a variety.  On one exercise I can actually use a 20 lb weight!

    In week one, I woke up one day with a nasty headache.  I wanted to skip the workout, but I told myself, "There is NO WAY you are missing a workout in week ONE!"  So I went ahead and did my upper body workout.  About half way through it, I noticed that my headache was gone!!  I was so jazzed all day because I did what was right, and I felt better physically too!

    Week two I got sick!  Cough and general yuckiness.  No quitting now!  I made every workout, trying not to breathe on anyone.  Felt better for having stuck with it, and I am finally healthy again.  

    I haven't weighed or measured again yet (going to do it every 4 weeks), but I feel like I'm walking on clouds!  My perception of myself is a buff, muscular person (NOT YET!), and I feel like I am walking taller with self-confidence brimming over!  I don't think I have lost anything in weight or inches, but I have lost the nagging depression!


    P.S.  Oh yeah, the trainer I had to see to sign up at the gym said that "Body For Life" was required reading in his college class!  However, he did not really believe the exercise bit at all.  He insisted you do cardio every day and a weight training and exercise schedule that was way more intense than this one.  Needless to say, I didn't sign up with him.

  • Thanks for the welcome, Pops!  It is near the end of week three and I am still at it.  I hope you and your training parters are doing well.  Hang in there and we'll all make it together!


    "We have only to persevere to win!"   Winston Churchill

  • Hi Diana and all of you,

    I noticed that this way of eating has controlled my cravings for chocolate and sugar, too.  The shakes do taste like a "forbidden treat", and that helps.

    Whenever I get an urge for junk, I just tell myself to wait a few days until my free day.  I love that free day!  It is more psychologically necessary than physically.  Usually by the time I get to that free day, I don't really care that much about eating junk, and I might just have a couple cookies or some popcorn with lots of butter.


  • Hi Ramona,

    How are you doing?  Hanging in there?  Doesn't it feel good when you don't eat junk?    Before I started Body for Life, I felt totally out of controll.  But eating 6 meals a day seems to get rid of the urge for junk.  Sometimes I didn't feel like I had enough at a meal, but I tell myself, "In two more hours I can eat again."  and that helps me not to overeat.


    "We have only to persevere to win!"

  • Hi bfl friends

    Haven't heard from anyone for ages. Hope everyone is still keeping up with the challenge. Almost 1/2 way there for many of you guys. I'm in my 7th week now, lost 16lbs and feel great. There's days when I can't be bothered with working out but i trick myself in saying I'll just do my chest and once you start you end up doing the whole upperbody workout, that keeps me on track. I'm happy to say I haven't missed a meal or workout yet. I had a period where I didn't lose much weight ( 2 weeks lost only 3 lbs) had day off and the following week lost 4 lbs so you may go through weeks where there is not much loss but stick with it cos next week you may lose more than you think. Eating by the book, was very tempted to reduce carbs but thankfully didn't as now it's all coming together very well. I'm packing a good 4-5 lbs of muscle also which I'm very impressed with.yasmin's doing very well with her challenge( does cheat now and again) but she doesn't have a lot of weight to lose in the first place. I really believe ( even more than before) that we can all make a better stronger healthier body very efficiently with this challenge. So please tell me we're all still in this and we will all succeed . Riaz and Yasmin

    Ps for all you curry lovers , you can have a healthy curry with wholemeal pitta or nan.let me know if anyone would like the recipes

  • Hi Riaz and Yasmin and the rest of the Oct 4 gang,

    I have been wondering where everyone is also.  You two sound like you are doing well.  I am really excited to see day 42 approaching, half-way!  I only weigh and measure myself every 4 weeks, and it sure is hard to wait that long!  I am starting at nearly 100 lbs. overweight, so I have a long road.  Breaking it up into 12-week challenges makes it seem very do-able.  The first 4 weeks, I lost 6.4 lbs, and 2 inches from the hips, and a little bit from other areas.  Not real fast, but it's a start!  I haven't missed a workout.  Actually, I really love the weighlifting part, and the cardio part is not too hard to get through because, I keep telling myself, "It's only 20 minutes!".  It's a hard twenty minutes, but the harder it is, the better I feel afterward.

