Sep 27 Crew: Our Transformation

  • Okay, I'm beginning the challege Sep 27, finishing Dec 17th!!

    I'm a new mom. My little guy was born May 20, 2010. I tried to start the challenge on July 5th. It ended up being a bit too soon for me. I have been doing a ladies bootcamp program since then. Good results, but now I'm ready to step it and show my true potential. I completed body for life in 2006, lost 23 lbs, and got into fantastic shape. Now, 4 yrs, 1 knee surgery, and 1 kid later I'm ready to prove to myself that I can get back there!


    I want to start the new yr off right.

    I have a fitness test in January and my goal is to get an EXCELLENT!

    I just wanna wear regular clothes again. I cant fit into any of my old jeans. :( Sadly, I'm still wearing my maternity jeans....Luckily they are actually cute and no one can tell except that I alternate 2 pairs all the time LOL!!!!!

    Most importantly, I wanna feel confident. I hate taking pictures and w/ a newborn I feel like I will want pictures of me w/ the baby later. I have gotten professional pics of little one but I scheduled our first family shoot for Nov 20th. I know I wont be where I truly wanna be by then but its better than now!!!

    Okay, so now you know about me. Tell me about you!!! I love the accountabilty and support you get here. Its nice to share stories, tips, ect.

    GOOD LUCK TO US :-)  

  • ok....i've been doing my planning...wheres everyone else that should be planning too?? :-)

  • OK...I'm with you, well a little ahead of you actually :-)

    I started on 1st September...It is my birthday on 2nd December at which time I plan to look spectacular!

    If not spectacular then certainly pretty damb good and then spectacular by xmas.

    I was just getting plain sick of being fat and seeing myself in photo's...scary because you never really feel as fat as you look in pictures so it is a horrible wake up call when you see them....yuk!

    I too would love to be able to wear some of my old 'small' clothes that are always kept just in case I could ever squeeeeeze back into them, but really I would love to comfortably fit back into them without any squeezing at all ;-)

    Oh and to be able to avoid the large sizes area of clothes shops...that would be UNREAL as it doesn't matter what you try on it all looks revolting anyway.

    So far after 26 days I have lost about 6kg  (13.2Lbs) haha sorry I'm in the metric part of the world.

    My starting weight was 102kg (224.4Lbs) and my goal is 65kg (143Lbs) which is about perfect for my fairly solid frame

    Only hubby has noticed my weight loss so far as my chest has become smaller, to which he laughed and said can't I be more selective about where I lose weight :-)

    I hate the way people always notice, hmmm....and comment, if you put on 5kg (11Lbs) but NEVER notice if you lose the same amount grrrrr!

    My aim is to go from looking like a big fat caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

    At present whilst I am doing this program I am trying to avoid even looking at myself in any mirrors to get that full butterfly effect, I even wear big baggy tshirts to the gym when I train. The next time I really see myself in the mirror I would like a big surprise rather than the slow agony of wondering if it is working at all.

    I have had some pretty major health problems that did their best to put me in an early grave, but I beat them and now I am going to beat the weight.

    Hard work but soooo worth the effort :-)

  • Wow 11 lbs already! Thats great!! Dec 2nd is my anniversary so I will make that a goal of mine too...First Nov 20 for pics, Dec 2 for anniversary, then Dec 18 to finish this off!! :-) Of course, xmas too!

    I absolutley HATE pics. I actually told a friend no that I didnt want to be in a pic today at the football game. I ended up feeling stupid and taking it anyway...Now I'm praying she doesnt put it on Facebook!! I'm always shocked as heck when I see them! I was taking pics every two weeks since I had the baby. I can't believe how much progress I've made but I'm sick to death at how far I have to go. Sometimes its good to see the progress and sometimes its overwhelming and discouraging. I've been taking a break from the pics for the past month, so I think I'll wait until I've been on the program at least a month before taking more.

    Thats so funny about the chest. I'm nursing right now so mine probably wont change but thats usually where I lose first too! Last time I did this program I went from a DD to a small C!! CRAZY. I still have my bras so I cant wait to wear them again, after nursing is over of course :-)

    I can totally relate about people not noticing a loss. After I had my baby I dropped about 42 lbs in 3 weeks. I went into work and someone asked if I had the baby yet!!!!! I couldn't believe it......

