Sep 27 Crew: Our Transformation

  • Kahoona,

    Why are you counting calories? I'm just curious because I've not read anywhere in the program anything about counting calories. I'm wondering if you're not feeding yourself enough for this type of program to work. First time I did this was with my first hubby. Neither of us counted calories at all and both had great results. Also, are you taking your free day? I seriously take my free day... I eat WHATEVER I want... This weekend, I had a slice of pecan pie for breakfast... played some tennis... had a Chick Fil A chicken biscuit and a coke... played a little more tennis... at some chicken and coke from chick fil a on the way to my son's soccer game (not my pick that time) and then had a 5 cheese macaroni and chicken dinner at a nice restaurant with a onion strings appetizer. Now, I cannot eat as much as I used to. I only had a few bites of the macaroni and a few onion strings, but I chowed down on my day off. Just like i did the last go round when I kicked ass. When i read his book years ago, he emphasized eating whatever you want on your day off. Your body says, "Oh, I'm not starving..." and you eat clean for the rest of the week. Then Krispy Kreme on your day off! :-) So, I'm wondering if you're getting enough calories.

    Of course if I tell the truth, I'm not eating all 6 meals... I need to fix that. Even if it's a protein bar for snack... gotta get it all in to make it work right.

    Kahoona.... try measuring your body too. It will help when the scale doesn't move that much!

  • Trying to get into a calorie deficit.  I usually take Saturday night off and eat / drink whatever.  Otherwise I stick to a very rigid / boring meal plan.  Pretty much the same thing every day:

    7:00   Meal 1:  2 eggs, lowfat cheese, slice of ham, and wheat bread pita + protien shake

    10:00 Meal 2:  Yogurt

    12:00 Meal 3:  Turkey sandwich with mayo, cheese, lettuce on wheat

    3:00   Meal 4:  Protien bar

    5:30   Meal 5:  Protien shake

    6:30 - 8:00 Workout

    8:30  Meal 6:  Protien shake + Chicken or fish + veggies + brown rice

    9:30 or 10:00  Handful of nuts (cashews or mixed) - maybe a banana

    I often miss meal 2 unless I force myself.  

    For the last couple of weeks I dramatically upped my protien intake and the lbs have been piling on (~ 4 lbs last week!).  There was a stretch last week where every morning I was up another pound.  I think that is hard to do if you are trying gain weight!  And here I am doing it on less than 2000 calories.  But I am hesitant to cut back too much on the protien because I am afraid I will lose muscle.  I get about 180 grams of protien / day which seems like it is in the right range.

    My total calories are still pretty low, so I am not really sure what is going on.  Probaly some muscle - particularly in my legs but still that is hard to believe that I am gaining on so few calories.

    Will try replacing late night dinner with pre-workout dinner.

  • Oooooh...I am feeling so ripped off >:-(

    I have got a bad head cold...grooooan, just when I was up to week 9 and hoping to start seeing some more drastic changes occur!

    Trained as usuall Saturday then by the afternoon was attached to the tissue box and swooning in the head, took Sunday off, was determined to do 'something' on Monday so did 1 hour walk on treadmill, and have done the same today...going to just keep up the walking until the cold passes as I really don't want to slide back on the cardio as it was too hard building it up in the first place.

    Walking and working up a bit of a sweat makes me feel heaps better though, at least whist I am walking my nose stops running...excuse the pun ;-)

  • Okay so I have been walking, walking, sweating, sweating and feel pretty good now. I managed an 8km walk today and a full upper body workout. Even walked hard for 6.5km yesterday with a big headache...didn't make it any better, but no worse either!

    I think perhaps that all the walking I have been doing for the last 5 days may have really helped to kick me along a bit and think I may just incorporate it into the last 4 weeks of the program.

    That was the shortest lived head/chest cold I have had, my lungs are my weakest point and I usually end up with pluerisy very easily....Agggh

    Power on people...we deserve health and happiness :-)