Starting Oct 4th 2010

  • Okay Week 4 having hard time!!!! Both of us have been or are sick and so hard to get up at 5 am. Going to do the cardio when we get home from work.....Need encouragement.......

  • Sorry if I am jumping into your thread, but I read your post and wanted to respond.

    Congrats on making it to week 4!!! Great job!! You have momentum. It takes far less energy to keep an object in motion than it does to get it started. KEEP GOING! You can finish this challenge and finish strong!!!

    Everyone hits a wall at some point in their challenge. It might be in week 4 or 6 or 8 or somewhere. The key is to focus on progress and keep going. I was sick a few weeks ago and it was not fun. I wasn't coughing and sneezing and contagious but I wasn't well. I still went to the gym. I couldn't lift as much or run as far but I did the best I could on that day. I think this is key. Don't beat yourself up if you are sick and sleep in or miss a workout just keep pressing forward. Listen to your body and give your absolute best.

    Know that each and every one of us has a deep inner strength. More than enough to accomplish anything we set our minds to; more than enough to overcome any obstacle. You can do this!!

    I read down a bit and saw your post about beer. It is most definately best left for a free day if at all. The problem with alcohol is it can lead to food cravings ( and not healthy food) and also give you the "I don't care" attitude and then before you know it you are inhaling nachos, wings and deep fried cheese sticks. As well, alchohol is a poison. When it is in your body it messes with your metabolism and your body stops doing good things like muscle building and repair and focuses on removing the poison. The BFL book does say a glass of red wine with dinner once and awhile won't hurt but each person needs to make a personal choice and decide if something is taking them closer to their goals or further away.

    I hope this helps


  • Thanks for the advice everyone. I take a cigar pretty much acts the same way as far as causing the body to focus on killing the poison? That is my vise one or two cigars a day.