    I'm sooo ready to make a change...I love the way I feel when I eat clean and get my water so I'm really looking forward to that. I find that exercising w/ this extra weight is so much harder. I can't wait to get rid of it. It hard to believe that this time last year I was 30 lbs lighter....AND even then I was about 13 lbs overweight. I'm really gonna have to push myself w/ the working out. NO EXCUSES...

  • Hey there !

    I'm starting today also (sep 27 2010)

    This is my 2ndchallenge this year. And the BFL web community was a very valuable tool in my first challenge.

    I took 3 weeks off between my last challenge and this one,  my "Active rest" was very restful, butnot very active. Ooops.

    Okay peeps let's do this.

  • How was everyones first day? Mine was a little bumpy due to a busy stressful day! I ended up eating at least two meals late and had to work out this evening instead of morning. Felt great to eat clean and get my H2O in except I had to pee all day!

    Welcome Thayer, did you gain any weight? I made the mistake of taking a week off that turned into 3 and actually gained 7 lbs back! I'm pretty sure that its mostly water because it fluctuates like crazy, 7 was just the number this am. I'm expecting a big loss this week due to that. Sure hope I'm not disappointed.

    Better plan for 2morrow! Good luck everyone. :-)  

  • Wooooo...I felt a bit feverish today, but I stuck at it anyway only I missed my 10am meal I just drank a lot of water instead.

    Went to the gym for lower body workout in the afternoon and between that and plenty of water I felt much better.

    I made a promise to myself at the beginning that I would continue rain, hail or shine, in sickness and in health...I think all that sweating rid me of what ever fever I was developing :-)

  • Blast...and I just realised I was eating my 10pm meal at 9pm. I didn't even look at the clock before digging in ;-)

  • Ambri7: I just peeked in and saw your post. I have a funny to share (well at least I think it is...) there was this guyon here within the last year by the name of PaulF. (not sure where he is now) ANYWAY, he said during the beginning of his challenge that he didnt know how we all could drink so much water because "the only time I don't have to pee is when I'm peeing!"

    Good grief that still makes me chuckle.

    Keep up the commitment you all - it just gets better and better.

    And Cares - way to go and do it whether you feel a bit "off" or not. That attitude will gain you huge strides in your success. It may not end up to be your best workout, but you did it and your promise is staying top priority. YOU are making it a top priority. High 5!

  • I started on the 27th too.  I did BFL 9 years ago and saw amazing results.  It's really the only program that has ever really worked for me.  9 years later I am heavier than I've ever been and cannot fit into ANY of my clothes.  It is terribly depressing.  I've stopped and started the program so many times I've lost count.  I realize I need some support so would like to post here with the rest of you (I've never posted on a blog before so this is new to me).  

    I did lower body yesterday and plan to run this evening for cardio.  In the future I am going to do my best to at least do the cardio in the mornings because I do believe that is the best time to do it.  We can do this.

  • GADawg... I did it maybe 12 years ago to great results, now i'm in your boat... bigger than ever! I started on the 27th too. So, let's do this thing. No if's ands or BUTTS!

  • I'm in! I started the 27th as well with UBWO... cardio today. Joined the gym at lunch because to get a thorough leg workout, I feel i need bigger weights and a quad sled thingy. I play competitive tennis, and am in the top 10 in my state at my level...(4.0 for you tennis players out there) and I need to lose 40-50 lbs. Got two kids and a hubba hubba hubby who are all active as well. The eating part is the hardest for me, and is absolutely the most important part for me! My goal is to lose this ugly layer of fat and the rolls too... and to get fitter for my kids and my game! Let's just do it!

  • Count me in.  I started a 12 week challenge the 27th also.  Been working out and following the BFL program since January.  Lost 30 lbs so far this year.  Currently 240 lbs and would like to lose another 20 by January.  Look forwardt to checking in with this group regularly to see how all are doing.

    Working on legs tonight...

  • BTW - been on Atkins since March.  Basically trying to restrict carbs.  Is that a major conflict with the BFL eating plan if I am trying to lose weight?

  • Ran last night even though my legs are so sore I can't get out of my chair without assistance.  UBWO tonight!

    Kahoona--my guess is that you need carbs for all the exercise we're doing; however, I would focus on the whole wheat breads/pastas, legumes, fruits and veggies.  And I think it's the low-glycemic ones we want.  I'm definitely watching my intake of breads and pasta even if they're whole wheat.  I'm just trying to follow the food list in the book.