A Nervous Newbie

  • Ok, thank you for the info.  I REALLY need and want for BFL to work so I will do it as it says.  I like your idea of running on my free day and maybe one other day.  I will try that and see how I do.  I don't want to get burned out or lose energy.  I just had a panic moment last night.  Running has been my sanity keeper for the past year and the idea of cutting back scared me a little.  This morning I am thinking that I will do BFL by the book and just run the half marathon in January.  I can already run that distance and I am sure all of my hard work during the 12 weeks will do nothing but help me run better in January.  I'm still on for the challenge!!  Thanks again & happy day!!!

  • Holy hell...I did it.  I took my before pictures...Good thing I am in action to change my body or I could sink to a deep dark hole!!  I am using that feeling I got when I looked at them to fire me through this challenge.  I think looking back at them will get me through the tough days!!  Got my workouts and food planned, my journal ready, now to get a good nights sleep so I can start fresh tomorrow.  

  • Good for you!!! Hit the ground running or in tomorrow's case, lifting lady!! Rock this thing!!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...