2010 challengers

  • The last round of challengers should have began no later than September 3rd, 2010. I've started September 20th. Does it mean that I cannot compete in 2010 at all / will I be disqualified, b/c I've started after 9/3?? If so, can this 2010 challenge be considered for 2011? Thanks

  • Don't know.  Good question, I hope someone can help u.  You wouldn't want to put off starting a challenge while your all set and ready to go.  


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  • If your challenge will be ending later than November 26th, it will put you into the 2011 group.  All participants for 2010 have to be done with their challenge by 11/26.

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  • Hi Fighter,

    Sorry for the delay!  Please submit your kit and date it the time that you started. Just be aware, you could be at a disadvantage to those who started on the 3rd but that doesn't disqualify you.

    The BFL Team