    Even though going is slow right now, my attitude has improved.  After I work out, I almost swagger I am so proud of myself for doing it!  I feel like a "muscle man" with big strong arms, and I am shocked when I look in the mirror and see a fat old lady.  But I tell myself, "There is a muscled body hiding under all that flab, and pretty soon it will be out in the open for all to see!"

    I would LOVE to have any curry recipes you would like to share!


  • Hi Mimi

    Nice to hear you still committed. Keep it up. Not long to go before you hit that 6 week milestone.you'll feel really great when 6 weeks are under your belt I know I did and it gives you a whole lot of confidence for the following weeks.

    Chicken curry( healthy) recipe

    Chop 1 or 2 medium sized onions finely and add to 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil and brown( oil might seem alot but you making curry for at least 10 servings maybe more and if you wish you can take excess oil out once you've brown'd onions)

    Once onions are brown add 1/2inch Ginger and 2 cloves garlic finely chopped then add 1/2 tablespoon of hot chilli powder,garam masala,salt stir on full heat for 2 mins then add 1kg of chicken *** cut in 1inch cubes ( you can add anything from meat fish veg , this is universal for any curry) once chicken has brown'd slightly add 2 tomatoes finely chopped and cook whilst stirring for 5 mins then add water to cover all chicken( approx 1/2 litre) and cook on slow/medium heat for 1/2 hr or until water has reduced by at least 1/2.( depends if you want it dry or watery).then add fresh coriander finely chopped at end. There you have your curry. The difference between a good curry is taking your time on each stage if not you end up making a stew. You can add potatoes , veg with your chicken or meat. Let me know how you get on. Riaz

  • Hi Riaz,

    I tried the Chicken Curry Recipe on Friday, and I loved It!  I did make a couple minor changes:  I only put in 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper instead of 1/2 Tbsp.  I'm not used to hot hot.  It would probably seem pretty tame to you, but it was hot enough for me.  I also added potatoes, and I had some chicken broth in the fridge, so I put that in instead of water.

    It took me a while to find the garam masala, but it was worth it.  It really gives the dish a great flavor.

    Thanks for sharing it!


  • Hi Mimi and the rest of the 4th oct crew,

    I can't believe how quick the weeks are going by. I've got just over 4 weeks left, 6 UBWO,6 LBWO, 12 jogging days left.Bring it on!!

    You guys are probably feeling really strong,healthy more alive than ever at this point but when you get to around 8 weeks the feeling is magnified massively. Everyday i'm feeling better than i did the previous day. The first 4 weeks were the hardest, but then it becomes easier as the weeks come, not only in the eating or working out  sense, but also in motivation and confidence.

    i'd love to hear from the rest of the crew.

    MImi it seems like you like cooking. This recipe is very basic and you can modify it as you please, remember this is roughly how alot of different curries are made.

    chat to you soon

    Riaz and Yasmin

  • Hi Oct. 4th group!

    I know I have been MIA on this site for a while.  I attribute it to spending more time exercising, grocery shopping, cooking, and being active.  I am spending way less time on the computer.  I LOVE this program.  It is easy to stick to and follow.  I could be a commercial for Myoplex Lite.  It tastes just like chocolate milk and it keeps my hunger away and I feel energized.  I have 1 or sometime 2 a day.  I throw one in a cooler while I run errands and it keeps me away from fast food.  I love having something sweet during the day.  I do use the recipes from the Eating For Life Book for lunch and dinner to give some pizzaz to my meals.  My family loves them too.  I have lost 10 pounds now and have 20 to go.  I won't stop until I am there.  I have to say that the journal has kept me on track.  I am not one to journal but I love this book!  It's easier to keep track of my workouts and progress.  It also helps me see my food at a glance so I know when the next meal should be and what I am missing.  I LOVE, LOVE, this program.  I may not be losing it as fast as some of you who do not use the Eating for Life recipes but this keeps me  on the program and I feel like I am eating such wonderful food and I am losing weight every week!   I can feel the muscle underneath and I know the more I lose the more the muscle will be visable.  

    Does anyone else have any inspiring tips?  


  • Hi Natalie

    Well I am on wk 11 and lots of challenges.  I have managed to keep up the weights the cardio I could push harder.  I feel I slacked on that.  Teh eating?  When PMS hits thats it?  How are you doing?  Overall I have seen changes and I am getting ready to do it again.