Guts and Butts Crew

  • I just kinda thought we should get a new thred going with our group name.. what do yall think??
    Have a great healthy day!


  • I am 5 weeks into the challenge, but love the name!!  Good luck to you all...

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BDMom

    if you would like to join you would be most welcome!


  • Hello Hello,

    Just ate lunch so I will be headed to the gym in about two hours for my aerobic workout. Think I might have to add in about 10 minutes of warm up today since I can barely move my legs. Stay strong everyone


  • Good Morning G&B's - today is cheat day but I went to the gym for cardio anyway.

    Lonna - Glad you are feeling better - was the soup as good as it smelt. I really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes is always fun - for me anyways - If it was awesome please please share. I love barley in my soups.

    Sherry - I'm with you on not wanting to cheat - I too have lost 8 total as of this morning and my measurements are all down except my chest stayed the same. :( and my thighs grew 1inch, Lose 4inches on my hips already.

    Thanks for sharing the tip "are you in or are you out" I am not using the journal just print pages so I for one appreciate you sharing. We are soooo IN!

    Zack - sounds like me the other day after LBWO - Keep pushing everyone

    Go Gs&Bs!  Have a wonderful healthy happy day - Sharon

  • BTW - do we want to post our links to the speadsheets on this thread? Just a thought.

  • Hi all,

    I have been down for the count the last couple of days, and was sad cause I had not heard from anyone, but I just needed to hook up to the new link. Yay!

    Have a great day


  • Hi to all!!!!!

    Zach, it's so good to see you on here you inspire me!

    Sharon,  I am so happy for you!!!  I am with you guys there is my tatse buds wanting all the things I cannot have during the week but the rest of me says...but you are doing sooo good don't ruin it!

    I have a little here and there but I don't do the blow out that I first thought I would!

    Oh and the soup was awesome smelling and tatsing I will share the recipe!!!!!

    And yes thanks for sharing are you in or out! I need any and all inspiration i can get!

    Melissa I am so glad to see you on here again! I am glad you found the new link, I just thought it would be a nice touch! I am glad to see you are up and on here again.

    Ok now I am going to share my good news...

    I am feeling better!! YAY,  But I didn't miss any work out days and it paid off!

    I am also down 8 lbs now

    My BP is still down without meds

    I have lost inches ( LOL yes with an S) almost everywhere!!!

    And I feel GREAT!!!

    I cannot wait to hear from everyone else!

    So how is everyone else doing?? good or bad I would like to hear and I think everyone else would like to as well. and if anyone is having a hard time I am sure we have someone out there who has been through the same thing and might be able to help.

    Have a great night all!


  • Hi Everyone - I love the name too...just wanted to drop in and say that...I would love to join your group.  When did everyone get started?

  • Hello Everyone I definitely like the name I will join the gropup I am starting my official BFL Challenge tomorrow Sept 20th. Looking forward to it bought everything I need and Gym GYm here I come.


    "Pain is just weakness exiting your body,so keep it going"

  • @Queenzjade - Hi, I started a week ago.  So far so good although I am really sore...have you done a challenge before?

  • @ CWords hi is my very first challenge with BFL. I always knew about the program and never bothered to try it. I did low carbs for so long and I couldnt get my mind off that. I am glad I found BFL and I know I will see great results. Way to go 1 week thats good since I know that will be the toughest week for me.


    "Pain is just weakness exiting your body,so keep it going"

  • Good Morning Crew and Newbie's - LOL like we are professionals here. LMAO - I feel great this morning and I hope everyone is starting a new day with a smile on there face ready to conquer the world- okay maybe just my work load. Cheated alittle yesterday _ free day - didn't go over board but it still messed up my system. I guess that is good - Anyways, 3 weeks under our belts and moving forward. We are sooo IN! Today is LBWO and look forward to the 4 small steps outside the gym. LOL

    I soooo hope everyone is having a wonderful day - Oh and I dont remember who has trouble getting on speadsheet - If you want your info inputted - I would be willing to do it for ya - Just let me know.

    Is Michelle and Lisa still around? They didn't post in last week on speadsheet - Have to go back and see if they posted last week.

    Have a wonderful Butts and Gutts Day!

    Fight for your 10s - Sharon

  • It's Lisa that cant get to speadsheet. _ let me know if you want me to put you in.

  • Lonna - Congrats - that is awesome! I know it feels good - Hope it keeps going at this rate I will hit my goal. YES! :)